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How to Get To $1M A Year In Land Investing - Free Coaching Call with Mark

We’re back with another coaching call, this time with a new friend of mine, Mark. Mark’s been doing houses for a long time and he wants to transition into land. He has a goal of making one million dollars a year and we’re diving into how to make that happen. Mark’s three main questions are around due diligence, how to make offers on the right properties, and what to outsource so he can scale his business. He bought my land course in early November, and we kick off by talking about what he’s done so far. 

Direct mail is a great place to begin your marketing strategy. Texting and cold calling come next, and there are companies out there who can handle that for you. Mark’s making $50,000 per month right now and we talk about how to work backwards to get to his million-dollar goal. We also discuss tracking KPIs in your marketing plan and how to use virtual assistants to make your job a whole lot easier. Mark and I wrap things up by talking about how to target bigger properties and infill lots.

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What’s inside:

  • How to work backwards to get to your monthly income goals.
  • Top marketing strategies for vacant land deals.
  • How to use VAs to make your life easier.
  • How to target the right properties.

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Joe: Glad you're here. You can see from my hat if you're watching this on the YouTubes. I just got back from Saint Lucia last night about 1 a.m., man. I did not get a sunburn, but had a blast. Had such a good time there. I went there with my wife, 25th anniversary. We had an epic, amazing time. No kids. We didn't bring our kids. It was awesome. If you ever want to go there, check out Sandals Grand, Sandals Saint Lucia Grand, I think it's called. Man, it was just incredible. Awesome. We got the. We splurged. We spent a lot of money. I won't lie about that. We got the premium, like over the water bungalows with the butler service. And I'm not saying that to brag, but I am kind of bragging because it was so epic and amazing. It was awesome. It was amazing and fun. Which is why I love this business, right? I mean, doing real estate, teaching real estate, all things real estate, man like this, it funds a great lifestyle. And if you're married, are you getting married? We even saw, like, I guess a big thing now is that called babymoons. Babymoons. Like instead of a honeymoon when you get married. People do the babymoons. We saw these a lot of pregnant ladies out there with their husbands, like going on a big trip before they had the baby and whatever. So if you're having a baby or you're just a honeymoon or it's an anniversary or birthday, check it out. It was amazing. Epic, epic, epic. And don't ask me how much it cost because it was a lot of money, but man, it was so much fun. It was worth it. We were only there for four days, three nights, because our kids just stayed at home. And it was good. I mean, I wish I got to stay a little bit longer, but I was glad to get back home and I'm glad to be back in the saddle here doing podcasts. I already had a couple of coaching calls a day I had. I taught a class on my land stuff and we got today a guy named Mark. Mark Sestilio and good friend that I just met, but I just met him and he's a good friend because he seems like a nice guy and he likes golf. I can tell he likes golf. You'll see from his pictures here. So any guy who likes real estate and likes golf is a friend of mine. So we'll be talking to him and he's got some great questions on this podcast. I started a new series where we're going to be talking about it's kind of like free coaching calls and it's, you know, somebody out there is wanting to maybe do a free coaching call and be willing to be out there on YouTube and Facebook. I will help you for, you know, 20, 30 minutes. He's got three things he wants help with. Number one, he's been doing houses for a long time. He wants to get to he's transitioning into land. He wants to make $1,000,000 a year. So how does that kind of work to due diligence? How do you know you're making the right offer in the right properties? And number three, what things could he outsource to scale as quickly as possible? So three really, really good questions, and I'm gonna do everything I can to answer them in 30 minutes or less. So welcome. If you're watching right now on Facebook, YouTube, just say hi. Comment down below. Tell us where you're from. Say hello. Subscribe to the channel like this video. And if you've got a good question for me or for Mark, I'll bring it up and we'll we'll answer your question. We listen to the audio podcast. I'm glad you're here. Really, Please subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening to this, right. And then leave me a review on iTunes. I'd really appreciate it. One more thing. If you want more information on how to flip land and how the whole process works, I'm gonna give you my contract for free. You can get the contracts that we use to actually close our deals. In fact, the class that I was teaching this morning, this is a deal that my son did, and I know it's he can't sit on the video. But in Wilkes County, Colorado, 5.08, Wilkes County, North Carolina, 5.08 acres, we bought this property for 70 $600. After closing cost, we sold it for $19,320 after closing costs and all of that, whatever. So we had a net profit on this deal of $11,224. This is a deal that my son did, and this is why I love land so much. Just because you can do it with your family, with your kids. I don't know if Mark has kids yet. We'll ask him in a second, but it's a great strategy. If you want more information, if you want to see this actual contract that I use, go to simple land contract dot com, simple land contract dot com, and you'll get it. When you go there, you're going to get to a page. It looks like this. Let me see if I can share my screen here. It's a real simple. Oh, here it is. Boom. Ah, you see that? Real simple. Can't page. You just put your email in there and it will send you the contract along with an invitation to watch a class. And this is a class where I will teach you how the whole strategy works, how to use the actual contract here so you can get that as well. Okay. All right. How about enough of that. Let's bring on Mark Sestilio. How you doing, man?

