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Do This (And Don’t Do That) If You Want to Be on My Podcast

I've been doing my podcast for 11 or 12 years now. I’ve done over a thousand episodes and over 10 million downloads, probably close to 11 million or so. I've been doing this a long time, and every day I get an average of two or three requests from people wanting to be on my show. Most people reach out and tell me how awesome they are, how they went from zero to hero, and that they went from eating ramen noodles to making a million bucks a month. Some mention they’ve been on other people’s podcasts and written best-selling books, and sometimes they’re lying and it’s a bunch of B.S. 

But here’s the deal: no one cares when the show’s all about you. Now I do care about you guys, but I don’t want to do those kinds of interviews. I want to do interviews and videos where we teach people how to do stuff. I did a recent podcast where we walk through actionable steps that will help others do better in their business and show them the tools and strategies to help them get there. If you have a unique twist on marketing or a different angle on how to wholesale, I want to hear from you.

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Joe: What's going on? I love you guys. Really glad to be here. I'm excited, I am now leaving the gym. I haven't worked out in about three weeks. Just been traveling a lot, sore shoulder, my wrists hurt. I fell a couple of times and hurt my wrists. It's crazy, but so I am glad to be kind of back into things anyway. Like just kind of take a rest and stop worrying about getting to bed so early. But hey, I wanted to talk about something cool. If you want to be on my show on my podcast, listen up. If you want to get on other people's podcasts, listen up. Because what I'm going to tell you is really important.

Joe: So a little context. I've been doing my podcast for 11 or 12 years now. I don't know, a thousand, 1100 episodes and over 10 million downloads, probably close to a million, I mean, 11 million or so. And I've been doing this a long time and every day I get an average of two or three requests from people wanting to be on my show and my team just kind of filters out and deletes these emails and it just gets frustrating and old and you know, I just whatever. And sometimes I get people that get through my gatekeepers, you know, and give me requests and it's always the same. It's always like, Hey, listen, how awesome I am and my story, how I went from zero to hero and how I went from eating ramen noodles to making $1,000,000 a month and how, you know, so as I was featured on So-and-So's podcast and I've written these best seller books, which is all lying and B.S., but like, you know what I'm saying, right? And here's the deal. I want to I want you guys to listen, pay attention. Write this down. Nobody cares about you. Nobody. I don't. I mean, I do. I like you guys. I love you. I don't care about you and your story, you know, like and most people don't. All they care about is themselves. You know what I'm saying? Like, I do care about you. That sounds really rude, and I don't mean that, but people care about themselves first. Like, Okay, how am I going to give you an hour of my time? For what? To hear your story. I heard that. Who cares? I mean, you're not David Goggins. Okay. Most people here are not. They don't have a David Goggins story. David Goggins can talk about himself for, you know, in a six hour audio book and you'll listen because he's got an amazing story. Story, right? Like this guy's nuts. But the other thing is, the reason why his story is done so well is because he does talk to the audience and he says, hey, listen, these are the things that are blocking you mentally and this is what you need to do to become a better you, to become a better person. And so he is telling a story. But it's not him centered necessarily. It's you centered. Makes sense?

Joe: So here's the deal. I'm done interviewing people. I'm done interviewing people. I've been doing it for way too long now. I want to do more classes on my podcast, like, you know what I mean? I want to do podcasts and I want to interview people on this podcast and on my YouTube channel and stuff where we're going to teach how to do stuff. Like, for example, let me give you an example of this. A guy just approached me recently about doing his projects. And if you're listening to this, I'm not picking on you because I hope you understand. But it's how he you know, his business kind of went under and went he had a disaster happened or something happened, the business partner. And then he kind of reinvented his business and is now doing really, really well. And he wanted to talk about his story. And I just like, like, dude, I don't care. I don't. Nobody in my audience cares about how awesome you are. And then he made this little comment and he said, Well, you know, I said, What specifically do you want to talk about? I finally pulled it out of him. He said, Well, we're doing a lot of owner financing deals with principle only payments and oh, bam, there you go. That's what you need to do. So I started giving him coaching, this guy, a little bit because he's a friend of a friend and said, I want you to do be on my podcast talking about how you do owner financing deals. And so let's do a class how to do principal only financing deals. What that means is like zero interest, how to structure these owner financing deals where you're not paying any interest. And so let's go through it step by step. We can do it in a half hour to an hour. Like how do you find the sellers? Right. Cool. You pull list of free and clear properties probably. Right. All right. So where do you go? Where do you get that list? And then how what do you send them? You send them a letter and you cold call them what? And then let's walk through what do you talk to? How do you talk to them? What do you say to them? How do you structure your offers? Do you have a spreadsheet or a script or something like, All right, how do you structure the offers? And then how does the contract work? The paperwork? Do you use a title company? Give me eight steps, ten steps, four steps on like how to do owner financing, principal only deals. Right. And here's the other thing. If you wanted to get me on my show and kind of push everything over the top and like, Yeah, let's do a podcast tomorrow, right? This is what you need to do. This is a super simple secret, top secret trick. Here, give me something that I can give away to my audience that's really valuable for free. So, for example, this guy is like, All right, so what if we did this, like, create a like, why don't you give away the contract that you use? Or do you have a calculator that helps you figure out these offers? Do you have a proposal that you send to the seller, maybe a script of what you say? It's something like not just a simple, not just a list of six questions, something more valuable than that, right? But not something super complicated either. Not a book, but something that people can digest and actually use really, really quickly and easily. And then but here's the other thing then. When you you want to give that to the host for not so that you can build your email list necessarily, but so that they can build their email list.

