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Are you interested in getting into real estate investing? I'm going to show you in just three steps how to start wholesaling vacant land, even if you're a beginner, even if you have no money. Here, I take you through my mind map and give you step-by-step instructions so you can hit the ground running. So what are the steps? Number one, you research markets, and you find some vacant land deals. Number two, you analyze the deals, make offers, and get them under contract. Step three, you find a buyer and close the deal. 

If you're interested in getting more information about what we do, make sure you check out SimpleLandKit.com. It's a free resource that gives you a ton of free information about how we flip vacant land. I give you my contracts, my scripts, and my software. It’s a free resource, but not for long, so make sure you grab it by heading to the link below.

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What’s inside:

  • How to start wholesaling vacant land as a beginner.
  • The three steps you’ll need to follow to do vacant land deals.
  • How to get access to my Simple Land Kit.

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Joe: Are you interested in getting into real estate investing? Are you interested in actually one of the easiest ways to get into real estate investing? Like vacant land. On this video I'm going to show you step by step, actually in just three steps how to start wholesaling vacant land, even if you're a beginner, even if you have no money. All right. But first, listen, I did not buy this for myself. A student bought it for me. But hey, do you want to see one of my favorite shirts right now? And I'm back, baby. Yeah, if you didn't know. Few months ago, I had open heart surgery, but I'm feeling way better. Long story. I've talked about it before in other videos, but I am just glad to be back. All right, so in this for it's going to be a little fun. I'm actually taking my chair away, so it's just me kind of standing up here and I'm just I feel good. I feel really, really good. I'm excited about this market. I'll tell you for one reason why I'm really excited. One of them, I have a coaching client that I'm working with right now, and I've been doing some series of videos with him called the Do or Die series, and he's a missionary in South Asia somewhere. His name is Josh. What's up, Josh, if you're watching this? And just this morning, a few hours ago, I got a text from him saying, Yeah, the seller just signed the contract. Now we're still working out the details. This is almost this is such a sweet deal. It's almost like this could be too good to be true. Is there something wrong with this? But I'll tell you more details soon. But if you've been watching the series that I've been doing a just I'm not sure when this video will be released or what. This is a smoking hot deal. And we were actually marketing for vacant land and he contacted us. He's got this one vacant lot. And right next to it he's got another lot with a house on it. And this house is worth a lot of money and we're buying it for barely anything. This is crazy.

Joe: So but what I'm going to do here is I'm going to show you how to wholesale vacant land step by step, even if you're a beginner, even if you have no money. But first, a few things here. If you're interested in getting more information about what we do, about how while I was having heart surgery, we were able to still keep on going, still make money in this business. Go check this out right here. Simple Land Kit dot com. It's a free resource that I have that I'm going to give to you that gives you a ton of free information about how we flip vacant land to give you my contracts, my scripts, my software. I'm actually going to demonstrate here on this webinar or on this video for you right now, and you get to see my land watch hack. You get to see the contracts, the scripts with sellers, the scripts with realtors, how I find my buyers. It's a free resource and pretty soon we're going to be selling this thing. So I'm telling you, if you go here, by the way, and it does cost a little bit of money, I'm sorry you're too late. My apologies, but go to Simple Land Kit dot com right now while it's free, check it out and on after you could put in your name and email to get it. The next page is going to invite you to a class where I'm going to teach you how to use all of the stuff that you have in here. So go right now. Check it out. Simple Land Kit.com. And if you're watching this on the YouTubes, which I don't know where else you'll be watching it, but please subscribe to my channel. Give me a thumbs up and let me know that you like this stuff. Give me some comments to give me some feedback. I'd love to see what you think of this.

