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1261 » If You’re Not Committed for the Long Haul, Don’t Even Start

A coaching student of mine just had a major win. She messaged me on Voxer saying that she just netted $25,000 profit on her first big land deal. I love success stories like this because it's hard to find those kinds of people. It's hard to find good people that are willing to put in the work and the effort and stay consistent with it. They don’t quit, give up, or get discouraged when it gets hard. They’re willing to put in the work and aren't expecting immediate results, or riches falling from the sky within minutes of getting started.

People think the game sounds easy and they can make money while playing video games in their parents’ basement. I know it doesn't work that way. You got to put in the effort, and you got to put in the work. The numbers show about 95% of you guys listening to this will not do anything with what you're taught. Sometimes the truth is that you don’t need another course or program. You just need to take action on what you already know. There are no secrets, guys. It all comes down to hard, consistent work.  If you’re not ready to commit for the long haul, don’t even start.

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What’s inside:

  • A success story from a coaching client.
  • Why real estate is a long game.
  • The reality about most people who take courses.

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Joe: Hey, good morning, friends. Joe here. REI in your car. Driving home from rehab this morning. Fighting traffic is crazy. I'm not used to this ride, like it's one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. And I'm hoping you do, too, because if you live anywhere in a bigger city, right, where there's you're fighting traffic all the time, wouldn't it be nice if, like, your morning commute was, you know, a little five, ten, 15 foot walk to your home office or a little five minute drive to a coffee shop. And, you know, you didn't have to worry about office coffee. You can have the best coffee in the world right at home. You know, the bathrooms are always cleaner at home for at least most of you guys. Right. Anyway, I'm grateful to be alive. And I'm sorry for complaining. I find myself a lot since my surgery of, like, stopping myself from complaining because some people have to do this commute every day. Right. And like, they don't have a choice. And there's some you know, there's a single man out there working two or three jobs, taking care of her kids and fighting this kind of traffic. And here I am complaining about it and it's not even that bad. And shoot, I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. If I lived. Well, what are some of the worst places? You know, L.A., Houston, Denver, I've heard is really bad. Everybody thinks their traffic is the worst.

Joe: But anyway, okay, so the reason why I was wanting to do this podcast today is I had a great call or a Voxer message with one of my coaching clients. Voxer is like a smartphone walkie talkie app, and she just messaged me saying that she just netted $25,000 profit on her first deal, her first big and land deal. It's so cool, right? She bought it for $18,000, sold it for $50,000 after all of her costs and expenses or net. Paycheck was $25,000 now. I have to say that I can't verify those numbers. I trust her, but now I can't verify them. She didn't send me her HUD statement or closing documents or whatnot. And results aren't typical. I went to a compliance workshop couple of weeks ago where they taught us what you can and cannot say. And even though, you know, my average profit on a land flip deal is I can't tell you what it is because you can't give or. I have a student that makes blah blah, blah blah, blah blah. But I can't tell you how much they make or in an up lot number of days because it's illegal, immoral and fattening now. But seriously, you have to be really, really careful as a publisher, as a guy who's selling products and programs and courses and services and software. You cannot give income claims and you cannot give the net impression. That because so-and-so did this or because I'm doing this, then everybody can do it when everybody is not doing it. So there's some it's kind of annoying, but it also is actually. Probably good. Because his business isn't easy. I could give you hundreds and hundreds of testimonials and you'd think, Oh, man, everybody who buys Joe's program is a millionaire, or everybody who does anything Joe says to do makes a ton of money. So, Joe, here's $50,000. Make me rich. Does not work that way. Why? Because most students, most people who buy courses and programs and make money from own stuff don't do anything with it. It's only a small percentage of people that have any success in this business, and it's frustrating. That's why I get so excited when I hear messages from Megan. But she netted 25 grand. If she did know, I can't verify that. And she is not the norm. She's abnormal, I guess you could say. I know. No offense, Megan, if you're listening, but like, she is not the norm, right? Most people who buy any kind of make money from her own business opportunity programs. Courses make money, you know, don't make any money. Do it, and they lose money. It's just sad and frustrating. I've never done a study, never looked at my numbers, except heard that about 5% of students who buy programs make any money from it. So when you give it in testimonials and in and case studies of like the money that you're making and the money that your students are making, if it gives a net impression that the majority or most people make this kind of money.

