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1255 » How Jazmine Made $100k in her First 6 Months Wholesaling Mobile Homes

Jazmine Gittens joins me here to share how she made six figures wholesaling mobile homes in just six months. When I first saw Jazmine on Facebook, I thought she must be crazy, but I was so interested. Here, she shares her strategy in case you want to try it out for yourself. We start our conversation with how she got into mobile homes in the first place. She and her husband started out flipping houses and then moved into what she’s doing today after things became super competitive. Today, they’re wholesaling mobile homes full time.

Jazmine and I talk about the marketing strategies she uses. She’s a huge fan of the old-school marketing techniques, like direct mail and bandit signs and she has a high conversion rate. We also get into how you can use Facebook Marketplace, as it’s a treasure trove for mobile home deals. Jazmine shares insights into how she finds good deals, what happens when there’s land that comes with the home, and how to talk to sellers. We wrap things up with a couple of awesome role plays where Jazmine walks through exactly what she says on the phone.

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What’s inside:

  • How Jazmine made $100K wholesaling mobile homes.
  • Where Jazmine finds the best deals.
  • Two role plays that walk through how to talk to sellers.

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Joe: Hey this is Joe, welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast and a special guest today. Her name is Jazmine. We're going to be talking about how to wholesale mobile homes, wholesale, what are mobile homes? And when I saw her on Facebook talking about this, I thought. That's crazy. That's interesting. Let's talk to Jazmine. Let's learn how to do this. And you might have some interest in doing this as well yourself. So we got Jazmine Gittens. I hope I got that right. I think I did. I did. Okay. She's nodding your head yes. We're gonna be talking about how to wholesale mobile homes and you're going to find this really, really interesting. First, I want to tell you, though, this podcast is brought to you by Simple Land kit dot com, Simple land kit .com. I got a lot of cool things on there. In fact, I'm going to go to my website right now and open it up and you get for free right now it's free. In the future I'm going to charge for this my land watch hack on how to find the best markets, my direct mail swipe file, the marketing that we're using today that's working the best. You get my land wholesale contract, my land option contract, my voted motivated seller land script, my motivated land seller script. You get my land due diligence checklist, you get my land agent help or how to get agents to bring you buyers and you get my land profit software. This is software that I created that. We hope you analyze land deals and make offers and even create the contracts. It's all free. This stuff I could easily sell for 500,000 bucks. You can get it right now for free at Simple Land Kit dot com. And I've been talking to my marketing director and he's scratching his head saying, Joe, you should be selling this for something. Five bucks, seven bucks, 27 bucks. And I know I think I should, but I'm not. So right now, you can get it for free. It's SimpleLandKit.com. So check that out. Cool. Listen, also, if you're watching this on YouTube right now or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, listening to the audio podcast, I really appreciate you. And I just ask that you would leave me a review or comment. Give me a thumbs up, Subscribe to my channel. That would be really cool. All right. Let's just jump right in. Jazmine, let me unmute you. I always forget to do this and I it's a little embarrassing. There you go. Can you hear me, Jazmine? Oh, I just muted you now, can you say something?

Jazmine: Yes, I can. Can you hear me?

Joe: Yes. Sorry about that. You've been on my show before and we were talking about deals gone bad. And I did about boy, I did about 12 or 15 of those episodes. And finally I was like, I've had enough. I hear all these horror stories from everybody about these deals that are gone bad, but it was a good episode. But I don't want to talk about that today. First, tell us a little bit about your background, Jazmine. And by the way, you have a little baby, one of the cutest little babies I've seen in a long, long time. So if she is fussy or anything, feel free to hold her. We'd love to see her. And I'm sure everybody would love to see her, too.

Jazmine: Yes, yes, Yes, she is. She's five months now. My little my little baby girl. That’s my girl. I finally got my girl. So. All right, So.

Joe: How many kids do you have, if you don't mind me asking?

Jazmine: Of course I have three. Three, five, three and five months now.

Joe: Congratulations. Good for you.

Jazmine: Thank you so much. Thank you. And luckily, that deal gone bad that we were talking about. That was when I was doing houses. Right. So don't get worried, guys. Those deals that went bad. No. Now we're in the mobile home space, so it's going to be sounding good. I'm going to share some pretty cool good stuff with you guys today.

Joe: Awesome. Again, I'm looking forward to this because you had a Facebook post. I don't know how I found it, but I did and I thought, this is really interesting. You kind of told your story of where you were and what you found with mobile homes and why you like it so much. We talk about that journey a little bit and like, how did you were doing houses. Why did you stop? Why are you looking at mobile homes now?

Jazmine: Yeah, absolutely. So I was wholesaling houses for about five or six years before finding out about mobile homes. I'd actually seen a video on some podcast about mobile homes a long time ago, but of course, you know, never took any steps on it, just knew about houses. Everybody talks about houses. So kept on going. But then I heard about it again and it came at kind of like a pivotal time because with the houses, you know, everybody was getting into wholesaling. Houses are flipping houses or, you know, investing in houses. So what happened is as time progressed, when, you know, when we first started, my husband and I, things became a little bit more challenging because we were competing against now so many people were buying the same list as, I mean, a gazillion people, right? So we're calling sellers, and sellers are sharing that we're the 15th person that called them that day. So, you know, it just became more challenging to find good deals and secure these deals. And not only that, it became more expensive, too. I mean, we were paying, I mean, a minimum of $10,000, you know, with different strategies, which really is like even on the low end just to secure deals. Whereas, you know, once we made this transition into mobile homes, I mean, it was a complete game changer for us. So anyway, I came across a video of mobile homes and I was like, You know what? I've seen this before.

Joe: What year? What year was this?