Mark: Hey, Joe. Good. How you doing?

Joe: Good, Mark. How do I know you? He's a golf fan. Well, he's got a Master's flag there on the right. He's got a little putting practice. What do you call it? Practice?

Mark: Yeah, a little practice boating thing that I probably should bring home because I don't use it in the office too often. I am a golfer.

Joe: Be cool, man. If you're ever in Saint Louis. Let's go some time. Where do you live?

Mark: I'm in Tampa, Florida.

Joe: Nice. Tampa, Florida. By the way, Dimitri here. I did 92 land deals last year, almost $1 million in less than ten K in marketing. Come on, Dimitri. Maybe he should be doing this call.

Mark: That's awesome. Yeah, sure.

Joe: It's awesome. He said. Yeah. So the and I'm guessing Dimitri is either doing really big lots or he's developing some lots or he's doing a lot of texting. So we can talk about that. Cool Mark, you are a student of my course. You have my program and you're going through it right now. And you just started doing some direct mail recently, right?

Mark: Yes, I bought the I bought the land course in early November and then a little bit of a slow start because I'd like unloading the houses that I have had that didn't do so well with the market shifts. So I had a lot of focus on that and of course the holidays and stuff. But first, the first campaign started. I went out just last Monday doing 1000 letters a week and I already got a bunch of leads and I should cross the fingers and that I should have a contract back today.

Joe: And I get for you, man. Yeah, that's awesome. Rob Swanson, who are you using Freedom Soft?

Mark: I am.

Joe: And now I've got Rob Swanson, who owns Freedom Soft while I was in Saint Lucia, sent me a text, him and his two kids. There were late teens, early twenties, just did a deal and netted $25,500 on their first deal. Just following the formula, following it, really. By the way, Dimitri just responded here. He's only wholesaling the deals, but he wholesale them on the MLS for retail value. Good. One of the things I want to recommend is you're asking about scaling. Mark is putting them on the MLS, getting a realtor to do it because you start scaling into $1,000,000, that's 83 grand a month. You're definitely going to need good realtors in your markets to market and advertise your properties for. You know, I teach in the program how to find them, but that's going to be a really important element as you scale your business. And he's doing texting and cold calling. Yeah. So I recommend starting with direct mail like you're doing. It's the best kind of lead to get because they're calling you. It's not an outbound cold call or text. They're calling you. You're going to convert a much higher percentage of them. And I think you probably already seen in the course there are some services companies that I recommend to do your texting for you. So definitely look at them, reach out to them. It's kind of more of an advanced strategy because you've been doing houses for a while for your house is what kind of marketing have you done?

Mark: I kind of do it all, direct mail. I've done texting, I've outsourced it to other companies, did some PPC based marketing and stuff, and there's a lot of adjustments that have to be kind of made. And especially at least in my market is really, really competitive. So yeah, but I couldn't agree with you more. Like direct mail to me is just the way to go. And with an increased to a way better response rate than houses, at least from what you said. You know, because I don't have a big data set right now on the direct mail, but I believe you and I think that it's that's already showing you know.

