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Coach Marketing Workshop with Tom Krol

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have thousands of followers and a big, huge audience to make money helping people. Tom Krol is a massively successful coach, and together, we’re hosting the Coach Marketing Workshop. The workshop will be in Orlando, Florida on October 27th and 28th and you can find out all of the details by clicking the link below. We’ll teach you how to start making $10K a month by being a generous expert and helping your clients be successful. 

One of the things Tom is great at is giving away tons of valuable information for free through speaking engagements, podcasts, etc. Many people are afraid to give too much away, but it’s often the key to attracting great clients and growing a successful coaching business. In our upcoming event, we’re going to show you how to build a multimillion-dollar coaching business step by step. Both Tom and I made our fortunes outside of coaching, and we’ve been in the trenches just like our clients. Our upcoming event is going to help you get really good at coaching right out of the gate – you won’t want to miss it!

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What’s inside:

  • Details on our upcoming Coach Marketing Workshop.
  • Why you don’t need a huge audience to be a successful coach.
  • What makes a great coach and why you should offer valuable resources for free.

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Joe: Hey, what's going on, guys? Joe McCall with Tom Krol. Tom, how are you doing brother?

Tom: Brother Joe! It's good to see you.

Joe: I'm so excited about this. By the way, I was just looking at your coffee mug.

Tom: There you go.

Joe: So let's vote in the comments right now. Who has a better coffee mug, Joe or Tom? You have the rhino mug and I have the best coach ever mug.

Tom: Yeah, but I got a BAM on the back.

Joe: Where did you get that mug?

Tom: This is from one of our neighborhood friends for a birthday present. How awesome is that?

Joe: Nice, a student gave me this. And those of you can't see it, it says best coach ever, number one. I'm going to get Tom one that says second best coach ever. Number two.

Tom: Which student, I want a name. This is not Sally B from Oklahoma, right?

Joe: I'll tell you. I'll tell you offline. Okay. All right. I do know who did it, but I'll tell you. I don't know if he or she wants to know who it was. But anyways. Hey, guys, I'm glad you're here. If you're if you're watching us right now, we're doing this live. So I just want to say hi to you guys on Facebook, YouTube, and even on LinkedIn. Tom, did you know are you on LinkedIn at all? Do you care?

Tom: I'm sure they had me somewhere on LinkedIn, but maybe not. Maybe. Who knows?

Joe: Tom, do you need to have, like thousands and thousands of followers and a big, huge audience and a ton of people that know about you to have a coaching business and to make money helping people?

Tom: Yeah. No. So, you know, it's so interesting, Joe, because I really as I got into helping coaches, right. So we have a lot of coaches who, who, who have come up through our system. And when we first got started, I was worried about, you know, how I got from 100,000 a year to, you know, millions right now. But what I realize is it's really the magic. The magic of it is getting from 0 to 100000. Right. How do you consistently make $10,000 a month in a repeatable way, in a consistent way as a business? And that is what is so amazing about what you and I are going to be discussing, is this is helpful for anyone who is already over 10 million a year coaching, but this is going to be a mega helpful for the people who are getting started and they just want to get to a repeatable 10K because here's the deal. You can do this without any kind of paid ads or any way of doing. You can you can start from scratch. And as long as you can get to 10K by being a generous expert instead of being a coach. Right. That's really what I want to share with this audience. It is like you guys want to get started, just be authentic, be real about what you're doing and be the generous coach. Be the generous expert. And if you do that, I don't care if you have no list, no audience, no product. Right. And you can just start crushing it and helping people, making millions, helping thousands. And I'm really excited about sharing that message with everyone who's going to be at this amazing event in Orlando.

Joe: I'm looking forward to it. October 27th, 28th, Orlando, Florida. Coach Marketing Workshop dot com. Tom and I have been talking about this for years. Literally, we've been talking about doing an event like this for at least three years. And finally the doors just opened up and said, Let's do this thing. And I'm looking forward to it. Because, guys, I'll say this about Tom. I've known him for a long time. There is not a better coach in the real estate investing space than Tom Krol. Well, he doesn't coach necessarily anymore in real estate investing, but there's not a better coach that I know, period than Tom Krol. And those of you on my Facebook or you follow me. The other day, I posted 11 rules of coaching. In fact, Tom, when we do, we're doing a podcast on Monday. Let's talk about those 11 rules. That's a good idea. Tom and I are going to be doing some podcasts coming up here about how to be a better coach, how to grow, gain a following, how to help people and not just do it for the money. Because if you're in it for the money, you're going to be found out. You're going to be burnt out. You're going to crash and burn. It's that's a horrible way to be in this business. Now, we do make great money in this. Tom and I together, we've sold over $30 million in coaching and services and information products since we've been doing this. And it's it's a great journey, but it's not about the money necessarily that helps. I wouldn't be doing this for nothing, obviously. Right. But people get excited about the money part of it, but then get overwhelmed quickly, don't they, Tom, with like, oh man, I want to do coaching is I want to make some extra money or maybe exercise side want to just love helping people and I want to have a bigger impact, a bigger influence. But they get overwhelmed with they think, Oh, I got to have a funnel, I got to have a webinar, I need to have a huge podcast and a huge YouTube following. I need to be on Instagram and Tik Tok and all of these different places, and I need to be everywhere because that's what I see these other people doing. But you do you do such a good job of helping people kind of like say now you don't you don't necessarily need all of that. And in fact, making ten grand a month, which is huge and significant, is not that hard, is it?