Joe: All right. So I've got a mind map here. I'm going to kind of walk through it. And these are the steps, step by step instructions for beginners to start wholesaling vacant land with no money. You interested in step one? Hopefully you can see this. Let me zoom in a little bit. Number one is real simple. You research markets and find vacant land deals. That's the first step. Now, what do we do with that? Well, we're going to look for the areas where there's a lot of demand. We're going to be looking for states where there's a lot of activity. And one of the tools I like to use a lot is Land Watch dot com. And if you just go to Land Watch dot com, click the orange button. We like cheap rural, but we like cheap recreational land. Right. So I'm going to look for anything under $200,000 let's say. And what that does is it gives me the most popular states. Now these aren't the states I know It's real small. I'll try to zoom in a little bit, but you see these states here on the left, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, etc.. These are states where we try to do a lot of deals in because this is where the demand is. This is where people are looking for land. This is where they're going to either buy or sell land, a lot of activity. You can just, you know, even do a search for what's that, U-Haul. There's reports that they do every quarter. What are the most popular states where people are moving out of and which states are people moving into? And sure enough, guess what, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas are up there on the top of that list. Right. So then if you just click one of these states, like Florida, for example, I'm not saying you should go into Florida, but just as an example here, scroll down. Guess what you see list of the most popular counties. This is just a place to start. And what I'm going to tell you to do, first of all, let me explain this. Why follow the demand? Why is that such a big deal? You want to follow the money? See, success leaves clues. And when you're following the money, you know, when you get a deal in one of these counties, guess what? They're going to be easier to sell. It's going to be easier to get comps. It's going to be easier to find realtors. It's going to be easier to find other land investors that are buying these deals. That's what we're doing. We're buying vacant land from people that. I've owned it for over ten years that don't live in the county. We're buying it at $0.35 on the dollar. We're getting one out of every 20 to 30 offers accepted. And then we're selling it to people that buy a bunch of land out there.

Joe: So we're basically wholesalers, just like what you're doing with houses. We're doing the land, but I'm telling you, it's a whole lot easier. Trust me. How do I know? Well, maybe I'm the best coach ever. I don't know. Just. Just. All right. Anyway, so, you know, if we were to look at some of these counties, Lee County, Charlotte County, Citrus County, just play with them. If you click on here, see more. I want you to take the top 15, 20 counties from this list. I don't know, maybe there's 70 or 80 counties in Florida. And instead of just doing spray and pray marketing, we want to target the demand. We want to follow the money. Listen, forget about competition. There is no competition. It's only collaboration. Right? We're following the demand. So what if there's already a bunch of people already doing deals there? So what? I don't care. Right. All I care about is when I get a deal under contract, I'm going to be able to sell it quickly. We sell our vacant land deals within a couple of months. That's the goal. And so I know if I get a vacant land deal in one of these top counties, I'm going to be able to sell it quickly. All right. So let's just take a look here at Zillow. Oh, yeah. Let me share my screen here. Sorry about that. I was just showing you here. We want to make sure in one of these top counties here we're going to be able to sell these deals quick. So let's just take a look at Zillow, for example. Let's look at Florida and let's look at vacant land under 50 grand. I just did it to kind of make these numbers a little smaller here. And then let's look in the last 30 days, guess what? The last 30 days under 50 grand, there's been 2550 vacant lots that have sold. Now, if you compare that to, let's just say Tennessee, it's going to be a lot. But 513, remember, Florida was 2700 or something, right? How about California? 566? How about North Carolina? 819? So I'm not telling you like go into these, you know, Florida going to North Carolina, whatever. But I'm telling you, follow the demand. If you're looking at thinking, well, I really like Montana. Montana is beautiful, right? I want to do deals in Montana. All right. Well, let's check out Montana, 14 under 50 grand. Now. Obviously, land in Montana might be more expensive, but here's what I'm trying to tell you. We are looking for cheap land. We want to be able to sell these things really quickly. This is where the demand is the highest. If you were to look in the entire state of Florida, for example, and you were to look at all the land that is sold in the last 90 days, you're going to find the majority of it is maybe these little quarter acre lots for under 50 grand. If you look in North Carolina, it might be 2 to 5 acre lots between 20 and 50 or between, you know, 20 $100,000 or something like that. But let's just look here at Florida, for example, getting just an example. All right. What I'm looking for here is under 50 grand vacant land sold in the last 30 days, within the last month. And I'm looking for the pockets. You see those pockets right there where there's a lot of yellow dots. Hmm. Success leaves clues, doesn't it? Well, Joe, I'm worried about competition. I'm worried. What if. What if there's. There's so many active listings there. There's so much competition and so many other investors are doing deals there. I don't think I could do it. Well, okay, you're right. It doesn't work. It doesn't work in Florida. It doesn't work in North Carolina. It doesn't work in Texas. You're right. It doesn't. So go do deals where it doesn't work. I don't care most about anyway.