Joe: I was looking at an old market that I did my class this morning is I don't know if you're on that or not. I was teaching a class this morning and it was in North Carolina. I had a 7% response. This was two and a half years ago, but I had a 7% response rate on my direct mail, which is really crazy. Today I'm probably getting two or 3%, but still that's 2 to 3 times higher than what you get with houses every time. So what I recommend to people and you should think about this as well, when you when you find a good county with direct mail, take that same list and skip trace it and have a company text it for you. Texting for land is a lot easier than houses, lot less competition. And when we do the text, it's really, really simple. It's just, Hey, Jim, do you own a 2.6 acre lot in Z County? If they respond back, yes, the next text is great. You wouldn't be interested maybe selling it, would you? Or, you know, you change it around. You wouldn't entertain an offer, would you? If they say yes, the next text is what's an email address will send you an offer. So those three questions, you're not negotiating the price, you're not trying to get a number from them or anything. You don't not even try to get information about the property super simple and you get about, you know, for every ten leads I get from direct mail, I might get 15 leads from texting a little bit more. The quality's not as good, maybe, but it is what it is. When they respond that goes into freedom soft. And then you do the normal thing where you send an offer. So if you're going to scale, you got to do I'm going to suggest more than just one type of marketing are with direct mail to find the good counties and you get good response rate. You're selling them well, good high demand for the properties. Then start looking at texting, then start looking at cold, calling on top of that and then mail them again for six months later, maybe instead of a letter, send them a postcard. Right. Similar to houses.

Mark: Is that kind of the strategy with the direct mail? I mean, I've kind of heard all over the map like, you know, in houses we would direct mail once every 30 days for 5 to 6 months. But with land, it's kind of more for now.

Joe: I think you have to do it as frequently. Yeah. So the way I like to do it is I have and I think this is. One of the questions you asked here, some of the states you're going into or you're interested in. Yeah. So you're interested in Florida, Texas and North Carolina, all three great states. You're definite. Those are great states, folks. Don't worry about any other states. Just hammer in focusing like a laser beam on those and you'll find plenty of deals. Get to $1,000,000 a year business. Easy. Just in one of those states. Yeah. So I figure I was going to say, Oh, yeah. So when you find when you pick a state, I recommend, you know, picking three, four or five, six counties in each of those. Mail them all and then you're going to find some good counties and bad counties. When you find the good county, maybe mail them every 3 to 4 months and then, you know, you're going to find good counties that you just find the easiest find your honeypot. It. Right. That's like me. I want to go deep in there. So then mix it up. Send them a letter one time, send them a postcard. The next time, send them a handwritten yellow letter another time, text them cold, call them, and all of that good stuff. And especially when, you know, you find a county with a good realtor that can market these properties well for you definitely go deep into that. Right. So you have a you have a full time, you're pretty busy, you're an entrepreneur. You've got two other businesses right outside of real estate.

Mark: I do. I was that a whole lot of time in those there actually bars okay bar slash restaurants that are fully minutes but you know that they do take time but real estate flipping houses rehabbing houses like I traditionally I started wholesaling then I worked for a guy for a couple of years like kind of as his right hand man, doing a bunch of different things and then started rehabbing properties like since 2013, 2014, and we were doing about 20, 20, 25 rehabs a year. And so, you know, doing good. But man, it's a lot of work. And in the last few years with the increased competition crazy market, you know, specifically here in Tampa. Yeah you know margins got smaller and marketing dollars got bigger. And so I was kind of already at a point where I was like, I think I want to make some kind of a transition. And I had heard you talk about land probably, I don't know, six, six, eight months ago or something like that. And then I finally got a couple of my pants down on several of the houses that were rehabbing with this shifting market. And I was like, you know what? I'm going to I'm going 100% in on land and I'm just going to go for it. I get rid of these bad eggs that I have on houses. So.

Joe: Well, I feel like you've made 100% right decision. And not to say you can't do houses later on because you probably still have a ton of leads. You can still be following up with them.

Mark: I do.

Joe: So like probably I would suggest stop marketing for houses I did. The only marketing you should be doing for houses is follow up on your old leads, because I'm sure you've got, depending on how many leads you've got, every leads, you probably have one or two deals.

Mark: Yeah, I had several thousand leads that are in the system, you know, over the last 12 months, and I am kind of following up with them and or letting the automated follow up systems do the thing. And then I'm kind of checking messages and stuff. But, you know, with the transition, it's been a learning curve for me with the land trying to service all out.

