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If you’ve been with me for a while, you know we love to talk about real estate, doing deals, and making money. Feedback is important to me, so I want to give you a special email address so you can tell me what you think. I've been thinking a lot lately about real estate education and courses and online programs and I want to hear what you think makes a good course, and what makes a good program in general. I've been doing deals since 2006, full-time since 2009. And I've been teaching people since 2010, 2011. I love helping people succeed in their business. And yes, it pays well, but I'm prouder of the fact that I've helped change thousands of people's lives with this podcast, my courses, and my programs.

A lot of people have gone through my programs, have had a lot of success and done deals, quit their jobs, and now maybe even are coaching and helping other people themselves. Even my 17-year-old son has done amazing things flipping land and others are learning how to as well. If you’ve learned something on a podcast episode, or through one of my courses or coaching programs, send me an email at J@JoeMcCall.com. The emails will go straight to me, not an assistant, so let me know what you think.

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Joe: Hey. What's going on, guys? Joe McCall, REI in Your Car podcast. I do these podcasts while I'm driving in my car and just recording things like, you know, if you're sitting here with me in the car, we're talking about real estate. Talking about deals, talking about making money. Yeah, this is what I'd be talking to you about. So I feel like I like doing these shows, and I appreciate you listening to the podcast. Right? So I got a question for you guys and I'm going to give you an email and I really, really want your feedback. I want to give you a special email address that I would be creating, especially just for this podcast episode so you can tell me what you think. I've been thinking a lot lately about real estate education and courses and online programs. You know, we've all invested in programs to learn things, you know, courses and coaching programs. And I would really, really, really appreciate your feedback on what makes a good course, what makes a good program in general. It doesn't have to be an online course. It could be a coaching program or any kind of online program that you invest in. Right. So some of you guys have bought good courses in the past. Some of you bought bad courses in the past. But I really want to know from you guys, like what makes a good course, a good program, but teaches you specifically about real estate investing. All right. Now, I've been doing deals since 2006, full time since 2009. And I've been teaching people since 2010, 2011. So over 11 years, I've been teaching people things about real estate. And I've talked a lot about it on the podcast. I really enjoy it. I love the helping people business and yes, it pays well, pays really well, but I'm more proud of the fact that I've helped change thousands of people's lives with this podcast, with my courses, programs, and a lot of people have gone through my programs and have done really well and have had a lot of success and done deals, quit their jobs and now maybe even are coaching and helping other people as well. Right. I got a testimonial the other day from a lady who is now doing deals with her son. One of the things I talk about in my simple flips course is how I did deals with my two teenagers, two teenage sons. I'm actually in Montana right now that goes visit one of them and bring them home. He's been at a five month short term mission, staying with an organization called YWAM youth with a mission. He went to Nepal for a couple of months. So today is his graduation day. I'm here in Kalispell, Montana, to pick him up and we're flying back home to see him. So it's going to be good to see him. Haven't seen him in five months. 

Joe: Anyway, he's one of the kids who did a lot of the land deals with us. And one of the things that he was telling me the other day when he gets back is he wants to get back into doing land again. But he's 17, graduating from high school trying to figure out what he's going to do next. And so I'm going to help him do it. But I told him that you have to pay for the marketing yourself now. So he's going to get a full time job. And who knows what? Using that money. I'll let him live at home for free for a while. So he's going to be 17. I'm going to let him live at home for a while. I mean, he could find his own place. He just spent two months in Nepal, in Kathmandu. So he was with a really good organization. YWAM, you guys should check it out. Youth with a Mission. It's really an amazing thing. They got like they have bases for 150 different countries or something crazy like that, maybe 100 countries. So anyway, I got this testimonial from a lady who is now doing land deals with her sons, one son, and they've done 40 or so far. They've got four more that are going to be closing in selling here in the next week, I think. So that's eight deals. I'm like, yes, that's what gets me excited. Helping people create business and well, you know, lifestyle well, life well, not money well, necessarily all the time. Right. But that comes. But I'm thinking I'm more interested in lifestyle. Well, I'm more interested in. All right, now I spend more time with my family. I can build a business with my kids. I can actually have build a retirement. 

