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Jamil Damji is in the house and here, we’re talking about the upcoming Squad Up Summit, an event that I'm going to. It’s April 23rd through the 25th in Orlando. It’s jam packed full of amazing speakers and presentations on how to take your real estate business to the next level. Jamil has been a wholesaler for a couple of decades, and he founded one of the larger wholesale operations in the country, Key Glee. His franchise company is now in over 100 markets. Wholesaling is in his DNA, and he got started without any training. Jamil was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue and profits because of the unique way he sources deals.

I’m also doing some brand-new workshops on what I’d do if I were to start all over again from scratch and create a new business in a brand-new market. I'm going to be pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly what I would do step by step. I'm calling it the Land Fast Start Masterclass and it’s a $7 workshop. I'm going to be showing you everything including picking a market, finding the buyers, finding the sellers, starting a marketing campaign, direct mail and cold calling. Click the link below for more info.

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  • All about the Squad Up Summit
  • How Jamil grew his real estate empire
  • Info on my Land Fast Start Masterclass

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Joe:   What's going on, guys? Joe McCall here. Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. I have a special guest on today. You guys know him. Jamil Damji is in the house. I'm going to bring him on here in just a minute. We're going to be talking about an event that I'm going to. And it's on April 23rd through the 25th, called The Squad Up Summit. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've seen Pace and Jamil talk about this for a long time, and they're going to have one of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, there as well. It's going to be April 23rd to the 25th. I want to invite you guys to come to it. I'm going to be there. Dub dub, dub dot squad up summit.com. This is going to be a game changer. This is going to be a really, really big event. It's going to be the premier event in the real estate investing space. And it's going to be in Orlando, Florida. I might be a speaker. I don't know yet. We're working out those little kinds of details planned out. I'm going to be there. And so even if I'm not going to be speaking, I'm going to be hanging out there. And I'd love to hang out with you guys as well. But go check it out. www Dot Squad up summit.com, Pace and Jamil are going to be the two main speakers. And Donald Miller who wrote the book Story Brand which is fantastic. Great book on simple business strategies. And there's some other speakers there. It's going to be big, big event couple 2 or 3000 people. It's going to be a great event to come to, to network and just hang out with cool people. I'm looking forward to seeing you there. So also one thing I want to announce real quick this Saturday and every Saturday for the near foreseeable future, I'm going to be doing some brand new workshops on if I were to start all over again from scratch and create a new business and a brand new market that I've never done deals in before, I'm going to be pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly what I would do step by step. And I'm calling it the Land Fast Start Masterclass. And coming up this Saturday. And even if you're watching this later on down the road, you go to Joe mccall.com/saturday. This is a $7 workshop where I'm going to be showing you everything I do in live. I'm going to be showing you picking a market, finding the buyers, finding the sellers, starting a marketing campaign, direct mail and cold calling. And we're going to actually be calling sellers, calling realtors. And we're going to be making offers in a brand new market. And you get to watch me do it for just $7. Go right now to Joe mccall.com/saturday. All right. Can we bring Jamil on finally, Jamil?

Jamil:   Hey what's up bro.

Joe:   Good to see you.

Jamil:   Good to see you as always man. You look can I just say I you know I know, you've been really working on yourself, right? Man, I did. You just like, how did you reverse in aging? You look like you're like, 35. What's going on?

Joe:   I feel like I'm 35, you know? Yeah. Those of you that don't know, I had, major open heart surgery about eight months ago, and I had my aortic valve replaced, and I knew Jamil. We were friends before and after, and, you and I both have lost a lot of weight. You look really young as well, but I'm just feeling really good. It was a congenital defect in my heart that I had since a baby. I didn't know about it, but I've lost about 40 pounds. I'm walking a lot more and I'm golfing a lot more. And you should have played with us the other day. When I was in Phoenix, I played, 18 holes at The Phoenician with Cody Sperber. Nice. Just had a blast. It was. I love golfing in Phoenix, so you need to pick up some sticks, Jamil. And let's play together some time.

Jamil:   Yeah, I purposely, evade golfing situations because, you know, I, I enjoy people liking and respecting me in the moment they see me pick up a golf club is when all of that disappears. And so I just know that it's like the fastest way to be mocked and ridiculed. So I just every time there's a golfing situation, I'm busy.

Joe:   Wait a sec. So you will do ads and Instagram Reels videos of you and like no shirt, blue dye. Right? But you won't play golf?

Jamil:   No, no. Because, you know, I here's the thing, right? I'm so bad. Like, I'm, I am so bad at golf that when I hit the ball it goes behind me.

Joe:   Well, that is pretty bad. But I bet you you're not as bad as you think you are. When you give yourself a little grace, you know you can start from anywhere. So, hey, would you introduce yourself? I know everybody knows you, but would you kind of talk about who you are? Where'd you come from?