Tom: I mean, that's a that's the thing. And it is. It's actually easier. You know, it's funny is that if you just want to if you're an expert and you're getting a great result, don't exaggerate the result. Just get out there and be a generous expert. I am telling you guys, you will super naturally just explode. It's like mythical. It's a it's a magical experience is that if you just go to hell, there are great books like The Go Giver and other resources like that. But if you just go to say, I have gotten a really good result doing something, I figured something out and I just have contagious energy and I want to share it with everybody. I mean, I don't care if you work at a phone store and you're living paycheck to paycheck or if I just want to share this with everybody in it, if you approach the way that you have been able to get this blessing right and then to share it with other people, it's it's amazing. You can have exponential or compound or what I call leapfrog success, where all of a sudden we have people in the in coaching program right now who are literally have never made a coaching sale, but they've had some success in one area. And there's a student who came in, you know, I've been teaching Joe for over a decade. I've been a coach. Oh, yeah, yeah. So we're over a decade long of more than 5000 students, over 10000 hours of coaching. And I can tell you with coaching coaches, we had one guy who came in total rockstar, total sweetheart. He did $40,000 in sales in his first week. That's never happened. What I was coaching other things you can do that in coaching. A coaching is a business and you know to talk about Joe for a minute guys, I've seen Joe, I got my start because Joe let me into his world and into his audience. And I will tell you a little secret right now that we're going to discuss. Let me tell you why Joe did that. And Joe is the best in the world at marketing. But let me tell you why Joe let me into his world, because I was a generous expert and I was sharing and giving. So people like Joe and Alex Youngblood and Todd Toback, they were more than happy to say, come on in and share what, you know, give away your best secrets. Tell us so that you can help us. That is what helped me explode. If you are authentic and sincere with just I want to help people like Joe was just talking about. Money is a symptom. It is not the condition. We can create the condition by being a go giver and sharing our expertise. So, you know, why did Joe why did he let me in? Because I was sharing everything. Here is the best way to find customers. Here's the best way to make more per customer. Here's the best way to serve your customers. And people will see that it lowers everyone's barrier. If you want to start making $10,000 a month right now, you've got to lower everyone's barrier. You got to stop selling, stop being a coach, stop pretending to be something you're not, and just be a generous expert. And we're going to start foundationally in this program. I'm going to be going through this. But guys, I have see what Joe does. And Joe in our industry is a rock star. I mean, that everybody when we go to a room, everybody wants to sit near Joe because they know that he has the latest and greatest when it comes to how to take who you become as a coach and amplify, because that's really what marketing is. Marketing is just it's just louder. It's just turning up the volume. So I'm going to really work with you on who do you have to become? Who do you have to be? How to build a community, how to build a coaching business, a one to many nationwide business, not a job. A business that's scalable helps a lot of people. It makes you a fortune. And Joe is going to show you how to put that on steroids with marketing that works that anybody can do. We're going to swipe all of this stuff. We're going to steal it. We're going to walk out with a briefcase. Every everything that he has, it's going to be a great adventure.

Joe: Yeah, we're a completely open book, and this is why this thing's going to sell out. It's going to start quick, because we're just sharing with you what we've done and what you can do, too, and what you were talking about, just being a go getter. Tom, one of the things that you were so good at was just giving away tons and tons of really good, valuable, free information that other people charged tons and tons of money for. Like you would get invites to speak at real estate investment clubs, right? Or you'd go on podcasts and you were kind of leading this at the time where just giving away tons and tons of information with nothing to sell. But people would come up to you and say, Hey, how can I work with you? How can I? We're closer with you to get some more of this detailed information. And so some people think they have this scarcity mindset. If I share too much or if I give away too much for free on a podcast or speaking at a live event, like people aren't going to want to sign up for me for signing up, for coaching or get my whole. But why is that a myth?

