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Special Coaching Call - A Fresh Look at Freedomsoft

This is a free coaching call that I’m doing with my students and today, I’m sharing a ton of great information with you. FreedomSoft has come out with a ton of new things, and I’ll also share how you can get my brand-new vacant land contract for free. I’ll show you how to look up competitive markets using FreedomSoft and also how you can use the World Population Review website to target results.

One of the cool features is that you can skip trace contacts in a particular county and call them. I’ll show you how to set your account up right so that everything goes smoothly. I walk through how to target absentee owners and seller leads. Creating a campaign is the best way to handle things and I’ll take you through the process. There’s a great direct mail campaign that is really great as well. If you want to get into FreedomSoft and are looking for an in-depth tutorial on how to run it like a pro, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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What’s inside:

  • How to get my new vacant land contract for free.
  • How to use the new FreedomSoft features to find leads.
  • How to set up FreedomSoft campaigns.

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Joe: Okay. This is a free coaching call that I'm doing with my students and I'm streaming this live to the Facebook's and YouTube's out there. So say hello, everybody, to everybody else. You guys are here. And today I'm going to be answering questions, the questions of my cool students and friends that are here with me on Zoom. I want to answer their questions in the chat, but I'm also going to share some things with you. And I wanted to share some new things that have come out of freedom soft number one. And the number two, I'm going to be talking about the new contract that you guys can get free. I'm giving away the contract I use for my vacant land deals with. Then number three, I'm gonna answer questions. All right? So I'm glad you guys are here again. I'm Joe McCall. This is my inner circle coaching call that I do once a month. I have different coaching calls that we do for our main coaching students. We do coaching calls every day in the mornings, and they can reach me on Voxer for the land vacant land flipping stuff. We do weekly group coaching calls and this is another version of coaching is called Joe's Inner Circle. And it's just once a month we get on a group call like this. So I'm glad you guys are here.

Joe: Let me just jump to number two first. Since I have your attention, I am giving away for free my vacant land contract. And if you go to let me share my screen here and make sure this works, zoom share screen. Oh, where to go? Sorry, guys. Here it is. All right, if you go to simple land contract dot com, simple land contract dot com. I'm going to put the link to that here in the Zoom chat. Those of you that are watching me on Zoom right here, you can get my contract right now. No real catch. You just put your email in there and you'll get it. So let me show you what happens when you do that. This is a contract that I use to get properties under contract and we're doing really, really well with this right now. So we'll email it to you. And then there's a little video here inviting you to a special class. And if you watch this class, I'm going to teach you how to use the contract. What we basically do with vacant land is we will sell I'm sorry, we will pull a list of people who own vacant land, rural, small, recreational, vacant land out in the sticks. A whole list of people who have owned that land for over ten years who don't live in that county, and we'll send them a letter. It's a simple one page letter or a postcard that says, Hey, we think you owned this 4.6 acre property and X, Y, Z County. And if you want to sell it, we'd like to make you an offer on it. Please call or text our 24 hour recorded voice mail, and that's really important. We say 24 hour recorded voicemail. Then when they call that number, it goes into our freedom soft phone number, free, and we set it up for you in the system. It's a freedom soft voicemail and then there's a letter reference ID we'll help you set up, send your first batch of mail as well if you're a student. So then they give us that letter reference I.D. and then it tells us everything we need to know about that vacant lot. And then the system we use also gives us the price that we should offer. And then we just verify that what's what we might see on Zillow, and then we send them an offer. And that's what I'm giving you for free. So what we after they leave us a voicemail, we send them an offer without ever talking to them. The cool thing about that is, number one, you don't have to be there answering phones like you don't have to return sellers, phone calls and play phone tag. You could sit down one night a week and just go through all your voicemails and send out all your offers so we're not in a big rush or hurry. There's very little competition for these deals, so we send an offer at 20 to $0.25 on the dollar. It's a cover letter and a one page contract, and you can get that for free at simple land contract dot com. Simple land contract dot com going right now to get it. Then we send the offer and we get out of no one out of 21 out of 30. Let's just say it's one out of 50 offers get accepted. It's a numbers game and we get accepted. We have three months to close. We do our due diligence and see if it's a deal that we actually want to buy during that three months. We advertise it to try to find a buyer. So it's like wholesaling. So we're selling this vacant land to recreational users, people who want to camp, ride their four wheelers, go hunting, camping, whatever. So we sell this vacant land to them. So our example, well, let's say it's worth ten grand. We send somebody who owns that two acre lot that's worth ten grand, send them a letter. They say, Yeah, I want to sell it. They leave us a voicemail, we send them an offer for 20 $500. And one of them says, Yeah, sure, they just sign it and send it back. Then we buy it. We're buying it for 2500. We have three months to close. We go out and start advertising it for 9580 500 and we'll either sell it with cash or with owner financing, and we sell them pretty quickly one or two months and just like wholesaling but it's vacant lands easier, takes a lot less cash. We don't to talk to sellers until they ask, until after they get our offers and we can outsource a large portion of it. So anyway, I thought you might like that contract. Go check it out right now.