Joe: So we're looking here, you see, there's a lot of dots down here, right? So I'm going to zoom in a little bit. Let's just see what. What area is this? Look at these. Lots of these big pockets of dots. Now, I don't know. Let's just click on one of these. The area code. Area code is this. I'm going to open up this one here. Three, four, 288. Let's do Google. Three, four, 288. County, Sarasota County. A lot of deals happening in Sarasota County. Interesting, right. Let's go back. Let's look at what's this area down here. US open one of them, Lehigh Acres 3397433974 county. Well, let's try the other Google up here. There we go. Well, I don't know what county it is, but okay, I figured it out. I don't know what's going on, but it's Lee County. I did a search for Lehigh Acres, Florida County, and it's Lee County. So guess what? A lot of activity is happening in Lee County right now. Well, all right. So now we know where the markets are. Who are the active buyers in that area? Well, Prop Stream is a tool that I like to use a lot. If you go to PropStreamJoe.com, I'm going to log in here. Close your eyes. All right. Prop stream, 97 bucks a month. You get up to 10,000 downloads a month or something like that. And you can if you use my link, you get a seven day free trial or something like that. All right, Let's just look. Lee County, Florida. What am I doing here? I want to find out who are the buyers? Who are the buyers that are buying a lot of land out here? So I'm got a filter. Quick list choices. Vacant land. Cool. I want click on no owner occupied property characteristics. Well, it's already vacant land. I'm going to go down here to ownership info and I must say last sale date. Let's go back three months. One, two, three. Let's go. Since as I'm recording this October, I mean August one and I want active land investors that are buying that already own a lot of land. Right. So I'm going to say minimum number of properties owned. Let's do ten. Look at that. In this county, there's been 1279 transactions happened in the last. And that's too many. I want to actually narrow it down even more. So I'm going to say that have in the last 30 days. Shall we do that? Last 30 days? Let's do October one. There you go. Little better number 214 different transactions. And that's not necessarily 214 different buyers, because one buyer might have bought ten deals, but there's 214 transactions in Lee County that have been purchased by an absentee owner that owns at least ten other properties. Let's just open one of these right here. This one right here, if I open it. City of Cape Coral. Well, that is a city I don't care about cities. Why did they buy it? I don't know. Here you go, Tara. My Land LLC. They're out of Cape Coral, Florida. They bought this property a month ago. Sometimes you can go in here and you can see what they bought it for. And if you click here Linked Properties, they own 129 other properties, most of them vacant land. Let's click on this one right here. This company, JL JLP LLC out of Estero, Florida. They just bought this property for it looks like 122,000 Let's click Linked properties. They owned 73 other properties. So what you can do is now you can take this list and put it to a I'm going to highlight the whole thing. I'm going to add it to a list and let's just call this Lee County recent land buyers. Okay? I'm going to save it to a list and I'm going to actually pause this and I'm going to open this spreadsheet up in Google sheets and I'm going to remove the duplicate owners and find out how many how many different owners actually purchased those 214 properties. I'll be right back to basically what I'm doing here is I put the list. I opened it up over here on my marketing lists. All right. And I have 214 in here, and I selected all of them. I'm going to click export right here, and I'm going to export them into a spreadsheet and I'll show you what I got here in a second. Okay. So what I have here is a spreadsheet. All right?

