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 Top 3 Sources for Free Vacant Land Leads

I was just giving my one son a refresher course on vacant land deals. Together, we’ve made over $150,000 in net profits. We sat down and I told him how to pick the right market and how to find out where the demand is. He doesn’t have that much money for marketing, so we looked at three top sources for free vacant land deals. Here, I’m sharing those sources with you.

Number one, check out the MLS. There are a ton of properties there, and you can filter things down to target properties that have been on the market for 90 or 180 days. We also looked at for sale by owner properties. We focused on those a lot when we did houses and lease options, but they work for vacant land as well. The last free source is to find other land or home investors who have old leads. You could offer to partner with them and follow up. It’s all a numbers game, and you've got to talk to a lot of sellers and make a ton of offers.

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What’s inside:

  • My top 3 sources for free vacant land deals.
  • How to use the MLS to find leads.
  • How to partner up with other investors on old leads.

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Joe: Hey, what's up, guys? Joe here. Daily cup of Joe. I've got something cool. I want to talk about marketing. I was just sitting with my son and just kind of giving him a refresher course. I have two sons that have helped me with vacant land deals, and together we have done over $150,000 in net profits on these vacant land deals. And it's been amazing. It's been awesome. But one of my sons helps more than the others, and I won't tell you which one. So the one who hasn't been helping as much is wanting to get back into it. And so we were sitting down just a little bit ago and I was talking to him about just kind of he wants to get back into I was talking him about how to pick the right market, how to find out where the demand is, because that's rule number one, whether you're doing land or houses, you want to follow the demand you want to follow. Where are people actually buying properties right now? And so we picked a county in a certain state where there's a lot of activity and he doesn't have much money. I'm not helping him, but I'm helping a little bit, but not that much. Right. Doesn't have a lot of money for marketing. So I said, let's look at some three different marketing strategies and tips.

Joe: So there's a few things we talked about I just want to share with you real quick. Free ways to get leads for vacant land deals. Number one, the MLS. The MLS is the multiple listing service. Anything that's listed for sale on the multiple listing service is one way. There's a ton of properties there, right? So you go to Redfin and then Redfin, you can pull up all of the properties that have been on the market in that target county for over 90 days, over 180 days. So six months and there's hundreds and hundreds. So we were in a particular county and I think there was 550 something properties that have been on the market over six months in those areas. So do you think maybe that seller, that realtor are getting a little tired of just sitting and wait and might become a little motivated to sell their property? Right. So one thing you could do is contact the realtors of those listed properties and send them a text. And we already went ahead and sent some texts and just said, Hey, we see the property here that you have. Would your client be negotiable on price or how negotiable is your client on their price? And sometimes we send texts that say, Hey, listen, we if I could get them something closer to their asking price, would they consider payments over time? Or when I'm talking to a realtor or texting, I'll say, you know, this property is is it giving? Is your client earning any income from it right now? What if I paid him 100 bucks a month for what he'd consider selling it then? So, like, there's different ways and different offers that you can give to sellers, Right? All right, So then that's number one. Find older listings on the MLS, go to Redfin, contact the realtors and ask them would their client be negotiable on the price? And by the way, when you're talking to realtors, you always ask them, Hey, you can represent me and get both sides of the commission, right.

Joe: The other thing we did is we looked at for sale by owners, and that's something that I didn't even think about until just recently because I used to contact a lot of for sale by owners when we were doing houses and lease options. But I've never thought about doing it for vacant land. And this is kind of a secret ninja trick that nobody is, nobody is doing right now. What if you went and you just contacted all the owners of this for sale by owner vacant lots? And you know, just to keep a super simple, you know, send them a text if they're listing it for ten grand, say, hey you know I saw your vacant lot in such and such, you wouldn't consider something around 5000 bucks. So what Let me go back. It's listed for ten K. You would say you wouldn't consider something maybe for 20 $500. See what they say? Or you could ask also, would you consider something around $5,000 with payments over time? So the goal with that is you pay that seller 100 bucks a month for five years and you sell it for 250, $300 a month with owner financing arbitrage. All right. Anyway, are there other any free marketing strategies? Maybe, but those are my favorites. Oh, I know another one. That's great. So there's here's the third tip. Find other land investors or house investors that have old leads and say, Hey, what are you doing with those old leads? And then you go in and then go offer to follow up with them and you start partnering with other people who have old leads that aren't doing any follow up and you just get on the phone and start calling them. So that makes sense. All right. So those are my daily cup of Joe tips. We sent a couple of my son and I just now we're really talking about this for like 5 minutes. We send a couple of text messages and I already have one that responded back. We asked the for sale by owner, Hey, is your price negotiable? And he replied back somewhat. That's how you do it, man. It's a numbers game. You just got to talk to a lot of sellers, make a lot of offers. If you don't have the money for marketing, if you can't pay for marketing with direct mail or you don't have a lot of time, you don't want to do cold calling or you can't pay VAs to do cold calling for you, then just send some text messages, send some emails, talk to some realtors. We'll see you guys. Take care. Bye.

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