Joe: The other thing I want to show you guys is some cool things that they've been doing with Freedom Soft. And if you go to a couple of things here, if you go to hundreds of leads dot com, hundreds of leads dot com. You can watch a little webinar. This is this is a webinar I did with Rob Swanson who owns Freedom Soft. We did this about a year ago. I'll put this link in the. Zoom chat for you guys as well. Hundreds of leads dot com. But this is about a year. But they've made a lot of updates and changes to them to free himself since. And I'm going to kind of walk you through that now. I'm going to do this as an example. I want somebody to give me a market in the United States, a county, preferably in the United States. And let's do I'm going to show you what I would do if I were to walk somebody through a campaign and getting them set up for the whole thing. Okay. Where's Harris County, Michael? There's that. That's Houston, Texas, isn't it? So keep on typing in and I'm going to look it up. Harris County is Texas. That's Houston. Super competitive market. I would not recommend doing deals there. To be honest, I would recommend going out to the smaller towns all around Houston. Now, you can do deals in Houston, Texas. You certainly can. There's lots of investors that are doing it. That's one of the problems. There's a lot of investors doing deals in Houston. So now, by the way, not many investors doing lease options in Houston. So that may be an opportunity. Right. But I like going into areas where there's less competition and the small towns and there's a lot of really big small towns in Texas. I like those counties around there. Montana, of course. Come on, Gary. I love Montana, but it's too small. Sasquatch County, Tennessee. Where is that? Sasquatch County? Near Chattanooga. That would be a good county for vacant land. Maybe not for houses. All right. Montgomery County, north of Houston, that's a better place. Maybe that's still. Let me show you this. This might be a good teaching thing for you guys. All right. Let's go to here. There's a website. Let me open it in. Forgot to. I should have found this first. But it's a website called World Population Review. Here it is. All right. I'm going to open it up. You should see my screen. You guys can type in the chat. You see my screen here? And it says The States, you see that guys type in the chat and see my screen with the country and the states. Yes. Okay. Thank you. All right.

