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Wouldn't it be cool if you bought some vacant land for a few thousand bucks, stuck a mobile home on it, and then maybe tripled the value on that? I've been talking a lot about how to wholesale vacant land, but now there’s a new twist. You could now add some value to that vacant land and make up to $10,000 in profit by just adding a mobile home.

Mitzi Dyane is a master of this process, and here she shares all about how she’s making a ton of money through this technique. She’s absolutely crushing it. You’re going to really get a lot of value out of this one. Get ready and grab a pen and paper. You’re definitely going to want to take notes! Don’t forget, every Saturday, I host a $7 workshop where I share everything I’d do if I had to start my real estate business all over again from scratch. Get more information through the link below.

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What’s inside:

  • How Mitzi makes huge profits off adding mobile homes to vacant land
  • How Mitzi gets good leads and finds the best deals
  • How you can get started if you want to build a business like Mitzi’s

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Joe:   Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you bought some vacant land for a few thousand bucks, stuck a mobile home on it, and then maybe tripled the value on that? I've been talking a lot about how to wholesale vacant land, but this is now a new twist where if you could add some value to that vacant land and go from maybe a $10,000 profit to 5000 thousand dollars profit by just adding automobile. We're going to be interviewing a lady, Mitzi, about how she's doing this right now and is crushing it. And this is going to be a great, great podcast that you're going to really get a lot of value out of. So get ready, get some, get pen, get some paper. You're going to be writing down some notes. But first I want to tell you this podcast is brought to you by my workshop. Every Saturday I do a $7 little workshop where it's like, hey, if I had to start all over again from scratch and go into a brand new market and start a new land investing business in an area that I've never done deals in before, what exactly what I do. So this is a 3 to 4 hour workshop that is just jam packed with information. And I'm going to show you kind of behind the curtain what it is that we actually do, how I pick the markets, how I find the buyers, where I find the demand, how I do the marketing campaigns. You're going to actually hear and see me talk to sellers, talk to realtors, and actually make real offers live right there on this zoom webinar. And this is a lot of fun. If you want more information, just go to Joe mccall.com/saturday Joe mccall.com/saturday. Check it out. And you're going to you're going to love it. There is going to be a lot of fun. And the reason why I'm doing this is because I want to take this content. I want you to look at it and actually just copy what I do and implement it for you and your own business, or send the videos to your virtual assistant, say, hey, just do what Joe just did here or send it. Like I've done a lot of deals with my boys, so send the deals, the videos to your kids and watch it with them and say, hey, let's do this together. So check that out right now. Joe mccall.com/saturday. Cool. All right. Let's bring Mitzi Dyane in, Mitzi how are you?

Mitzi:   I'm doing great. Thank you for having me.

Joe:   Thanks for being on the show. We were just talking I remember a few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, and you were telling me a little bit about what you do with this vacant land. Now you're a wholesaler, you do a lot of different kinds of deals for houses and land. You've been in the business a long time. You even do some of your own coaching and mentoring and soon you will be starting your own podcast. We were just talking about that a little bit. Right? But you were telling me something really cool here about what you're doing to this land. And I want you to tell a little bit of your background. How did you get started into real estate, and then talk about how did you stumble across this little kind of a niche within a niche, right.

Mitzi:   Yes. Okay. So how I got started was actually when I was 19, I bought my first house and it was actually a mobile home. I land, and I moved into it and started flipping it myself. And then I rented that out, and then I moved into another house and started rehabbing it and, rented that one out, too. So that's actually how I got started. I was just living in the houses and fixing. But the second one, it was a brick home.

Joe:   Nice.

Mitzi:   And, what's cool is that you all know that you stay in there for two years. The profits are tax free. So I was able to make some, some good profit there. Yeah. And when I did sell that and then about eight years ago, I wanted to learn more about the actual flipping process. And I found a wholesaling coach that was a real estate attorney hired him. And then within 23 days of my first wholesale deal, and I just I was like, kind of addicted to this now. And I went in full time.

Joe:   Now, what year was that?

Mitzi:   2016.

Joe:   So 2016 about eight years ago. And you got started full time. Just kind of wholesaling houses. And what market were you in?

Mitzi:   Yes, San Antonio.

Joe:   Okay. Are you still in Texas?

Mitzi:   I am.

Joe:   Okay, cool. I'd like to ask you some questions later about land and how to get comps, because Texas is a non-disclosure state with. So let's talk about that later. So what happened after 2016? You started doing land wholesaling full time. Did it go really well for you? Is it always been awesome banner years?