Jamil:   Absolutely, man. So, Jamil Damji here, been a wholesaler for a couple of decades. I founded one of the larger wholesale operations in the country, Key Glee, nationally. Franchise company now in over 100 markets. You know, we're, a volume, wholesaler, meaning that we, you know, do a lot of transactions every month. My, my corporate stores will average 60 to 80 deals in a month. And then my franchise is in the hundreds. Right. And so it's, wholesaling is in my DNA. I started wholesaling without any training, so I kind of bootstrapped my business. In the beginning, I thought I had invented wholesaling and came to find out later on I hadn't. Somebody else had done this many, many decades prior, but I, figured it out from, you know, learning how to connect the dots by contacting an attorney and trying to solve a problem that I was in. I was in, you know, in a transaction. And it changed my life, right. I was able to generate millions of dollars in and revenue and, profits. And because I have this unique way that I source deals, from a more of a relationship standpoint versus a transactional standpoint. I've been very fortunate that our business has continued to escalate and grow because we are relationship based. We've been able to compound, result in success over the over the years. And, you know, today I have this business that I don't even need to go to anymore. I do go to the office and I, you know, work. I'm still involved in deals. I like being involved in deals because it keeps me nimble and it keeps me sharp, and it keeps me involved and understanding of where the market is, but I don't I don't happen, my business is so robust now, and there's just so much transaction volume that if I just decided not to do anything anymore, I would continue to generate millions of dollars and my life would be very, very easy. But because I've been able to be successful in wholesaling, I know how important it is to have financial freedom in our lives. You know? And I have made the transition from living from a position of survival, where you're just trying to get the basic necessities figured out to where you have the time to start to understand and ask yourself the deeper questions in life, like, why am I here? And you know, one of the things that I feel I'm here for is to be able to teach people and show people how real estate investing can change their lives. And, you know, because of that, I've been able to build a community of wholesalers that, you know, we're over 5000 deep now in astro flipping. It's led me to one of the greatest collaborations in my life with Pace more being my best friend. And, you know, he's a teacher to me in many ways. And him and his relationship go back, you know, near a decade as well. And it's led me to a national TV show. It's led me to, you know, a great amount of success online. And I'm just so grateful, man. I'm, you know, friendships like you, like, you know, I, I had always been an admirer of you. And, you know, this is in the, you know, early days I would watch Joe McCall and I, you know, watch how earnest you are and how, great you are at what you do and how many lives you've impacted. And I remember when I first had an opportunity to meet you at Family Mastermind, I was really impressed with how humble you are and just how, you know, down to earth you. For somebody that has impacted so many people, you're just such a real awesome guy, you know? And it also gave me permission at that moment and in those days to say, you know what, you don't have to be a d bag to be a public figure and help folks. You can actually dothis with a with a kind heart and genuine personality and get out there and do it. And I have been fortunate that I didn't lose myself in this process, but I'm really enjoying life. I'm really enjoying what's happening right now, and I'm excited for this event in April.

Joe:   That's awesome. Hey, will you just say that same thing you just said to Barry in Blue? Yeah. Okay, good. Yeah, I'm trying to trying to get myself into just a 15 to give me five minutes. I'd love to do it.

Jamil:   I love you, Joe. I think you're just one of the greatest guys in the in the business. And I'll advocate for you in a million, different, million different ways.

Joe:   Thank you so much. And, I'm kind of we're talking about the squad up summit here. If you go to www I don't know if you might have to type in the www but. Yeah. Squad up summit.com April 23rd to the 25th in Orlando Florida is the biggest real estate investing event of the year. And I want to see you guys there because I'm going to be there. And I love to hang out with you guys and just learn some cool things, network with some people. You're going to find people that you're going to do deals with at this event. You're going to find lenders, private money partners. You're going to find a lot of people here, and you want to be there for this. Okay, let's talk about, astro flipping. Just real quick. Where do you how did you come? I, I always wanted to ask you this, and I never have. How did you come up with Astro?