Tom: Yeah, I mean, this is something that I love. I learned from Jeff Walker early on from launch and he had I can't think of the name of his program was but he to go on to our new product launch formula. Yes. And he said, have no free line. At the same time, I heard someone in another industry, Amy Porterfield, and she was talking about giving it all away. And that's the world that I came up in. And guys, you know. This brings up another really good point. So, first of all, whatever your best secret is, share it immediately. Whatever you feel like. If I say this, they're not going to buy from me because I'm giving away my best stuff. That's exactly where to start. But additionally, it's about consistency and it's about not watching your competition. If you feel less, then it's because you're watching all of these. You know, you think all the market is saturated with coaches. Trust me, the market is there's about three or 400 coaches in the whole the whole country. The market is not saturated with coaches. What happened is you look at these guys in front of, you know, fake yachts and helicopters and all of this. And, you know, you might feel less than. But the reality is you're strong, you're powerful. If you have something that works and you want to share, we're going to show you step by step exactly specific instruction on how you can go out and immediately overnight, put revenue and student success in first position to create a powerhouse. That's why this is such a good combination with Joe and I is because very often the reason these webinars and funnels and tunnels and seminars and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all this stuff doesn't work is because you don't work, because you're not connecting, because you're so busy watching competitors and feeling less and sorry for yourself. You if you have a good result, you have a seat at the table. We're going to show you how to become the person who can speak from the belly, from your own experience, where people hear your message and they turn you up or they turn you off because you they that you appeal to them or you don't. And we're going to show you how to cut through all that noise in the market and find your audience right away, even if you're starting from scratch and you don't even have a product yet. So it's really going to be a super simple journey that we're going to we're going to take.

Joe: So I want to walk you through, guys, what's actually going to what we're going to do this event and we are going to do some more podcasts early next week talking about this stuff and teaching and sharing more. We did. We built a little page here, and some of you might think, Oh, man, here they go. Like, there they are. They've got these fancy sales pages in these fancy videos. But I just had my guy put it together and these kinds of pages that we build, we're going to give you the template so you can copy and build these things as well yourself. Right. But we just hired a video guy for a few hundred bucks and took different video clips that we had and put it together. But we're this is what we're going to be covering on the two days. All right. Just want to zoom in here. Can you see this good, Tom?

Tom: Yeah, I can read it just fine. All right.

Joe: Look at this step by step exactly how to build a multimillion dollar coaching business. Not a coaching job that only runs without you, but grows with you. I'm sorry, without you. Sorry. The step by step guide 81K in sales in the next 30 days. Really, Tom?

Tom: Yeah. So actually I don't, I can't share my screen, but just starting out, that's what I just did. So I'm going to give them the exact step by step. And I know a lot of people are watching this show and they're, you know, they're reading this and they're like, well, this is because Joe and Tom are so good looking and, you know, they have that advantage. But I'm telling you guys, it's not just our looks. If you followed our not just our looks, I mean, that certainly comes into play. I'd like to think it was.

Joe: I'd like to think it was my sexy body, but it's not.

Tom: Yeah, I'm with you.

Joe: Okay. How to build a coaching business to exit for millions of dollars. I don't know, Tom. Have you done that?

Tom: Maybe. Possibly. Yeah. Let's do it. We're going to. We're going to make millions that we're going to exit for millions. But additionally, what we're going to do is we are going to help a ton of people along the way. Guys, the reason that you got into business, if you're an owner, you I'm going to I'm going to remind you why you got into business, because sometimes we forget, right? We forget why we get into business. Right. But I'm going to I'm going to give you a reminder of why we got into business. We got into business, all of us, for a good night's sleep. So we're going to show you how to grow and scale this business with a real, true student first framework, how to actually and this is it turns out that the simplest model to scale and the simplest model to grow is the student first model, how to bring these people in and actually just focus on getting them results. And sometimes, you know, we're going to go through some stuff. You'll say, well, you know, is this scalable? Here's the thing. Scalability is a funny word, right? It just means that you're not doing it is sometimes people think that scalability is based on the activity that the owner is doing. It has nothing to do with that. As long as someone else in your company is doing it, the activity is scalable, so everything is scalable. So that means we're going to show you how to grow a business where that every choice that you make when you're faced with a decision is going to be based on what is most likely to get that student who paid you their hard earned money, the result that you promised. And if you do that that business that that is that super natural attraction that that. Like out of this world mythical attraction model that you are going to all of a sudden people are just going to be flooding in to come and see you because no one's doing that. They're too busy taking pictures in front of yachts and fake airplanes and all of that when they really should be with their students. So it's really exciting to share this message with everybody because I've seen it work with people that we've worked with and Brant Daniels and other people who are doing out there crushing it. And it's exciting to see that. So if you guys want to have a business that just grows supernaturally and exponentially and you have leapfrog success, we're going to get you. If you're if you're just starting, we're going to an even out of the gate and you don't have a product, don't build your product. We sell it and then we build it. We sell it first. Yeah, that's a key. So don't waste time buying all these tools and wasting time with, you know, sometimes preparation could be a form of procrastination. Right. So don't spend time building. We're going to go out and we are going to show you how to start immediately right away, making 10K per month in a repeatable way. And then we're going to show you once you do the hard work, hustle is a season, right? So once we do that, then we're going to then we're going to punch the gas and we're going to make that into a seven figure business, which is phenomenal. I mean, we're excited.

