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In this Do or Die series, I’m going to be helping my brother-in-law and his friend set up a land business. We’re going to cover marketing, talking to sellers, making offers, and start flipping vacant land deals. We’ll first talk strategy, and I’ll teach them how the land business works, kind of what the steps are, how you find the deals, how you make the offers, and how you sell the deals. Then we’ll come up with a marketing plan. 

We're going to be taking some counties and showing you the processes and steps involved. We’ll go from starting from scratch with nothing to actually doing deals, and no lead will be left behind. As we progress through this whole thing, I'm going to be really diving deep. The first question I'm going to ask them every time is, Hey, what are your numbers, and how many sellers did you talk to last week? You guarantee success by talking to a lot of sellers and making a lot of offers. It's as simple as that.

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What’s inside:

  • How I’m helping my brother-in-law and his friend set up a vacant land business from scratch
  • The three things you need to get started
  • Overview of how to structure your marketing plan

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Joe:   I am on my way to the airport to pick up my brother in law and his friend. We're going to be spending the next two days documenting the Do or Die series, where I'm going to be helping these two guys set up a land business. Do the marketing, talk to sellers, make offers, and start flipping vacant land deals on the way to pick them up at the airport. And then we're going to spend the next two days just that strategizing, working on the business while golfing because we've all three of us love to golf. So I'm going to take you to my country club. In the successful businessman he has bought and sold several businesses, just sold a business recently and wants to do some investing on the side in real estate. He asked if I could help him start a land business, so I thought, that's a great idea. I'd love to help you out. But I gave him some conditions. Number ones. I'm only going to help you if you promise to actually take action and implement what I tell you to do. Which means, Jared, that knowing you, you are. You're going to be too busy. You're not going to be the one on the phone talking to sellers and making offers. So I will help you when you have somebody else that will do all that work for you. And so just recently he found the perfect guy. His name is Foster. I'm thinking of those two guys, and we're going to spend the next two days documenting this whole process together. Tomorrow morning we'll get together early and we will be talking about strategy. I'll be teaching them about how the land business works, kind of what the steps are, how you find the deals, how do you make the offers, how do you sell the deals. And then we're going to be coming up with a marketing plan. We're going to be taking some counties. We're going to be showing you the processes and the steps involved with starting from scratch with nothing to actually doing deals, and no lead will be left behind. Jared. Hey, we're right here. Right in front of 18 passenger pickup. I see in front of the, the crosswalk. You'll see two tall, handsome, good looking guys. Jared. Hey. So this is Foster, man. Good to meet you, man. You're literally past the third. You're not past that. Yeah, I see it below. I was driving around for hours. I see you below. All right, listen, just picked up these guys from the airport at the time. We're talking is done. It's go time tomorrow morning. We're going to hit the ground running. I'm excited, man. This is going to be epic, life changing couple of day. What's going on? Hey, we're just going fun right now. We had a business meeting this morning. Got some work done. We actually take a couple counties. We picked three counties. We pulled a list. We set up Freedom Soft. That's about all we got done this morning. It took us about an hour to do that. My goal in doing this video is and talk to these guys, coach them through the land process, how deals are done while we play golf. Two of my favorite things about real estate investing land especially.

Joe:   So we're keeping our county secret private. I will say this is a very competitive county and Jared is not intimidated by competition. Jared's not intimidated by anything. I'm happy with that. That's like closing a land deal right there. That's what that feels like. A little jump, a first landing on that chip. Hey, don't film this part. You're not supposed to do this. We're going to edit this here into the hole. Now, I think it comes down to three things. You got the system, you're willing to do the work, and you got good communication skill. Joe's got the best system. Already figured out what not to do and what to do. Foster and I are really diligent, hard workers and we know how to sell, so I'm expecting greatness, really. I expect us to be his best student he's ever at all. And when you make a bad shot, you can blame the camera guy. It's not a bad shot, is just not a good shot at all. And Jared's just an entrepreneur that I aspire to be. And he saw hustle in me. So we kind of just went out to lunch and then here we are. I oh, I get that you're in better you kind of do gooder shot and Jared way better way better with Jared who's got the experience in business. He's got the money that he's going to be investing in the marketing. Foster is going to be working the leads, getting on the phone, talking to sellers who already understand sales. I think it's a win/win avenue and I'm looking forward to helping them. Guest deals. Hey. Not bad. Go that checked. If that was that the pen that hold a millionaire? Here's the thing with business. Seriously, though, like for every 4 or 5 bad shots you make, you're going to make one good shot. And that one good shot will more than make up for all the bad ones. So when we're making a lot of offers, we make 30 offers for every one deal that gets accepted. So it's a numbers game. You know, you keep on putting the ball, it's going to get in the hole. It may not be pretty. There you go. Nice putt. It may not be pretty, but it's going to get there to the hole eventually. And the more putts you make the better you're going to get. golf like life, like business. You got to get out there and play it. You got to take risks. You got to go for swing the club and you learn, you know, so it all we're out of here is just trying to prove skill, get better, try to learn from our mistakes. But we're not going to quit if we have a bad hole. And I keep fighting along and just keep plugging along and no success will come at you, keep fighting. All right, so let me tell you how typical and your works. All right.

Joe:   But first step in flipping vacant land is you find a good county where there's a lot of activity, where there's a lot of people buying and selling land, and you don't want to typically go into, like, the most competitive one. But you want to go into an area where there's a lot of activity. So sometimes those are the most competitive areas. But you know, there's a lot of demand and there's a lot of money Lee made there. Step two is you pull a list of vacant land owners who own land in those counties. So that's what we did this morning. We went to Prycd Joe mccall.com/prycd. And we pulled a list of vacant land owners. We pulled about 8500 of them who own vacant land in those counties who don't live in the counties and have owned that land for over ten years. The next step is now that you have that list of these potential sellers who might want to sell their properties someday, you send them a letter or postcard. And so after going today, that's what we're going to do next. We're going to take the list that we, downloaded. We're going to upload it into Freedom Soft. And then we're going to send postcards to that list. Now a postcard we're going to send is what I call a range whose card we tell them, hey, we're interested in maybe buying your six acre lot, putting my bird in XYZ County, and the, we might be able to pay between 20,000 and 40,000 for it. And the goal is to just get them to call. So the postcards are going to say if you're interested in talking more, text or call this phone number. Right now we texture call that number goes into freedom soft. And then from freedom soft we call them back. We call the sellers back. That's what Foster is going to be doing. Foster is going to be handling the incoming leads as they come in. And one of the things we're going to be building together later today and tomorrow morning is our API scorecard. That's the key. Performance indicators. Got to have a scorecard just like this gold scorecard right here. You've got to track your metrics your key performance indicators. You got to track. All right. This week we sent X number of letters. We got X number of calls coming in. We talked to this many sellers. We made this many offers. We did this one follow up. We got this many contracts signed. We sold this many deals. And you got to track your numbers on these scorecards. And so as we progress through this whole thing and I'm working with them, I'm going to be really diving deep every time we talk. Now we're going to be doing a bunch of these follow up calls. On zoom will be publishing them as videos and stuff like that. The first question I'm going to ask them every time is, hey, what are your numbers and how many sellers you just talked to last week? How many offers did you make? And that's how you guarantee your success? Talk to a lot of sellers can make a lot of offers. It's as simple as that.

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