Joe: All right, so I'm gonna give you a special email because I really, really want your feedback, right? The special email is. Well, let's keep it simple. How about J at Joe McCall dot com? The letter J. It's the letter J at Joe McCall dot com. J O E M C C A L L.com. That does not go to my assistant. That goes straight to me. And I would love to know from you. Okay. Like what has if you've bought a program in the past that did that had a huge impact in your business. What was the program? What did you like about the program? What was it about the course of the coaching program that really helped you succeed and have results? I. Like I said, I've probably created. 12 or 15 different courses or programs. My three really kind of main core programs. One, I've had two or three on different lease options subject some of these options. I've had somewhat more creative financing subject to owner financing stuff. And then my new main course right now is on flipping vacant. So I've done a lot of different programs. And so courses on outsourcing, hiring, VAs on, cold, calling on. Oh, being realtors, like how to be a realtor, make money and stuff like that. Right now, my land investing course is where I'm really pouring my heart and soul into and I really love it. It's a great business and I love helping people. Right. So. Some of you have been students of my courses. Some of you have probably seen this and maybe didn't like my course, right? Maybe you asked for a refund, or maybe you didn't. And I do. I didn't like it. I want to know why. Because there's here's the crazy thing. It's like only a small percentage of people that buy courses actually ever even implement them. And one of the things that I do is I refund people their money after they implement the course. So if my lease options program, I started this about two or three years ago. Basically, if you go through the entire course and you set up the systems and you implement it right and make offers. I think with my land course you need to make 25 offers. Now, this is 25 offers after people have responded to your direct mail. So if you send a letter that sends them to voice mail. And then after they leave a voicemail, you send them an offer. And on average, what I'm doing is I get one offer accepted out of every 20 to 25 offers that we send out, right? So my program says if you go to the course, the watch, all the modules. And set up the systems, do the marketing, and make at least 25 written offers to sellers. I will refund your money. You don't even have to do a deal. I will refund all your money to date a refund of over $220,000. It might be like $225,000. I refund to the people who completed the program, which is amazing and awesome. I love it. Right. It. It just keeps people excited and I make it super easy. And I do that for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's like an investment in my most important asset. You guys are my customers. You're happy. You're going to recommend me. The other people. You might buy another program I have. You might be best in coaching. You might invest in software or done for you, marketing services and stuff that we do. You might just say, Hey, listen, go check out Joe's podcast or watches YouTube stuff or watches webinar. So I get a lot of it's an investment in you guys, right? When I can show a check of somebody, a picture of somebody holding a refund check, it inspires other people to say, Yeah, I can do that. Right? So here's a crazy thing. It's still a very, very small percentage of people that actually even complete the business challenge. And when you look at and this is all across anybody who sells courses, the percentage of people that complete a program is very small. The percentage of people that even finish the first module, very, very small. I don't know what the numbers are, but like and I want to fix them. That's the thing. Like it in my course is not cheap. It's like courses. But I sell courses anywhere from $7 to $5000. Just courses. Right. And the members of coach coaching programs from five grand to 50 grand. And the higher the price for one on one you get with a 50 grand, you can spend the day with me at my home office in St Louis. We go to a Cardinals game or a blues game or something. Right. But like. Right. So here's the thing. Sometimes the more people pay, the more they pay attention. Sometimes the more people pay back, the more action they will take with what they learn. So I want to make sure that. But this is my goal. I want to refund $1,000,000,000 to people who have completed my programs. I want to do $1,000,000,000. And at the current rate, I can probably get there in four or five years. I want to get there in like one year. I want to have the best real estate education in the world. I want the best course in the world for whatever it is I'm teaching, playing, investing and whatnot. Right. And I want to know for you guys, what would that take? What does that look like? How can I get more people to complete my programs? Again, send an email. J, the letter j is in Joe at Joe McCall dot com. J At Joe McCall dot com. That goes to me. It doesn't go to my assistant. I will read all your emails. I want to know just what it is. 

