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Haters, you gotta love them, right? My daughter recently Googled me and found at the top of the results, “Joe McCall is a scam.” Now, it bothers me. I'm a little emotional about it, right? Some chuckle had complained about something that he bought and about how it was just all wrong and jacked up. He had some legitimate complaints that we fixed. A long time ago, even before he made the complaint, I refunded his money, and he still felt the need to go on a long internet rant.

If people don't hate you, then you're probably being too mediocre. When you start putting yourself out there, you're going to find haters, whether you're in the education business or not, or whether you're doing deals. I always say that if you haven’t made somebody mad by 12:00, then you're not marketing hard enough. You just have to have thick skin and be cool with it.

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Joe:   Well, it happened and I knew it eventually would. But it just happened. You know, anybody who puts themselves out in this business, in business, in this world will eventually face haters. Haters? You gotta love them, right? So my daughter, who's just turned 16 yesterday, happy birthday. But if you ever listen to this, she's just for some reason. Googled me and found at the top of the results. Joe McCall is a scam. Now, it bothers me. I'm a little emotional about it, right? Some chuckle had complained about something, of course, that he bought and, about how it was just all wrong and jacked up. Then he has some legitimate complaints and things that we fix. For example, there was one place where it said, have a 90 day refund, another place where we had where it said there was a 30 day refund policy. The guy only spent a few hundred dollars with me, I think, for like $500, and wrote this really long, lengthy post about how horrible I was. Well, I've refunded all his money, every one of his money. A long time ago, even before he made the complaint, I refunded his money and he still felt it. You know, justified to write this long rant, a post. And so this the thread on Bigger Pockets kind of went out of control. And then people started complaining about these options. And then then they started complaining about gurus. And so now it's 3 or 4 pages of this whining and complaining. And then there were some people that even went in there and said, hey, why are you making a big deal out of this? I mean, it was only a few hundred dollars and he already refunded all your money. And, what is the big deal? Just relax dude. So but anyway, so my daughter saw it, and, I don't know, I haven't talked to her yet. She just emailed it to me and said you should look into this, you know, and this just. I get it right. Like, if you're not, if people don't hate you, then you're being too probably too mediocre and you're not doing anything right. So when you start doing things and start putting yourself out there, you're going to find haters, whether you're in the education business or not, whether you're doing deals. You know, I always said to if you're not made somebody mad by 12:00, then you're not marketing hard enough.

Joe:   So I’m eating my own words right now, I guess. Right. But it I just feel like it sucks. I don't know why people have to be hating like that. Right. And here's a problem. You can go to bigger pockets and defend me, but then they'll castrate you as well because they're going to be like, oh, well, you're just, you know, a lemming, you're just a sucker. And you know, did Joe pay you to go post something here? So do not go to Bigger Pockets and defend me there because just whatever. Right. What haters hate. But man, I anybody that's ever complained about anything and you know, I've refunded their money unless we've done a bunch of things for them like we provide done free marketing services. If we've already spent a bunch of money on time and resources, I was doing direct mail for them and buying the list and sending the letters, or setting up the software and paying the subscription all that. We can't refund them that money unless we did, you know, unless we did something that we shouldn't have done or whatever. But like I refunded 99.9% of the time, anybody and everybody who's asked for a refund on any of my things. Right. And, I take pride in customer service and helping people, you know, and I also do these business completion challenges where, when you complete my program and, you don't even have to do a deal. You just complete the program. I will refund all your money. To date, I've given over $600,000 in business completion challenge refunds of different programs that I had. My goal is to do a million bucks. Right? And if you go search, like if you go to my website, Joe mccall.com/reviews or just on the menu and Joe mccall.com, you'll see hundreds and hundreds, almost a thousand testimonials and reviews of people. And if you there I use a website called so tell us. So tell us, so tell us. And if you just Google. So tell us, Joe McCall, you'll see almost a thousand reviews from people. And, I don't filter out the bad reviews. It's just all there. So it's like, yeah, I've had way more positive. People say, yeah, you know, this is Joe's got good stuff. Then I've had the few that have complained, but it seems like the people that complain are always the loudest. And for whatever reason, when people search for you, those are the number one results in Google. Which float to the top is that's what everybody clicks on there. They all it's a scandal like oh my gosh, Joe McCall scam. What is this? And they go there. So yeah. Dang. You know I guess I asked for it. You know when I do a podcast, do YouTube videos, sell content, do deals, it's, you know, it's going to come back and bite you when you put yourself. So I mean yeah, well it is what it is right. I don't know why I'm going on here to talk about this. I just wanted to talk to somebody and here you are.

Joe:   But listen, if you ever find yourself in this place where you get a seller that's mad at you, or you get somebody to complain to the baby about you. By the way, the BBB, I've got an A+ review with them, been accredited with them for a long time. I've. A stellar reputation. This the few the few complainers I get, they're just super vocal and angry and weird. And they get they get the front page headlines because that's what sells, right? If it bleeds, it leads, as they say, in the news world. But okay. So people are going to hate and that's the way it is. And you just gotta have thick skin I guess. Right. You just got to be cool with it and say, yeah, this is the way it goes. I must be doing something right then. Maybe as long as you're not a, you know, there are. Okay, I get it. There are scammers out there. There are gurus that sell stupid, worthless courses that way overcharge. You know, I, I get that they are out there and they should be called out to the carpet. Right? But don't complain and whine over a few hundred bucks that have already been refunded to you. I mean, yeah, because now you got their daughters and their kids looking this stuff up and like, oh, what is this? Or their friends are like, your dad's a scammer. Come on guys, let's grow up. Let's get some big boy pants on. And I'm talking to myself too. Right. That's just the way it is. You look at even these five star Michelin restaurants, you know, like, really famous, high class, very luxurious, like, services. Top, top priority even. They get complaints, right? It's just part of the business. Even my church. It's funny. It's not funny. It's kind of sad. If you go to, my church, you find people that give us one stars and complain about, how they were treated. And, you know, nobody greeted them and the worship was too loud. And, you know, the pastor was telling, they didn't like the sermon or they didn't like the worship. And they go and they complain on Google Maps, give it a one star review. And it's kind of sad. Why do we think we have a right to complain so much? I don't know. Hey, so this is kind of my pointless rant here. I hope you're doing well. And, listen, let's all, let's wag a little more and bark a little less. What do you say? Take care, see you guys.

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