Mitzi:   Well, it actually did go well. It's stressful. Yeah, right. I didn't go really well. I did, I did a good amount on my first deal and then my second deal, and I did, six figures in my first six months. So it was like, oh, I got this down. I kind of got a little bit of a big ego because I, I thought I knew what I was doing. And then, I started being asked to be on like, podcasts and public speaking events because they're like, how are you doing in size deals? And then a year and a half into it, I did my largest deal in an apartment deal, and, the buyer even bragged about how much they paid me. It was multiple six figures, and I just thought I knew what I was doing. But that was a multifamily deal. And I noticed that the if you wanted to make the six figure deals that actually going right outside of a major city like San Antonio and finding land, commercial land, or even multifamily, you would have it. Her chance of making those six figure assignment fees. So I started helping people with that. And then I actually wouldn't coach anyone. And so I did at least 100 deals.

Joe:   That's awesome.

Mitzi:   Yeah, I felt like I, I wanted to know what I was doing, really, because there are some people that they do like find deals and they're a coach. And I feel like there's so much to learn. Yeah. So then about a year and a half ago, I noticed that the market was shifting where the interest rates rising and the house prices going up. And I was like, affordable housing is going to be needed. And I took out a website called FHFA.gov. So I was a financial adviser for ten years before I jumped to this full time. And so I like to check the market and what's going on. So if you go to FHFA.gov, it'll give you a lot of information about what's going on in the markets. And so I was checking that out. Like people are going to need more affordable rentals, but unfortunately a single family residence is not as affordable for a landlord to buy right now and make money off it because taxes went up and interest rates run up. So I just thought my what was land? So I shifted into mobile homes and land. And while everybody else was complaining about the market, I was like not doing too bad for me.

Joe:   So you're still mainly focused in Texas? Okay, so let's talk about mobile homes because I'm really, really interested in this. You're mainly doing. Are you okay? Let me. Are you buying mobile home lots. Mobile home parks.

Mitzi:   Not mobile home parks yet. I'm just buying a lot, bringing a mobile home on it. Or I'm buying a lot with a mobile home on it already.

Joe:   Okay, so two things that I want to talk about. Adding a mobile home to a lot and then buying lots with mobile homes on them. So is there like when you're pulling a list to market to, do you, can you pull a list of like, land with mobile homes on it?

Mitzi:   You can.

Joe:   How do you do that?

Mitzi:   You know, Don Fowler with Realeflow? Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's got the. He's got that data. Yeah.

Joe:   Mobile home lots. Mobile lots with mobile homes on them. Okay. I wonder if you if he's got it. Like, can you get it on priced or prop stream or is that just a special thing that he's got?

Mitzi:   I actually, you found a lot of lead generation companies do have it. They just don't really show it because they don't think people want it. So I'm actually not ad to market for mobile homes. I just tell these lead generation companies, send me the leads that you guys don't want, and so I don't have to pay and it's several.

Joe:   Well, okay. That's awesome because I'm doing a workshop in about a month with two friends of mine on vacant land investing in Saint Louis, and one of the guys, Brent Bowers. He's doing a lot of land deals right now by just contacting I. Do you know Brent?

Mitzi:   Yeah. He's the land shark guy?

Joe:   Yes, yes.

Mitzi:   Yeah.

Joe:   He's doing a lot of land deals right now by just networking with other wholesalers. Who's paying? They're the ones that are paying thousands and thousands of dollars a month on PPC campaigns. And he's like, hey, if you get any vacant land deals, send them to me. I'll buy them, because no wholesaler, regular house wholesaler wants to mess with vacant land.

Mitzi:   Exactly.

Joe:   So that's fascinating. You're getting a lot of your leads from other wholesalers that just throwing them away. Yes, I love it. Okay. And then so you are, you're getting these leads of. But are you doing any outbound marketing, like with direct mail to these leads is also.

Mitzi:   Not for the mobile home loans, okay? No, I don't need to. I have too many leads. I can't even get to all of them.

Joe:   So that all that you're doing is the only lead generation you're doing is from referrals through a lot of, from other wholesalers. Are you asking, are you talking and networking with other wholesalers just in your area of San Antonio, Texas, or all over the state?

Mitzi:   And San Antonio, Texas is where I do it. But because I developed a network, you know, the masterminds that I'm part of and, some, just some other people that I've known along the way, they, I think I know most of the major league generation companies, the owners of them. So I just talked to them and said, you know, you guys get the leads, and some of them actually reached out to me and said, hey, Mitzi, we need to talk more about these, some of our leads because we just throw them away. And, so they're reaching out to me or I'm reaching out to them and some of them are like, I've got like 350 to head over to, and can you handle that? And I'm like, let me build up the team a little bit more or like, do more mentoring so I can pass things leads on to students. Because even though I'm in Texas, I, I have a student in Belgium. So like, hey, doesn't matter where you are, I can teach you. But, the, other mobile leads, I prefer not to put my time on the find buyers in multiple states I put. I give my students those leads to find those buyers in the areas that they're in.

Joe:   So when you get a mobile home lead, is it ever a lead of a mobile home in a mobile home park? And so you can still you still buy those?

Mitzi:   Yes.