Jazmine: This was to within two years now, since we've been full time, full in mobile homes. So. So you just two years ago I saw that video on YouTube and I was like, so I shared it with my husband. He was like, you know, you've mentioned this one time before, like maybe we should actually, like, look into this more seriously. So it just so happened that I was watching a video channel and they were giving away like a course on mobile homes. And I was like, I'll try to see if I can win it. And I won. So that was just more of an instance of out. Okay, this, you know, this is just some sign, right? So we literally just went like, just dove in. And like I said, again, we went from spending $10,000 a month minimum on marketing to $500 a month marketing for mobile homes. And it was just a complete game changer. Quicker, faster, easier, and you're able to actually dominate because it's such an open market. So we came into a space where we're the go to for this in our specific market, so I love it.

Joe: Can you do these deals virtually, just like with houses or vacant land?

Jazmine: Yes. So our first deals were virtual. We were living in Maryland, in Baltimore, and we decided we were trying to figure out where shall we start? And everybody that we were seeing that was like doing well were in like more and more Southern states. So we started in North Carolina, So we started doing this virtually 800 miles from where we lived. We closed our first deal virtual, never talked to or excuse me, never saw the sellers, never saw the deal, never saw the buyer. But what we did see is a $5,000 check in our bank account.

Joe: All the reasons you said you like mobile homes is why I like vacant land. It's just, you know, not as much competition. You probably have less competition even with mobile homes.

Jazmine: Yeah. Quote unquote, competition. You know what I mean? Right, Right, exactly, Exactly. And it was something that I definitely hated like saying, you know, even because, you know, competition, it is what it is. But you do have to just, you know, take into consideration your expenses and, you know, the profit margins, because now, you know, our profit margins have gone up tremendously as well.

Joe: All right. So you're spending a fraction of what you were spending before on marketing, which is awesome. What kind of marketing are you doing?

Jazmine: Absolutely. So the cool thing that I love about mobile homes is that old marketing strategies, traditional marketing strategies actually work, right? So anybody who may have seen me years ago back when I'm doing houses and I'm like they handed signs are terrible or, you know, anything, any, any old stuff, right? Well, guess what? They work really well in the mobile home space because nobody is marketing to these people, right? So if you're driving, you're not you're not going to see we buy mobile homes, but now you are because we're putting them out. Right. But these things work so well. So we're doing bandit signs, right? We're doing direct to seller on social media. So if you have anybody that's literally selling their mobile home, reaching out to them, making offers. Right. Direct mail, of course, is phenomenal because we have higher conversion rate.

Joe: I'm sorry, what do you mean by direct to seller like social media? Are you just posting Facebook ads?

Jazmine: So like Facebook Marketplace, people are literally selling their mobile homes, right? So you go right to them. You go right to them. They have it listed and you're like, Hey, I'm buying. Great.

Joe: So I'm going there right now.

Jazmine: Oh, please go there right now. Type in manufactured home for sale in your area and boom, start message and every single one. And then when we've tailored such a perfect message that gets them to open up their message and respond to you. We've tweeted so many times. So yeah.

Joe: I'm looking. I hope I am listening, but I just typed in manufactured homes for sale within 60 mile radius of me. And there's a ton of them here.

Jazmine: Yes. A ton. So they're right there. They're literally they're literally raising their hands, saying, Hi, I'm looking, I'm selling. Right. So you reached right out to them. You reach right out to them. Another great way is actually going to parks, right? Going to parks, talking to park managers, offering you a service. Right. Being and being an adding value. They'll send you deals. They'll send you deals.

Joe: So you can also do direct mail. So like, can you get lists of owners of mobile homes.

Jazmine: So you can get lists. The list that you get will be the list of manufactured homes on land. Okay. So you won't get list on the parks, but you will get them on land. But the cool thing about it is 63% of manufactured homes are on private land. Only 37% of them are actually in parks. Right. All right. So, yeah, most people think they're a lot most of them are in parks, but nope, most of them are actually on private land. Yep. So you get those and you send them. And guess what? Nobody is method, nobody is sending them direct mail. So we get people thanking us because it's an underserved community, right? They get people thanking us. Nobody emailed us. Nobody is asking, you know, do we need help selling our house fast? Right. So wide open opportunity.

Joe: You know, I this is something near and dear to my heart. I wonder if I could find it. I have a picture of me in the. You know what? I'm going to share it here. I have a picture of me. I grew up in a mobile home and I'm going to look it up here and show it to everybody on the screen. So I know exactly what these places look like and what it feels like to live in them. And they're not that bad. So when you when we're talking, are we talking about modular homes or mobile homes or manufactured homes? All the above.

Jazmine: Yeah. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, they are the same. So in 1976, HUD changed the word mobile homes to manufactured homes. So the new term would be manufactured homes, but not modular homes. Manufactured mobile homes.

Joe: Okay.

Jazmine: Yeah. So right in the part in the those, you know, mobile home parks that you see manufacturer home parks, that's it. They got wheels on them at the bottom, Right. That's it. Those are what we're talking about.

Joe: You can also do this with homes that don't have wheels on them, right?

Jazmine: Yep, yep, yep. And that's actually one of the cool that's a little bit more of an advanced strategy. But once you wholesale the few you become familiar with the manufacturer home, the pricing and cost, things of that nature, you can actually start doing some conversions. That's where the big, big money is in the in the manufactured home space.

Joe: Okay. So I'm coming up with some questions in my mind that I know people are going to be asking here is like.

Jazmine: Oh yeah.

Joe: These homes are out in the country, right? They're in the here in the sticks. So like, do people still want to live out in these areas?

Jazmine: Yeah, Not all of them. Absolutely. So they're not all in this thick. Some of them are. I mean, for the most part, like if you're in the main city, you're going to find more of them. Kind of like on the on this outskirts of the city. Right. But when I tell you, the demand for manufactured homes is very, very high. It is always there has always been a very strong demand for mobile from manufactured homes, and the pandemic has only increased that demand. I mean, significantly, we saw the price of manufactured homes go up significantly. We were working with manufactured home movers and they're a year out. They're scheduled a year out because they have so many people that are moving. We're talking to manufacturers, mobile home manufacturers. They're seven months, eight months out because there's so many people wanting these homes, particularly the newer you know, the newer ones, they look I mean, the newer they get, the better that they're being designed is incredible. And with the new, you know, interest in tiny homes and, you know, shipping container homes, you know, people are looking for affordability. So although there was already a huge demand, the demand is only increasing.