Jamil:   You know, it comes from this analogy of being in space, right? We know in space there's no friction, there's no gravity. And without friction and gravity, if you were to just say, start a somersault, right. If you're in, if you're deep in outer space and you started to somersault, you have no friction, you have no gravity. That somersault would just go and go and go and go and go. And so this concept of being able to, you know, continue to flip without friction, without weight, without any thing holding you back is where the seed of astro flipping was born. And it comes from this process of looking at the business from a relationship standpoint versus a transactional standpoint. And that was where I think I differed, and I diverged in my process from a lot of the folks who do this business. And, you know, from jump, I'm a lazy man, right? And I like to do things efficiently, and I like to do things once, you know. And so the way that I saw it was, look, if I, if I'm and I had seen people doing direct mail, I was receiving the mailers myself. I saw bandit signs out there and I would see people cold calling and all of the different modalities that absolutely work. You know, none of them, none of these modalities are outdated or terrible. They're some. Of them are a little bit more expensive than others, but they all generate deals, they all generate money and they all work. So that lets you know, say that right out the gate. But what I haven't ever found is a seller, like a home owner who has been able who's in a distressed situation, right. Who's we are targeting based off of pain points and distress, have an opportunity to do business with me more than one time. And because of that, I saw that every time I had to do another deal, I had to start from scratch again. That means, you know, initial contact to build rapport, to build trust, to follow up 8 to 13 touches. And then finally I get an appointment and finally I get a contract. And then finally I get some money and then it's done. And I got to do this all over again. And to me, that just felt like climbing Everest every day, right? And that's hard, right? Because it's difficult to build rapport. It's difficult to get the deal. It's, you know, nothing is easy. And we all have to really work hard and we have to be really on point. We have to understand and be organized and know our processes and our KPIs in order to create consistency in this business. But at that same token, right, I was looking for a way for this not to be so heavy. How can I do this where I feel like I'm doing business with my friends? How can I do this in a way that I don't feel like I have to start over again? Every time I finish, I finish a deal. And it dawned on me, right, that if I created a situation where I turn this into a relationship based business, I would really win. I could scale that because I because I couldn't see the mechanism to scale direct to seller in a way that could let me do this nationally. I didn't have the budget for it, and I wasn't home investors. Right. I didn't have this, you know, $100 million war chest where I could just spend millions of dollars on billboards and bust, you know, bus ads and all the things. I'm just a guy. Right? So I started with this idea that, why don't I make myself the person in Phoenix, Arizona that real estate agents trusted for a cash offer? Right? And what if I did it in a way that I was so ethical and I performed on, you know, almost every one of my transactions? And if I didn't perform, it wasn't because I wasn't able to find a buyer. It was because there was something materially wrong with the property. And what if I created for myself a reputation that preceded me, where I could create, relationships with hundreds, if not, you know, thousands of real estate agents where I could now start receiving deals inbound and where my past success would indicate my future success, which would mean I would have deals brought to me instead of me having to bring myself to the deal. And it worked. You know, I started I started creating these relationships and they started really trusting me, and they started bringing me. Deal two, deal three, deal four. In fact, when we're done our podcast today, I get to eat lunch with Monique Walker, one of my best friends in Arizona. I do 10,12 deals with her a month. Wow. Yeah, a month right? And we on average she makes 15,000 and I make 15,000 on average per deal. Right. So just say that if it's a bad month and we do ten deals, one relationship pays me $150,000 a month, I all I would ever have to do is pick up her phone calls and I'm in. I'm, you know, I'm in a six figure per month situation, but do that with 100 agents, do that with a thousand agents, do that nationally. And now you've got yourself a business. Right. And so astro flipping is the art of understanding how to do this on a relationship basis. And so not only did we create this modality where we work with real estate agents and create that relationship and, and explode that model, but we also provide a solution for wholesalers, right? Because one of the things that I noticed was happening in the industry was a lot of training on YouTube. A lot of people were teaching folks how to cold call Brant Daniels. You know, he, Brant Daniels fed me so much business because and yourself too, you know, all you guys who are really good on the phones, really good at teaching people how to do lead generation, you know, these guys would get out there and they would they would really focus heavily on acquisitions and they'd get out there and they, they, you know, get a deal. And then they didn't know what to do. Right? They're like, well, now what? Right. And of course, you know, you teach people how to find buyers. And you know, I know you do that. And I know Brant teaches people how to find buyers. But when you get so heavily focused on getting the deal, but now you have it right, your first few times, your first few times when you get a deal under contract, having a ready and willing and able buyer at your fingertips is typically not possible, right? So you usually build one aspect of your business first, and then you start building the other aspect of your business next. And so what I found was a lot of folks, they come in and they focus heavily on acquisitions in the beginning. And then they need to JV those deals in order to disposition them so that they can start to generate revenue, start to hire people, and then maybe start building a buyers list. And so there's the sweet spot in the wholesalers journey where collaboration is necessary. Yeah. And I would say so many wholesalers cancel their deals that were really viable good deals. Because they didn't have buyers available to them. And that's where we found the disruptive event, right. Because when we saw that there were all these wholesalers canceling deals, which was then negatively impacting the industry because people were getting angry, agents were getting angry, sellers were, you know, being left in the dust. They would be packed up. U-Haul was packed up sitting there on closing day waiting for their deal to find and close. They didn't hear from the wholesaler. And so they think everything is fine. And then they call title and say what's going on? And they're like nothing. Yeah. And they're like, what do you mean nothing? I'm packed. I'm in a U-Haul right now. I've already rented a place. I'm supposed to be on the other side of the country tomorrow. Yeah. And you know, this this story wasn't rare. This story was happening all the time. And so we found that if we built a dispositions superstore where people could come bring their active contract to us, and we could honestly help them understand the math, understand the numbers, and then pair that with a buyer that we had vetted over time and that we had cultivated relationships with, that we could fill a necessary need. And that's what we did. Right. And so quickly, which, you know, has definitely been a part of how astro flipping came to be. Because the beautiful thing about astro flipping is that I've got all these franchises across the nation who love working with other wholesalers, right. So how great is it that I get to train the wholesalers who then feed the franchises, who then, you know, grow each other at the same time. So it's this, this incredible ecosystem of, you know, come on in the door. Let me show you what to do. And then we show you what to do. And then we pair you with a franchise, and then you guys build a relationship. And eventually you'll go off on your own and do your own thing. But you'll be rich when you start doing that. You'll have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, and you'll have the freedom and the flexibility to be your own person. And ultimately, I think that's fun, right? We don't none of us want to go back to a job that, you know, where we feel underappreciated, where we're building somebody else's dream. You know, no offense to the because I've got people in my in my company who work for me building my dream and I don't I don't knock them for it. But I'm very honest about what it is. And they know what they're doing, too. They, they prefer a 9 to 5 so that when they get home at five, off switch goes on and they don't have to take stress out, they don't take stress home. And that's great for some people. Right? But it wasn't for me. Right. I way rather work 12 hours a day, but it be for me. Yeah. And you know that's just what we're doing.

