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Land Investors Are Lazy

I was talking to a friend of mine recently about how land investors are lazy. This isn’t a bad thing, because a lot of us are used to sending out blind offers and neutral letters to a downloaded list of landowners. It’s all a numbers game. But I’ve been thinking about this and I have some observations. I’ve been teaching my land course now for over a year and the people who are doing the most deals are the ones who are aggressive with three main things.

The first one is that they’re doing a ton of consistent marketing. They’re taking action or they’ve outsourced it, but they’re not just doing marketing when the stars are aligned. The second thing is that they’re talking to people. It’s not that complicated – if you want to do a lot of deals, you need to talk to a lot of people. Lastly, they’re relentlessly following up with their old leads. They send offers out over and over again and that’s where the magic happens.

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Joe: Hey, Joe here. Just wanted to talk to you guys real quick. I'm actually in my car in downtown Saint Louis. My daughter has a gymnastics meet, and so I just parked and I'm going to record a quick podcast because I was thinking of something and I was talking to a friend of mine, a student and a friend. And I've coached this guy for a long, long time and he's doing really well. And but anyway, we were talking about he used to wholesale houses and he's been doing land for the last couple of years. And we were talking about how land investors are getting not are getting land investors are lazy. And that's again, that's not a bad thing, right? Not a bad thing at all because we're used to as land investors, a lot of them have just for years have been sending out blind offers. You know, they download a list of a thousand landowners and they send them all an offer on their property based on a dollar per acre number that they get. And it's just a numbers game. You get one out of a thousand accepted or whatever, which is good. And then sometimes we'll send a neutral letter like what I teach and what I do, and I'll send a neutral letter and will, which means just like it's not a blind offer, just says, Hey, if you want to sell your property, call or text the 24 hour recorded voice mail, it goes to voicemail. And then we listen to the voice mail, do a little research. 5 minutes later, send them an offer at $0.25 on the dollar and we get one out of every 30 accepted or whatever.

Joe: But I've been thinking about this. I have some observations. I've been teaching my land course now for over a year, and the people that I see doing the most deals are the ones who are more aggressive with a couple of things, but the biggest ones are, number one, they're there's three things. The number one, they're doing a lot of marketing and they're doing it consistently, not here and they're not when they feel like it or not. When the moon is in the right phase or the stars are aligned, it's like every single week they're sending out their letters or postcards or they're doing their cold calling or texting, whatever. Right? And it's consistent and they're not doing it. They've got someone else to do it. Every week. The marketing is going out at scale. I have a new student, a couple of months in, has already got eight deals under contract, has sold four of them, and is sitting on about a $40,000 in profit, $40,000. Now he sold those with owner financing, so I'm not guaranteeing that for those results for anybody. Those are not typical, unfortunately. But yeah, so the second thing they do is they talk to people. They you've heard of Brent, what's his name? Daniels the TTP guy. I remember when he first came out with that and I was talking to him on my podcast, the TTP. I love that concept. Talk to people. It's like really, really simple. It's not that complicated. If you want to do a lot of deals, you got to talk to a lot of people. And there's the sales is the million dollar skill. That's like the most important business skill you could learn is sales and how to talk to people. And if you want to do more deals, especially land deals, then you need to talk to more sellers, you need to talk to seller. So maybe instead of, you know, sending blind offers, instead of sending a neutral letter, making them leave a voicemail and then sending them an offer and then talking to them after they get the offer. What if, by golly, you just answered the phone when they called or as soon as they left a voicemail, you called him back and talked to him and asked him questions about the property and ask them, you know, why do you want to sell this thing? Is this a now thing or a later thing for you? Sounds like a nice property. Why do you even want to sell it? Why don't you just listen on the MLS? If I could pay all cash and clothes quick, you don't have to worry about closing costs or real estate realtor commissions. What's the least you would take? Oh. Oh, Is that the lowest you can go? You know what I'm saying? Just going through that traditional wholesalers, wholesalers, script, the cash buyers script with motivated sellers. You know what I'm saying? Like, what if we treated the land business like wholesalers, treat the house business and learn sales and learn how to negotiate? All right, then the third thing that the successful land investors are doing, the ones that are doing deals. And the ones that are doing a lot of houses. They're following up relentlessly again. Not when they feel like it. Not when they're bored. Not when they've got extra money sitting in the bank account. They need to do something with it. Not when they feel like they're doing it every single month, every 30 days. At least at a minimum, they're following up with all of their old leads. It's a voicemail. It's an email to text messages. It's a letter in the mail. They're following up and they're sending offers over and over and over again. So that's where the deals happen. That's where the magic happens.