Joe: So let's go look at Texas here. This is World Population Review dot com. I'm going to put this in the Zoom chat for you guys. We're just looking at Texas here. A scroll down. Go get rid of the ads. One of the cool things about this website is it shows you growth rate by county. But what I'm mainly interested in is right here, Texas population density by county, Texas population density by county. So here's Harris County. Notice population only 4.8 million. I think it's like the second or third largest city in the United States. Right. So a lot of opportunity for deals there. It's Houston, Texas. It's growing like crazy. But one of the problems is it's like tons and tons of competition. This is one of the most competitive markets in the United States. So as if I was a new investor wanting to do deals, I might look in, sued some other markets surrounding that. Like Jefferson County still has 246,000. What about Angelina County? Maybe. Now, this is this is probably Travis. Isn't this San Antonio? I'm sorry. This is Austin, isn't it? And there's San Antonio. Bexar, what about Nueces County? Well, Dago County, New Oasis. I know I'm butchering the name Smith County. Look at the population growth in Smith County. I know. I don't know. It's over there. Probably a college town or something, I'm going to guess. But it's growing almost 50% since 2010. It's got over 240,000 people. Which county do you think has more competition? Which county do you think might have less competition? Smith County might be one. Right. So let's look at Smith County here. Smith County, Texas. Tyler, Texas. Chapel Hill. So there. That's never mind. That's a different chapel though I'm thinking of. So that's a good small town you can do a lot of deals are now. Can you really do deals there? Well, let's see. Is there actually activity? If we go into freedom soft, we go to zip finder. We'll see if this works for smaller towns like that. If we go to County, Texas, let's go to Smith. There's Smith County. Last 90 days, it's going to search. We're not sure what's non-disclosure states like Texas, how this will work. All right. Here you go. So in the last 90 days, in seven, five, 703, there's been 19 investor transactions, 15 investor transactions in 75701. And in 756 75762, there's been eight. All right. So the cool thing, one of the things I wanted to show you about with Freedom Solved here is how you can find who these active buyers are, what are they buying and where are they buying it? Right. So when you're looking at kind of which county should you go in, maybe think about going out, maybe Brazos, Brazos County, that is College Station. All right. So think about going outside of the red hot areas that are very, very popular with lots of competition and going out one or two counties surrounding there, you're going to find much better, higher response rates to your marketing. Your direct mail is going to work better out there, but you can still do deals out there. There's still a lot of sellers that want to sell their houses and you can still wholesale deals out here. All right.

Joe: So anyway, looking at. This county, Smith County. One of the things that you could do with freedom and this is some of the new changes that they've done, it's a new thing called zip finder. You can put in any county and it tells you where all of the investors are buying properties. So I can click these top. Let's pick the top. One of the five counties there. I'm a click find buyers. This is just the last 90 days. So these are buyers that are actually buying properties right here. So let me click search. All right. There's been 234 transactions. It may be 150 buyers, but there's been 234 transactions in the last 90 days in those five zip codes. All right. So I'm going to select all pages. I'm going to add them to a lead list. Let's call this lead list. Going click a new one. What was the county again? Smith going, all right. Let's call this boom. Here we go. Smith County, Texas. I'm just going to call it demo buyers demo. All right. Create lead. And so what it's doing now is it's adding those 234 buyers into a new list for that. So now I can go here to my pipeline ready lists. And this list right here, there's 224 prospects in there. I'm to click on View All. One of the cool things you can do here is you can go to advanced filters. I can create a new filter and I can scroll all the way to the bottom and I can do owned properties is greater than let's do two. So of the all of the investors that bought property in the last 90 days, which ones of them have more than that own more than two properties I click filter and there's 18 people here companies in the last 90 days have bought a property and who have owned more than two. You can go in here and let's look at this first one here. I don't know how these are rated. I mean, if they're sorted in any way, but like this guy here, New Level LLC, and they live in Dallas, that's where their business headquarters is. They have bought in these zip codes, seven, five, six four in these four zip codes here in these three different counties go to owned properties. And I can see on a map here where these properties are here, here, here and here you can see what they own. Now, because this is a nondisclosure state, you're not going to see the price. But normally you could see the price that they bought those homes in in most other states. So we can go back to all leads. We can do another filter here. We could say, all right, show us all the ones who have purchased more. We have purchased more than two properties in those 90 days in those zip codes. Now, this is a small sample size here. We're going into a small little county here. But if you were to do this in a bigger county, you'd get a lot more data. So the number of purchased properties is greater than two. And you could also say, maybe I should have done this. Let me cancel this year. All right. Let me refresh the screen. I think I needed to do the other filter there, and my Internet is slowing down. Can you type in the chat? You guys can still hear me and see me. Hopefully my browser did okay. Good. You can still hear me. There we go. All right. So now I'm looking at all of these buyers here. I'm going to click on this advanced filters. Oh, come on. Freedom soft. Let's go. All right, now I'm going to go to purchase properties is greater than two on or after. So in the last let's say six months, one, two, three, four, five, six since January one, we're the ones, let's say four, who have purchased more than four properties after January one, click filter. Now you can see here these are the people and companies that have bought more than four properties in that Smith County since January. And let's look at this first one son, when he's got five properties here, he bought them all on March 4th and they're different addresses. So he bought a bunch of properties right here on the street. Interesting. Right. Let's go back to see if I can go back page. No, let's go to the next. The caveat, David Cabot, Canadian Acadian Properties. You can see these guys are buying a bunch all over and you can sort this by soul date and see the last ones that they bought in April. We're in these areas here and if you could, you could also open them up and see what it is that they bought. And you're not going to have a sale price available because they. It's Texas. All right.