Joe:   Okay. How does that work. Do you. Because sometimes they just rent their space. Right. And you'll still make an offer to buy that mobile home.

Mitzi:   Yes.

Joe:   What percent of your leads. Are like they are just renting the land versus they own land and have a mobile home on it.

Mitzi:   It's probably about 30% have the mobile home part.

Joe:   Yeah, so then 70% have their own land and they have a mobile home on their land. And all right, let me say this to for the audience, like when you whenever you get unrestricted land, it is so much easier to sell. Would you agree with that, Mitzi?

Mitzi:   Yes.

Joe:   And why is that? I know the answer. But why is it again?

Mitzi:   Because, I mean, the sky's the limit. What do you want to do with it?

Joe:   Exactly.

Mitzi:   Yeah. So, like I said, a lot of buyers.

Joe:   Especially if it already has a mobile home on it. That means it's probably not always, but it's probably already passed a Perc test, or it already has a septic system or something like that.

Mitzi:   Yes.

Joe:   Which is, explain what a perc test is for those who don't know.

Mitzi:   I actually don't know. I've never heard of that. The perc test.

Joe:   Okay, well, maybe it's not a thing in Texas, but there's. Yeah, usually when you have, you know, if you want to buy vacant land, you have to test the soil for a septic system. Oh, right. And so sometimes, it depends on the county, but like, a property has to pass a Perc test by an environmental engineer or something that then says, hey, it's okay to put a septic system in here or, and, or to tells you the size of the septic system that you can have. But some areas it just doesn't matter. I don't know what people do. They just put it out there and whatever. Right. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Mitzi:   That well, here in Texas, it's the county that makes those rules okay. Or the city, they'll be like, okay, you can only have, this many subjects per acreage. Okay? Or, you can have mobile homes this close to each other. Like, I think it's Pierce all Texas. I may be wrong on the city, okay, but you could literally put in the well this side by side. So it's really wanted to buy land. They could shed as many mobile homes as they possibly could on that one, but that's not for every county. So you need a what I prefer doing is making friends with the engineers and surveyors, the engineers, surveyor companies, and then talking to them about the land that comes up and seeing what they know I can do with it. That way I don't have to call the county, because if anybody's dealt with the city in the county, you can tell that it's not always the best answers or even the best service, but the engineers, they know who to contact and they already know all the answers.

Joe:   That's excellent advice. Good. Okay. So when you when you get a lead coming in for somebody who owns a mobile home, what are some of the things that you look for when you're evaluating that kind of a deal. What makes a good deal or not?

Mitzi:   Okay, so I so as you do it, you'll notice there are certain brands that are better than others. They're built better. Anything after 1976 is a manufactured home. It's not a mobile home. So. And didn't change the way that those are built after 1976. They're built better, but there's still companies at the lower quality. So, like solitaire, Clayton, Palm Harbor, those are going to be your higher or higher quality. So I have this, set standard of I like 2000 and above, and I prefer double wide. I like four bedroom, two bath because those go faster. And, I try to get those for under 20 K. I got a 2003 four bedroom, two bath double wide for free, and I sold it for 44,000. That's what's amazing about Double Lines is they'll give it to you for free just to move it off the land for them because they're trying to build. So I say I have ads or I'm like, I'll do your Malone for free. And then, of course, who's calling me? People who just want to move a mobile home off. And then I got another one that was a I was willing to do this one because it was a 1985, but it was an in good condition. It was a good, good mobile home. I got it for $1,500, and I sold it two days later for 21,000.

Joe:   Wow.

Mitzi: So it's like. And I didn't even have to get rid of 1500. I just use the buyers money or the 1500. So that's some opportunities there. But I look for like, does this look like it's cheap enough that I can make some money off of like recently I did want a mobile home park. I got a it was a 1985 single white three bedroom, two bath. I got it for $4,000. They actually had it marketed on marketplace for 20. But it was really bad marketing. So I offered her 4K, she took it, and I actually had walked a student through it and, sold it to the student for 15 K. That was kind of her wholesale error fee to me, was me walking her through the deal. And the next day, within 24 hours, she already sold it for 25. Nice. So she was able to pay me and also, get the buyer. And, and so that was an asset, a mobile home park. That was stuff that people wouldn't even see value in. But those are really easy to on our finance. Our. Yeah. And as you check with the mobile and park, make sure they sublease and then if you all are financed, you don't have to worry about subleasing. But at the mobile home park. So leases and like I can find them for pretty cheap sometimes mobile home parks will give it to you for free if you'll just pick them up. So you put a little bit of money into, let's say like you're all in at seven K. This particular mobile home, makes 575 a month, and that's doing it cheap, so 575 a month. Of a $15,000 investment. For me, it was $4,000 investment. Where do you find that?

Joe:   Yeah, I love that. All right, so when you sell these mobile homes, are you selling them just for cash, or is it like an installment sale, rent, own type of a thing?