Joe: So if you're a land investor listening to this and you're kind of wondering why am I not doing more deals or why have I only done four deals in the last six months, you need to go back to the basics. And I say this over and over and I need to. I wrote a book about this called Brilliant at the Basics, and I need to rewrite it again. And I've been it's on my to do list for a long time now. But really, it's not complicated. It's not rocket science. If you want to do a lot of deals, make a lot of money in real estate, look at the people that are doing a lot of deals. And what are they doing that you're not? How could you what could you copy and emulate and learn from them? And here it is. I'm telling you right now, you know what? It's marketing. A lot of consistent marketing make offers, make a lot of offers, talk to sellers, talk to a lot of sellers, and do a lot of follow up. That's it. Simple. And so back to what my friend was saying, like, yeah, land investors are lazy. We've had it too easy. And as land investing maybe gets more competitive and it's got a long ways, long ways to go before it's as competitive as houses. But people who've been doing land for a long time are complaining and whining now. They're like, Oh man, it is more competitive than it's ever been. Maybe it is, but still, when you compare houses, it's nothing. And sellers are much more detached and separated from their land than a seller is from a house. So it's like way easier to negotiate big discounts. But you get what I'm saying, right? Like it's time to take care, not to take our game up a notch. It's time to take this more seriously and stop farting around and treat this like a business. Reminds me of something Frank Kern said once. There's two commandments in business. Is that right? Number two, I think it might be three, but the two are. Stop farting around and stop being a sissy. Now, he didn't use those words. He used the more colorful language. But I think that's really true, right? Like, we need to stop farting around and dinking around with our websites and our business cards and learning new tactics and strategies. We need to start taking this seriously and start doing the stuff that matters. The revenue generating activities, the $500 an hour activities, not the $5 an hour activities. And the other thing is we need to stop being a sissy and stop being afraid of success. I think sometimes fear of success is bigger, a bigger hindrance than the fear of failure. People are worried like, Oh my gosh, what if the seller says yes? And what then? What am I going to do? So we'll go and we'll spend, you know, 30, $50,000 on coaching. But we won't spend 30 grand. We won't spend ten grand on marketing. We're like, All right, so stop farting around. Stop being a sissy, Take the seriously, Get good at the basic stuff. I'm tired of seeing students spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their education and coaching and not doing anything with it. Stop it. Did you hear that? Siri just said, I'm sorry. See, I'm wearing a watch. And sometimes when I'm holding my phone, it's like holding the notch thing down on the side, which then activates Siri, and then it's trying to figure out what I'm saying. All right, so it's time to start taking this stuff seriously.

Joe: Okay, listen, if you're if you're thinking about getting into land and you're just thinking, you know, or any kind of real estate and you're thinking, I'm just going to try it out straight out for a month, I'm going to send a thousand letters and see how it goes. Just test it, get my toes in the water, then just forget it. Stay home, keep your job. Don't do this. It's not for you, okay? You've got to take it seriously and be dedicated for at least six months of hardcore marketing. Talking to a lot of sellers, making a lot of offers. If you're going to make it work and it will work for you. Okay, It's a really easy business. So stop farting around. Stop being a sissy, and let's go make it happen. Cool. All right, You ready? You ready? If you want to go on this journey with me, I want to invite you to go download my free land contract or go to my watch my land webinar. My webinar, My class on land is focused on one thing helping you do your first deal. That's it. I don't teach subdividing and entitlements and doing the big hundred million dollar deals. It's just simple. Go buy a property that's worth 20, buy it for four or five grand, sell it for 15, make a quick ten and do it again over and over and over again. So I'm talking a lot about the simple, basic things, but maybe you already have my course, right? And you're like, Well, what do I do now? Pick up the phone, start calling people back. You know, you've been doing this for six months now and you've only done a handful of deals. You got a hundreds of maybe 100 leads, 200 leads sitting in your freedom soft account. Pick up the phone and call them. Make more offers. Follow up. Okay, guys, appreciate y'all. Oh, yeah. So if you want my free contract, absolutely free, go to simple land contract dot.com. And if you want my what? If you want to watch my webinar, I teach you how to do land deals, and then I'll give you an invitation to get my course, which is the best one out there. Bar none. It's a business in a box. We do things. It's a done for you coaching business in a box program and I give you your money back after you complete the program I have completed, I've refunded over 200, almost $250,000 in business completion challenge refunds for people who buy my program and finish it. You don't even have to do a deal. Just go through the program, make at least 25 offers. And when you've done that, send me a video testimonial and I'll refund your money. So go check out that class. I teach you how to do it all at simple land class dot com, simple land class dot com. Check it out on that webinar, I'm going to show you over 100 pictures of people that have done the business completion challenge, and I'll explain why I do that, but it's pretty awesome. All right. I appreciate you guys with a simple land contract dot com or simple land class dot com. We'll see you later. God bless.

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