Joe:   You know real similar story that I had where I was working a lot. I had an acquisitions manager and a dispositions manager and an assistant handling. I was doing tons of outbound marketing, getting real frustrated. And, I talked to Kent Clothier, a mutual friend. I'm sure you know him, love. He's like. He's like, dude, why don't you go find the buyers first? And he has this strategy called reverse wholesaling. He called it. And I thought, oh, that's interesting. And he said, yeah, it's always easier to sell buyers what they want rather than what you have. Right? So I said, all right, I went back to the drawing board. This was 2012. I was wholesaling a lot of houses back then with direct to seller marketing, and we just changed one little thing. We started finding out who the buyers were that were buying deals in other states, like we're in Saint Louis. We were looking for buyers who were buying out of state in Indianapolis and Memphis, Tennessee and Cleveland, Ohio, that were buying turnkey rental properties. And we started sending them marketing and saying, hey, if you're looking for more deals, call us. And that letter would go to our cell phone number. And we started marketing for buyers who had the money, because I started thinking like, who are the customers in this business? And the customers are not the sellers. And that's who I was focusing on. The customers are the buyers with the money. And so we started focusing on finding buyers. And then what we started doing, we started building relationships with realtors, with other wholesalers, with investors and property managers, anybody in the business. And within about a week or two weeks, we had a Rolodex of, Rolodex. What's a Rolodex? We had a a catalog address book. We had an address book of, 150, 200 people in the business. All right. This is what we started doing. This is just blows me away. Still thinking about it? We went from doing, you know, 25 deals a year. About two deals a month to 100 deals a year. Why? Just we stopped all of our seller marketing, and we had now these buyers, and we knew how much money they had and what they were looking for. And so we became the new hedge fund in town that had $1 million burning a hole in our pocket. And this is what we did. We started sending emails every week to everybody in our database, emails, sometimes text, but mainly emails. Hey, we've got $1 million. We're looking for deals. Do you have anything? What have you got? We're looking for deals in these zip codes that in this price range that rent for this send us what you've got. And pretty soon we had so many people bringing us deals that the wholesalers that they had under contract, they had a week to close and they were freaking out because they didn't have a buyer yet for it. We had realtors bringing us leads that were like, if I could just make $500 on this deal, I don't even have. To make anything. Please just help take care of my client. Right. And just like that, practically within overnight, within a couple months, we had so many more deals, people bringing them to us because we had the money and not literally, but we had the buyers. So we became a networker, as it were. And we went from maybe 25 deals a year to 100 deals a year. So we four times our business and stopped doing any outbound seller marketing. Guess what? That still works today. It's amazing, isn't it? It's so simple. Yeah.

Jamil:   It's beautiful. And I mean, we actually have the same story because that's exactly what we did, right? We you and I did the same thing in tandem in two different states. And it works. It doesn't matter where you take the strategy, guys. It doesn't matter where you can do the strategy. In Phoenix, Arizona, which is one of the most competitive markets in the United States. Yeah, you can take the strategy in Indiana, Indianapolis, which is competitive. But, you know, it's a different market. It's not. So fix and flip. It's buy and hold. You can do with us in Saint Louis. You can do this in Arkansas. You can do this in Seattle. This is it. It is. But here's the thing. You know what? You can't be in this in this, vertical. You can't be opportunistic. You can't be, unethical, and you can't be a liar. Yeah. All right, this model is a reputation based model, meaning that you have to. You have to know your stuff. You gotta know your numbers. You can't B.S. people. You got to be able to have higher the highest level of integrity because your name is your currency, and people trust you. And so when you put your name out there and you commit to something, you close that. And I have had situations where I've closed deals that I've committed to, that I have lost money on, and I knew I was going to lose money on it before sending The Wire, but I performed on the deal anyways, because my deal is a deal. A shake is a shake, and when I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. And, you know, that's one of the things that you have to understand is if you're going to take this relationship based model, understand this relationship goes both ways that people need to be able to rely and count on you. So be that person. And if you're brand new and you don't have access to funds, right. If you're like, well, Jamil, I want to be like this, but I don't have the money to be this. Then partner with a guy like Joe, partner with a guy like me, partner with a key franchise, partner with people that you can count on and that you can trust that will perform and get it done. Because then their prowess, then their success, then their integrity will transfer on to you and that relationship that you build with the people that you're building it with, they don't know. Joe wrote the check. They don't know Jamil wrote the check. They don't know Kaylee sent the wire. They just know that they've been working with you. And what you said happen.

Joe:   That’s why community is so important. And this is something that you and pace have done so well with over the years, is building a community of people like this that you guys can do deals and talk about this a little bit, the community you've built, it's amazing to me how you have students, friends, clients in this community that are doing deals together. Did you start out knowing that that would happen or how did how did you figure that out? You know what I'm saying?