Mitzi:   It just depends. So if they're going to be moving in off the land or I'm wanting cash is they're buying it on the land. I will do on our finance. And then it just depends on the deal itself. But I may create a note and sell that note, or maybe find somebody who can table fund it for me. So I get my 100% of the value. Right. They're closing or, I'll just, you know, see if they can find a lender. I when it's the mobile homes on the land, I try to find the ones that qualify for a financing. Okay. When I also find conventional finance lenders. So that either way, I make it super simple for my buyers to buy it.

Joe:   What are the FHA qualifications for mobile home parks or properties?

Mitzi:   Mobile homes, so it just has. It has to be tied to the land as real property as I know, as they call it retiring or and retrofitting it to land. So it's literally tying it to the land. And you're usually your mobile home mover can do that. So you just ask them to tie it to the land for you and connect all your utilities, and they usually will skirt it for you too. You just got to ask them ahead of time. But with mobile homes you can in Texas. So you've got to check the regulations of your area. And it's usually the housing community. The community housing association of your area will have a mobile manufactured housing division like Texas, a TD, HCA, the Texas Department of Community and Housing Affairs or something like that. And, there's a manufacturing division. Well, if you talk to yours, you can see what their standards are in. And the FHA lenders around there that do mobile homes. Anybody who does FHA can also do a mobile home if that qualifies. But it can only be moved twice in Texas, meaning like you can move it to from a distributor to a piece of land, and then you can move it one more time to another piece of land. And it still qualify for FHA, as long as it's retired to the land attached to the land and real estate, you can do an FHA loan.

Joe:   Okay. All right. And, when you go find vacant land, how often do you. Well, when you when you have a 1 or 2 acre piece of land that you have that you're looking at, it's not restricted. Would you rather just wholesale it as it is, or would you rather put a home on it and then sell it?

Mitzi:   It depends on where it's at. So what's cool about like Texas? I understand it's a non-disclosure state. So it's sometimes harder to court stuff, but when you put a house on it makes it where you can understand like, oh, if I put a house on it, I can get this much for it. So I know if I get this piece of land like, say, half an acre for 35,000, it has all utilities. And I'm moving a mobile home for 25 and then ten for living cost some in it for like say 70, 75,000. I can sell that for 150,000. I would do that all day long. But if it is, if that's my criteria and the location, because there's certain locations that are just a little further out, so it'll take longer to sell on the market. So you just got to know your area. That's why I prefer to stay where I'm at. And yeah. So it just depends on the deal.

Joe:   What does the land have to have in order for you to put a mobile on it?

Mitzi:   It's got to be unrestricted. And then, I like to see that there are there city water and electric, like, right at the road, if not on the property? I prefer to already be on the property, and I prefer if it's septic that the septic already on the property. So if it's already got like an old mobile home used to be on it, got wheeled off. Those are my ideal ones to take down and have another mobile home on.

Joe:   Okay, so there are lists you can buy a vacant lot, not sat vacant, but you can find homes, mobile homes on land. Do you, when you're searching for that kind of a list, do you say minimum quarter acre, minimum half acre or something like that?

Mitzi:   And what I do, actually, I call it my mob boss approach and driver dollars, but I find communities that are already mobile, communities that have like half an acre or an acre each that have that people on the mobile homes on. So they buy the land and they move them up, arms on it. And I just have somebody drive for dollars or I do it. I still love driving for dollars. So like, I'll do it sometimes too, when I'm feeling like it. And I go through each one of those communities and know everything that's going down every street. What who's for rent, who's for sale? And then I start stacking list on top of that. Like, is anybody in foreclosure going through? Cause you know all that and I'm really know what's going on in that community. And I put two communities like that in San Antonio, and those two communities keep me very busy.

Joe:   Wow.

Mitzi:   And that's just because I'm mobile as opposed it when I say mobile is it's like, I know where your kids go to school, I know where you go to work. I know everything about you before I call you, which is kind of weird, but, that's I just take that approach and it just. Provides me plenty of leads for that generous thing.

Joe:   And then do you skip trace them or direct mail? How do you reach them?

Mitzi:   I skip trace them and direct mail, but not okay.

Joe:   Have you ever done a direct mail campaign to an area that's, you know, maybe a couple hours away that, you know, you can get a list of a thousand mobile homes on their own land there, and you just mail them in to handle the leads as they come in.

Mitzi:   I haven't had to yet. Okay. Yeah. So I've got plenty that come in that I don't have to do that in crazy. I'd have to build my team out more.