Joe: You're going to it's going to take some learning time. But the thing is that with your house is like, forget about rehabbing anything for at least a few years right now, in my opinion, like stop rehabbing tomorrow and just focus on wholesaling everything because who knows what the market's going to do. And the great thing about even with land, when you're wholesaling land, it's like you're just trading paper. There's no risk at all. When you're selling paper, you're just flipping papers, what you're doing, right?

Mark: I love the concept, Joe. Like I you know, when I, when I, I got interested in real estate in college. So, you know, more than 20 years ago and I wanted to be a real estate investor and I got stuck into the or I got drawn into the shiny object of making, you know, $50,000 plus on a flip and kind of forgot about the rental portfolio goal. I mean, I do have a small rental portfolio, but, you know, the margins are just not anywhere near what the seller financing margins are on these land deals. And I'm that's what I'm most excited about. In fact, this deal that I'm supposed to get on record. So my first my first lead in my first land deal, I get another contract a little bit higher than maybe you would suggest, but I can't I can't say no to it because with using a private lender, I'm looking at probably a $750 a month cash flow, positive cash flow.

Joe: That's just insane.

Mark: So with zero money. Yeah, I mean, yeah, marketing dollars. But I like it because it's a little bit more expensive property. Like it's worth 90 to the 100 grand. Yeah.

Joe: So when you're selling with owner financing for every one call that you get from a buyer wanting to pay cash, you probably get five calls from buyers wanting to own and finance. Yeah. So even in a slowing economy, maybe it's not as high as it was a year or two ago. But when you sell on terms with owner finance, that's. Fastest way to wealth, my opinion, because now you're getting monthly cash flow from that and it is way more past. If there is such a thing, but it's way easier that monthly income from land than it is for our houses because you don't have typical tenant and property management stuff that you have to worry about with.

Mark: Toilets.

Joe: So you're so much less money into it too, right? You're not you're not spending. So. Okay. Let's get back here though. You your goal is to make I think he wrote down here 50 grand a month doing land or real estate. That's your kind of goal. You're 50K a month right now. Eventually get into $1,000,000 a year. So when you get to that level, it's real important. You start thinking in terms of scale deals and you just work the numbers backwards. So let's say be conservative. Your average profit is ten grand on a wholesale deal per month. Right now all you're doing is just wholesaling. Now you can work the numbers backwards if you want to make ten K a month in passive income and each of your notes are $750, you need X number of notes, right? Well, let's just say we're all selling, so you need to do five deals a month and let's say then you're doing five deals a month and let's be conservative again and say you have to make 30 offers to get one deal. Right now, we're averaging about 20 to 25. We're in a new county right now in Texas, we're averaging one out of seven offers, getting accepted one out of eight, which we're offering way too much. But I thought, dang it, we're being real conservative. We're sending these deals, realtors, and they're excited about these deals. So it's like maybe the market's been shifting a little bit in that part of Texas. I don't know. So like you should be at about 20 to 30 offers. So let's say you want to do five deals. You need to make 100, 150 offers a month, right? So then you work the numbers backwards from there. Let's say you have to make 125 offers a month. That's your goal. And there's 23 working days in a month. It's like under 25 divided by 23. That's about five and a half offers a day. So you should be thinking in terms of like setting those goals that into breaking them down into things you can control. So your goal should be on your KPIs, your scorecard, whatever your goal should be, to make five offers a day or 25 offers a week, let's say 30 off, whatever your numbers are, right, But put that on a board somewhere, put it on a whiteboard and start tracking those numbers. How many offers are you making? So how do you make five offers a day? Well, if you figure, you know, you need to get let's say you need to get seven inbound deals, let's say eight inbound deals to make five offers. So if you need eight inbound deals, go back to the calculator again and your average response rate is 3% eight divided by .038 divided by three then that. Right. So yeah, that means okay, I'm sorry, you need to send about 2266 letters a day. Times five. It's 66 times five. So that's about 1300 letters a week. That's kind of rough numbers. So we're breaking down the goals into things you can control. You can't control average profit of ten. I know you know this, but you can't control the average profits ten cap or deal. You can't control that. Your average number of offers is 30 deals, 30 offers, you get one deal, etc., etc. going down. But you can control how much mail you're sending out, how many offers you're making every day. So if you want to make five offers a day, just round numbers, you need to be sending about 1300 letters a week. So let's say that's 1300 letters a week. Each letter costs 85 $0.80. You're going to get some discounts. It's going to cost you about $1,064 week times four. It's going to cost you about 40 $300 a month in marketing. That's a lot of money to some people. Right. But you're also looking at making 50 grand in revenue a month from 40 $200 in marketing spend. You cannot do that analysis. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, you can't do that. What else? So make sure you have one of my biggest advice to you would be on a board where you can see it. I don't know if your team is virtual or how you manage your team, but you've got to have you got to track your numbers and hold yourself accountable to that. Then you'll figure out, okay, which counties are working, which ones aren't, which letter is working, which one isn't was what's working. Better letters are texting and you should be able to know your numbers down to the point where if you send you know, if you send 756 letters, you will get a deal that will average you $9,764 in net profit or something like that, right? Yeah. So you didn't you figure that out by tracking your numbers? It's really important that you break that down into now, you know, every week what you have to send. And if you know, in the last week you've only made three offers a day, you know, you need to pick up the pace, find out what's going on. Maybe you need to send more marketing, maybe some you send some marketing to a bad county. Make sense?