Joe: So I want to show you something cool here. If I were wanting to do deals in Smith County, Texas, I'm going to skip trace these guys and call them. There's 224 now. A lot of them are like these. I'm going to select all 224. I'm only going to pay for the skip tracing of the non Elm C's. Okay, so I'm going to highlight all of them. I'm going to go to more actions and I'm going to skip trace. I'm going to drag over full name, mailing address, city, state, zip, burn, skip trace. Now I'm going to pause my screen here. Actually go here to this. I'm a pause my screen here because I may have to purchase some skip tracing credits I don't want you all to see. Yeah, I need to purchase 67, so I need to put in my credit card information here real quick. Submit order so you can prepay credits. All right. Now, the order has been submitted. Here we go. And the status is pending. Let me refresh my page. It's in progress. 27 leads are complete. Somebody is asking about prop stream. I don't know if you can do the same filters and perhaps, Jim, I think you can. But so what I must show you some other cool things are freedom soft is added in here now because it's pretty amazing. You may not need string anymore. Refresh the screen again. 80 leads complete so the whole thing is complete. Here we go. All right. So 80 leads were non else's that they were able to skip trace. Cool. All right. So let me go back to my pipeline right here. I'm going to go to lists, kind of go to Smith County. I'm going to view all I'm going to select all and I'm going to turn leads through and I'm going to ops right here, new click to call dialer. I'm going to cold call. Now I don't have an open phone number, but you can buy your phone numbers here in freedom soft. So I'm going to go here to settings. I'm going to go to phone. And this is so important. What's what's the area code in that area? Texas area codes. So let's look at a map. Let's get an area code 979 is that's kind of in that area doesn't matter. 903 Michael's saying why? 903 That's right up there. All right. All right. We'll get 903. I'm going to go right here. I'm going to go to add number 12903 and I'm going to buy this number right here. Again, I'm going to pause my screen because I may have to put in my credit card. I'm going to buy this number, select my credit card number. It's 395 a month for a new phone number. All right. It's working good. There we go. All right. So I just bought this phone number right here. I'm going to highlight it. Copy it. I'm going to call this Smith's County, Texas buyers. And you can set up a voicemail if you want. You can upload a record one. You can set it up where somebody texted you, it sends a message back or somebody calls you, it sends them a message back by text. And I use this all the time. All right. To save changes. And let's go back to remember, we started that campaign for dialing. And did I save it? Might not have saved it. All right. So let's go back to my pipeline, my lists, Smith County, go to all of them. I'm going to select all. I'm going to go to more actions new click to call down there. Now, I don't recommend doing text blasts. Yes, you can do it in freedom. Stop. But it's very limited. Like they only let you send a little bit at a time. But it's not effective. It doesn't even work. Some people would argue with me on that, but the days of doing mass text broadcasting and blasting are over. So you need to do something different. So what you can do with Freedom Soft is you can actually do a direct mail campaign or you can dial them. The fastest way to a deal is on the phone. Fastest way to a deal is on the phone. So what I'd recommend is going right here, click to call dialer. Right. You're going to give this a name, Smith County, Texas Buyers. And you're good. You can send it from a campaign or from an open phone number, from a select that phone number. I just got my choose my recipients. I can send a follow up message after calling them. So it could be something like this. Hi, these are buyers buyer. First name. All right. Just left you a voicemail. Are you looking for more deals in Smith County, Texas? Joe? Now you can spin the text if you want. So like you can do highlight voicemail, click spin text and you can type in message just left. You can type in like I or just you can spin text to be like I just or just as I don't know I just. Are you looking for more spin text properties in Smith County and you spin that text Texas show I can spin this text you should I'm doing here but we do like JM so you can spin the text must spin also. Hi. Let's say hi. Hi, hey or hello. All right, now you can set this up where it calls primary numbers or mobile numbers only you can remove duplicate numbers. We want to call everybody now. Here you can remove numbers, the DNC flag and the non litigator flags.