Joe: Totally understand that for sure. So these are homes that may or may not be in a mobile home park. They 67% of them might be on their own land. Right. And 37% of them are going to be in a mobile home park. So let's say you find a house mobile home that's on it's in a park. Are those how does that work? I've always been confused by that. Are they renting the pad and they own the mobile home? Is that typically the way that works?

Jazmine: Typically that is typically that is the way it works. Do they own the manufactured home? They're renting the lot, so they have rent in some parks. The park owns the manufactured home. So you're renting both the manufactured and the lot rent. But most parks is the first the first option. And if they do own it, they're trying to sell it. So mostly they the home owner owns the manufactured home and they're renting the lot.

Joe: Okay, cool. So then you do bandit signs, Facebook Marketplace. You find these modular homes, direct mail, and you contact these park managers.

Jazmine: That's a big one. Yeah.

Joe: So you say, hey, do you want to. Well, you know, I'm here at Facebook Marketplace and you find somebody when they're advertising this Fleetwood Mobile home from 1997 for 40 grand right here in Alton, Illinois. I'm assuming that's going to include the land because it looks like it's on its own property. So what do you do? You're not going to ask them, hey, do you want to sell your place? Because they already do want to sell it. That's why they're advertising it. Right. So what do you what do you say to that? You send this guy a message. What are you going to say to him?

Jazmine: Yeah, I'm going to say, you know, whatever his name is. Hey, Joe took a look at this property. It looks like it looks like something that really fits our criteria. Just had a couple quick questions. I saw the pictures in the bread. The description had a couple of quick questions. Are you available tomorrow at six? My number is one, two, three, four, five.

Joe: All right. So you just you want to get him on the phone? That's what you're trying to do.

Jazmine: Exactly. Exactly. Let's get him on the phone. Let's figure out his why, what he really needs. You know, all the all the good stuff, right? And ultimately figure out more about the condition of the property. Right. And then we're going to make an offer that we feel is appropriate for that particular property.

Joe: All right. So then when you get a hold of them, you talk to them. One of the things I used to do when I was doing a lot of houses and I would find properties on Facebook Marketplace. I would send them a message saying, Hey, my name's Joe, I'm an investor. Is your price negotiable? And that would get a lot of yeses, believe it or not. And if they were at least if they were motivated, it would be a lot of. Yeah, sure, maybe it depends a little, you know, but I'd always try to get their phone number so I could talk to them and get them on the phone. So your goal, though, is to wholesale these places to buy and hold them. What's your strategy or your end goal with these things?

Jazmine: Yeah. So right now we have been up to this point. We have well, we've been primarily wholesaling them. That's been our main strategy from the beginning. We have we have done some flips now and now we're at a point where we're looking to start actually just holding on to them. That's where we are now.

Joe: Wow. Okay. And so you're going to hold them and then rent them out or do you do a lease option or owner financing? How do you we plan.

Jazmine: Yeah, we plan to rent them out. We're planning to rent them out.

Joe: Some people are maybe a little intimidated with an old beat up mobile home, you know, because water can leak from the ground or the ceiling. Right. Um, there's. There's a lot of issues of living in a mobile home in the woods. I'm just thinking, like, is it hard to fix these places up? Does it take costs a lot of money to rehab them? And my other question after you answer, can you still wholesale them without doing anything to them?

Jazmine: Oh, yeah. Okay. So the first question, you know, is it hard to renovate them? No, it's actually so much easier to renovate the manufactured home than it is. I mean, a traditional stick build. So our time frame, excuse me to renovate a manufactured home is about 2 to 3 weeks versus maybe 2 to 3 months on a, you know, traditional house, just depending on the level of renovation. Right. And of course, it's you know, it's much smaller. You're not getting like a big construction crew. Right. It's just everything is less expensive, right? So it's just quicker. And also to actually find the buyer. So it's traditionally taking about 30 days to do the renovation and to resell the property for manufactured home.

Joe: 30 days.

Jazmine: 30 days is primarily our time frame. And to kind of give you some ideas on like numbers. Now of course this changes per market, but I'm here in North Carolina and that's where we're looking to buy deals. So if you got anything, send it over. But we are looking to including the purchase and the renovation. We're looking to be below 15,000. So that's for the purchase and renovation. And then we're able to sell these for $30,000, you know, So we're making $15,000 profits in 30 days, which is, you know, really fantastic with a two week renovation period. So, I mean, you're in and out, You're in and out. And this is a very cash heavy industry. So, you know, you're not waiting 30 days to close, 45 days to close, waiting for title. You have a title in your hand. It's just like you're selling a car. The buyer comes over, sign it, get hand you the money and the transaction is over. So you're getting paid right then in there. So I love that. And then to answer your other question, yes, we're wholesaling them in the same way. We're not doing any renovation to them at all. We're getting them under contract for an appropriate price based on the condition and based on the year and all of the factors regarding the, you know, surrounding the home. And then we're assigning them to an end buyer. And the cool thing about manufactured homes is more of our buyers are actually the end buyer than traditional The homes with traditional homes, I mean, pretty much 100% of our buyers will act. We're just investors, whereas now we're working our sales about 50, 50, 50% of them are investors and 50% of them are actual the end buyer who's purchasing it themselves to fix up and live there.

Joe: So that fraction again, that portion.

Jazmine: Yeah, about 50% of it is the investors and 50% is the actual end buyer who is planning to fix it up and live there themselves.

Joe: All right, good. I found my picture.

Jazmine: Yep.

Joe: Check this out.

Jazmine: Oh, we love it.

Joe: That was. Can you see it? Okay. So that's me right there. That's my dad and my younger brother. Wow. And this was in Edmonton, Alberta, this picture.

Jazmine: Oh.

Joe: I don't recognize either of these two cars. I don't know. Like, I recognize that van. That orange van right there. But this little mobile home, I lived in that thing for years and years and years. And this was in Edmonton, Alberta, which in the winter we had maybe one month of summer and maybe two. And it was so cold in the winter. Those are single pane windows. And so we would. You know how you can people still do this today. But we put plastic on the plastic film on the windows.