Mark: Yep, yeah. Crystal.

Joe: All right, So any time you want to scale, you have to kind of track those various KPIs into a marketing plan. And the marketing plan needs to be on a scorecard and it could be on a whiteboard or spreadsheet. I want my VA, my virtual assistant to track and manage those numbers. I want to see every day are numbers being met, how many offers it? We send the last week because that's all that matters in this business is offers. How many offers did you make? And then you'll figure out from that point, okay, well, if I want to send 1300 letters a week and my average response rate is 3%, that's 39 leads a week, that's a lot for just one guy to do. So what I do is I have a VA that handles every incoming lead that comes in. And then before I even look at it, they will do the preliminary research on it, right? They'll go in and then put in Freedom Soft the Google map link. They'll put in the APN number, the partial I.D. or the coordinates they'll also put in. They'll find the property on Zillow and make sure the property's in the center of the map and then give me that link to Zillow. They'll look it up in a map, right? They'll put in the information from priced in there to tell me how much prices I should offer, etc.. Now, when I look at that lead, this is the first thing you should outsource is like handling the voice mails that are coming in. And so you just click a few buttons and you can research it and look to see how right price says I should offer ten. But looking at Zillow, I should probably offer seven. And then you just you can do a couple of things at that point. If you've got a really good VA, you could just or the VA or write in a task and that freedom off to send the seller an offer for seven K right. You don't have to do it yourself. Create a task for the VA to send an offer for seven K, then boom, you move on to the next one or you change the status to review, send it off and that trigger triggers a task for the VA. Right. Then you can just bang, you can go through, you know, five, ten, 15 leads really quickly. When you when you have those kinds of statuses set up in freedom soft, whatever CRM you're using, that makes sense.

Mark: Yeah, totally. I mean, just in this first week of me looking at deals, I can see and of course I'm learning the new websites and stuff, but moving the information over to Freedom Soft like takes time and, and, but you know, 95% of what I've done in the last week, I very easily I see that I can outsource that to somebody else be a yeah. Other than talking to the seller.

Joe: So I would not outsource the talking to the sellers part, that's got to be right. But I'll have you know you can have a VA give you links to the three best sold comps, the three best active comps they can give you. They can pull a comp report from priced if you want that. So there's a lot that they can do for you. And as you get more familiar with this and how it works, all of that data entry, $5 an hour activity stuff you want to get off of your plate as soon as possible so you can just process, see the lead as it comes in. Now, how does a VA actually send the offers for you? I use click to mail, email to mail. So and that's something your VA can do. Mm hmm. And then your VA does all the follow up. This is important. Any lead that comes in, you don't want to be the freedom soft expert Mark. You want the VA virtual system to be the freedom soft expert for you. So they process every incoming notification, every incoming lead, whether it's a return call or a new lead or whatever. And they manage all of that, every single lead. This is important. Every single lead in your CRM has a task assigned to somebody in the future with a date for follow up. So that task says send an offer, follow up in 30 days or something, and then your VA manages all of that. Where do you find these VAs? I mean, you've had VAs before, right?

Mark: I have, yeah.