Joe: My screen froze up on me. I'm not sure what's happening there, but here's my spreadsheet. And so far, if I scroll all the way down to the bottom, there's 214 transactions. But what I do in Google Docs in Google spreadsheet here is I'm going to remove the duplicate mailing addresses because sometimes different LLC, C's or they're spelled differently, will buy multiple properties. So but they'll buy in different LLC. But the mailing address is always the same. So I usually go right here to data. I go to data cleanup and I remove duplicates. All right. And I'm going to remove right here mailing address, column and boom, remove duplicates. And 129 rows were found and removed and there are 85 unique rows remaining. All right, so what does that mean? Well, boom. Here you go. I have 85 different people, companies, LLC individuals. I don't know whatever who have. Bought vacant land in the last, what do I say? 30 days that own over ten properties. Now, guess what? All I guess what information I have your I have their name, I have their mailing address and I have What's going on here. Error making, recording. All right. So I got an error message. Hopefully this recording is working. But anyway, so now I have 85 different buyers that are buying in Lee County vacant land and they already own a bunch. So what could you do? You can call them skip tracing and call them and you can send them a letter. Now I break down how to do all of that in the land kit. So check that out. Simple Land Kit.com. All right, cool. So we find out who the active buyers are. We find out what they're buying. And then another way you could do this is you could find. Wait, wait. Hold on one second. Oh, now. Okay, We know who the buyers are. Now we need to go to Redfin and find some deals. How do we find some deals? Well, I like Redfin. Let's go to Redfin.com. I'm going to look up Lee County now. I know who the buyers are. I know what they're buying. I know about what price range they're buying. So I need to go find deals for them. So I'm going to go to Lee County. I'm going to go right here to for sale. Let me go to all filters over here, Click land only, and I'm going to look for some properties, vacant land that has been on the market over, let's say 90 days, more than 90 days, Boom. All right. I'm also going to limit the price. Let's say I don't want anything that's over 75 grand. All right. There are in that county 2200 vacant lots that have been on the market over three months. Right. Then I scroll down here to add that the price reduced. I want to see properties that have had their price reduced in the last 30 days. There's 121. You can also go here and say, show me all the ones that have been had the price reduced more than 30 days ago, 580. All right. What if there's another thing you could do? You could say, show me all the ones that have been on the market over 30 days, let's say 3000. And I want to go to keyword right here, keyword search. And I type in the word motivated here. There's 359 properties that have the word motivated in the description. Let's look at this one I just picked randomly here wide can now buildable lot do motivated sellers submit your offer today? It's been on Redfin for over 52 days right so what are you doing here? What we're doing is we're looking for properties that have been on the market for a while. They've had their price reduced in the last 30 days or 30 days or more, and then they might even have some keywords on it, like motivated. Then what we're going to do, we're going to call the realtors, we're going to click on one of these properties and we're going to look at the realtors information listed by Solomon Cardenas, and sometimes their information is here. You can also just do a search for them, search for them in Google and find their contact information.

Joe: Let's click on another one right here. How about this one? Because they didn't give the broker Here we go. This one has a broker's information so I could highlight her name and the broker information. And you can get their information like homes and land dot com. Here's a phone number two different phone numbers for Merrill lists or something like that. Okay. Call them up and talk to them. Now if you want the script that I use to talk to these folks go to right here Simple Land Kit dot com and that will you get the script that I use to talk to sellers. So number one, you find the hot markets. Number two, you find out where the buyers are and who the buyers are and what they're buying. Then you're going to go to Redfin and look for older vacant land listings. And you can also this is one of the cool things I love about prop stream is you can get expired land listings. Let's go back to prop stream here. Let's go to the search. And I'm going to do we're in Lee County. I'm going to go back to my filter and let's reset this filter and let's go back to vacant land right here. Owner occupied. No, I want to go to MLS status and I'm going to see MLS status failed. Guess what we're going to find here? 11,489 vacant land listings that have failed. It means it was either withdrawn, canceled, expired or whatever. That's cool, but that's a little too many. What if we also filtered it down some more? What if we said, All right, show us all of the vacant land that expired, that the owner has owned it for over ten years? I do years ownership, minimum ten. So they've owned this a long time. And I could also go to, say, absentee owner location. All right. Show me people that are out of the county and out of the state and or out of state. There you go. This is much better, isn't it? 2700 vacant land people, owners that have had their house, their vacant lot listed. One time it didn't sell. They've owned it for over ten years. They live out of the county. But what if that was still too many? Well, you could go and do some more things like did you do? What if we did include unknown sale dates? Hmm. That just means the county doesn't know how long they've done it, which usually means they've only before they started keeping records. So whenever I'm looking for people that own houses or land for longer than ten years or so, I always check unknown sale dates because that is a good sign. That means County doesn't know. All right. There was one of the thing I was going to look for. Let me pause this. Hold on one sec. Oh, yeah. I just remembered. What if we found of those 4300, are there any of them that maybe have been late on their taxes in the last couple of years? So you're going to go here and do a search for lean bankruptcy vehicle? Lean bankruptcy, divorce status? I know this text is really small. So if you're watching this, you know, try to zoom in and what not. But you see tax delinquencies, I want to say. Right. In the last three years, have there ever been delinquent taxes? Holy smokes. Look at this. 635 of these properties have had their taxes late in the last three years. They have their owned by somebody that lives out of the area. They've owned it for over ten years and they tried to sell it and it didn't sell. Boom. So what could you do with this? Well, you can just highlight all of them, add it to a list, skip, trace them and start calling them. You could send them a letter or whatever. Right now you've got this list of older vacant land listings, you know, the realtors or you know, the owners. So pick up the phone and start calling people.