Jazmine: Yep.

Joe: And then try to put them with tape and all that. And my bed was right next to this window right here. You know, you can't see my mouse, but my, my, my went bed was right there on a bunk bed I shared with my brother, and he would get so cold at night. But my God bless my dad and my mom and dad, they worked really hard. I didn't know we were poor. And in fact, I built a little playground. You can still maybe see it. There's like, a little thing in the backyard there. I built a little fort. I would go dumpster diving in the dumpsters, looking for toys. But wow. Good times. Good times. Right.

Jazmine: And that's the thing that I love about it is because I mean I mean, we're working with these are hard working families. I mean, these are really hard working families. You know, these are not, you know, just anybody. So it's really, really rewarding to be able to provide them. I mean, a lot of them, this is their entry point into homeownership. So it's very rewarding to work in this space. Very rewarding.

Joe: Yeah. This is bringing back so many memories, looking at this thing.

Jazmine: Yeah. Oh, man.

Joe: But anyway. All right, enough of that. So talk about how do you come up with the offers, You know, how do you determine what the property's worth and what to offer, what to resell it for? Can you talk about your analysis there?

Jazmine: Absolutely. So of course, you want to be able to find out, you know, this two part this kind of two parts here. One way that you can do it is really just figuring out what kind of the RV is or your after repair value, like what would it be valued at after it's been renovated the way that you can? Some ways that you can figure that out. You can look to see what other on my Facebook marketplace, see what other homes with similar conditions, years and things of that nature are listed for. You can actually talk to the park owner to see what they either have for sale or have recently sold similar to that home and how much it was sold for, as well as talk to some dealers. You can talk to dealers and other investors and see, you know, what they're doing. Now, the other thing is to actually go or find out what is the market willing to pay for this type of property, which is more so my style like to know, you know, what are they willing to pay at the end of the day? And again, this comes to more so doing market research, talking to other wholesalers, other investors, figuring out what my buyers would pay. And by doing that we can post like a ghost ad. So a ghost ad it would be like, you know, you don't actually have this deal secured, but you're posting a mobile home in a local area for sale to see what people would actually offer on that particular property. And then now you can start to see, okay, great. People in my area are offering, you know, 15,000, 20,000 for this type of property. And that can give you some information from your market research.

Joe: Okay. So you figure I could sell it for 15 grand?

Jazmine: Yeah.

Joe: Is that like, as is or after fixing it up or what?

Jazmine: I mean, it just depends. So like in my, in my market, for example, a home that is, let's just say like pretty trash needs a ton of work. You know, we're pretty much selling those for like around 5 to 7000, right? So I'm locking those up for about a thousand 1500. We get a lot of free homes, too. But yeah, we're locking those up for like 1500 dollars for the most part. But now if it's, you know, in a nicer condition, it, you know, looks good. It just needs maybe some remodeling. It's old right now. We're talking about we're locking those up closer to like seven, 9000, and we can sell them for like 15, 16,000. So that, you know, just depending on the condition, of course, and your area, too.

Joe: So are you trying to you figure out, okay, what can I sell it for? And then you subtract like what your minimum profit is like. If you want to make at least 70 $500 on this as a wholesale deal. Right. You subtract. Right.

Jazmine: So were you in in in the range of about $5,000 per deal. But because they are the volume is so much I mean, we're making more doing this than we were with houses, although our house, although our checks for the houses were larger, the volume is just, you know, so different.

Joe: Right? Yeah. So how many deals are you do a month on average?

Jazmine: Right now we're probably at about we're probably at about 10 to 12 deals per month.

Joe: Excellent. Yeah, that's really good. Now, are you using title companies to close on these or how are you. How are you closing up?

Jazmine: No. So we're closing these right at the person's house because these are like vehicles, right? So it's a vehicle. So they have a title and we have you know, our buyer will come, we will typically. We will have a mobile notary come to the property to do so, to notarize the title. And that's it. They come, they sign, everybody signs. Their buyers hand us the money. We hand the seller their portion and we walk away.

Joe: So you try to do simultaneous closings where you're buying it and you're selling it on the same day.

Jazmine: Yes. Yes. We have done some quick flips or whole tails or double closings, however you want to call it, where we've actually closed on the deal, we've purchased it, and then we didn't do anything to it and resold it. We have done some of those with like deals that are just smoking hot that we don't even want to like, you know, let it slip away some double wide because those are really, really popular if you can get a double wide. But yeah, for the most part, we'll just we'll just do the one sitting right at the right at the seller's property.

Joe: Okay. So you, you call a seller, you talk to them, you make an offer for two grand, you're going to turn around and sell it for nine grand. 9500 bucks, right?

Jazmine: Exactly.

Joe: So you just have a standard contract and you buy it. Is it just like a house? You know, you might put interest money down. You have an inspection, due diligence, contingency, something like that. Right.

Jazmine: Absolutely, same deal.

Joe: Do you send somebody to inspect it or look at it?

Jazmine: Yeah. Yeah. Well, my husband will go one of our team members will go out to take a look at it. However, if you were doing if we were doing this virtually like we have done, you can do a due diligence yourself via like, you know, having the buyer excuse me, the seller send you pictures and things like that, or you can have like a boots on the ground go and attend a showing for you. So it's very easy to kind of find a boots on the ground. There's a there's several mobile home Facebook groups, including our Facebook group, Mobile Home investing for newbies. And you just hey, post in there hag. Is anybody available to go take a look at a property and you know such and such Illinois tomorrow at six and you're going to have tons of people volunteering it in.

Joe: Nice okay so then you get it under contract by how long do you give yourself to close.

Jazmine: To what's typically closing within two weeks. About within two weeks. We should be able to find as long as the numbers are good. You know what I mean? We were typically closing within two weeks.

Joe: Okay. I would imagine it's easier to get these big discounts with manufactured homes than it is with traditional houses, Am I right?