Joe:   I'm trying to think of, like, if somebody is hearing this for the first time, what are some of their objections? Like, people maybe stereotype mobile home parks. They think that these are completely rundown and trashed and they're dangerous. And I you know, I grew up in a mobile home trailer for jeez, I'm trying to remember for at least five years of my childhood growing up. And, we I mean, looking back, I did not know we were poor and that maybe we weren't, but this was in the, early 80s, probably for the first five years, 1980, 1985, mobile homes. And I thought they were cool. Right. Like, I, I didn't know it was people lived anywhere else. But what are some of the stereotypes that people have and can you talk about that?

Mitzi:   Yes. And first I'm going to lead with this Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank, the big real estate person. You know her, right? Yeah, yeah. She lives in a double wide.

Joe:   She does.

Mitzi:   Currently, she lives in a remodeled doublewide in Los Angeles.

Joe:   No way.

Mitzi:   Yeah. So just put that out there and you can look it up. She actually does a tour if you want to look it up online and watch that video of her doing a tour of her double wide wife. I guess you would just want everybody to see it and, like. Yeah, she's got plenty of money. She didn't need to buy a double wide, but she did, and she remodeled it just the way she wanted a double wide. Are you looking it up right there?

Joe:   Yeah, there it is. Looks like it's in the search results before I even typed it.

Mitzi:   Yeah. So, it's really just a mental thing because double wides are so easy to remodel, and you can remodel it as great as you want to. It's just a, it's like a show that you can work with, and it's so easy to work on because you can get underneath the house, you know, everything's very hard times.

Joe:   These are great, too, because in these communities you can actually, be really close to the beach. And, I'm looking at some of these pics. She's got views of the ocean from this place.

Mitzi:   She does. And that's why she bought it. Actually, if you look at a lot of mobile home communities that are around lakes, rivers, oceans, like, and you're like, why are there so many low homes? And you got these people who don't like, could not afford a normal house, like living like really a nice new area. So, even here in San Antonio, we got this lake called Kenny Lake at some really pretty lake and half of it and low blows on it, and they go and rivers, like all kinds of stuff, like mobile homes have the view.

Joe:   That's crazy.

Mitzi:   So, the objections that I find is it's just a mental idea of, like, it's trailer trash or like, you know, poor people live there or it's like a four person house. They're not well built, you know, like. And that actually is less true now because they're actually pretty well built now. Okay. Just it has to go down the road then stay together.

Joe:   Yeah.

Mitzi:   I think some of these houses can stay together. If it drove down the road that I remodel letters, family residences. But I, I think, like, if you're going to remodel it, you can put better doors in there. That's what I do. You can put better French doors in there. You can do better lighting. I actually take out the shower and tub and do all tile. So when you walk into these houses that I remodel, it looks like a house. Yeah. And but you can get it for less taxes and you get it cheaper. Yeah. And you usually have more land or a view. So it's nice.

Joe:   I imagine you have a lot less competition for these kinds of deals too, right. That's super cool. Is this a business that you could do virtually or do you. Sounds like we go look at a lot of these, right.

Mitzi:   Actually I buy most of my insight on the scene, and then I just have my contractors go out there. I'll see you later. But I already know what my criteria is. But yeah, I do. I do look at them, too.

Joe:   So what would you tell somebody who's interested in doing something like this? You know, where would you recommend that they start?

Mitzi:   Just go to Facebook Marketplace. That's a really great place to start. And Craigslist, just look at mobile homes and just join all of the warm groups that you can, all the investor groups you can and check out marketplace with the lower homes and just see what people are putting them out for. And if you want to try it, just start making offers of 50% of whatever the prices on there. So if you find a one for 22, offer ten or even offer five, and then just keep following up, first I may say no, they usually do, but if you keep following up like the lady that I got the one for 4K, she said no right away. So because she had it listed for 20. So the week after, because there's not a lot of. Home buyers. So I know that I'm like the main one around here. So I follow up and just we keep following up until they say yes.

Joe:   Can we, can we look at one right now? Would that be all right? Yeah. All right. So I'm going to, share my certain window here I have. All right. Can you see my screen? I hope this is working for the podcast. I think it is. And by the way, if you're listening right now to the podcast, you just go to my YouTube channel and you can find this video. So I'm in for some reason, I'm in Kern County, not near Wildwood, Missouri. Okay. So, this I don't know what this is, all right. Never mind. But I'm in Wildwood, which is near where I live. What would I look for?

Mitzi:   So in the search box there where it says Search marketplace just put in mobile home, I do different one. So I'll put a mobile home that I'll put in single wide open and double wide just so I can pull them all up.

Joe:   Okay. Yeah. So now what.

Mitzi:   So that one for. So I would just start clicking on some of them like this one for six okay. Let's see.

Joe:   That looks not too bad. They need some work inside right.

Mitzi:   It really doesn't take much to fix up these mobile homes either.

Joe:   Looks like they were trying to fix it up. I mean from the outside it doesn't look that bad.

Mitzi:   I'd offer him 2500 now and then you know.