Joe: There's three main questions that I like to use when I'm talking to sellers. Number one, what your situation. Number two, what would you like to see happen? And number three, how would how quickly would you like to make that happen? There's a real simple formula for talking to sellers. What's your situation? Notice I don't care about the property. I'm just asking, what's your situation? Do you really need to sell or just want to sell? Why do you even want to sell? I have some more questions here. Number two is, Well, okay, what would you like to see happen? And number three, how quickly would you like that to happen? So the first question, what your situation. There's different ways you can ask that. Like, hey, tell me about the property. Sounds like a nice property. Why would you even want to sell it? Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? Another question would be, I just thought of this now. Hold on one second. Okay, so the other thing is like, what would you like to see happen? There's different ways I ask that. Like, I'm sure you're getting a ton of offers, right? Why don't you just list it with an agent? Then I ask him, How negotiable is your price? And then the third question How quickly would you like that to happen? I might say something like, you know, you're not in a hurry to sell it, right? What's more important to you to sell this property for the highest price possible or to sell it as fast as possible? I might say something like, Hey, I'm looking for a deal today. So again, if I can pay you cash, I can close in 30 days. Is that price the absolute lowest you can go? The other thing I like to do is I'm saying, hey, I'm looking at similar properties here in the area. Probably can't get you that price that you're looking for or if it was expired, I probably can't get you that price or if it's currently listed, you know, I don't know. I'm looking at sold I'm looking at actives here. But if I can get you something in this price range, maybe I can close in 30 days. What would you want to do then? Simple, right? By the way, I have a lot of scripts. Again, if you go to Simple Land Kit dot com, you can check them out and I can give them to you. So what's your situation? What would you like to see happen and how quickly would you like that to happen? Real simple formula for talking to sellers. Okay, next step. After you research, you find some good markets, you find some good land deals, right? You're finding who the buyers are. You find this is all free stuff, right? I mean, perhaps dream is 97 bucks a month, but you can do a seven day free trial. If Zillow is free land, which is free, Redfin is free. Second step is analyze the deals and put it under contract. Let's say you find maybe a good deal. Now you want to make an offer on it. So you want to look for similar properties on Redfin and Zillow. Now, how do you do that? Let's just say, you know, we're looking at this property here. They're asking 23,500. If I scroll down, it's motivated seller It's been on the market for a couple of months. Not much interest. I'm going to call the realtor up and or I could, I could look this property up and find the owner and skip trace the owner and call them. But let's say I'm calling, I'm on the phone and I want to make an offer on this property. Now, why hasn't it sold yet? It's just it's probably overpriced and every property will sell if the number is right. So why is it overpriced While I'm on the phone with the seller or with the realtor, I'm going to have this property open right here. I'm going to click on this little thumbnail image of the map. I'm going to click nearby Homes for Sale. That puts me right in the center of the map. Okay? And now I'm going to filter. I only want land only loan. Now I'm going to sort by price low to high. They're asking 23 grand. Now, this is interesting, isn't it? Because there are bunch of other cheaper properties and I know they might be on this little canal right here, but is it worth 10,000 more dollars? I don't know. So if I zoom out, I'm talking to the agent again. I'm sorting all of these vacant lots that I'm looking at by price. And I'm asking the agent. I'm asking the owner like, wow, okay, I know you want 23 grand sounds. It's on the canal. That's great. Why haven't you sold yet? I'm sure you're getting a lot of offers right now, you know, I mean, it's been a couple of months or, you know, you've. Probably like turning down all these offers, right? Because you're hoping to get the highest, best, what's going on? But oh, yeah, actually, I'm looking here and I see a bunch of properties currently listed that are the same size for like 14,800. 14,000 915,600. Are you sure that the 23 grand is a fair price for this crazy market right now? What's going on? Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? Let me ask you a simple question. I mean, what would you buy your property for 23 grand, if I could. If you knew, you could go down the street and buy another one for ten grand cheaper. Let me look here quick. Let me look at souls. I'm going to go back here. Look at some sold recently. Oh, wow. Hmm. I'm see, it's. I see a 4.44 acre lot, almost double that sold for $8,000. Another one soldier, eight grand, 8790 709,098 or whatever. Like, I don't think I could offer you 20, $24,000. I mean, is your client negotiable on their price at all? You think if I offered something in this price range, the 8000 to 10000 price range, do you think they could if I could offer cash close quickly, no contingencies. Do you think they would be willing to accept that offer? Something like that? So anyways, there's other things that I say to realtors, there's other things I say to homeowners, but I'm trying to get them like, how motivated are they? They really just need to sell it or want to sell. There's a big difference there.

