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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in A Brand New $100,000 Coaching Business

In our upcoming coach marketing workshop in Orlando, Tom Krol and I are going to show students how to achieve leapfrog success and avoid some of the most common mistakes. We’re going to talk about getting your revenue in the first position and not focusing on the stuff a lot of other coaches teach, like too much setup. We’re getting right to the meat and potatoes. Tom and I have collectively sold over $30 million worth of coaching products and services. We’re very passionate about what we do, and we want to change people’s lives by showing them how to do it themselves.

A lot of you out there tuning in might have success selling real estate, software, or something else, and you’re ready to share your secrets with others. At our workshop, Tom and I will tell you how to make a coaching business work without losing your weekends, without the fancy sales funnels, and without spending 80+ hours a week on it. Here, Tom and I talk about being a generous expert, why you need to sell it before you build it, and how Tom built Wholesaling Inc. The coach marketing workshop is on May 18th and 19th in Orlando. Grab your spot by clicking the link below.

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What’s inside:

  • What to focus on when building a coaching business and what to avoid.
  • How Tom built Wholesaling Inc.
  • Info on the upcoming coach marketing workshop.

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Joe: Hey, what's going on? Guys, this is the Joe and Tom Show. How are you doing, Tom?

Tom: Good to see you, brother.

Joe: Good to see you too, handsome. Before we went live, we were talking about how handsome we are. And Tom is talking about how he has to keep the ladies away all the time. Right. Shirts.

Tom: Plaid shirts are what does it?

Joe: Yeah. And we were both saying, you know, that, God, we aren't, like, super good looking because, you know, we got amazing, beautiful wives and we don't want to deal with those temptations.

Tom: That's it. Absolutely true. Now, I'll ring the victory bell for that.

Joe: Come on. Your wife's amazing. My wife is more amazing, I have to admit. But we are both very, very blessed to have amazing wives in our lives, aren't we?

Tom: Absolutely. Healthy families. Healthy wives. Thank God.

Joe: How many kids do you have?

Tom: Logan. Lacey. Lily. Lucas. Levi. Five kids. Hi. And Luna right there. Let's see. Where is she? There's Luna. Luna, are you alive? Oh, there she is. She lifted her head for us. That's. That's all you get out of Luna. She's the laziest dog you ever met. She's like her owner.

Joe: And that's a trundle bed or something, isn't it? And your.

Tom: Oh, that's. That's my, that right there. That's my 2:00 afternoon nap. 20 minute nap. Murphy bed.

Joe: And you still take naps every day.

Tom: Oh, you better believe it. I love it. I love it. It's like having in two days, in one, I get done a mountain of work.

Joe: That's awesome. Yeah, hopefully at this coach marketing workshop. Seriously, though, in this coach marketing workshop, Tom will talk a lot about how to be efficient with your work day.

Tom: Oh, yeah, yes. There's no such thing as time management. There is only priority management and we're to talk about that. We're talking about 50 10 50, which is one of the secrets to, you know, to really having exponential or what I call leapfrog success. And we're going to talk about getting revenue in first position and, you know, not focusing on all this other stuff that all of these other coaches coach, which is, you know, they have you setting up all this stuff and it's everything except for revenue. We're going to get right to the meat and potatoes and I'm going to put that right out there. We're going to get right.

Joe: Let's talk about that revenue and first position. First of all, we're doing a workshop, Tom and I in Orlando coming up here May 18th through the 19th in Orlando, Florida. And Tom and I have both collectively sold over $30 million worth of coaching and info products and services. And we're very, very passionate about this business. We want to help people who are interested in changing people's lives, who have a message to share, who want to get it out there and tell more people about it, what it is that they do. And we want to help people not just make a lot of money that comes with it. We want to help people make an impact and a difference, leave a legacy in people's lives. And so there's a lot of you all out there listening to this who have something inside of you that you want to share with the world you want. You're maybe you're having some success selling real estate, doing real estate, maybe have some success selling software services. It could be a completely different industry outside of real estate. That's where both Tom and I got our start. You just want some help with like, okay, how do I how do I help more people about this? How can I get paid to help other people with the knowledge that I have and then do it well without losing my nights and weekends, without working 80 hours a week, without doing all these fancy funnels and tunnels and webinars and vessels and all that stuff, it can be done. And Tom is the expert at that. He is the guy and he's got some amazing text messages he's going to share in a minute here. Now, the students that he's been helping, having success getting to their first ten, 20, 30 grand a month consistently. So getting to 100 grand is actually relatively easy if you're doing the right things.