Jamil:   Yeah. So it's interesting because the you know, it's funny today I, somebody said to me, hey, there's a there's a gentleman interested in doing a podcast with you, and I'm not going to say any names. Do you want to do it? And I said, no, I don't. And they're like, why? Oh, well, the last time I talked to this man, he, he is really scarcity like scarce minded. Right. Like it's like there's not enough. Everybody's out to get you. I got a hoard. My deals. I got a hoard. My knowledge I've got a hoard, hoard, hoard. Stay away, stay away, stay away. Knife in the back. Knife in the back. And I'm going to knife you before you knife me kind of thing. Now, look, this is what wholesaling was. This is what the entire industry was once upon a time. So I'm not blaming that guy for having that mentality. He just comes from a different from a different time zone. He comes from a world in a in a time when people where that's what success required, it required you to be protective and closed off and have to, you know, worry about who was going to steal your strategy or who's going to take your deal. Here's the problem with that, right? That that that energy begets more of that energy. And when you are when you are working from a perspective of lack, when you work from a perspective of scarcity, you'll just find more lack and scarcity. And I don't believe in the Newtonian physics approach to business. And what I mean by that is like, that's like, you know, force is mass. Force equals mass times acceleration. Meaning I've got a I got a kick in the door to get in it. I've got a I've got it. Everything I do requires, you know, physical effort and you know, I one step, one step, one step, one step. This concept of manifesting, this concept of alignment, this concept of being able to do things in a more holistic manner just wasn't accepted at that time. But I believe that entrepreneurship is a spiritual process, I do. I think that success is built from the inside out and because of. That community is a natural element of that type of model. That type of thinking where we take ourselves out of the base of survival, where we're just trying to make it and we start working from a more heart centered aspect where we're looking at our people around us as brothers and sisters and as collaborators and as people that we care about and that we want to see when, in addition to ourselves, winning. And when you come from that perspective, community is a natural byproduct of that. And what we learned was that one of the harder things was that people are not on the timeline that you want them to be. People are on the timeline that life presents them and that that they're that they are open to being in. One of the things that pace and I early on adopted this in our in our communities. Right. Was that, you know, if somebody joined astro flipping or like for instance, some other, some other, you know, coaching product or whatever mentorship, they would typically have these time limits on them, you know, like they'd say, okay, six months, you got access for six months at this, after six months you got to go because we, you know, new people will be coming in. It'll be just too difficult to continue to, to service you and the new people that are coming in in a way that's going to be beneficial to the new people so that they feel like they're getting what they're paying for, which is fair. That's a fair thought, right? But the way we looked at it was like, okay, hold on a second. Right. What if we just removed all of that, like no time limit. Once you're a part of this community, you're always a part of this community. But if I do that, if I lift that gate, if I say that when you were once, you're an astro flipper. You're always an astro flipper. Once you're in sub two, you're always in sub two. And because pacing is so close, we lifted the gate between our communities as well, and we just let people walk back and forth and work with each other all the time, because that's just what we do, right? Yeah. And so when, when we saw that we could rely on people that we helped. Right. So now that I see, I, you know, John Gillen, he's somebody in my community. Right. I knew from the day I met him this guy was special, unique, different. Right. Came into the community. He's a chartered accountant, asked really insightful questions and was consistent. I knew this guy was going to go somewhere with it. Right. And over time, he's now built a business where he's doing 200, you know, 150 to $200,000 a month and in, in deals. And he's scaling now he's going to nationally franchise as well. He's coming to be my competitor, which is awesome, right? We collaborate anyways. We do we do deals between each other always. So it means nothing to me that we'll have competing brands and that that's totally fine. But in that story, in that space, he is such a valuable asset to the community. And he owes so much of his success to the community that he now shares the burden of helping and growing people and making people accountable and helping people stay accountable and consistent in it. So now there's not just Jamil who's having to help the people that are in the community. Now there's Jamil, John, Michelle, you know, all of these people that are there. And it's just and it and it became an army. And yeah, last night, you know, I live streamed this on my YouTube channel if anybody cares to watch it. But I said on a Tuesday night, okay, I do a coaching call with the astro community every Tuesday and every Sunday, my Tuesday call goes 5 to 6 hours. I answer every question. We go until midnight and I start a five, you know? And on my Sunday call, it's the same thing, right? So when they see that the person who's making millions of dollars and it doesn't need to be here this long, right, we all expect that he should. In fact, when they sign the contract that they're coming in, the astro flipping the contract says that I might call last one hour twice a week. That's what they think they're getting when they come in. They get ten acts. That and we don't sell them that. That's a gift. It's a bonus for them when they don't realize it, when they're coming into the community that this is what they're going to get, they just end up getting it and they're like, what is happening here? Why is this like this? Why is he like this and that? And it comes down to Joe. What I've realized is that and you know this because you're, successful, wealthy man. The last thing you bought, what did it do for you?

Joe:   I don't remember, yeah.