Joe: Okay, Now that's kind of how I look at similar properties I'm seeing. Well, what in the area is am I looking at And I'm again, I'm just looking here at Redfin, just looking at sold and looking at actives again from that property that I'm wanting to make an offer on. I click on this little map, click on nearby Homes for sale and I zoom in and out, switching between for sale and for act and actives, making sure I'm only looking at land, sorting it buy low to high, switching back and forth because I see there's a bunch of properties that are cheaper. I know why their property hasn't sold yet because they're asking way too much. Now. You can go look at comps in the last three months, six months or a year. I typically go a year because I want all I want the cheapest ones that I can find in the last year. And here they are at the top of the list. Right. One cool thing about Redfin, by the way, if you click on table here and you scroll all the way down on the right, you can see a button that says download. You can download all of those comps that are in this window, this map on the left, and put them into a spreadsheet. If you want to just kind of play with the data a little bit. That's interesting. As free, you can download up to 350 records, I believe. Okay, Now how do you make an offer? Well, real simple. First thing I ask is, well, what could I sell this for? And I'm looking at actives and sold comps. So if I'm looking at this property again, I'm looking at actives, I'm thinking immediately, All right, so if I'm going to sell my property, man, I'm going to have to be cheaper than these. I don't care if it's even on this little canal thing, right? It's probably if you were to look at a satellite, it's probably not even that pretty or it's something's going on there. It's just kind of it's not even that nice. I'm going to need to list mine for like 15 grand, right? So then I subtract my cost from that. I want to make a minimum wholesale fee of ten grand. Now, maybe in one of these areas I might be okay with 7500 or whatever. Then I'm going to subtract my realtor commissions. When I'm paying realtor to sell my deals, I pay them about 10%, subtract my closing costs. I have maybe 500, 250, 500 bucks for photography. And that's how I come up with my offer price. Right? I see. Well, what could I listed for? Subtract my wholesale fee, subtract my realtor commissions, subtract my closing costs, subtract 400, 500 bucks for photography. And that's going to be my offer price. Now, normally I never offer more than 50% of what I'm going to sell it for. Okay? Rarely will I go over that, but that's how I come up with my offers. Very, very simple. And by the way, I have a software. If you go to simple and I mention Simple Land Kit yet or not, if you just go there, I'm going to give you access to a really, really cool software that looks like this and it's free. You just put in your information, you put in information about the property here, and then you let me find an example. I'll show it to you. Hold on one second. Okay. I was just floating around with this earlier and I put in some details about myself here. I click on next and I put in information about the seller's mailing address, the property address, click next. And this is where you're going to put some comps. Now, I come up with comps or offers three different ways I make offers based on active comps. These are properties that are actively listed nearby. I make offers based on sold comps and I make an offer based on my minimum wholesale profits. Let me kind of show you what this looks like. These are just examples here. I'm going to put in three similar properties that are actively listed nearby. I get an average price per acre. I usually discount active comps maybe 15 to 20%. So I, I get my average price per acre. I discount this a little bit and I usually offer something between 30 to 50, 30 to 40% of that. Okay. So now I get a value based on active comps and an offer based on active comps. Now I'm going to look at sold comps and I put my three or four or five sold prices in here and I get an average price per acre. I get an average price per acre and I usually offer 35 to 40% of that. That's my offer, usually about that. Right? So now I have a value. Based on solid comps, a value based on an offer, based on solid comps.