Tom: Yeah. I mean, you know, guys here is the truth of the matter. And it's funny, you know, first of all, Joe brought up a good point, which is if you are an expert, if you actually have had a result and don't downplay your results in no matter what it is, even if it's just to maybe to you, seems like a small result, like maybe working part time, you can teach people how to make an extra two or $3,000 a month. That's a game changer. That's a multimillion dollar coaching business. So you don't you have a seat at the table, right? You don't have to. You don't have to. Sometimes coaches have a tendency to exaggerate or let's just say to, you know, exaggerate their results and downplay, you know, some of like speak and think in gross instead of net. And you don't have to do that. But the bottom line, I mean, I just now just literally as we're on the phone on this, I just got a text from Brant Bowers who sent me some awesome due to be a great little piece of information here. And you know, he was a student of mine, had phenomenal success. Brant, you know, Brant Bowers came in, he was coaching, he was doing land, wanted to coach it. Brant Daniels is another one, right? Coaching, coaching, how to do real estate in the phone had tremendous success. I was just in an of that with him. But guys the bottom line is a lot of these coaches who coach coaches, consultants at agency businesses, you know, with them if you join their programs or if you get in touch with them, you know you're going to. I have a few students I just brought on and I'll show I'll send you this if you I don't know if you like attached this to the three. Or somehow what? I don't know. Great. Sure, technical stuff works, but I'll send to them. So you guys know they're real. Real? I got contacted yesterday by three students. One is one is not a new student. He's. He's a previous he's a he's still a current student, but he's been in the program for a while. Two are brand new, literally just started less than a week ago.

Joe: So you have a program called Coaching Inc. Is that what you're talking about.

Tom: Coaching Inc. and private client and what we're going to be what we're going to be teaching is exactly the same stuff at this coach marketing workshop. And yesterday I got three text messages which is again, guys, and even if you don't have an audience, I mean, this is so critical. Yesterday, 25,000 collected by one new student, 30,000 collected by one new student, 35,000 collected by a student who's been on my program for a while. And all of this stuff about, you know, when you come into a coaching program, you have to start working on your webinar, setting up your seminar, building your funnel, building your website, building your tunnel, your all of this stuff. Not only will it take your money, but it will take your time, and time is the only thing that you really it's very limited for everyone. So the bottom line is the way to solve all these program, all of these problems is to start making revenue on day one immediately, right out of the gate, you got to start driving revenue. And it's not the tools. The tools are not going to create the revenue. It's not some fancy CRM or webinar tool or whatever they have you working on. It's email Autoresponder I. Somebody just called me. So what's best A Weber or MailChimp or.

Joe: Don't ever ask Tom that kind of question.

Tom: Don't ask me that question. But the bottom line is, if you can get out there and instead of being a coach, just be a generous expert and start being a go giver and have contagious enthusiasm and authenticity and bring real value to your content, that's what all of those tools are meant to do is just broadcast your message. But the message is up to you. It's not up to those tools. So all of these coaches who coach you how to use all of these tools are wasting your time and money and you're putting in more money and you're getting frustrated. You're building you know, there's one coach who coaches you how to build the modules. Like on day one, he put you into a program and he owns the module creator and you start building modules and you feel good, right? Because you feel like you're working right? Some things are right. You need revenue in first position. If you can't make 10 to $20000 a month consistently, consistently you should. You don't need any tools. You know what you need? You need like a notebook. Where's our focus?