Jamil:   It's nothing. Right? Like the toys stop meaning anything. The homes don't mean anything. The vacations, they're experiences and they're fun, right? Those are cool, right? But, like, if even that. Right? I can have just as much fun with my people hanging out at home in my, you know, backyard and having a pool day with the family instead of having to go to a, you know, fancy hotel to do that. And realizing, right, realizing that that material items were not going to fulfill me at all, that that that there wasn't a Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolex or property that was going to fill a hole in my soul that I have other than finding my purpose and living it. And the unity serves my purpose. It lets me feel like why I'm here matters. And the same with pace and the same with you. You understand this. Every person you've helped you, every time somebody sends you an email and says, Joe, thank you for changing my life. Because of you, I was able to do this with my daughter or this with my son. I was able to give this to my wife. I was able to do this with our parents. I was able to retire my mom. Every time you get an email like that, or a call like that, or a text like that from somebody you've impacted. That feeling is so much greater than buying something that that you yeah, you it just changes you. It changes your chemistry. It changes the way your brain is wired and it and it I think it's why we're here.

Joe:   Oh, I totally love that. Which is why you're doing squad up summit.com. And I just thought of something. I hope it's okay to do this. I don't think you mind anybody who signs up watching this video now or in the future. If you go to Squad Up summit.com sign up for this event April 23rd to the 25th. I'm going to give you my $1,500 lease options course for free and give it to you.

Jamil:   Thank you.

Joe:   Why not? Because, you've, convicted me of being more of a go giver. Because if there's anybody in the industry that is a go giver, it's Payson, Jamil. And, so I say, let's do it. I'm going to, anybody. So what you're going to do is if you go to dub dubdub dot squad up summit.com, send a receipt to support at Joe mccall.com. Then I'll send you access to my course. It's my simple lease options course and it's how to do wholesaling lease option deals, sandwich lease option deals, straight up option deals and all that good stuff.

Jamil:   Okay, my goodness.

Joe:   I sold for $2,500 on my website. When I do a webinar, I sell it for 1500 bucks. You're going to get it for free if you go sign up for the Squad Up Summit and then send me a receipt  at support @Joe mccall.com.

Jamil:   That is incredibly generous of you Joe. Thank you.

Joe:   So talk about this event Jamil. Here's the most important, valuable thing of what I'm looking forward to is the community that we're talking about here is the networking is the just getting together with other like minded individuals who do not have that scarcity mindset mentality, right, who are there to serve to squad up. Right. So talk about what the theme of this event is and why you're doing it.

Jamil:   Perfect. So, you know, as you know, there is a love affair. It's like, you know, the two the two communities between astro flipping and sub two. There is a massive amount of synergy between those two communities. And we didn't you know, we're not just catering to those communities. This is for the entire industry. Right. But one of the things that happens within those communities is this incredible collaborative spirit where people are just trading deals amongst each other in just the most dramatic and accelerated way. So we figured, why not put 3000 of those guys in one room, right, 3000 real estate investors in one room, and then allow them to blow their network up in a ten x fashion, right? Because right now they're all doing really well, but they've got a handful of people that are their closest besties and the ones that they always work with. And it's like, okay, fine, you're making $50,000 a month with this handful of people. What if what if that handful of people became this? What does that do to your business first? Right. So from the networking standpoint, even if you don't come and listen to a single session, even if you don't come and take any notes, even if you just, you know, completely ignore what is being, provided to you in terms of, of information at the event. And you came just for the networking, just for the breaks, just for lunch and dinner and just collected people. You would massively improve your business. And I mean, you know, to the, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars just based off the people that you would meet, that would do JV deals with you, that would add revenue to your bottom line first and foremost. Now, one of the things that Pace’s invented is this avatar model that I have, you know, of course, adopted into the astro community. And it's based and predicated on the idea that not all of us are the same. Right. Here's and you notice this when people have come into your vortex, Joe, is you'll get an extroverted, visionary style person. You'll get somebody who comes in who is very systems oriented and very organized, but not very extroverted, a little bit reserved. You get those people that are like the glue of, of a, of a community and they're, they're connectors. They're really great at connecting the dots, but they don't like being the dots themselves. You get those other people who are like, you know what? I don't really have a lot of time to do much, but I've got money and I'd like to passively invest in deals. And, you know, I want to be involved as a private money lender, but I don't really want to get on the phone and talk to agents or talk to people. So how do I invest in opportunities and participate that way? And so there's this avatars that that pace is identified and there's, you know, couple there's a little over a dozen avatars that that the people in the real world fall into what we're going to do in. In this event is we're going to create groupings of those avatars. And what's beautiful of those avatars is they all need other avatars to succeed. And so now when you know who you are, when you know what you're classified as, and you know what you need, it's and you know that the group of people you need is right there. You get a straight beeline to who those individuals are. And that first of, first of all, is going to be one of the most powerful opportunities to connect the dots, because you're going to have identified what you are, and then you're going to understand what you need. And we're going to draw the straight line between you and that dot. So that's going to happen. Secondly, when you think about the level of sophistication that have has been able to be developed from building Kigali, from pace building sub to from the $100 million worth of assets he purchased last year. And how do you create cash flow and how do you create organization, and how do you make that type of asset acquisition not bury you and stress. And so from a tactical point of view, we're going to help people understand scale from a from a perspective they haven't quite yet understood. So scale is going to be one of the major components of this, event. But then we've also realized that in what we do, if we're not impacting, if we're not sharing, and if we're not creating for ourselves our brand, and if we're not telling our story in a way that is shareable, be resonant and see authentic, that we're leaving a really core aspect of what our purpose in life is here to be, and that's stewards for other human beings and so on top of scale, which is one of our key components of this event. It's this idea of impact and how do we help people in impact. Pace and I have done a phenomenal job of being able to go from relative obscurity to national presence in a very short amount of time. One of the major questions that gets asked of both of us is how? How did you guys do it? Like, what? Did you hire a company? Did you, you know, like what? In that effort did you guys do to blow like that? What was that? Was there a strategy in social media? Was there like, what was it? What was the one two punch that created it? And there is a formula pacing. I have a formula on what it took and it wasn't easy, but it works. And so impact and helping people understand how they can grow themselves and grow their business from an impact perspective is going to absolutely be the next component of what this event is going to really dive into. And then lastly, when we're talking about, once you've gotten to that point where, for instance, let's talk about that, the gentleman that I talked about earlier, John Glenn, right now, he's making over $1 million a year. There comes a point where you and I have experienced this, where the money doesn't matter anymore, just doesn't because we have enough income coming in. All of our needs are met. All of our bills are paid. Right. But how do we give back? How do how do we impact the greater community, not just the right community, but how do we how do we impact the greater community in a way that we know that a legacy of our spiritual legacy is protected and actually being, being grown from what we're doing here with our lives. And that's another major aspect of what we'll be diving into in Squad Up Summit, because one of the things that pace and I have been able to really do in our success is, is help a lot of people, and it's something that we don't publicize on our social media, is like, you've never seen me out there doing a charitable work and then having it publicized for people to see, not because I, I don't think it's important that people share or know about this stuff, but because in a from a dignity perspective, I've never been a fan of hey, guys, watch me help this guy, you know? But instead of making case study examples out of people that are on there, you know, in a, in a tough situation, how about showing people and teaching people where inside that of them lives, that spirit, and how they can let that spirit just come out and flower, and then giving them the tools to make enough money so that giving is not something that is a luxury. Giving is something that is required for their for like air for them to live. And that's what we're really trying to accomplish here with this event.