Joe: Now, I also do an offer. This is three ways, right? I hope I'm not complicating this, but I'm going to make an offer based on I want to make at least a minimum profit of $10,000. So I figure, okay, well, the value of the property based on active comps is maybe 55 grand. Well, the value based on sold comps maybe is 56 grand. So this is where you just say I'm going to listed for I want to be conserved, I'm going to list it for 49,500 because I want to sell it quickly. Whatever price I'm putting in here, it's just a best guess right now. I want to price it where I can sell it in one or two months. Then I subtract my fee, minimum fee of ten grand realtor commissions of 10%. Let's say you could do 8% closing cost 1500 Miscellaneous cost for photos and stuff. 500. You're going to be using private money. So now you got an offer based on your minimum profit. All right, So now you scroll down here. Look at this. I have an offer based on active comps of 22 grand, an offer based on sold comps of 22 grand, an offer based on minimum profit of 32 grand. So it's up to you Now you can decide what you want to do. Maybe you start at the lower number and the maximum you can do is the higher number. You can start low, then go high a little bit. So you choose what you want to offer here and you put your numbers in here. If there's any back taxes owed, you put the seller offer the expiration date and I spelt expiration wrong anyway. Now this is something cool that not. I don't recommend maybe doing this at first, but whatever you're deciding here that you're going to offer. Okay, I would. Then you take your cash offer from above and you multiply that by a certain multiple, let's say one and a half, two and a half percent or whatever, and that's your seller financing price. So maybe if the seller would do seller financing, you can offer them more. Okay. And you can change it. Let's say you want to do 5% interest rate. Let's say you want to do zero. Okay, well, let's we have to let's do something. Let's do 1% interest rate. Let's say you want to do ten years amortization or you could do 30 year amortization with a five year balloon or something like that. Okay. So you're going to offer them let's do 10% down, shoot, let's do 25% down. Why not? Okay. Well, you're going to say, well, I don't have the money for that. Okay, well, fine, we'll just do 10% down. Let's do 3% interest amortized over 30 years, but a balloon in five. So our payment's going to be 113. How do you make money with that? Well, listen, I'm going to sell it on owner finances. I'm going to collect 500 from my end buyer and I'm going to pay 113 to the seller. That's how you make money on that. So then you click update, this thing works and spins, and then it's going to give you really cool things. It's going to be three things, a two option letter of intent, and I'll show you what that looks like here in a second. It's going to give you a cash offer and a contract that you can send to the seller, and it's going to give you an email that you can send to the realtor.