Joe: So in other words, you know, this isn't this is it's not a secret, but this is like one of the reasons why people do YouTube shows and guys like me who do podcasts, we give away these really cool things for free. Like lately I've been giving away my free land contract, right? So you can get my contract on how to do land deals. It's simple land contract dot com. It's free because I want to build my email list. I want to build an email list of people that listen to the show so I can stay in touch and communicate with you all and and talk about other things that I'm selling or offering or whatever. Right? So give me something to be on my show. Give me something that's like really valuable. People can opt in to get it so that I can build my email list and I can grow my audience. Does that make sense? Yeah, super simple. And when you do things like that for people, if you want to get on their show, it's going to be a whole lot easier. And you're going to be able to cut through the noise. So what is it that you do that's really cool and unique and different? Like, how about. If you could, if you're doing I'm just trying to think out loud, like, let's say you did a commercial deal and let's walk through step by step how to find owners of commercial properties. And then how do you when you talk to them, how do you find the person to talk to? And when you're on the phone with them, what do you do and what you don't have to walk through, like how to do in these big, complicated deals from beginning to end, like something super practical that you can put in to some content. Like, Here's the thing. I want something so valuable that I could sell it for 97 bucks, maybe a 500 bucks. I want something so valuable that I can maybe add it as a module into my courses, one of my courses that people pay me for it. And that's how you know what I'm saying, like 99% of podcasts that I've done in the past, but not that high, I'd say maybe 75% of the podcast that I've done in the past, I would never put them in my course. They're just interviews, people talking, but like I did, here's a good example. I did a podcast a week or two weeks ago with a guy named Ray and his last name, Zhang, I believe. Now, here's a perfect example. This guy Ray crushed it. It was an amazing podcast because I had to pull it out of him. But he's a guy that, you know, an immigrant from China was homeless, living out of a car. And this year he's already net. It's like ten months into the year and nine or ten months into the year, he's netted over $900,000, $800,000 in profits. And he's working a couple of hours a day. He's got a VA that he pays $2 an hour to this VA. And so he's got an amazing story. But you know what? I didn't get him on my podcast because I wanted to talk about his story and how he went from homeless to making a lot of money. That's amazing. That's awesome. But when we got on the show, go listen to go to my YouTube channel and look for Ray in sometime in October, September or October of 2022 and watch that interview and what we did. It was like a class. He went in to list source. He showed us how to find these properties and then he showed us how to calculate his offers and how to what kind of mail. Well, we didn't get into that kind of detail, but it was really, really valuable and the feedback has been amazing. So already one of my more popular videos that I've ever done on YouTube, this is a video that I could add to my land investing course, and I think I did already, and I've been recommending it to people like, Hey, go watch this podcast. This is really, really good.

Joe: All right. So you know your marching orders now, right? If you are somebody who wants to get on other people's podcasts. When you email them, he was like, All right, I want to I have this thing that I do that's different and unique and it's not. Again, it's not like it has to be something that is different. Right? You can't say, hey, I want to teach your audience how to wholesale a deal. And, you know, unless maybe the audience of the podcast is like a an apartment cum podcast or commercial. Then you could say, I want to I want to teach your audience how to wholesale deals. But like, for me, I wouldn't be interested in that, right? Because we talk about that all the time and everybody kind of here kind of knows how to do that. But if you had a unique twist, a different angle on how you wholesale a deal, something that's different and unique, like maybe a new marketing tactic or a technique that you used that's ninja that nobody's really knows about yet or something. And you say, Hey, listen, I want to do this show teaching your audience how to do this in these four steps. And I'm going to give you something that you can give to the audience for free. I'm going to give you this calculator, this software for free, no strings attached that you you can give it away for free any way you want. And it's not something where you're going to necessarily you're not going to collect the emails. I am going to collect the emails. Does that make sense? So, yeah. There you go. That's it. I'm telling you, I'm looking forward to doing more podcasts like this. I'm excited now because this is going to be helpful for my audience. It's going to be helpful for all of you guys. Listening is going to help me deliver more value to my audience. It's going to help me grow, have more lead magnets that I can grow my email list with. Does that make sense? All right.

Joe: So, listen, if you're interested, I want you to send an email to my support team. Send an email to support at Joe McCall dot com. Now, here's the deal. Listen up. Because if you want to be on my show, don't just send me a podcast request because I get so many of them, my team just deletes them. They don't even send them to me. They delete them. So you need to write in the email something like, Hey, Joe said to send this to you and he said to send it to him. Okay, Joe said to send this email to him and I want to do a podcast or YouTube show with Joe and I want to talk about this. I want to teach people I want to do a class on how to do X, Y, Z, ABC or whatever. And I want to give away for free this really valuable resource to people. Again, something. Simple. Not a book. I don't. Nobody wants books. Nobody wants a class either. Nobody wants a four or five module class. Like something practical, like a PDF, a spreadsheet, a checklist, a script, a contract proposal. You know what I mean? Something like that. So then, yeah, I hope that makes sense. But then when you send that email to support and just again, make sure, hey, listen, Joe said to send this and this and he said, do not send it to trash, but do send it to him. Okay, that makes sense. And if we don't respond in a few days or in a week, you know, send an email again, maybe even I don't want to get flooded with DMs, but you could send me a DM on Facebook or something, too. All right, guys. Hey, I appreciate you. I'm going to go. Peace. Bye.

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