Joe: So important to understand this. Like you need this, you need to sell it before you build it, before you create and not the end of things. Yeah, well, I've done this dozens of times where I will create or sell a program and then fulfill it over the next 6 to 8 weeks. It's one of the things I'll be talking about. It's what's one of the best ways to put together a product that can become either just a simple course infill product or it become your main coaching curriculum. Sell it first, get people in it, live as you're teaching it. And one of the things I like to do this, I call it a case study now oftentimes do this to update my courses. I'll say, Hey, I'm doing a live six week case study starts April 15th and it's going to go for 6 to 8 weeks. I'm going to be teaching it live on Tuesdays, right? And then on Thursdays I'm going to do a group coaching call. And what this does is it creates some urgency and scarcity because you can say, I'm only taking 12 people. I starts on this date days. The doors closed on this date. I'm only working the first 12 that come in. Get it. You're going to get my undivided attention. You're going to be working closely with me during this window of time, 6 to 8 weeks, and I'm going to be teaching it. And the great thing about teaching it lie is you're going to get the questions afterwards coming in and then maybe you didn't clarify something well enough. Maybe you need to emphasize something more. Maybe there's some misunderstandings so you can kind of update it as you're teaching it. Right. And then you give the people that are in the program time to go implement it and come back and report on their results. So you give them little small wins every single lesson. All right. Now this is what you need to do. Go do this. Report back your results. Maybe it's in a Facebook group, maybe it's in a private forum or something like that in a community. And then you so you're creating it as you go, but you're now you're also reporting back on the results and the little wins that everybody's doing. And if you see like after the first or second week, nobody's done anything yet, well, something's wrong there. Maybe you're not giving them small enough wins, small enough tasks, easy enough things to do. Maybe you're completely overwhelming them.

Tom: And I don't mean to interrupt you Joe, but if you're having trouble following what Joe is saying, what he's talking about are the tenets of a successful business. The tenants are progress, not perfection. Duration can be a form of procrastination. Mass, massive imperfect action. This is what you're going to learn at this workshop, is we're not we're not your accountability partner. We're not there to be friends. We are there to give you to give you clear instruction so that you can take massive action, so that you can get a result, so that you can get education. That that's the secret, guys, right? Is the education is at the end, not the beginning. The formula for success is good instruction. Plus your imperfect action will get you results will get you education. A lot of people, what they do is they take that information education piece and they put it at the front. That's not where it belongs. The reason you're not netting 100K per month has nothing to do with a lack of information. Information is actually the problem because it making you go all over the place and you're sitting at Panera Bread on a cold day drinking coffee and eating a cheese bowl through a bread bowl with cheese soup and cheddar broccoli soup. And you're listening to Joe on a podcast or you're listening to myself on some interview. And that feels good, right? It feels like it's warm and you're progressing and you're moving, but it's not your problem is not information. It's clear instruction, massive action results, education. If you follow that formula from people who've actually had a coaching business, this is what makes Joe and I stand out and why we're unique. Joe and I have coaching. Business is right. This is the difference. Our coaching businesses was not coaching coaches. Our coaching businesses are coaching actual students like you guys do. So we know what works. That's why we don't put you into some CRM. So module creator right out of the gate. We know that revenue in first position will. So if you come into the program and you start making 20, 30, $40,000 a month right out of the gate, I promise you everything else is going to be so much easier because you're not going to have to learn all of these tricks, tips and tricks because you're going to put people in place. That's what a team does. If Joe and I wouldn't hire you to be our marketing person or our salesperson or our administrative assistant or our operations manager or director of support or director of customer service, then you shouldn't hire yourself. You should just go out and make money and then let those team members who want to be part of an amazing team do the parts of specialization that they're good at. You guys, business is easy. Owners are complicated. There is nothing complicated about this simple stuff. People over comp and card percolated, complicated people over complicated because they don't really you know, it's it keeps people busy and it feels good. But the reality is everything that you want is going to require some discomfort, some sacrifice, some awkward conversations. It's going to require you putting yourself out there. Anybody who tells you that you can start a coaching, consulting, mentoring or agency business without awkward conversations and putting yourself out there, I promise you doesn't know what they're talking about. This is not an information problem. This is not a marketing problem. This is a messaging problem. You need to understand what you do, who you do it for, how you do it. You have to provide value. You have to have contagious enthusiasm for something that you found that actually helped you. You have to be authentic. You have to practice brutal honesty. And I'm telling you, if you follow those tenants, they're not just the right thing to do. They're the best thing to do that the most efficient and the most effective, and they get the most results the fastest. So you could stop all this frustration of, you know, trying to pick slide. I remember, you know, one of the I come across these coaches and they're like, well, how can you help me pick my slides from my webinar? I'm like, What are you talking about? What flights each talk you or you do they want help? What's the. Davis What they always want help with the CRM. They'll have like some expensive like, are you using HubSpot or Infusionsoft? It's like, what are you taught you? No idea what these people are talking about, guys. This is like, Oh, I mean, I, this is so easy and it could be so in what Joe was talking about before is the B.S. method. That's what most people are following. I'm going to build it. I'm going to make it perfect. I'm going to go to a studio and near record of the modules, and then I'm going to do the hard work of trying to sell. You guys know, you sell first and then they build. You sell, right? Find out what their pain is, you sell the solution, and then they build your students. Build the course, not you. How do they build the course with their questions, with their feedback, with their results, with their hurdles, their objections, their obstacles? They're building the course. That's what makes a big sellable cash cow, scalable coaching consulting agency business. That's the secret.

