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I recently had breakfast with a new friend who is a missionary in India. He’s been a coaching student of mine for a long time and made a ton of money doing traditional house wholesaling in Indianapolis… from India! My friend is a white American missionary doing work in an area where it’s illegal to be Christian, and he’s still doing deals. Lately, he’s slowed down with houses, so I’ve been helping him transition to vacant land.

I just want to encourage you guys that if this guy can do deals from India, a place where there’s severe persecution, anybody can do deals. My friend does deals in the US from abroad without meeting buyers and sellers. What’s your excuse? There's no reason why you cannot do deals in your backyard, no matter where you are. Let’s get busy and make some offers.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • How my friend does house and land deals in the US from India.
  • Why there’s no excuse for you to do your own deals from your backyard.

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Joe: Hey, what's up? Joe here, REI in your car podcast. Hey, I am calling and I am talking to you right now from my car, driving to a mechanic, an auto mechanic to get a safety and emissions inspection on my car. Yippee. I love this time of year when my tags are expiring and I get to go get my new tags and then opposite years, you got to get your new driver's license. So any time I get to go, any time I get to go to the D.O.T. or DMV office. It's just so much fun. Just kidding. But I hope you do well. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be complaining. Should not be complaining. I'm actually in a great mood. Just had breakfast this morning with a friend. New friend who is a missionary in the country of India. It was so cool hearing his story. He's been a coaching student actually for a long time. Was doing making a lot of money, doing wholesaling, traditional house wholesaling in Indianapolis from India. Right. He's a white American doing missionary work in the country of India and a really, really hard, difficult area where it's like illegal to be a Christian. Really rough. I mean, they could like cut your head off, you know, that kind of bad stuff going on there.

Joe: So anyway, he's here in the states for a little bit with his family, and I'm actually going to be golfing with him Wednesday, which is super cool. And just talking to him this morning over breakfast about doing land deals because, you know, he's been struggling because a couple of years ago he was doing a ton of house deals. His marketing main marketing channel was texting. And, you know, how many of you couldn't understand or relate? Texting was a lot easier a couple of years ago than it is today, using platforms like, well, I won't tell you the platforms, but he was using a really popular platform for doing texting and it just stopped working, really, to be honest. And but now it's, you know, there's different things going on. But even still, houses have always been super competitive. And I get to help this guy now transition start doing vacant land deals, which I'm super excited about. I'm going to be helping him out, partnering with him. Maybe we'll see doing some stuff with him for him, but he was doing well. I can't tell you how much. I just want to. I don't I'm trying to keep it private, but like he was making a lot of money doing houses and able to support him, his family, his team in India. Right. Doing deals in the United States. But in the last 6 to 12 months, it's all pretty much dried up. So he's needing some help. And I think vacant land is going to be perfect for him because he's already got the team that can do the cold calling, do the texting. They know how to sell and close deals over the phone. They know how to find buyers and sell their deals fast. This is going to be I can't wait to show him what we're doing and how he can do it himself and it's going to blow him away. How much easier it is to do these deals and you can do these deals anywhere in the United States from anywhere in the world, because he's going to be here in the States for probably another, I think, another month maybe. And he's going to go back. He's got four or five kids. I'm excited helping because he's going to apparently, you know, your kids, they want to go back to India and his wife is from India. But they when you when your daughters get married, it's very, very expensive to get married in India. And he wants to pay for their college. Right. So they'll probably go to school here in the U.S., which is very expensive. And I know just teaching him a few things, probably over golf on Wednesday, he'll be able to crush it, doing vacant land deals when he gets back home.

Joe: So I'm both an excited again like any time I've met a handful of missionaries that do deals in the United States virtually, and they make more than enough money to support them in their families and their ministry back wherever they are. Right. And some of these guys I've interviewed with the past, they're maybe not missionaries anymore. Maybe they came back to their back to the states. But those are my those are my people, my favorite kind of people to help. You know, if you're familiar with the story of Paul the Apostle, he was a tent maker and he was able to support himself many times in some of the cities he was in, he was able to support his ministry by his skill, his trade, which was making tents, apparently. I guess that was a big deal back then. And so there's a lot of missionaries out there who feel called not to full time business, they feel called to full time ministry and they need a way to make money because it's really hard to raise support. And what if me I could help them teach them how to raise support for themselves? Think how much more productive. And it's like they don't have to come to the U.S. every six months to go on the circuit and try to raise support money from churches, which is nothing wrong with that. But imagine if they could just do the work for themselves and, you know, work ten, 20 hours a week in the business and then have 20, 30 hours a week they could spend in ministry from home, from whatever country they're in. How awesome would it be to do that? So I'm excited because I get to help this guy and find out that one of my wife's dreams ever since she was a kid was to go to India and help out on an or, you know, volunteer in an orphanage. Well, apparently this guy's wife, that's her full time thing. She runs an orphanage in this part of India with about 100 kids there. So who knows? I'm maybe I'm just talking way too early, but maybe we could go out there someday. That would be awesome. He says it's about an hour bus ride. Well, whatever the major airport is there. But that would be so cool to do.

Joe: Anyway, guys just wanted to encourage you that, you know, I'm telling you, this guy can do deals from India, from a very difficult part of the world for a lot of persecution of Christians and Muslims. Anybody who's not Hindu, there's severe persecution and they can do deals from there in the US without seeing the houses, without meeting the buyers, without seeing, you know, without meeting the sellers. Then what's your excuse? There's no reason why you cannot do deals in your backyard no matter where you are. There's people literally all over the world. I just interviewed a guy in my podcast the other day, Robin, who has done three or 400 deals. According to him, I can't verify any of that, but I believe him. From Germany, vacant land deals from the country of Germany. So let's get to it. Let's get busy. Let's do some deals. Let's stop making excuses. Let's start making some offers, huh? All right. Real quick, too. Also, if you want to get my land kit for free right now, it's free. Go to SimpleLandKit.com And in there, I'm going to show you how to do land deals. Completely free. Go check it out. SimpleLandKit.com. We'll see you guys. Take care.

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