Joe:   Can you tell like if this. I don't see any kind of description here, but can you tell if it's on. It's it looks like it's a mobile home park. There's a mobile home across the street there in the picture. But like looking at this picture here, what would you guess really?

Mitzi:   I would start out like just saying I could do it for you for free because. Yeah, because it says must be moved. First off, why does it need to be moved? Because maybe it doesn't. Maybe it just needs to remodel for the mobile home park, be okay with it to be there. And if it actually doesn't need to be moved, then, okay, what needs to be done for it not to be moved? And then you can call the Logan Park herself. Sometimes I'll do that because the owners say, no, it needs to be moved. So I call them mobile home park. Like does this really need to be no to find allow this entry, just see what I can get. Because I know on a single side here in Texas, I can move it for a $2,500. And so this person's asking for six and it needs work. It looks like a pretty decent home. It looks like it's got good bones on it. Yeah. And can look pretty good. This one, I would just even move it for free if it does need to be moved. And then I would follow up again with on next week. So offer that same offer. And then the week after that, if you're still stuck then I'd be 1500, then maybe 2000. They'll start going there.

Joe:   If you let's say they said, all right, we'll sell it for 2500, then what would you do with it?

Mitzi:   Then I would go take a bunch of pictures, make it look really, really good. Come up with some really good marketing, like with Canva and then relist it on marketplace.

Joe:   Maybe just clean it up a little bit, right, and get some professional photos. This looks like it was taken from an iPhone.

Mitzi:   You know, surprisingly, a lot of people do that. And if you just clean it up and take better photos and do better details in the description, you can get more money for it.

Joe:   But this one has to be moved. So how would you who would buy this?

Mitzi:   And so there's, so in your area, you just know your market a little bit more like here. We have a lot of Hispanic families that like to live on the same land. So, I would put up in fact, I'm saying, you know, do you need a house for your kids or your grandkids? You want them to look close or mother in law, sweet great mother in law, sweet through one of your land. This is the great mother in law. Sweet right here and then saying things like that. Do you have a college student living at home? You want them out of your house and maybe this long instead that's, you know, with people who have land or, like, this is a great, starter home for a small family if you can rent and land. And then if you partner up with a land wholesaler, then you can even call mobile home distributors, too, because they're already selling mobile homes. They're not selling on this street normally. And if they are it's on that's condition. It's way worse. So I will call my one distributors and see if they have people coming in that can't afford the ones they have on the lot. And if they would sell this one for me instead, and they're willing to say like $500 or $1000 to sell property for you so you can get other people leveraging you to sell the property to some better picture. Just clean it up, put it back on the marketplace with better marketing, and, tag them up on distributors.

Joe:   I'm looking in this area of, Jonesboro, Missouri for vacant land that's for sale. What if there was some vacant land for sale here? And there's not much, at least on this website here, but I found, let's say I found some land here for really cheap, actually. I'm sorry. Let me price low to high 1.181.8 acres for 28 grand. This is probably not restricted. I'm just guessing. Same with this owner. You know, this is a property that's nearby and looks like it's just got some trees in there. It needs to be cleared. Probably not part of a subdivision in an HOA. If you could buy some land like this, move that mobile home on it. Because it probably has utilities. There's some neighborhoods nearby. I would imagine that. If you knew this area, right. You could probably do really well with that kind of. You can make a great return on this, you know what I'm saying? Like maybe cut in a road, build a pad. Move the trailer there. You don't have to rehab it necessarily. Just what you call it. Skirt it.

Mitzi:   Yeah. Retrofit it, skirt it that good.

Joe:   Okay, so let's say you bought this, this thing for 2500 bucks. You negotiated this piece of land down to $30,000, and you move that mobile home here, you spend. Maybe I'm just going to suggest 20 grand to bring in utilities and the pad and put a deck on it and all of that. How much could you sell that for?

Mitzi:   Well, I don't know that area, but let's say like the mobile homes are going for like 150 on an acre and a half, which that's cheap, affordable housing, right? Oh yeah. You got an acre now, half. And you got a two bedroom, two bath house on there. I do prefer at least three bedroom, two bath, but still you got this two bedroom, two bath house. Let's say it could sell for 150. You're in it at what, 2500 plus the 20,000. Let's just say 25 now.

Joe:   So you'd be you'd be in it buying the mobile home for, for 2500, then buying this lot for 30 grand. So plus 20 is 50. So you'd be all in for about 55. 60 grand.

Mitzi:   Yeah. Let's just say for some reason, you're in it at 75 because you decided to remodel it and make it look super nice and tile out the bathrooms, finish up the flooring, put some nice appliances in there. So you're in it at 70 grand and you can sell it for 115.

Joe:   That sounds like a pretty good deal.

Mitzi:   Yeah. Now you.

Joe:   Yeah, well it's proposed use mobile home right there.