Joe: Now, Joe, wait a minute. Are you telling me if I just go to Simple Land Kit dot com I can get this calculator for free? Yeah, Simple Land Kit dot com. So check this out. This is what you're going to get. This is the one page letter of intent. I know it's real small. I'll try to zoom in a little bit, fills out all the information said, Hey, Jimmy, following up on our conversation about your 3.5 acre lot, blah, blah, blah, blah. Near la la la la. Here are two different options I could give to you. Cash price of 20 grand, closing one or three months. You can change all this. This is a word, doc. You could say I want to call. I can close in 3 to 6 months or I can do seller finance. Now I can offer you more term. Let's do balloon term. Five years. Well, this is this is an older document because this this would you say 113 whatever we had before but you would change the language here balloon five years term. I amortize over 30 years to get the $113 number or whatever it was. Okay. And our title would close the title company all that. Boom, Call me if you want anymore, if you're interested in one of these and we'll get on the phone. Doug, this is a contract. It's a one page contract that you can use. I don't know what these bookmarks are, but anyway, it's a cover letter, instructions on how to return it to you and a simple one page contract. You get all of that for free again. What? Huh? That's simple. And KitKat? Yeah, that's what I said. Cool. All right, When you make your offer, you want to make sure you have 3 to 6 months to close for due diligence. And you do not. You need to use earnest money deposits. Okay? Do not you need to use earnest money deposits? And again, you can get it simple. And Capcom always have an attorney review your paperwork. Okay. Boy, this is taking me way longer than I thought it would. Step three is you find a buyer and close the deal. Now, we've already done some of this work. We find the buyers that are buying land in the area. We're going to call them. We're also going to call realtors that have sold land in the area and call them. You want to make sure when you're calling these realtors you offer generous commissions if they bring you a buyer. Now, let's talk about this for a minute. If I'm looking at this property here, I want to look for realtors that have sold property in the area in the last three months. And I'm going to sort this from low, from high to low, because I want to call the realtors that sold properties a little bit higher. Right? So I click on one of these, guess what you're going to find? Scroll down. You're going to find the listing agent and the buyer's agent right here. So just Google Jean Abdeen. There she is right there. Oh, sorry to dude. Okay, There's cell phone number and office number. Okay. Give this guy call, then do the same thing over and over again. Look at all these different properties like this one right here. Scroll down. Joe. Joe is probably a guy. I think. Let's see if I click on right here. Well, there's no picture of him or her or it. Whatever. Okay. Sorry. I just offended a bunch of people there. Just move on.

Joe: So I'm going to call realtors and say, hey, listen, I see you sold a property here recently. I have another property in the area. That's a really good deal. I can pay you 8 to 10% commissions if you have a buyer. Do you think you might have somebody that that might be interested in this property? Okay, then you want to find a good title company, just ask around. We use local title companies. We always when we're working with them, we always say we're always upfront and honest. Hey, we're trying to do an assignment, if we can, to save on closing costs. I tell the realtor, Listen, if we can do an assignment, if you can recommend to me a title company that will let me do an assignment, I can sell it for $15,000 If I have to close on it, use my own money. I'm going to sell it for $17,500. Otherwise, let's just make this easy. I don't have to double clothes on it. I don't have to use my own money. Let's just do an assignment. Can you help me with that? And the realtors, a lot of times can help you find a title company that can let you do that. Or if you have to, you have you can use a double. Do that, do double closing. What that means is you have to come to closing with money close on the way to be turn around and sell it the same day. Now, if you want some free transactional money, what? Yeah, go to Free Double Closing dot com. A friend of mine, his name is Cam Dunlap, has a course called One Day Flip. It does cost money. It's 49 two payments of 49 bucks, but he's got two bonuses in there where you can get free transactional lending on your first deal up to $600,000. Normally, a transactional lender is going to charge a couple points upfront, a couple percent interest or whatever, but you can get free transactional lending on your first deal for up to $600,000 and they're going to give you legit free proof of funds, letters. These are real ones with a phone number where you can call and somebody answers the phone. So if you're making offers with realtors and you want to attach a proof of funds letter, you can get it from these guys. And if you need transactional lending to double close the deal to buy it and then turn around and sell it the same day. Cam, my homeboy will not charge you anything for it. There is a catch. You have to buy his course. It's called One Day Flips, so just go to Free Double Close dot com, Free Double Close dot com to check that out and it's a great course is going to teach you how to wholesale and it's I highly recommend it so what are the steps let's see if I can navigate this thing number one you research markets you find some vacant land deals. Number two, you analyze the deals, make offers, get it under contract. Step three, you find a buyer and close the deal. If you want more help. Again, go to Simple Land Kit dot com. When you go there, you're going to get some free stuff. There'll be an invitation to watch my class that teaches you how to use all that free stuff. You can go to Simple Land Class dot com as well. So listen, appreciate you guys. Thank you so much for watching my videos. Let me know what you think. Give me a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, get the notification button and leave me a comment. Maybe someday I can help you. All right. Do some deals. Have a good one. We'll see you. Take care. Bye bye.

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