Jazmine: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Because for one, like you're having a conversation with someone about, you know, getting their house for 5000 maybe when it's worth 20,000. Right. Versus, you know, 200,000 when it's worth 500,000. So. Right. So people are a lot more the conversations are easier. There are typically a bit more motivated for some reason. So it's usually a little bit easier to, you know, to get the open to accept your offer.

Joe: All right. So you but you give yourself 30 days to close or is it and you typically close in two weeks.

Jazmine: Yes. Right. Yes.

Joe: And then as soon as you get it under contract, how do you start marketing the manufactured home?

Jazmine: Oh, Facebook marketplace.

Joe: Facebook marketplace.

Jazmine: Number one. Oh, yeah. Facebook Marketplace. I mean, as soon as you put that thing on Facebook Marketplace, again, as long as the numbers make sense and it's a good deal, your messenger is going to start blowing up. So be ready.

Joe: Anything else? Do you put it anywhere else, Craigslist or.

Jazmine: Nope, you can. But Facebook Marketplace is all you need. All you need.

Joe: I just hear so many stories of people. I've not had this problem, but I've heard so many other people having this problem of getting their listings or properties banned from Facebook or ghosted from Facebook or it gets really hard. Put your properties out. How do you make it easy?

Jazmine: Yeah. One thing you mean you have to make sure like that that property's not already listed sometimes. Like if they had it listed a while ago or whatever the case is, you want to make sure that they don't have it listed. There's no pitches because like Facebook's I, I funny about like re listing the same pictures. So make sure you get your own pictures. You know, don't use anybody else's. And we got flagged once for I don't know Facebook said like I don't know what was in the picture. It means a very, very messy house. But Facebook said you can't sell drugs. And I'm like, well, I don't think we know we're not. So like maybe the AI saw something that we know we didn't see, but that was it.

Joe: Maybe they saw some paraphernalia. Yeah.

Jazmine: I don't know what they thought. I was like looking. I mean, I got my glasses on like, what did they talk about? But anyway, but for the most part, that's it. But as you are, like I said again, because you're going to you're going to get a ton of responses, guys. I mean, you're going to get a ton of. And so as you're as we're getting leads coming in, we are taking that data and we're creating in a buyer's list a massive buyer's list. So not only, of course, that you'll have Facebook Marketplace, but now at a point every time we get a New deal, we do a text blast to our buyers that we've already built, letting them know, Hey, we're doing this showing on X, Y, Z. That is a that is a really, really, really strong marketing method for us because it just pings right to their phone. You know, we don't even ask them for their email address.

Joe: That's awesome.

Jazmine: And every single deal, until they remove themselves from our list, they're going to get a text message that we have a showing coming in.

Joe: How much how often are you doing some work to the house to clean it up, make it look nice?

Jazmine: And we don't really, do we? I don't really do that if I'm wholesaling it. If I'm just wholesaling it, I don't I don't do that. Yeah, I just don't. I do have other investors that I do know that will like clean it out just to like, you know, just to clean it out. And they have expressed that. And, you know, they it does help with their marketing are getting more even possibly even more interest and even potentially like maybe an extra thousand dollars on top of because maybe people can go in there and be able to visually kind of see their selves there and kind of see the environment versus seeing all the trash. But I want I'm being just transparent. We don't we don't we don't do it. So we just went and put it out.

Joe: When you do sell it, then are you collecting the cash from the end buyer or the property?

Jazmine: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe: And then how do you just mobile notary again. They give you a cashier's check. How do you collect the money?

Jazmine: So there are literally a lot of time they're giving you like literal dollars, like $9,000. Like, literally this is a very cash, literally cash heavy industry. So we had those cash buyers and houses and they're really getting like a private money. This is not that. This is real cash. I remember one time.

Joe: I'm sorry, I was going to say I remember one time I was selling a house. It was really, really cheap. And I got a guy who said, yeah, I'm interested, I want it. And I said, Well, cool, how are you going to pay for it? He says, Cash. And I said, Well, can you send me some kind of proof of funds? And he's like, What's that? And I said, I don't know, just prove that you have the money. So he sent me a picture of all of his cash laid out on the coffee table. Big picture of it. How's that for your proof of funds?

Jazmine: Oh, that is hilarious.

Joe: But that was. That was funny. I've never seen that again since.

Jazmine: Yeah, so a lot. So they'll come to you. But if. If it's not cash, then, yeah, we'll take like, a cashier's check right then and there. Take a cashier's check.

Joe: Okay. So it's just kind of like a car. You just transfer the title to them and then.

Jazmine: Literally, it's a car it's looked at and it's viewed as a personal property. It's a vehicle. Like we're writing everything on there. Serial number. The number. Like it's a vehicle. So you literally just yeah.

Joe: What if there's land that comes with the property?

Jazmine: If there's land, if it if the property has been converted, meaning that they have salvaged their title and now the property has a deed, then now you're talking about real property. Right. In order to do so they have to remove the wheels after remove the axles, they have to add a permanent foundation. Right. There's certain requirement. But if they haven't done that, then it's just a still a piece of personal property on top of land. It's still so the land will be treated like real property. And then the house still is just it's like it's like somebody left a car sitting on a piece of land.

Joe: Okay. All right. Can I share my screen? And we'll look at here, Facebook Marketplace.

Jazmine: Yes.

Joe: All right. Yes. Now I'm in. I'm looking at man, if I know the screen shut off a little bit there, but we're looking at manufactured homes for sale near where I live within 60 miles. And there's a bunch of them here. Let's just pick a couple of them. Like this one. This is a nicer subdivision area. They're asking 75 grand. I scroll through the pictures here. You can see it looks pretty nice, right? Doesn't need much updates at all. They're asking $75,000 for it. It has an air conditioning unit. It's more of like a nicer home park. You see that right there?

Jazmine: Three bedrooms, two baths. Yep. That's sweet.

Joe: Okay, so let's. Can we role play this? All right. I'm going to be the homeowner, and you're going to send me a message. I'm going to call you back. So what kind of message would you send me about this property here first? Like, if you were to go to click send.