Joe: So I go to Upwork, I'll hire, I do a general admin executive assistant VA. They don't have to have real estate experience. They don't have to have freedom soft experience. I just want somebody who's good and reliable full time. I'm going to hire three of them. I'm going to test each of them for a period of a week or two. I'm going to give them a bunch of little work, very detailed instructions, and I want them to not just do what I'm telling them to do, but also have some they can do the research and figure out how to do it also themselves. I'm going to make them watch a bunch of freedom soft tutorial videos. Yeah. Then I'm going to go tell them to scrape five properties off of Zillow and put them into a new campaign and do this stuff. Right. So then you hire the best one who gets the work done on time, who follows the detailed instructions, and nine times out of ten doing it just like that, giving them tests, you'll find a really good VA. They make them go through my course, make them watch all the freedom stuff, tutorial videos, and then have a daily call with them every day for at least the first few weeks. And I'm telling you, you're going to find somebody really good doing that, right? I also find good Vas on online jobs dot page from the Philippines online jobs that page and you want to make sure you find some really good quality reviews of VAs with good reviews in the past which again this this kind of relates to this third question you ask is what activities do I outsource first? And that's the first thing, right? But I wanted to share some videos that I think are going to be important for you and anybody else kind of watching this. This is my YouTube channel. If you guys have not subscribe to our YouTube channel, then what's wrong with you? First of all. So I'm going to recommend some podcasts here that that I highly recommend. This guy, Vance Courtney, I did two podcasts with him, Simple Steps to Find Hire and Train Virtual Assistants. So if you go to my YouTube channel and just do a search for Vance V, I did one two months ago, part one, and I did a few weeks later, part two. And in these we actually give really good how we actually dive into Upwork and create a job post and put a job description in there. So those I'm going to recommend those to hire, find, hire and train virtual assistants, some other good interviews in addition to what I teach in the course. I like these podcasts because they just kind of inspire me. You mentioned a couple states and this guy Pete is in one of them and he's doing 500k a month. Pete, solid dude doing 500,000 a month flipping vacant land. That's more than I'm doing. Great interview. You get a lot of good active information in here. Have you seen this one yet?

Mark: I had, yeah. Yeah, I was great.

Joe: If you're going for the bigger deals, I recommend you do what he does. He's targeting ten plus acres.

Mark: Okay. I also, you know, I watched a couple of videos with Travis. And he really kind of piqued my interest in talking about that because. Yes, I don't like I want to move quickly and I want to make some good money quickly. And it makes a lot of sense to me that the target, you know, a little bit bigger, more expensive properties. So like I, I opened up my list, set it up to $100,000 in value and up to 40 acres.

Joe: Yes, good.

Mark: Right off the bat.

Joe: Well, if you're if you're going after the bigger properties, when you're pulling your list from priced, you might say only five plus acres, you know, 5 to 40 acres or 10 to 40 acres to only get the bigger properties.

Mark: Added one or 2 to 40 acres. But yeah, I don't I'm not sure why I did that, but maybe it is because the amount of.

Joe: Well, you won't get as many, so you just have to go much wider. Right? You might need to pick a dozen counties in each of those states but you'll, you'll find plenty if you just add more counties to it. But if you're on a YouTube channel again, if you go to my videos and do a search for the word Travis, you see these two videos? I do the Travis anybody who doesn't know he's a he's a company that funds vacant land deals. So if you want somebody to fund your deals, this is the kind of criteria you need to have. Right. So I recommend those two videos. And there's one more I want to recommend to you. Oh, shoot. His last number is his last name is Oz. Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray. I think I hope. Yes, Ray John. And two episodes with him recently. Yeah, that's him. Okay. So we did one about three months ago. This is one of the my biggest best performing videos of all time. I can't believe it. But we actually dove deep into in Florida because that's one of your interested markets you're interested in. We actually looked at little quarter acre lots that are priced, you know, that are selling for like 30 to $100000. We talked about that, you know.

Mark: Infill lots, right?

Joe: Infill lots. Right. I don't we tested and did what he does and I've talked to him about this. We did it all wrong. I don't like the strategy of pricing a subdivision and sending blind offers, but it works. We've we're working on three or four deals right now using his strategy. I would if you're going to use this strategy, go after small little quarter acre infill lots. I still recommend the neutral letter, Right. It's just easier. I send a neutral letter. Hey, do you want to sell your land? Call or text his 24 hour recorded voicemail. You're going to get more leads that way and you get then you're going to make more offers. We also did a part two with him just a few days ago. That's really good as well. I recommend you check both these out. Cool.