Joe: Yeah. You build Wholesaling Inc. just like that. I remember when I remember when looking when I when I would log in to Wholesaling Inc, I was like, holy smokes, he has how many thousands of students in this thing? And it wasn't anything fancy and it was. Talk a little bit about how you built Wholesaling Inc. and how you built those modules in the course.

Tom: Yeah. So I was I was, I was struggling financially. I found a solution in this particular case, it was in real estate that worked to make my life better. And just like every coach drive just like you, Joe, just like every natural coach, when I find something that's good, I understand that more for you. Does it mean less for me? So I. I'm a natural go giver. I love when I find a solution. I've called Joe on several occasions about other solutions that are totally outside of coaching. If I find something that works for me, whether it's a book or an article or a mentor or a mastermind or whatever, I just have a natural tendency to share. And so I was sharing it. I would go up to people, real estate agents, investors and just tell everybody. And I thank goodness I had the right mentors when I started my coaching business, who told me that the two most important things in first position are number one, sales and revenue and number two, customer success. So I literally married myself to those two things. I went out and learned how to tell people what I was doing and charged the money. I remember the first payments I took were $397 three times in a row. Like it was a little ridiculous back then, but I would legitimately drive. I remember people I won't say their names because I don't want to embarrass any of my students because I am still friends with about my first about my first 20 I still keep in touch with, but I would drive to their house. I did not care. I remember I drove. I mean, I would drive the house locally, but I drove to a house in Louisiana and I live in Florida and I was like, No, dude. Oh yeah, absolutely. Because guys and here's the reason. It's not because I'm a good guy and anything like that. It's because if you want a business that is going to be a big, sellable, scalable coaching business that runs without you, you have to have students getting results out. Are all of your students going to get results? Absolutely not, especially not at scale. But if you build your product intentionally to create revenue and to have happy students who are actually getting what they're paying you their hard money for, that is the scalability. The success is scalable, not having success. First of all, you don't want it to scale. Trust me, Joe and I both know guys who have done that where you try to scale something that's not getting a good result for people, it doesn't work. I'm telling you, even if you think it works for a season, I promise you guys it doesn't work. So the building blocks are very simple. If I were to ask any of you guys who are listening this as a new coach or consultant, like what's important, you just know in your belly, just in a visceral way that happy people, happy students and money and making money are like two really good ideas of business. And I like it's this is not brain surgery. So anything that you're doing in the first few months other than driving revenue and working hard, you know, this is something I talk about all the time is some new coaches will say, Well, you are any coach, you'll say, well, you know, I brought the horse water. It didn't drink. It's their fault. No way, Jose. No way. The truth is, if that was your daughter's horse or pony and it was sick, you'd cup your hands. You bring the water to its mouth and you don't have to do that every time. Because once you understand that methodology, that coaching is about permission, it's about confidence, it's about clarity, it's about results. It's not about information. It's not about there's nothing that you're going to teach anyone that they can't learn on YouTube in literally 30 seconds. Coaching has nothing to do with information like 1%. The rest is how do you get a group of people to take uncomfortable action that they don't want to take? And if you can learn that, that it will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

Joe: Yeah. So when you did your course originally, it was just it was kind of like you did every day. You had a 30 minute module or something that was basically from a coaching call, wasn't it?

