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Today’s Daily Cup of Joe comes from a recent workshop I did, and I was so glad that students were actually getting on the phone to get leads and close deals! This business is really simple. It comes down to 4 things:

  1. Get leads – get the phone to ring!
  2. Talk to sellers.
  3. Make offers – a lot of them.
  4. Follow up. 

Whether you’re doing houses, vacant land, or commercial real estate, it all comes down to those 4 things. And all of it is done on the phone! If you’re not on the phone, it means you’re not talking to sellers, you’re not making offers, and you’re not marketing. 

Which is why I say, if you’re not on the phone, you’re not making money! No one likes to be on the phone, unless you’re a telemarketer by profession. But you have to get out of your comfort zone and get on the phone. I shared success stories from students during our last coaching workshop, and all they did was get phone numbers and take action. 

Yes, they closed these clients. Whatever it is you’re selling—a service, insurance, coaching, or something else—the bottom line is to get out of your comfort zone, take action, and get on the phone!

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 4 things you need in this business. 
  • Why you need to be on the phone to make money. 
  • What it means to get out of your comfort zone and take action.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. Hey, guys. Joe here. I'm going to be doing more of these videos. Just the kind of these random daily cup of Joes. How about that for a title? Spring is coming here. Summer. It's beautiful day. Why not do some videos of me talking about what's going on in the world of real estate, in the world of business, in a world of making money, making a difference in people's lives. So what I want to tell you today is something that I've been noticing the last few weeks, the last couple three weeks I've done two workshops. First workshop has been talking about we were talking about land deals. In this workshop, we were teaching people how to find vacant land deals. Man, this hair, I just need to shave it all off, don't I? All right, so in this workshop, we were talking about doing land deals. We're talking about how to find seller leads, how to talk to sellers, how to make offers, how to do follow up, the systems and how all of that works. And it was really good, really good. You know, it was cool about it? People were actually getting on the phone and calling sellers, were calling realtors, were making offers.

Like this business is really simple. It comes down to maybe three things, four things, maybe. Number one, you got to get leads. You got to get leads. You got to get the phone to ring. Right. You're not in the real estate investing business. You were in the marketing business. So your number one job is to get leads, right? Get sellers to call you. Right. Number two is talk to sellers so you get the phone to ring. Now, you talked to sellers, you get on the phone, you talk to them. What a concept. Right? Brilliant. Third step is to make offers. You got to make offers. You got to make a lot of offers.

I can't believe it's here. It's like standing straight up, and I don't even have that much of it. The little bit that I have is is refusing to calm down. I just stand straight up. Anyway, So you got to talk to sellers, you got to make offers. Your speed to income in this business is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make, right? So what happened on this workshop that we did? Oh, the fourth thing is you got to follow up. That's all this business comes down to, whether you're doing vacant land or houses or commercial, whatever. It comes down to those four things: marketing, talking to sellers, making offers, following up. That's it.


Now you can go ahead and send your thousand dollar check to Joe McCall at Address Street City State zip. I'll gladly cash in. Okay. But anyway, what's the most important part of all of that? I don't know. There is one thing that's most important, but obviously you don't have sellers to talk to, you're not going to be making offers. And if you don't have sellers to talk to, you're not doing any marketing and you're not making any money. So it all comes down to marketing. But what was so exciting about this workshop that we were doing is that people were actually getting on the phone. They were getting out of their comfort zone like I am right now at this hair, right? I'm out of my comfort zone doing videos with my hair like this. But you know what? This helps. This is going to help you and it's going to help grow my channel on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and all that yummy stuff.

Okay. So what's cool is at this workshop, people get out of their comfort zone, picked up the phone and started talking to sellers and realtors and buyers. And guess what was happening? They were getting sellers. They said, Yeah, I'd sell it. Maybe. I don't know, go ahead and send it off. Or why not? We're getting realtors that were saying, yeah, they might consider selling was owner financing. You can get them a better price. Yeah, sure. Make an offer. Talk to me. I'd like to help you out here. All right. If you are not on the phone, you are not making money. If you are not on the phone, you are not making money. So at these workshops that we're doing, we're pushing people, getting them out of their comfort zone to get on the phone. Now, who likes talking on the phone anyway? Nobody except these crazy sales guys. But guess who makes the most money in business? The sales guys do for the most part if they're smart. I did another workshop this last weekend, and this workshop was for people that were wanting to get into coaching. I was doing this workshop at Tom Krol and it was a lot of fun. It was amazing. It was so cool. We had about 14 or 15 people there and it was just a small, intimate workshop talking about…

Oh, I found a nail on the driveway. If I don't pick this up, I'm going to lose it and somebody is going to drive on it and get a flat tire. We had our we had our siding and gutters replaced a few weeks ago and we're finding these nails. Look at this. All right.