Jazmine: So I sent him, send me everybody the same message. So I'm saying, you know, hey, Joe took a look at your property. This looks like it's something that really fits our criteria. I read the message, read the description and saw the pictures, but I just had a couple quick questions. You know, would you be able to talk tomorrow at six? My number is X, Y, Z.

Joe: Okay, so let's talk. Okay. I'm going to ring, ring and I'm going to say hello and you're going to be Jazmine. Go ahead.

Jazmine: Gotcha. Hello?

Joe: Yeah, hi, I. I saw you. I got your Facebook message here about wanting to buy my house.

Jazmine: Yes, Yes, absolutely. Thanks so much for giving us the call back. I took a look at your we actually sent the message to quite a few of the homes. We're looking for a home in this particular area. Saw your property. It looks great. We just had a couple quick questions for you. You have about 10 minutes or so.

Joe: Yeah.

Jazmine: Awesome. Awesome. So we actually we're working with families here and usually I'll keep this to the end, but I want you guys to know what I say as far as wholesaling. So we actually work with a few with, with families who are looking for affordable housing in what the manufactured homes were manufactured for mobile home specialist. I had a couple quick questions, though. It looked like it was at a two bedroom, three baths.

Joe: Now it's three bedrooms, two baths.

Jazmine: Okay, three bedrooms, two baths. And so just tell me a little bit about because I know we sent the message to quite a few homes today. I don't remember yours specifically. You can tell me a little bit about it.

Joe: Well, yeah, my I bought the house for my daughter and they just recently moved out. They got another they moved to Minnesota and we're just we just want to sell it.

Jazmine: Gotcha. Gotcha.

Joe: So it's in really good shape. It's about 1300 square feet. Is that right? Must be a double wide. All right. So it's about 1300 square feet and it needs a little bit of work. But, you know, it's in good shape.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. Well, that sounds good. That sounds good. Can you tell me the year and what the year? The year that it was?

Joe: It was built made in 2014 and it is a double wide.

Jazmine: Okay. 2014. Double wide. Love it. Love it.

Joe: And it has a garbage disposal.

Jazmine: Okay. Nice, nice, nice. Okay. And what about the any issues or anything with the plumbing, heating, air conditioning?

Joe: No, it's all good. You know, some of the cabinets need some replacing like. Just looking at it like some of the cabinets needs some new doors.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay.

Joe: Just minor dents and scratches.

Jazmine: Gotcha. Gotcha. Let me ask you one thing, Joe. What would you what would you guys need in order to get it up to 2023 standards? Like what type of renovations in the kitchens, bathrooms or exterior would you need to get it up to 2023.

Joe: That's a great question. I love that question. Well, I don't know. I mean, I haven't I haven't been to the house yet. We I don't know. You know, maybe paint, replace a five grand, you know, to get it kind of nicer.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. So about five, 5000. Okay. And remind me again, how much were you guys? How much did you guys need in order to get this thing sold for you?

Joe: Yeah, we have it on Facebook Marketplace for $75,000, and we listed it about a week ago.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. And have you guys gotten any offers yet?

Joe: No. We got a lot of calls, but no offers yet.

Jazmine: Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, let me ask you. I mean, what would you what you need? And the reason I'm asking is because obviously, you know, we're investors. I know it's a it's a three bedroom, two bath. And, you know, you share that it's going to need about 5000 or so to get it up to 2023. So what exactly would you need if we were able to get this closed out for you today? What would you need your.

Joe: Well, I mean, I don't know. That's a good question. You know, my price is a little negotiable. We are getting some calls. I've only had it listed a week. You know, I could go down to maybe 70, 70,000.

Jazmine: Okay, Joe. Well, let me let me ask you this. I know you said that you're you know, you guys are moving. You bought this for your daughter, which I love. I just had my first little girl. So I. I love to I love to actually come out there. We're going to actually be in the area tomorrow, like around 3:00. Could I come out there and take a look at it? And maybe we can we can see if we can make something work together?

Joe: Yeah. There's a lockbox code. Is I can. I can give you the code. I live about a couple hours away, so.

Jazmine: Okay.

Joe: I'll meet you there.

Jazmine: What's the code or. One, two, three.

Joe: One, two, three, four.

Jazmine: Okay, perfect. Joe. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to have either myself or my husband is going to head out there tomorrow. We'll take a look at it, and then we'll give you a call back, you know, to let you know how we can move forward.

Joe: Okay. All right. Off role play. Very good. Round of applause for Jazmine. That's cool. I didn't even ask you in advance. I didn't even give you a warning. I just said, Let's do it. Actually, she did great, didn't she? Everybody. So that was really good. I wanted to ask you some questions. Yeah. So if you're doing this virtually, do you still try to get some, you know, somebody to go look at it? Do you try to make offers on the phone?

Jazmine: No, I do it virtually. I would I would have just asked them, can you email me some pictures over of the property? And if they if there's already pictures on Facebook. And the reason that I kind of use this in this script is because specifically when you're sending messages through Facebook marketplace, I'm probably going to send about, you know, ten a day or five a day you're going to forget. I mean, they're going to call you, don't forget, you know what I mean? So it's just like, hey, you know, we sent a ton out. You know, remind me about the property again. Right. And now using the kind of mess it up like, oh, is it a two, two? And then they're like, oh, no, it's a32. And then they kind of explain a little bit about the property and Yeah, and then they, they go in.

Joe: And so for this house though, what would you need to sell it for, to sell it quickly because he's asking 75K for it.

Jazmine: So this is, this is a different market. So if this was in North Carolina, my market, I would be looking to get this. I mean, this will probably would be closer to like a 40,000. Probably, Yeah, about a $40,000.

Joe: Just so you know, this here, this is in this is in like the suburbs, like a nicer suburbs. This is an out in a country.

Jazmine: Gotcha. So, yeah, if this was like here, you know, this would probably be more like in the market that I'm in specifically. This would probably be more like a 40 to 50, 40 to $50000 home. So I will be looking to get it at lock. If I can sell it at 40 there 40, then I'm looking to get it. I mean at 30, you know, 35 so that we can sell it at 40.