Joe: So it must be really easy. That's wrong. That's illegal. And you get in big, big trouble for doing that. So I went to this compliance workshop. Teaching us all these things that you shouldn't say, even though they're true. Can't say it. And you have to give a ton of disclaimers, which is what I'm doing now. But one of the things that Megan said and why I want to kind of harp on this is she's getting a ton of leads right now. She's getting way more leads that she can handle through her marketing. She's doing cold calling and direct mail and is just killing it, doing really awesome right now. Well, again, I'm so frustrated with this because I have to describe most people don't get a lot of leads, Right. Most people don't get any leads. Most people fail. All right. Well, you want to know something else interesting? A little bunny trail here. I do a business completion challenge where anybody who completes my program by land course gets their money back. You just have to complete the program. Show me that you've made 25 written offers, and I'll give you your money back. You need to give me a testimonial, a little picture of you holding your check, your refund check, and it's awesome. But did you know I make it so easy to go through my program? And still only 9% of people who take my program actually complete it. 9%. And all you got to do is go through it. Yes. Six months, six months to go through the modules. Update us on your progress and results, like just show us what you're doing in the Facebook group and then make 25 written offers and I'll give you your money back. Why do I do that? Well, couple of things. Number one, I get more testimonials and I get you know, I look at it as like an investment in my most important, valuable asset, you guys, my customers, my list, my listeners. And when you know, if you're happy, you're going to tell other people about it and you're going to maybe buy something else that I sell, or you might sign up for coaching or software or something else I recommend. So it's like an investment and you know, you get your testimonials, which helps me sell other programs and stuff. Well, the other big, big reason I do it is because it's one of the ways I do deals. So one, if sometimes you guys will bring me a deal to partner on or lend money on or buy. So it's a win for everybody. Rob I just want to do what I can to. You know, invest in you guys and give you every incentive possible to complete the program. But still, only 9% do. Well, it's just kind of the whole. It's kind of the way it works. You know, I don't whatever. So Megan was telling me that she's getting a lot of leads, getting overwhelmed, kind of with this number, hundreds of leads that she's getting from her marketing. And she's been trying to find people to help her with her leads. I'm not sure if she does real estate full time. I don't think she does. Maybe she does. But anyway, and she's had, you know, a bunch of people tell her, yeah, I can help you. I can do it. It was partner on these leads together. You know, I'll do. I'll work the leads and we'll split the deals 5050 or whatever. And she's had about four people that have flaked out on her and have promised everything and have said, Yeah, I can do this, I can do that. I'm hungry. I really want to do this. I want to make it work and then don't do anything. It's sad, it's discouraging, but it's just kind of the way it goes, right?

Joe: So I was giving her some advice on Voxer, so it's hard to find those kinds of people. It's hard to find good people that are willing to put in the work and the effort and stay consistent with it. Not quit, not give up, not get discouraged when it gets hard, but are willing to put in the work and aren't expecting immediate results and riches falling from the sky within minutes of you starting to do the work, which is one of the reasons why I guess, you know, as an educator, I have to be careful with giving testimonials to you. If I give you that impression like, Oh, it's easy, just push, push this easy button and you can make money while you're playing video games in your parents basement. I know it doesn't work that way. You got to put in the effort and you got to put in the work. And then you guys are listening to this thinking, I know that Joe, duh, of course. But the numbers show like 95% of you guys listening to this will not do anything with what you're taught. You know what you need to do. You don't need another course. You don't need another program. You know, you just need to take action on what you already know to do. You already know like there is no secret magic pills. There are no secret list or secret marketing trick or a hack or tactic or that you've never heard of before. That's going to change everything in the world. In your world? No, it's just hard work. It's hard frickin work. And you got to do it consistently. Like, you can't come into this business and I swear I'm going to be done here. Just make some. I'm the gas station. I got to get gas. You're not going to get it. You're not going to make money in this business from just getting lucky. You're going to get make money in this business from being consistent, putting in the effort, doing the marketing. And here's one thing I'll wrap it up with. If you're not committed to working this business for six months with no deal. Right. Then don't. Don't even do it. Just forget that. Do something else. If you need money, go flip burgers at Five Guys. Or what's that really cool place? Shake Shack. It's like this just isn't for you. If you're not committed long term to make money in this business, at least 3 to 6 months of work, consistently talking to three or four or five sellers a day, making three or four or five offers a week, and following up with every single seller that you make offers to, then don't waste your time, save your money, do something else. Because that's the kind of consistency and the commitment that you need to make in this stuff. Okay. I appreciate you guys. I got to go. Have a good one. God bless, see ya.

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