So this workshop, we were teaching people how to get out of their comfort zone and stop hiding behind webinars and video sales letters and application pages and book a call and strategy sessions and all this other stuff that everybody else is doing for selling, coaching or mentoring these days. Right? And we said, Listen, you need to get on the phone. If you're not on the phone, you're not making money. So we made the students post something on Facebook, something along the lines of, Hey, are you a tired, frustrated landlord? If I could show you in 59 days how to get $349 a month in recurring passive cash flow without using any of your own money or credit, even if nobody knows you, would you be interested? They said something like that, right? So it's like calling out the customer, saying, You have this problem. I've got this solution with specific measurable results that you can get. Would you be interested in something like that? Okay, then a call to action. Let me know. Comment down below.

So most of the people there did that. Four of the people got a ton of responses. So I'm torn. I don't know. 20, 30 responses within a few hours. All right. Then we told them, okay, respond and don't send them to an application or another page. Just get their phone number and call them or tell them, Hey, I got your message. You know you're interested. What's your phone number? Text me back or text me at this number. And so these guys that were doing this, the massive action takers, the successful people, all right? They started leaving. Like I forgot. We told them to do that. And these guys kept on walking out, leave with their phones like, you know, okay, it must be important because I forgot, Right? These guys are stepping out to take these calls like boom, boom, boom, just like that. And they're on the phone. And why were there two guys close to people within a few minutes of each other in to sign them up into their coaching program? And then one other girl lady had, oh, I don't know, 20 something responses. One guy did his Facebook post, got no responses. We help them updated and revise it. And then he got like 20 something responses. And so while this we did this on the second day and so during the week…

You hear our neighbor's dogs barking and they've got another, we're dog sitting. Listen, real quick, I'll tell you a story. We're dog sitting, a friend's dog, and my two dogs right here by Willow and Daisy say hi. Those two dogs do not play well with small dogs. And so we are housesitting for two days, a little small wiener dog. So this will be a fun weekend. My wife's going out of town. I get to help watch my kids, but they're old mature kids now, but I get to watch this wiener dog. I keep you updated on that.


Anyway, so guess what happens? These two guys sign up about 10 to $15000 worth of coaching clients on the phone, didn't send them to a coaching application, didn't send them to a sales floor by, got them on the phone and talk to them. And these conversations were short, ten minute conversations, very real easy. And then those two guys said, we're real close with one or two other people. And then this other lady was real close, was working on talking to a couple of people. So from that workshop, we'll get it for a minimum, at least two. We'll probably have four people sign up for coaching to our students every other workshop.

All right, so what does this all have to do with you? So what, Joe, get to the point. Well, if you haven't figured out the point already, I'll just explain it again. Get out of your comfort zone, get on the phone, start talking to people. That's it. Whether you're doing real estate deals or you're selling coaching and mentoring, if you're selling multi multilevel marketing stuff, if you're selling, what else could you be selling?

See, our dogs, they're so excited. They have no idea this other dog's going to come out, boy. All right, So whatever you're selling insurance, lawn care, mosquito, like we pay these mosquito squad companies that come here to spray paint them an ungodly amount of money. Right. But it's amazing. It works. Keeps mosquitoes away. So how do those guys make all this money? How do they get my business? They get on the phone, they call me, they text me, Hey, do you need some new mulch? Yeah. Look at this mulch here. Well, I can't show it I guess. See this mulch? I'm not even going to tell you how much all that cost, but it's ridiculous. You know what? This guy texts me all the time. Hey, you need some new mulch? Yeah, why not? Let's get some new mulch. I got nothing better to do with all this money that I just got sitting around, You know, burn a hole in my pocket. Yeah, let's do some. Let's do some more special landscaping. Let's do some more. Do you need new siding and new gutters? You need a new window up there. That's all new. If you've seen my videos in the past.

Anyway, get on the phone. If you're not on the phone, you're not making money. That's the whole point of this ten-minute video. I hope you understand. So what do you now? What's the what's the next step? Get on the phone. Get on the phone. Start calling sellers. Start calling buyers. Start calling realtors. Start following up with your old leads. Right? If you've got old, if you're doing coaching and mentoring, you know, you've got all the leads on there that have applied before. Maybe they weren't. It wasn't a good time for them or something. Give them a call back, text them, find out what's going on and get on the phone. Stop trying to hide behind the phone. All right. That's all I got. We'll see you guys back. Bye-bye.

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