Joe: All right. So I'm looking at this and knowing this area kind of like I do, I would think I could sell it quickly for maybe 60, right? Yeah. So then I would make an offer for 50. Just like that?

Jazmine: Yep. Yep. Just make an offer. You know, You want to, of course, give yourself room for, like, negotiation and also give yourself a little bit of room for, you know, if the buyers come in and they try to negotiate about, then try to, you know, be tried on both ends. Right. So so just give yourself a little bit of room.

Joe: This is definitely a home on wheels, right? Because it's got some of that.

Jazmine: That right there that's skirting. Yeah. So that it just pulls off and like right underneath of it is wheels and axle and all that good stuff.

Joe: So this would be just like a car, a title.

Jazmine: Yes, that would be a title.

Joe: Now that's a nice place. Most of them are going to need some work. Let's look at one. And I'm curious to know what you think of this.

Jazmine: Yeah, right.

Joe: They're asking $3800.

Jazmine: Yeah. This is an old home.

Joe: I'll show you some pictures.

Jazmine: You can see by the. So at certain points, the styles of the mobile homes are different. So this looks like a pre 76 home. We don't do pre 76 homes, but it's 1978. Oh, okay. Okay. So it's I knew it was a right around there.

Joe: Yeah.

Jazmine: So if this was 90 for me, if this was in my this property was in my I'm getting this and I'm not giving any more than $500 for this property maximum.

Joe: I mean would you probably walk away. Would you, would you probably just walk away from this because they're asking 3800 for it? And it's been on over a week.

Jazmine: Yeah. I mean, I would, you know, like I said, I would because if I got it for 500, I enlisted for 4000. I mean, this could be something that, like you just can be in and out of if you even wanted to be bothered with it.

Joe: So you would still do this deal even if you only made it. Yeah. I'm sorry.

Jazmine: Yeah, like $1,000. You know, maybe you might make like, $1,000 if you can. You can get it for five and maybe sell it for 15. But honestly, I really don't like doing anything below eighties. It starts to get really challenging to sell anything that is older than 1980.

Joe: Okay. All right. Well, good. So that you'd probably pass on that one. I probably would too.

Jazmine: Yeah.

Joe: Let's look at another one here real quick. This one, they're asking 600. That's probably rent. I'm going to guess.

Jazmine: Yeah, yeah.

Joe: Yep. Here's one that they're asking. 2600 on this property.

Jazmine: Okay.

Joe: Most modular mobile home. It's in the suburbs of it's called Cottage Hills, Illinois. This is about an hour, probably 45 minutes north of downtown Saint Louis, an hour north of downtown Saint Louis. Looks decent. Looks nice.

Jazmine: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. This is definitely nice. It may need to be moved. Oh, no, it doesn't. Lot rent. Lot rent is 471. Cool.

Joe: Park includes playground and clubhouse with monthly fun community events. There is so the lot. Rent is 471 a month. All right, so somebody wants to sell this thing. Looks like they cleaned it up a little bit.

Jazmine: Yeah. This is nice, looks like a good home.

Joe: So what do you think? I know this is not your area. But they've had it.

Jazmine: If this home was in my area, yeah, it probably would sell. I mean, just right. Well, me see this probably. No, this will probably sell for. But staying in the park, this is a three to it will probably sell for about 14, about 14, $15,000. It could be it could go a little bit more. Could go a little bit more.

Joe: So if you thought you could sell it for 15 grand, what would your offer be on this one?

Jazmine: So my offer will probably be somewhere. If I can sell it for 15, then my offer is going to be like, you know, ten, you know, to try to my max offer is going to be like ten, but I probably can get a little bit more than 15. So 3 to 4, petrol air and a part. Yeah. I mean it's really I mean it's looks really nice. So we might be able to even squeeze out a bit more than that.

Joe: Let's get one that's not in a.

Jazmine: In a park.

Joe: Not in a park like.

Jazmine: Yeah. Now that becomes a little bit because you just have to know, you know, how much land it comes with.

Joe: Okay.

Jazmine: And the main thing about it too, so that this is what I'm saying, where more advanced strategies come into play because and this is what this is what gives me so excited about mobile homes and something that my husband and I want to do is you can convert a mobile home that's on land, right? So let's just say the mobile home is sitting on land as a personal property, okay? And the value of it is 40,000, 50, 60,000, right. And you convert it to real property instantly. The value just like literally doubled. So now your value is 120 simply because it's real property and now you're dealing with the deed and now you can actually use comps, you can use houses that have been sold around the area to justify the price of your property. So how much is mind blowing?

Joe: How would you convert this to real property?

Jazmine: So you do that by you have to put this a couple of things, but you have to take off the wheels, you remove the axles, you have to put an actual permanent foundation. So whether that be like cement, whether that be a brick, whatever foundation, you have to salvage your title. So you have to go through the process of having the municipality come out and, you know, do their inspection to, to verify. And now you have it, now you get it deeded. So now you have a deed, you have that's your new paperwork that verifies, but and now you can actually get traditional funding. So now you can get an FHA loan, you know, and that adds value to the property. Yes.

Joe: Well, this has been really, really cool. Let's do one more role play on this property.

Jazmine: Okay, Let's do it.

Joe: So I got your message. I call you, you give me your phone number, I call you go. Hey, Jazmine, are you there?

Jazmine: Yes, I'm here. How are you?

Joe: Good. I got your message. You're interested in my property? Yes, in St Louis somewhere.

Jazmine: Yeah.

Joe: But what would you like to offer on it?

Jazmine: Yeah, well, let me ask you this. We actually. We help families buy mobile homes, and we're looking for homes in any condition as long as it can be refurbished. I know we sent out a message to a couple of homes today. Can you just tell me a little bit more about the home, like the size, the sheer number of bedrooms and pads?

Joe: This is a three bedroom, two bath, hasn't central air. It has laundry in it. It's a fixer upper lot rents $385 a month. That includes landscaping and trash. And so these can't be moved. They have to stay here.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. So since it has to stay in, what's the what's the lot? Rent there?

