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1268 » Believe That It Works and That It Will Work for You

While I was golfing the other day, I got a text from my land company acquisitions partner, Matt. We just got to wire $31,000 and change from a deal that we just did. This was in an area of Florida that is pretty competitive, and we've probably spent $3,000 or $4,000 in direct mail. Not everybody makes money flipping vacant land, and not everybody who buys my course makes money. I've been doing this a long time, but it's not complicated. You have to put in the work. You have to put in the effort. 

There’s nothing stopping you from having success in this business except you getting in your own way. It’s easy to get in your own head and think that things won’t work for you. You've got to get the negative doubts out of your head, and you've got to believe that it works. You’ve also got to get out there and do the marketing, talk to the sellers, make offers, and be consistent. Here, I share some tips to help you get into the right mindset so you can win.

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What’s inside:

  • How to get out of your head and into a winning mindset.
  • Why it’s important to put in the work and stay consistent.
  • Info on my free land flipping kit.

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Joe: Hey, good afternoon, Joe McCall here. REI in your car. Driving back home on this beautiful little road. It's called Austin Fort in the west suburbs of Saint Louis County. It's gorgeous. I'm looking out over cows and horses and fences and rolling hills and the beautiful fall colors in the leaves. And then it just played golf with a friend from church and just walked nine holes. I got about already halfway through the day. I had about 15,000 steps. Come on. Yes, I love it. So I want to just give a shout out to you guys to say hello. I also want to tell you something cool. While I was golfing. This is now I'm going to humblebrag for a little bit here. Is that okay with you guys? Can I humblebrag while I was golfing? Got a text from my acquisitions partner Matt in our land company. We just got to wire $31,000 and change from a deal that we just did. And I'm thinking. As is so exciting right now, not all of that is profit because we had some direct mail expenses, but that is that is profit after closing costs and realtor commissions and. Usher if we paid. Realtor commissions on this or not. So that the only thing we really have to take out of that is, you know, are some software subscriptions, direct mail costs and things like that. This was in a an area of Florida that is pretty competitive. And we've probably in the last couple of months have spent three or $4,000 in direct mail. And what we've done, like in the last couple months, we've done about four or five deals out of that. So we've already kind of. It's going to be pretty close to like pure profit anyway, 31 grand. And then I'm splitting that, of course, with my business partner and friend, Matt. So, you know, we have a certain percentage agreement that we do, but there's nothing like being on the golf course, getting a text with a wire on there showing that you just made $31,000 on a vacant land flip. Come on. Isn't that exciting? I love it. I'm excited.

Joe: Now. I always have to be careful when I'm talking about in money and income claims and stuff like that. You know, this doesn't work for everybody. Not everybody makes money flipping vacant land. Oh, there's a car. Hold on a second. You're not everybody who buys my course makes money. You have to put in the work. You have to put in the effort. I've been doing this a long time. But, you know, it's not complicated. Now all we do is we send postcards, we talk to sellers. We send a lot of offers. We do. We try to do a lot of follow up. And there's some work involved with selling the deal. You know, this was a property that we thought was worth. About $280,000, maybe 310, actually. Rather Yeah. So we thought it was worth about $310,000. It was about a three acre property on the water in this certain area. Now, water means like a canal that if, you know, if you get on a boat for I don't know how long it would take, you could get out to the ocean. Right. One of those areas. And when you look at it on satellite, it doesn't look like really clean, clear water. It's just but it's some kind of some kind of river canal or whatever. Anyway, so. We thought looking at comps, comps were kind of hard to get. But and we talked to some local realtors and we thought we could sell it for 310 conservatively and we got it under contract for about four. And my numbers are going to be off here. We had an under contract for about 250, $215,000. We thought we could sell it for maybe $310,000 fast. And we listed it for two. We found a realtor that listed it for us. We paid them a flat fee enlisting, put it on our website. Which by the way. We hadn't bought this property yet. We didn't buy it. We had three months to close and we did an assignment on this deal and we listed it on the MLS with a realtor before we owned it and we did an assignment. We didn't have to double close. We didn't have to use our own money. What are you talking about Joe? I didn't think he could do that. I thought that was illegal, immoral and fattening, you know? Well, it's not, you know, whatever the not and all the details, I should ask Matt, like, how many realtors did he have to call? And, you know, but we what we did is we started calling local realtors. Who had sold properties in the area and we said, hey, we've got this property here. We think it's a good deal. Do you have any buyers will pay you generous 10% commission. So we didn't offer 10% commissions on this one. I think he offered 5% commissions because it's a more expensive property. And we found somebody that knew an investor who was looking for land to build a new home. And yeah, so we sold the deal we were asking to 84. And I think we sold it for 260. So after closing costs and everything, our net was about 31, $32,000 on this deal. But very simple, you know, and I just wanted to do this podcast to talk about it as a humblebrag kind of, but to show you a little bit of the stuff. It's involved and to show you that it can be done.