Mitzi:   Yeah, yeah. And it's timber. So what I would do is I would find a timber company to clear it off for me, make money off the timber instead of trying to pay somebody to clear it off. Get the timber company to do it, make money off the timber, then go ahead. And after you got that, you maybe have the mobile move. We'll see. Moving day and then, you know, move the mobile home out there.

Joe:   Wow. Yeah, I love that. I'm wondering if, like, you know, we're buying land. Let's just say in Putnam County, Florida, out in the middle of nowhere. And, I wonder if, like, you find a good lot that you're buying at 35, $0.40 on the dollar, just go to Facebook Marketplace in that area and see if you can find a mobile home for sale there. They're buying for super cheap and just move it over there. Let's look at another mobile home here.

Mitzi:   Okay.

Joe:   Some of these, you know, they're asking 26 grand, 25, 45 grand.

Mitzi:   Yeah. I go ahead and switch on that one for 26. And actually it doesn't look too bad.

Joe:   Looks brand new or completely remodeled.

Mitzi:   I wouldn't pay that. It does look nice. I wouldn't sell it for that.

Joe:   I hope there's a shower in there. There. Looks like it's just a bathtub. No, there's a shower. Maybe in another two bed. Two bath. So one of them has a shower. One of them has a bath tub.

Mitzi:   Interesting, I where are you buying a fully remodeled two bedroom, two bath house or 26?

Joe:   Okay, but what would you do with the sand and how? Like it's in a mobile home park.

Mitzi:   This one I wouldn't see if you can keep it in a low Walden park and if they're willing to sublease it, this could be good for somebody who wants, like, rental income but doesn't have a lot of money and wants to own it outright because some people don't like that, and they want to know that they can make this much per month. And depending on what this can rent out in the park, you can make like 500 to 700, maybe even more than that, a month of that $26,000 investment, which isn't too bad because if you're at 500, that 6000 a year, like four years, you wrote it paid off. And if you put the money back and just paying yourself back. But that's, an a cash on cash isn't too bad on that either.

Joe:   So what would you offer on this? It doesn't need any work. It kind of looks ugly on the outside. It might be an old picture though, but what would you offer on this?

Mitzi:   Yeah, I would offer like 15K. They would probably say no because they put money into it.

Joe:   Sure. It depends kind of on how long they've been trying to sell it though. But it's worth a shot.

Mitzi:   On our finances though. If I could own or finance it from them, then me selling it to the buyer, I could just so owner finance, deal to them and then just ask for a bigger down payment and just pass it on to the buyer.

Joe:   Oh, so you're saying offer to buy it with owner financing and then just sell it on owner finance or assign your contract to another buyer? Yeah, I've done that before. The house is a lot. All right. This thing is free. It's on. It's book. It's by Mark Twain. Like there's only one picture. This looks like it's older.

Mitzi:   Yeah, I probably wouldn't touch that one.

Joe:   It's okay.

Mitzi:   I do like to make sure that they have titles on them. So that's something to ask is do you have the title on it now in Texas? If it doesn't have a title on and it's on your land, you can do an, a management, mobile and still get the title, to the mobile home after like 45 days of sending out certified letters to the original owner and all that, then they'll title it to you.

Joe:   Okay, here is we'll look at one more here.

Mitzi:   Okay.

Joe:   This is a three bed, two bath in like it's in the city of Saint Louis, one of the suburbs. They're asking 19,900 for it. Like this is there's this is a residential community there. These are some exterior photos. Interior doesn't look that. Bad day. It needs updating. Julia Wright needs new flooring. New paint. Just paint the cabinets. Maybe.

Mitzi:   Yeah, I saw the one I bought for 4K was actually very similar to this one, and I had a contractor come in for 1500. He re-applied, seen the, the tub and cleaned everything up and made it look nicer. So I would epoxy that, because it's yellow and, renew some of the lighting in there and then just fix up minor stuff. And, and then I would offer for on that.

Joe:   One, I would offer four grand for this house.

Mitzi:   Yeah. And then I would, I would go ahead. I also is great because you can actually keep it in the mobile home part too. So what I, what I like about this is you can own our finances or rent them out. And if you're getting it for really cheap like 4K five K, like you can order finance it as is an ask or find pay down, make your money back and then create yourself a note. So start collecting money on it for the next 3 to 5 years.

Joe:   Do you think the do you think this is an owner that's selling it, or do you think it's a wholesaler?

Mitzi:   It may actually be.

Joe:   Do you ever look at their profile and just kind of say.

Mitzi:   Yeah, these are all sellers. I actually in front of us some of the. So maybe we could work together. So she's got two active listings. Oh, so she just the owner. You can ask them for the label number.

Joe:   The picture here she says broker, buyer, lender.

Mitzi:   It might be okay. So she's the investor. So she'd be somebody that I would network with. She probably won't take the bouquet because she knows that she can get the 19. Because she's like us. So she's doing what I did. Like, I got mine at four, and then, you know, we ultimately sold it for 25. Okay. So she's probably doing the same thing because she knows the money is in there.