Joe: $385 a month.

Jazmine: 385. Okay. Gotcha. And what would you say Joe needs to get the home, you know, or what will it take to get the home to 2023 standard? Like, you know, just renovations, renovating the kitchens, bathrooms outside? What would it take to get it to 2023?

Joe: Probably a few thousand bucks. You know, the walls maybe to be painted, cleaned up. It looks pretty good from the outside. Just really cosmetics. Maybe some new doors on the cabinets. Replace some of the wallpaper. I think it's wallpaper. And just paint.

Jazmine: Okay. And are there any leaks or soft spots or holes in the roof or floors?

Joe: I don't think so.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. Gotcha. And lastly, how is the plumbing in electrical? What type of heating and air condition do you have there?

Joe: Well, I think it has centrally AC and central heat.

Jazmine: Okay.

Joe: But the electric works, the plumbing works. It's good, decent shape.

Jazmine: Okay. All right. Well, Joe, I mean, this seems like something that would fit our criteria. But let me ask me. It seems like something if you if you kind of, you know, put some work in here, this a little bit of work, you can probably sell this at top dollar and then or even rent this thing out. Why do you want to sell it as is like it is now?

Joe: Oh, great question, guys. Did you write that one down? Okay. You know, I just priced it, too. I got four of these things I'm trying to sell, and I'm just trying to get rid of it, so.

Jazmine: Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. And then I it right here. I definitely go into asking about, like, those other four. Right. Try to get a whole package deal. But. But for time, for time's sake, I'll. I'll keep it. This about this home. Okay, so you have four others you're looking to get sold. Did you buy all of these, like, together, or would.

Joe: Yeah, I just. I just want to get out of the business. You know, I bought a bunch of mobile homes over the years. These are the last four. I'm just trying to sell them.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. All right. How soon? Having it sounds like you're looking to get. Get them done soon. How soon do you want to sell them? And do you have the title in hand to do so?

Joe: Yes, I have the title. I'm not in a hurry. I'm not going to give them away.

Jazmine: Gotcha.

Joe: I just want to get rid of them. And if I can sell them all together as a package, that would be great.

Jazmine: Okay. Oh, nice. Nice. Yeah. That's something that we definitely, you know, may be able to do for you. Well, let me ask you this. We're actually going to be in the area tomorrow at around six. Would you be able to come out and meet us, meet us tomorrow around six for us to take a look and see if we can actually make and make you an offer That makes sense.

Joe: Yeah, I can have somebody meet you there.

Jazmine: Okay. Okay. Let me ask you this. When's the best time for me to connect with you? Because I'd love to, actually, if you could come and bring that title with you. So if we're if we're able to get you something, we can we can get this get this done and get you moved on to bigger and better things.

Joe: Well, I can yeah, I can have the title with my with me there. So you're saying you want to buy it while you're there looking at it. You can we can make an offer right then and there.

Jazmine: Exactly.

Joe: Okay.

Jazmine: Exactly.

Joe: Well, yeah, but I make. I'm advertising it for ten grand. Okay. Offer only because I'm distracted now, looking at these pictures here. So. And we got to hurry up because we're already over time. I apologies. It's okay. This guy is asking ten grand for it. Yeah. Now, do you think you could sell it for ten grand if he's already been trying to for over a week now? It says it's listed over a week.

Jazmine: Yeah. So a lot of times what we have to make sure we're taking into consideration is not just is he able to sell it, but is he actively. Right. So a lot of these people are they're not responding always, not whatever, but they're not responding to messages or they don't want to show they don't want to take the time to do X, Y, Z, Right. So we come in there and we're able to get it usually at a lower price off the time. The price is a little bit high. So we're able to get it at a at a better price and listed at a better price. And also we already have a list of buyers who are actively ready to purchase something. So where we get that over to our buyers and get this thing for him. Yeah.

Joe: So you would probably think I'm just putting words in your mouth, but I would think I could sell this thing for. 70 $500. Pretty quickly.

Jazmine: Yeah.

Joe: And then so I would offer about $2,500.

Jazmine: Exactly. Exactly, Exactly. You can see if you can get it for 2500. And of course, like when you're there and you're able to justify and explain and, you know, share your value and you're there and you're ready to go, you have your agreement. We make our offers right then and there.

Joe: Okay.

Jazmine: Yeah.

Joe: Very cool. Jazmine, thank you so much. This has been really, really good. How can people I know people are like, listening to this. I'm getting a bunch of hearts and thumbs ups and how can people reach you?

Jazmine: Just reach out to me everywhere. Jazmine Gittens, J A Z M I N E Gittens is G I T T E N S. So it's like kittens, but with a g Jazmine Gittens And yeah, feel free to give me if you guys want it, need any help or if you're interested in learning how to wholesale mobile homes, feel free to reach out to me. I'm more than happy to share and help you help you through the process because we made a little over $100,000 our first six months wholesaling mobile home.

Joe: So that's huge.

Jazmine: Yes. And we're helping our students do the exact same.

Joe: I love this because these are not huge home runs, but there are a lot of singles and base hits and these are so easy, so much easier to do and you don't have a big team do. It's just you and your husband. You have virtual assistants or.

Jazmine: Yes, yes, we have a virtual team of like four. Me, as we have myself, my husband wants that one other salesperson and our virtual assistant. So pretty, pretty small type team and we're crushing it and looking forward to, to expanding.

Joe: Awesome. So again, Jazmine Gittens. And so do you have a preferred channel? YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Jazmine: Facebook, Facebook. You'll probably be fine me the fastest and just shoot me over a DM. Happy too. Happy to chat.

Joe: Well, thanks again for being on my podcast, Jazmine. I sure appreciate it very much.

Jazmine: Thanks for having me. I appreciate coming on again, this time talking about mobile homes.

Joe: Yeah, I love it.

Jazmine: Thank you guys so much for tuning in. I appreciate your time.

Joe: Very good. Thanks, everybody. We'll see you later. Bye bye.

Jazmine: See ya.

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