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3 Steps To Overcome Objections in Sales

Today’s episode is short and sweet for your daily cup of Joe. I want to give you 3 simple steps to overcome any objection when you’re trying to close a sale. You ready? 

  1. Call them by name.
  2. Agree with them. 
  3. Ask them a question.

Simple but powerful. I share some examples and scenarios implementing these 3 steps…  Bonus tip: do this with a smile on your face. So I guess number 4 would be, BE FRIENDLY. 

That’s it.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 3 quick steps to overcome objections in sales.

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Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. Hey, good morning. Welcome this, Joe. This is your daily cup of Joe. And I'm going to be talking about some really quick, easy tips and tricks on how to do more deals, do more land deals, do more house deals. How to get more clients if you're selling services and stuff like that. But these are just general business things that I've done a lot of things with over the years. All right. So sorry for the janky audio and video. Hopefully it's good. But I want to give you three simple steps to overcome any objection when you have a seller potential client, somebody on the phone. Real simple. Three steps. You're ready. Number one, call them by name. Number two, you agree with them. And number three, you ask them a question. It's very, very powerful. Okay.
So let me give you some examples. Let's say you're negotiating a land deal and you offer the seller a cash offer and an owner financing offer. We're doing a lot more of that these days. And the. So my owner financing offer that my cash offers usually to ridiculously low you still get one out of every 25 to 30 of them accepted but they're not interested in my cash offer. They're interested in the owner financing offer. But they ask you a question of Why don't you give me more money down? Why are you only doing zero down? Or is this right like zero down? So it's a question. It's an objection. You may not know what to say. So I'll say, Jim, it's a great question. Let me ask you something. How much money would you want down? Okay. That's one way to do it. Another way you can do it is a Jim, that's a great question. So you're saying that you need some money down? It's a question, right?
One of my favorites, though, is listen, Jim, that's a great question. I can understand why you're asking. Let me ask you something, though. If I could give you a down payment, could we do a deal today? Another question is listen, Jim, great question. I understand why you want some money down. What do we need to do to make this happen today? So I'm calling them by name, agreeing with them, complimenting them. And then I'm just asking them a question. See, in sales. Whoever asks the questions stays in control and wins. Usually, I mean, it's not like a competition we're trying to win, but it's also it's just great so that you can find a way maybe to give yourself some time to come up with a good response, right? LO So let's say it's a lease option deal in the tent and the seller says, you know, what happens if the tenant trashes the property, for example, right? Basically, a lot of these lease option types of deals. What if the tenant trashed the property? Mary, I can understand why you'd be concerned with the seller trashing the property. I would with the tenant buyer trashing the property, I would be too. Let me ask you something. Has this happened to you before? So you don't want to go into this vomiting spiel of like, selling and saying, well, you know, I'm going to take care of it. You don't have to worry about that because tenant buyers take really good care of the properties and you know, they have a bunch of money down into it and so they have a lot to lose. And I'm just selling. I'm spewing like you don't want to ever sell. That's not what we're trying to do here. You're just asking questions. Let's say you don't know a good answer. Well, that's just simple.
You just say. Mary, Good question. So your concern that the seller is going to trash the property of the tenant buyers, going to trash the property, is that right? I'm just kind of restating the question that they asked. So I'm also asking them a question of why? Why is this a concern? Great question. Why do you ask? Mary, great question. Is this ever happened to you before? And then finally, I'll just say this. I always like to turn it around to say, if I could take care of that objection, whatever it is, could we do a deal today? You know, the number one rule in business, right? You're in business to make money today. So I asked the seller or the client, Hey, listen, if I could take care of that and you didn't have to worry about it, could we do a deal today? Mary, Good question. I would be concerned about the same thing. And believe me, I am. So if I could take care of that for you, could we do a deal today? What would it need? What would need to happen for us to do a deal today? So simple tips. Hope that's helpful for you.
Remember, call the seller by name or the client. Call them by name. Agree with them. Ask them a question. You know, it always helps to smile when you're doing this too. That's maybe number four. You want to be nice and friendly. See you later. Thanks, guys. Bye bye.

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