Joe:   It's, you know, like, let's say you're just looking for some money to get some good cash flow. Good return on your investment. Right. Like, let's say you bought this thing for 15 grand, you progressive. How much would you need to put into it to make it nice? Like new flooring, maybe new flooring, paint update light fixtures, repair some walls. Re glaze that tub, maybe new counter, new vanity. Right. Like, how much money would you put into this to make it decent.

Mitzi:   Five K to 7500 maybe. And that should make it look pretty nice.

Joe:   All right. So let's say you put ten grand in it. You go luxury I'm just kidding. But like you put can you buy it for 15. Let's say you put ten K into it so you're all in it for 25 grand. And this is a three bed, two bath. Is this a double wide.

Mitzi:   It was a single I think.

Joe:   So it is. Okay. Are you sure.

Mitzi:   That's what it. Yeah, it's a single one.

Joe:   Okay. Well could you rent it for.

Mitzi:   So let's just. And so it's a three bedroom two bath.

Joe:   Yeah. And this is like looks it's in the suburbs of Saint Louis. It's not out in the it's in a really good area. Good school district.

Mitzi:   Okay. I mean so I took out rental meter. I don't, I don't know, if you used it before, but if I don't know the area, I'll check that rental meter is rent. Oh, a meter. And it lets you, like with your email. It lets you do it for free. So I would. Yeah. Put that in there and then do three bedroom, two bath.

Joe:   All right. Let's just see what if.

Mitzi:   You don't want to fill out the rent.

Joe:   So the median rent is two grand but that's for a house right.

Mitzi:   Okay. So you probably rent that out for 1500, but even that. So you don't know. Sometimes you rent just as much as a house.

Joe:   Are you serious?

Mitzi:   Yeah. That's what I like about rental. The mobile homes. Now, you don't get as much appreciation that you can write off with mobile homes, that you can with single family residences, but you're talking about a lot less money into it.

Joe:   But you're probably going to have to pay place a lot rent, right? How much would you pay in light rent for this?

Mitzi:   You know, to call and have the mobile home park. But an average around here is between 425 to 630. So, like if I know that and I know that I can rent that out for, let's say, I know that I could rent it out for 1500 a month because of the area and the mobile home. A lot is 600. That's $900 a month that you're making off that property piece.

Joe:   That's really good.

Mitzi:   For what, a $20,000 investment? You make so much on top of it.

Joe:   Yeah, I mean that's not as.

Mitzi:   12,000 a year.

Joe:   That's a really good investment. That's better return on your money than you would make if you put that into money into a house and you got a bunch of leverage or debt on that. Now when would you recommend just renting this or selling it with owner financing? Is is there an advantage to doing one or the other?

Mitzi:   It just depends on you and what you're wanting. I like to on our finance amount, but if you know what's going on in the area like this, what we did on our finance account that I, we just did yesterday, but the, the area is about to boom because our building, plans out there. So I knew that if I kept it, I could probably charge an extra $200 a month in rent the next year, which would have given me 775 a month of a $4,000 investment. So, that's that would've been great. But it was in Corpus Christi, which is about two hours, 2.5 hours from me. So we just decided on our finance it because I don't like to have. I used to have rentals and I used to do flips. Yeah. Further away from me. But I learned that my time is better spent closer to me.

Joe:   Good.

Mitzi:   Yeah and I sell the rest.

Joe:   We need to wrap this up. This has been good. I appreciate you taking the time. We probably could have talked a lot more about. I'm just looking right now at another property that looks really even nicer shape than. For $9,000, it looks like brand new. Oh my gosh. This is another great area. This doesn't need any work. You could. They're asking nine grand for it right now in a great way to get.

Mitzi:   A good thing. Yeah.

Joe:   Yeah. This is a great this is in a really good area. All right. So anyway, how can people get Ahold of you Mitzi?

Mitzi:   So, check out my Facebook. Mitzi Dyane. And I'll have a link in my bio that you can fill out a form and reach out to me, and we'll reach back out to you. And then, you can also just email me, at Mitzi at Swift sell properties.com.

Joe:   Yeah. Good guys if you if you have any interest in this, I really recommend working with somebody who's been there done that. Right. It's much better to learn from somebody that is already an expert in this than trying to figure it all out on your own. You could save a ton of time and money and hassle just by. And it sounds like you partner with your clients on deals, Mitzi. Is that right?

Mitzi:   I do, yeah. And I also partner with, yeah, my students and everything to make sure they get their first deal done.

Joe:   Awesome. Thank you, Mitzi, for your time. I really appreciate you.

Mitzi:   Yeah. Thank you, Joe, thank you for having me.

Joe:   All right. We'll see you guys later. Bye. Bye, everybody.

Mitzi:   Thank you.

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