Tom: Also, first of all, the framework and this is something we're going to talk about, I call a series of small wins, so we're going to go over this guys in the Coach Marketing workshop. Yeah, we call it a series of small wins and it's a way to codify what you do in order to teach it to the masses at scale without you being there. And we have found a lot in doing that of how to, how to unwind that in a way that is logical. But yes, the bottom line is you your course, the best courses are built by the students, not by the instructor, because they tell you that. And the reason is. Donald Miller. Joe, I know you don't remember this, but you and I went three days with Donald Miller, but you don't remember it. But it's true, guys. It did happen. We have other people who were there to witnesses. But what happens is Donald Miller had a really good way of describing this and the way he said it, which really stuck with me, is he said, you know what you do right? You are a ten and it's very difficult for your brain, even if you try really, really, really hard to go down to a12 where your students are starting. And when you allow. So when a coach does the best method and they build a course, they're up at like a seven, eight, nine, ten. And there's no relatability of that instruction to a one. But when you turn that on its head and you allow the students to drive the course modules with their questions and frustrations and objections and all of that, that's how you create a sellable course that is relatable, that works. You're not using jargon, you're not using inside baseball and all of these terms and acronyms or the my favorite word is esoteric, right? You're not using specialized knowledge to only a few, but small group of people. And that's how I built Wholesaling Inc. And it was an overnight success and it was it experienced leapfrog success. And we had now since then Joe has now beat it, beaten me, but we had pages and pages of pages of just you could scroll, you can literally just it just never ended the scrolling of social proof, which by the way, social proof is one of the things we're going to talk about. There are yeah, there's a few hacks in social proof, too, to really get amazing social proof. Right out of the gate.

Joe: I saw Tom with his testimonials. And by the way, you also know I'd never seen a coaching program have more successful students than Tom's based on me now. Now, Brent Daniels has taken over and it's done. Just amazing. But I am proud to say I have. I finally surpassed him in reviews and testimonials. But yeah, so this is going to be a great workshop. Yeah, we're going to be talking about just things that from real world experience. This is what we have done to have the success that we've had and a lot of you guys, you're in different places. You know, you may want to get into coaching, you may want to create an info product. You've got something that you're passionate about that you know, it can help a lot of people and you just want to get to your first ten grand a month. Our first hundred grand a year. You might already be there, though. You might already be at a million bucks for a long time. I was at right around 750 800 grand a year, really struggling for about three years to break through that million dollar a year mark and be to brother. Yeah, there's this weird barrier right there that's I don't know if it's mental or what, but you just kind of have to make some shifts and understand how to how to just grow the smart way right now with fads and not with trends. So we're going to be talking a lot about that I'm going to be sharing with you. We are now when we talk about funnels and tunnels and we make fun of that kind of stuff, we still use funnels, right?

Tom: Oh yeah. Let me be clear. Simple. I just Yeah. Have their super. I just want to be clear. I'm not against any of that stuff, guys. Yeah, this is, this is why Joe and I make such a great collaboration is because first and foremost, neither one of us were coaches, coaches. We had a coaching business which is totally different and totally not comparable to the rest of the what's out there guys right now. But also we are great collaborators because we can help the student through the full seasoning of going from scratch with no audience and no revenue through a product being built by students to revenue in first position and making tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then automating all that and adding to that with the funnels and all of the stuff that Joe has for you on that. So yes, and without funnels, tunnels, webinars and seminars and all that other stuff, I would have had no very limited success, I would say. So you do need that stuff, but you just don't need it on day one. So we're going to we're going to we've incorporated that into how to how to set it up where you're not you don't have these your brainpower to do it.