Joe:   Brother, I love it. And, I just pulled it up here, guys, check this out. You guys see my screen? All right, so this is, go dot squad up. Summit.com or squad up summit.com. Right now there's $600 Early bird savings. You save 600 bucks if you sign up now and you have eight days left for that as we're recording this right now. Also, if you sign up today, I'm going to give you my $1,500 lease options course. Wow. For free. But check this out. Donald Miller, my man, I love him. I have been to his workshops before talking about Story Brand. Really simple. Find your business and I'm not met this lady.

Jamil:   Veena Jetti. Smart multifamily genius.

Joe:   Okay, cool. Designed to raise you to new heights in real estate. What's awaits you? Strategies may have made us millions scale. Expand your scope. Increase your status. This is so important. Becoming the go to authority in your market, right? And receive the latest market insights. For me, that's telling me. All right, this is what's happening now. This is what's working today. And this kind of stuff. You only get at events like this, right? It's going to be in Orlando. And so many cool videos here. You got to watch this. But Pace and Jamil are the two main guys. Veena Jetti, gotta be cool to meet her. Yeah. Donald. Yeah, yeah, she's raised over $1 billion. Isn't that amazing? Yeah.

Jamil:   And like. And you know, we all know about Grant having raised $1 billion. Right. But like Veena, she she's a relatively unknown. Right. But for a woman to have and let's face it, a woman of color to have been able to get out there and, and raise $1 billion in multifamily deals, that is that is skill. And so she shows us and she's going to be talking about how you can raise capital and not have to be Grant Cardone to do it.

Joe:   Thank God not knocking Grant. I'm just saying.

Jamil:   No, I know it's just like he's got to work hard for what he's got to do.

Joe:   He's gotta work really hard. Rub elbows with who's who. You get to rub elbows with me. I don't know if I'm a who's who, but I'll be there rubbing elbows with you.

Jamil:   Definitely a who's who, my man.

Joe:   All right. Thank you very much. I'm going to I'm going to be I'm buying the VIP ticket too, by the way. Awesome, awesome. To get the VIP upgrade, unlock the strategies and takeaways, unlock the methods that can turn your business into a multi-million dollar real estate mogul business. Learn things that are proven to work. Yeah, this is good. So good. Three days, three days.