Joe: I mean, we do what we talk about on this podcast when I teach. I teach what. I do and I do what I teach. Putting my money where my mouth is and you can make money in this business. The hardest thing sometimes is people get you. You're getting your own way. You get in your head. You've got to believe that this business can work a number. That's number one. You've got to believe that this business works. You've got to believe that you can make money flipping dirt. You got to believe that you can flip property, houses, land corners, whatever, things on eBay. You know, there's a lot of people now buying these pallets of boxes of returns for, you know, 500 bucks and then selling whatever's on there on eBay. I have a friend who's doing about 5 to 10 grand a month in revenue right now. That's gross top line revenue. So I don't know what his actual profit is. Selling stuff on Facebook is like you'll find things that people are giving away for free on Facebook marketplace. And then will sell them for money. And he's doing these grossing like five or ten grand a month. Now he's lost his garage. He can't park in his garage because he has but he's making money, is doing it with his daughters. Come on. Yeah, that's awesome. So you've got to believe that you can make money in this business. This isn't some dude in that get rich quick infomercial scam. I said some emails out the other day about my new coaching program that I'm just looking for one or two people to work one on one with. And I didn't get a lot of hate email back, but a few people responded back like, you know, calling me all kinds of names, call me scam artists and a charlatan and how dare you and just say, you know, like, you got to just let it like a water off a duck's back. You just got to ignore it. Unsubscribe them from the list, delete the email, block them and all of that. But why? It sounds scary. Maybe I get it. You know, it's like that guy and gal, whoever they were, right? Who was like, trying to beat me up verbally and just rail on me does not believe that they can make money in this business. And they think that it's got to be a scam because it sounds too good to be true. I do. I can probably see I can't make any guarantees, but I can almost guarantee that those kinds of people with that attitude will be broke forever. They'll never make any money in this business. They'll probably never make money in any business because you've got to believe that it can work. That's number one. So let me ask you, do you believe that you can make money flipping vacant land, wholesaling houses, whatever it is that your thing is, that, you know, look at that, right? You got to believe that it can work. So get the doubters, the naysayers, the saboteurs, the negative nellies. The complainer, the whiners. Get them out of your life, get out of your head, And then you've got to believe that it can work for you. Yeah, I believe this business can work for anybody. And then you got to believe that it can work for you. Now, I'm not all into the self-help, you know, old positive self-talk stuff. I get it. It's important. But, like, it's something he's got to tell yourself. Like, Joe, Mary, I'm worth it. I can do this. Nothing can stop me except myself. Nobody can stop me. It doesn't matter which side of the railroad tracks I was raised on. Doesn't matter how much money I have in the bank. It doesn't matter if I'm fat from skinny, if I'm ugly, if I'm good looking, if I'm white or black or Hispanic. Asian. Like it doesn't matter at all. This is this can work for you. It's an equal opportunity business. It's an equal opportunity period.

Joe: And there's nothing stopping you from having success in this business except you getting in your own way, getting in your head and thinking, Oh, this doesn't work for me. So as I tell you about these deals, I'm just pulling into my garage right now. I don't think all. That's nice for you, Joe. Good for you. You made 31 grand while you were golfing during that weekday. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I find I understand why you would say that and kind of roll your eyes when I'm talking about this, but I want you to, like, shake off this heaviness and depression, this thing that's weighing you down. You're confused, you're in information overload, and you're just like, Oh, this sounds great. I you know, I was all excited a month ago and I bought the program. I spent a bunch of money on marketing. It's not working yet. You know what? You got to get the negative doubts out of your head. And you've got to believe that it works. And it's more than just belief. You got to actually put in the work now, because now that you know that it works and that now that you know that it works. For you, now you get out there and start making offers, you can have the best positive mindset in the world, right? You can believe in yourself and you could believe in yourself so much that you can you know, you can do whatever. But like unless you're out there doing the marketing, talking to the sellers, making offers, following up, not quitting, being consistent. You're never going to do deals. So now that you got your head right now. Start taking some steps. Start taking some action. Guys, this is very, very simple. This is why we can do deals. This is why I can do deals while I'm golfing with my friends and it's because I put into place. I've been planting these seeds for years of consistent marketing. Consistent consistently making offers or following up. And if I can't do it and I can't, I can't do it all. I find other people that can do it with me. I stopped asking how and I started asking who.

Joe: All right, So I can talk to all these sellers. I can't make all these offers. I'm doing these other businesses and stuff that I've got going on. You know, I just had heart surgery. I had to take a month off, and now it's been three months. I'm just slowly kind of recovering and trying to get a that's one of the big reasons why I'm golfing is my heart trying to get exercise again. Right. So like if I can't do all this stuff, then who can? So I've got the money. I can invest in marketing. What if I find a guy like Matt who's got solid ethics and is it good kid? Did I get him to do the labor? I put in the money he puts in the labor, He puts in the time. He's the one who calls the sellers and makes the offers. And then we've got VAs that can help him and support him, do some of the other tasks and things like that. So you don't have any excuses. Even if you're broke, you've got no money, you're just getting started. You maybe don't even understand how step seven and eight work yet. I'm telling you, you've got no excuses. Get out there. Make it happen. Here's the rules. Okay, Ready? Everyday. Talk to five people. Talk to five sellers a day. Write that down. That's like if you can get anything out of what I'm saying, write that down. Talk to five sellers a day. Okay? And then make at least three offers a day to every of those five sellers and send at least three offers on the phone, in an email, in a text, and in the physical mail. Right. Then follow up every 30 days with every single one of those offers and you will do deals. All right. That's all I got for now. Hey, one more thing. If you want more information, if you don't, if you've not gotten my land flippers tool kit, you can get it for free at Simple Land Kit dot com, Simple Land Kit dot com. there's like seven really good stuff in there, the land watch hack my contracts, my scripts, my software calculators, direct mail swipe file, my scripts for sellers and realtors and option contracts. I can't believe it's free. I'm going to be charging pretty soon for it. So if you're listening to this, it's probably free, but you better go get it because we're working on our campaign funnel to start charging like five or seven bucks for it. Simple land kit dot com. I'll see you guys later. God bless, see ya, bye.

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