Mark: Yeah, for sure.

Joe: All right, now that we cover everything here, I'm looking at my notes. I got to go. My phone is ringing, and I got another call coming up that I. I think I got the questions you asked in advance. How do you feel about what we're saying here?

Mark: Yeah, that's really great advice, Joe. I mean, and I appreciate everything, you know, that I continue to watch and listen to you on the due diligence part of it. And I think that's just for me getting a feel of it and that sort of thing. But you said you have more videos that are coming out that we go over specific deals very like analyzing them.

Joe: Oh yeah, Yeah. One of the things I just started doing on my YouTube channel and in this new case study I'm doing is every Wednesday I'm going after I'm looking at deals and analyzing them and showing you what I would offer on them. So those are coming out Wednesday. I did one last Wednesday. We looked at two or three deals. It's on my YouTube channel. Go check that out as well. In my course I have that, a lot of that. But the those are going to be every Wednesday I'm calling them open office hours deal reviews or something like that. It's got to be good. I did on my coaching call today, I did a case study review. We actually looked at, I think it was this deal in Wilkes County, how we found the deal, how we made the offer. So that's going to be helpful for you. I think you're going to learn, though, just as. You're going to learn the due diligence process because that was one of your questions I forgot about. But like, you're going to learn that as you do it. And one of the biggest things that's going to be most important to you is hiring a realtor to market your homes. If you're going to be doing 50 grand a month, you've got to have a realtor helping you with this. And to find the realtors, the good ones, sometimes it's you got to make a lot of calls, you know, work with a bunch of them until you find one or two that actually are really good. But you can there's a lot of things you can do, like you can look on Zillow actives and solds. Look for the realtors that got good pictures of the properties. They've got drone photography that, you know, had lots of good pictures with blue sky in the horizon, not from a phone and not from a Google Street view map image. But like, you know, realtors have put some time and effort into it, pay them generous, pay the minimum 10% commissions on their deals, maybe even give them a percentage of the profit if they sell it for you. Right. You have to look at a realtor is like somebody on your team as a partner on your team, so you want to get a good one. You can also look at Land dot com. If you see a realtor that's paying for the premium listing space on the Land dot com websites in that market that you're in, that's a good realtor to talk to and get their help. Keep this in mind, too. You're not going to get a good realtor on the lower priced properties. You know, realtors typically are only going to want to be in the, you know, 30, 30 or $50,000 range and up. Yeah. Okay, cool, Cool. Hey, Mark, this has been good. I appreciate you, man.

Mark: Yeah. I really appreciate all the information, though, and everything that you've done with the class and everything, It's. I'm really excited about it going forward.

Joe: So would you recommend my course to anybody who's interested?

Mark: Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's good that it's nimble that you got to figure it out, but the idea of the concept is simple, and the way that you package it all together is this really awesome.

Joe: Well, thank you, Mark. I really appreciate it. Good. Guys, real quick, again, if you want, go to simple and contract dot com to get this contract. Okay. That Mark is actually using. Hopefully we can talk about that. But you're using my contract framework.

Mark: I'm literally using, how many times have you said it like just hire a coach and then just do what they do?

Joe: Yeah, Yeah.

Mark: I'm like, I'm just doing that. But I bought everything that you've suggested. I'm there's been no nothing that I haven't looked into at this point.

Joe: Thank you a bunch, thank you. Content house here is asking what site you use to text and how much does it cost. I cover that in my course. I've also been a YouTube video recently about that so you can go check this guy out. But it's kind of an advanced strategy. I don't recommend texting for everybody because you can get into trouble. Maybe if you don't do it right. So just be aware that there's some risks. Might get threatened with a lawsuit and you might need to pay a ransom to settle. All right. So just be aware of that. All right. I don't see any more questions here. I got to go. Thanks, Mark, for your time, man appreciate it. I hope this was helpful.

Mark: Thanks, Joe. Great meeting you in person.

Joe: We'll see you guys all later. Bye bye, everybody.

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