Joe: Yes. It's kind of like to get to your first 100K a year, first hundred grand. Just do what Tom says to do. Keep it super simple. Once you're there and you want to scale, you want to start doing webinars or doing paid ads, doing challenges with little workshops to get people in your coaching program. We're going to be talking a lot about that. We're also going to talking about how to create a content marketing machine because it's really important you start out being a massive, massive go giver and not be afraid to give away too much. So it's going to be a lot of fun. You're going to get tremendous value from this. I also want to put on if you have questions and you want to text me, this is my Google voice number. If you're interested in this workshop and you want you have questions about this, you cover this discovery that what about this? Text me right now at 314-596-2452. Again 314-596-2452. And ask away any questions that you've got. I'll be more than happy to answer that. If you want to talk to Tom or you want to talk to me, just get on the phone. Just let me know in that text and I'll give you Tom's personal cell phone number and I'll answer it anyway.

Tom: I was going to say you could give it out. It's not going to get picked up.

Joe: But we'll schedule it. Time to get you on the phone with me and Tom. If you want to talk about the workshop, it's going to be massive. It's going to be really good. There's we don't know anybody else doing this again. Like we said before.

Tom: No one is doing that.

Joe: Everyone who's teaching coaching is making money, teaching coaching. Right. We're going to tell you exactly what we do.

Tom: And in their programs. And I'm not like I'm not bashing anybody. But the reality is, is I have students who just texted me yesterday, which I'm going to send to you right after this interview, joke of people who I think all totaled combined, we did 25, 30 and 35. So that that that is what that 60,000 or I don't even know what it is. What is that? 60, 75, $85,000 yesterday. Two of them were totally brand new. And guys, the reason is, is because if you were in another course right now, let me tell you what would be happening. You would be still to this day, weeks end, you'd be frustrated trying to build a funnel or you'd be frustrated trying to build a webinar or you'd be frustrated trying to book a hotel for a seminar, or you'd be frustrated trying to set up the modules or build a course in a module, creating software. That is not the answer. That's what the herd is doing. The whole herd is running off that cliff. Don't follow the herd. Don't follow the herd. Joe and I are going to give you specific instruction and we're going to give you specific instruction that is going to be directly related to revenue and helping students. And what even if you don't have a product, even if you even if you don't have an audience, even if you don't have a list, you don't need any of that stuff, you can start just like Ray did. We were talking about him in the last one right out of the gate and just did six figures immediately because he put revenue and being a go giver at something I call being a being the generous expert, Don't be a coach. Don't put up that wall of a coach doll to put up with. Soon as you come out with all this stuff that all these people, these gurus want you to have and you put up this wall of between you and the marketplace and people know something is for sale, you're going to be repelling the right people by droves. By droves. Instead, just be the generous expert. Put yourself out there, produce, give valuable whatever you. I'm going to give you one usable tip, whatever. When you go to do content and you guys should stop watching this when you're done and go and do content today, go live on whatever social media platform you want. It doesn't matter. Pick one, go live, and whatever your best secret is, your best tip for a biz up opportunity or for real estate or for fitness or for mental health, whatever. You're like, Man, I don't want to say this because if I say this, they're not going to buy for me. Start there. That should be the first thing. Yeah, go ahead, Joe.

Joe: Well, I just thought of something from my own self that I should be doing. I learned a new little trick on how to find vacant land deals. And I was at first this like, Oh, no, I can't share this with anybody except my students. You know.

Tom: You and I had the same conversation with the same person yesterday because I the reason Brent Bowers texted me was because I learned a land trick yesterday too. So I guarantee you and I had the same conversation with the same person.

Joe: So that's it, he was brilliant.

Tom: Now that's a good example.

Joe: This guy Brent is one of those generous go givers. Yeah. Started in your program and now he's one of the coaches. Give it to me, talk. He's like, Man, let me tell you what's working. Yeah, okay. Yeah, tell me. I got a student that's doing this, doing a deal every three days. Blah, blah, blah. And I was like, That is fantastic. Can I? And I, after I asked, Can I share that with my students? Yeah, let's go. So it's like, gosh, I'm very with him. What's working for my students? It's everybody wins.