Joe: Some of the sometimes the biggest complaints I get people that ask for refunds don't do the business challenge. They just say, hey, you know, I got do a program. I want a refund. I say, All right, well, why? They say, Well, it's just too overwhelming. That's my biggest complaint. It's like there's too much information in there. And so my lease options course, I would teach them, like, okay, here's five different ways you can do marketing and here's three different ways you can make offers. And here's two different contracts you can use. You can use this one or you can use this one. And then I would add bonus content of like Very well, if somebody does want to do a lease option, maybe that's two of these options or maybe they do subject two. So I in my over time, my course kept getting bigger and bigger. But somebody would do would sign up, they would see my program and they'd be like, Oh my gosh, this is completely overwhelming. There are 500 videos to go. So over the years, I've updated my these options course about four times and I kept on simplifying and simplifying, right? But when I created my land course, I said, I'm going to do this so much simpler and easy. I'm going to do like instead of showing five different ways to do marketing, I'm going to show just one, the one that works best instead of showing three different ways to make offers on the. So just one way to make an offer. That's it. And so I really did simplify everything. But still, I get complaints from people saying, Oh, it's just too overwhelming. I can't do it all. So maybe that's not the answer. Maybe simplifying it is not the answer. But then everybody's different. I know some people are going to say that. Give me all the information you can. I want information overload. Like I want to feel like when I buy something, invest my money in like I'm getting a university level education. Some people are like, Hey, I just want to know how to do my first deal. Just show me the fastest, easiest way to do my first vacant plan. Don't give me all the advanced level stuff. So where are you on. On that? Where are you on that scale? What do you want? What makes a good course? A good course and also a mobile study. Appreciate you guys listening, paying attention. I want to do something like. All right. So. What needs to be in the course. Do you do you like having just the straight up videos and education? Like, just teach me how to do it? That's cool. Do you want group coaching calls? You want, like once a week, you can hop on a zoom with me with 50 other people and get your questions answered there. Or is that no good? Do you hate that? What about a Facebook group? Do you like having Facebook groups? Do you hate Facebook? Would you want it somewhere else? I know I'm asking you a lot of questions. I just really would appreciate your feedback. What is it that you like? I one of the things I do sometimes in my courses is I offer stuff for you. So there's a there's a component of where we will do your first direct mail marketing campaign for you. Just because, like, all I need to do is click a few buttons at my place, just click a few buttons and we can get your first direct mail campaign going and click a few more buttons. We can get your FreedomSoft set up. So one of the things I offer. In my course is like, Hey, we'll set up your FreedomSoft, we'll do your first direct mail campaign and we'll pull your list for you and whatever. So like, is that helpful or is that like, yeah, yeah. I still show you and teach you how to do it. But I'm just curious, you know what, when you're when you're watching a webinar, when you hear me pitch a program, what is it that says that makes you say, oh, my gosh, that's the best offer I've ever seen? That's an absolute no brainer. I would feel stupid to say no to this, like if money wasn't a factor. Forget about the money, the cost of the course and all of that. Like what would make. You without any hesitation, say, yes, I want that program because I know it'll help me. Do deals. Make money with less overwhelm. This is simple. Easy. I can do. All right. I hope I hope you guys understand why I'm doing this. And I really appreciate you indulging me listening to me talk because this is my bottom line goal. I want to help you guys make more money with less overwhelm. I want to show you the simplest, fastest, easiest ways to make money in real estate. This business is not that hard. Now. I do. You know, some people are like, would you give away your courses for free? Real fun to help as many people as possible. I've done that before. Guess what? That's even worse. That's even worse. Like, nobody does anything with the free stuff. And, like, that's not hyperbole. That's literal. I can't tell you how many times I've given away free book. A free course to somebody who is a friend or a family or whatever, and they don't do anything with it. So you value what you pay for it. That's why I do the business completion challenge. You just complete the program and you get free it back. I'm thinking about it. Maybe I should even talk about this. I'm thinking about doing something in my course. Where? If you do X, Y and Z and you don't make any money, I will refund you the program and I will reimburse you up to $1,000 for your direct mail and software and all of your expenses and stuff. But you have to give me your leads because I know I know if you gave me those leads that you got that you should have gotten doing what I told you to do. Right? I'll turn them into money. I'll turn that into five times as much as what I'm paying you for it. So I'm thinking about doing that. I just want to take away all the risk. How can I help you guys? How can I create an offer that is an absolute no brainer, that takes away the risk, that gives you 100% certainty that this is going to work. This is going to work for me. Appreciate you guys very much. You get my email. The letter J at Joe McCall dot com. That'll go to a special folder. I will read all your emails. J the letter J at JoeMcCall.com. J at Joe McCall dot com. I appreciate you guys. Have a good one. Happy Thanksgiving. Bye. 

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