Jamil:   We've got offers out to some really incredible, other speakers. I can't confirm anyone. But we've got we've got offers out to Jordan Peterson. We've got offers out to, Joe Rogan. I mean, I again, I can't I can't really confirm that any of these, folks will be there, Mel Robbins. But there are some very close negotiations happening right now where, that lineup is going to be even more impressive. And here's the thing right here. What do we typically see at these real estate events? The same people, if you look at 2023 from a perspective of real estate events, and you looked at the posters of every event, it's the same face in a different ordering. It's the same faces. It's always the same faces, the same people. It's the same club of cool kids or people that think they're the cool kids. Right? And look, I'm not knocking any of that, right? It's fine. But you go to one of those events, you've gone to all of those events, end of the day. Right? And it's always a rah rah, you know, kind of thing. It's like a guy yelling at the stage, you know, making you kind of feel a little bad about yourself because you don't have or you're not making the money that that guy is making or whatever it is. And in order to find resonance there, it's difficult. It's difficult because you don't see the average person, you don't see the average person who might be like you. Because I'm an average guy, you're an average guy. We're just regular dudes, right? Like regular dudes who have just recently gotten our health in order. I mean, if you look at Joe and I, you know, 16 months, 15 months ago, I was 80 pounds heavier. He was 40 pounds heavier, you know, like, we don't got it all together, right? We we've we're a work in progress all the time. We're always constantly improving ourselves and getting after it. We're average human beings doing extraordinary things. And I think that's what's important about what's going to really resonate with people here at the squad. Up summit is just how many average people are doing extraordinary things and living extraordinary lives, and how if you can just get yourself out of a pattern and I and I got to say this, Joe, everything that is, a product of a person's life right now is an experience of a pattern. That's it. We're all just products of patterns. And when you can understand that, there's specific patterns that you've been doing every day that have gotten you here, whether it be financially and your relationship and your spirituality, that these patterns have led you to this spot and that if you continue in that pattern, this is not going to change, nothing is going to change. But the only way to change the pattern is to identify the pattern. And when you identify the pattern, when you're in the pattern, you can create enough space between you and the behavior to insert a change. And when you insert that change and you compound that change behavior over time, you now get a new pattern. And that new pattern can create a new life. And that new life can be everything you want it to be. And sometimes it just takes a small change, a small change, and it can put you in a trajectory that's so far off the path you're on right now. And it'll open doors and it'll create opportunities for you that you would have never, ever expected. But God did. And that's what. Where we are really hoping that people can find their path their way and change whatever pattern they're living in right now. It is something that's more beneficial and exciting for them.

Joe:   Yeah. That's awesome. This is going to be a great event. I'm looking forward to being there. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. And again, dub dubdub dot squad up summit.com. And if you sign up from this video, send an email to support@Joe mccall.com and we will send you my $1,500 Simple Lease options program for free, just as a gift to go through and learn how to flip do lease option deals. All right.

Jamil:   Guys you know Joe is one of the best in the industry. And this lease option course it can make you know millions of dollars. And he's literally giving it to you for free because he's so wanting you to be at this event, and he wants to connect with you and he wants to meet you. Take advantage of that. Take advantage of what he's offering you today, because I've never I've never seen such a generous, give like that before. I appreciate it so much, Joe and I. If anybody who's watching this right now, you would be crazy not to do that. You would be crazy not to do it. And last thing before we wrap up, we specifically chose Orlando because we wanted it to be a family oriented opportunity for you. If you are, if you have a spouse and you've got children, Orlando is one of the best places to go for a family friendly holiday. Now, what's really good about this is that if you do bring your family and go on vacation, this becomes a write off for you because you're there on business and it also gives you an opportunity. If you've got a partner right now who's maybe a little bit apprehensive about your journey into real estate investing, what is so helpful is when they meet other spouses and other people where they've seen success and they've been able to say, you know what? Hang in there, support her or support him a little bit longer. It's going to get better. Life is going to adjust your wait until you get those few deals under your belt, and there's 100 grand in your bank. And imagine what that freedom is going to feel like. This is the kind of communion that we're hoping that people will make and have with each other. So bring your families, bring your families, bring your children, bring your wives, bring your husbands. Come and make this a family experience and a business right offer you do it all at the same go. April 23rd, 24th, 25th Orlando. It's the Hilton Orlando. I recommend you stay at the hotel because most of the networking is going to happen out of session in the hallways, at lunch, during dinner. So, don't wait, don't wait to book your ticket too late because then you won't get a seat, or you won't get a room in the hotel, and then you'll have to like, bus in or Uber in, an Uber out. And it just gets hectic. There's still plenty of rooms available right now, but it won't last. You know, if you know pace, you know, Joe, you know, I or me, you know that we've got loud mouths. And in the next month or so, this is going to get completely sold out.

Joe:   It's going to fill up 100%. I know it is. And you get an early bird discount if you sign up right now, go to dub Dubdub dot squad up summit.com. Thank you so much for your time, Jamil.

Jamil:   I appreciate you, Joe. I love you brother. You know what? When you send Joe that email, write a little blurb on how Joe has impacted you because I want to compile those little blurbs and I'm going to send them to the bookers at this event, because I really, really want Joe on that stage. I think he's going to smash it. He's going to do a phenomenal job, and I want them to see just how he's impacted the people that have watched this today. So send that email to him after you've bought that ticket and let's get you on that stage as well.

Joe:   I appreciate that, man. Because I'm going to give you guys, again my $1,500 lease options course for free. When you sign up, send an email to support at Joe mccall.com and we'll send that to you. But dub dubdub dot squad up summit.com. We'll see you guys later everybody. Thank you. Bye bye.

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