Tom: Guys. I cannot this is a real conversation, right? This is what actually happens. What successful wealthy people understand is that more for you does not mean less for me. More for you means more for me. Because we don't have a thimble or we're not all scraping from a puddle. We have we have four we have two five gallon buckets in each hand and we're drawing from the ocean. That's that should be our belief system, because that's real. That's reality, I promise. You read the book, The Go Giver, but any book, the one thing by the one thing talks about this, Gary Keller, Scott Alexander talks about this in Rhinoceros Success. Daniel Lapin talks about this and Business Secrets from the Bible. Alex Hormozi talks about this $100 Million Offers, Victor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning, on and on and on and on. Not there's not a single dissenting opinion. The reason why Brent Bowers is successful is because and I think I probably Joe had a conversation with his student because I think I know what you're going to say. But the reason that these men are successful is in women is because they're gold givers, because you really have to take off this brain of this is the biggest thing in coaching. You cannot have a scarcity mindset if you're sharing like it's a mismatch, right? You'll be misfiring the whole time. So yeah, that that's a that is funny. This was not planned for Joe and I talk about this, so that's a real that's a legitimate conversation that happened.

Joe: All right. So a couple of things to I want to share with you. Here's a link coach marketing workshop dot com slash family. Tom and I both did presentations a few weeks ago at a mastermind called the Family Mastermind and you can get a copy, view our two presentations are both about 30 minutes long. If you go to coach marketing workshop dot com slash family and there I talked about how we sold over two and a half, almost two and a half million dollars of a webinar in 13 months. I want to share with you what we did and then Tom has a presentation there How to Grow and Scale a Coaching Business that helps. What did you say? It was so good.

Tom: How the title was, How to How to create a sellable, scalable multimillion dollar coaching business that's hands off. It runs without you and you know how to do it in short order. And simple.

Joe: Helps thousands and makes millions or something that.

Tom: Helps thousands and makes millions. Guys I can tell you it's so simple. Everyone is doing 99.5% of the new coaches out there and even the seasoned coaches are going about this the wrong way there. They're making the coaching program about what I want as a coach. I really want to work with experienced people. I nobody cares what you want. That's your talents aren't made for what you want. That's what your hobbies are for. Your talents are made. A business is a group's collective talents collaborating to love God's other children. It's not about you. It's about them, does it? Nobody cares what you want. We're not going to build a coaching program around what you want. You know, if I were to if I want to be in a cushy program, this is what I want. Nobody cares. The only better person who cares is the buyer is the student. That's who you have to build it for. And I'll give you another little quick tip. We work with beginners and rookies. The funnel. The funnel is this.

Joe: Way bigger, way bigger.

Tom: 35 million people. When you say I only want to work with people who've already done a deal and already have experience and help them scale, you just went from 35 million to 3500. It doesn't work. So we're going to teach you all of these basic rules. And when you go after the top of the funnel, the beginners, you can still work with the 3500 people who already have experience. Who do you think my clients are closing for $30,000. They're not closing the beginners. So I really would encourage you to like, don't come to this webinar if you are if you have personal experience doing something that you that has made your life better, whether it's in mental health, fitness biz up real estate building and a new business in photography or in bookkeeping or whatever you want, whatever you found, you were unhappy, you found something that brought you happiness and joy and peace and fight and more money and more freedom. And now you want to share it with the world. That's our only ask. Our only ask is that don't come to this workshop. If you have not yet found this thing, if you have nothing and you just read a book on finance and you want to teach personal finance and you're broke. Joe and I are not going to coach it. But if you have personal experience, even if you have no product, no audience, and you're just getting started, if you want to stop with all of the tools and the wasting of time and money and the frustration and building stuff and just get straight to revenue and straight to helping people, that's who this course is for that too. This workshop is for us, for you guys who are ready to jump in and let's, you know, get in the trenches, get our hands dirty.

Joe: Let's go. I'm excited. Yeah. Come on. Coach marketing workshop dot com. If you have questions and you want to text me, this is my Google voice number. It goes right to my cell phone. 314-596-2452. Again, 314-596-2452. Do you have any questions or you want to talk to me and Tom and will answer some questions that you might have about. It's going to be amazing, May 18th or 19th, coming up in Orlando, Florida. All right. Thank you, Tom. Good talking to you, man.

Tom: Thank you, Joe. Good talking to you, brother. Enjoy the day. And I'm looking forward to seeing you in Orlando. Luna knows it's time to go. She just got up and she's walking towards the door. That's it. She knows when I'm wrapping up an interview. All right, guys.

Joe: We'll see y'all later. Take care, everybody.

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