Joe: This is so important because you can do this with a small team, right? You don't need a huge team. Tom and I have assistants and we have people behind us. I have probably more people than Tom does working for me, but like you don't need to have all these funnels built. Like we're going to show you basic from just starting nobody no one knew how to start getting to your first ten k a month. Super easy to do. Trust us. We're on the other side of it and we've helped a lot of people do it. It's very easy to do, but we're going to show you how to do this with a small team or with no team. And then as you grow and you want to start doing the funnels or the webinars or the things like I'm doing will show you how to do that as well. The JV attraction system, one super inexpensive hire that will explode your revenue and where to find that person. Yeah, I love this, man.

Tom: I'm not going to give that one away, but that is a game changer.

Joe: One of my favorite podcasts and I've got I've done over 1100 podcasts. One of my favorite ones is the one Tom did when we were talking about something, something where we're going to be sure that. All right. Three simple steps of creating a thriving, scalable, loyal, profitable, self-governing, perpetually growing community of raving fans followers. Oh, man, I love it. And again, nobody does that better than Tom. Student first I'll get Tom is going to talk a lot about this a student first methodology this is so kind of backwards for what you might think, but when you put the students first, revenue will follow every single time. Okay, how to get referral leads? No competition. Open collaboration. Cut through the noise. There's so much noise out there. Tom talks a lot about easy peasy lemon squeezy when you should and should not charge a subscription. Three big mistakes that coaches will make from selling products. Tom doesn't like info products and we'll talk about why? Because this is one of the slowest ways to big money. There's a place for it, but not when you're young. Started out when not when you're starting off. It's like so many people. Tom, And this is important to talk about. So many people think of they hear the period, they hear the value ladder analogy where you start with something free, then you sell something small, then you sell something more expensive, and then you sell. And then finally, after they go through all of those steps, and only then do you give them your high ticket offer. And that's one of the that's a big, big mistake, especially if you're getting started out off. Right. You should reverse that and start with the high ticket thing as you build an audience, as you grow an audience, and then you can start coming down from there. All right. So real quick, we've got to go because.

Tom: Yeah, I've got a call, but I just want to say, Joe, the key is we're going to everything that everyone else is teaching out there. Guys, here is the bottom line. Joe has made his fortune as a coach outside of coaching coaches. I have made my fortune outside of coaching coaches. So we're not one of these coaches who make our money coaching coaches. We've made our attitude as coaches. So what we're telling you is in the trenches, not from the generals, ten a mile away with binoculars. We're in the trenches. We did it. We got from zero to our first awkward sale to 80,000 and then hired people in 800,000 and then 1000010 million to 15 million. So we've done it step by step with you. We've done it as you. We're not we're not like, oh, we read a book and we're selling information that you can buy for free on Internet. This is tried and true. We're only going to give you what is proven and what works. If we don't know, we're not going to talk about it. So all of these other coaches who are selling seminars and webinars and funnels and all this other stuff, the real problem is it sounds really good, right? But it doesn't work. Yes, it works for a small group of people who are really refined and good born, natural born salesmen and presenters. But we're going to show you how to become somebody where the marketing is just an amplification of what you're already good at. So we're going to make you really good at it right out of the gate. We're going to throw you in the deep end and you're going to get good at it. And then we're going to attach Joe's marketing to it, which is going to amplify it.

Joe: Yeah. So we've got to wrap this up. But if you go to Coach Marketing Workshop dot com, you'll see a video Tom and I did about it. You'll see what Tom's going to be talking about, what I'm going to be talking about, going to be jampacked two full days. We're covering food at breakfast, lunch and dinner, first day breakfast and lunch the second day. And it's going to be in Orlando, Florida, at the Gaylord. Really beautiful, huge hotel. It's going to be amazing. So again, go to coach marketing workshop dot com and stay tuned because we're gonna be doing a live podcast early next week talking about the biggest mistakes coaches make and why they don't succeed. So stay tuned for that. And you're going to hear a lot more from Tom and I both. As we go into this workshop, we're going to fill it up and we want awesome, exciting people there. And we've already sold a lot of tickets. So go to coach marketing workshop dot com right now. We'll see you later. Hey, thanks, Tom. Always good chatting with you, brother.

Tom: Looking forward to seeing you. Looking forward to meeting you guys in person. We're going to have a great adventure.

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