Joe: You can include opt out text if you want. So I don't because I just called them and here's why this is does not break any spam laws. I'm doing this manually one at a time. This isn't a bot. This is actually me on the phone calling people. There's nothing wrong with just calling people one at a time. When you start doing mass triple dialers or like I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it gets a little gray area anyway. So technically, maybe you could argue that it doesn't matter if it has a DNC flag or not because it's number one, it's a business to business call. We're an investor. They're an investor who bought this property. So you could argue that it doesn't have. So there's other reasons, too, as well. A lot of investors just don't remove the DNC numbers. Some people do. So I'm going to let you make that judgment call on your own. For the sake of this illustration, I'm going to remove DNC numbers. I'm going to remove people that are known litigators. And I'm going to click next broadcast created. So even after removing numbers on the Do Not Call registry, I still have 162 phone numbers to call. All right. And I'm calling from this new virtual number that I just bought. So here is D and they just bought a property at. Now, let's say what I would do now is I would just click call and right from here in freedom stopped in the browser. I recommend you get like some earbuds or something you can actually call them if it goes to voicemail, leave a voicemail and then if it's not, if it's a mobile number, you can send them an SMS. But let's say they answered the phone. You can say, Hey, D, this is Joe. I walk through my script or I just opened it up. All right. Hey, D, this is Joe. I saw that you just bought a property recently near Tyler, Texas, on Copper Oaks. Drives that, right? Cool. Are you an investor? All right, nice. Are you looking for more deals like that? That's it. I can click on this property. I can actually view it. I can see what it is that they bought. I can see where it is. Satellite view now they live in Flint, Texas. The mailing address, the property address is right here. I can see kind of where it is. And if there was a street view, you could see the street view here as well. Okay. But there's not I think I said no, you got the wrong number. All right. So if they say I've got the wrong number, I'm just going to then click this little red circle here. Got the wrong number. Then I'm going to call click here, call Brant. Let's say he answers the phone. I'm going to click him on it, opens it up at the new tab. Hey, Brant, this is Joe McCall. How are you? I see you just bought a property recently on County Road 290 and Tyler, Texas. Are you an investor? Cool. Are you looking for more deals? Tell me about this property that you bought here. Looks like it's got some. It's on some land. Is that right? So whatever you start talking to them about property, are they looking for more? And if they are looking for more properties, find out what they're looking for. See, all we're doing here now is calling these people who who have bought properties recently. Find out, are they looking for more? What are they looking for? Pretty simple and cool. So even after removing after only skip tracing the non leases and after removing the do not call numbers from 234 records, you still have 162 phone numbers to dial. Now, do you think, by the way, this guy here, Brant, if it went to voicemail and many times it does, I just click, send SMS and it sends them this text. Hey Brant, I just left you message. Are you looking for more deals in Smith County, Texas? Jones Okay, so that leaves in that text. Do you think you could dial these hundred and 62 numbers? You might find one buyer who's looking for deals, more deals and Smith County texts you find, okay, well, what are you looking for? All right, pretty awesome.

Joe: Now, let's go back here. I've got those five zip codes selected here I've talked to. I did my dialing. This might take a day or two. So just dial all these numbers. By the way, if they call back and we missed a number, I mean, if they see that they missed a call, they call this number back, it's going to go to voicemail and it'll show up as a new you'll see them in right here and notifications if they call back. And we'll track all of those conversations here. Oops, when they go to Pipeline it'll track all the conversations right here in the list. So let's say, for example, this guy, Kyle Ford, called you back, you could go right here to communications and you'd see his phone call back and you'd see his history and you could text him and all of that. These yellows mean they're on the do not call this. All right. So now going back to here, I've called, you know, couple hundred people. Talk to them, find out. Yeah, I'm looking for more deals. Looking for more deals and 75703 in this price range or whatever. Now I need to get on the phone to start calling sellers. Now, who do you call? Well, let's just pick these top five zip codes here. I'm gonna find sellers. Now, this is brand new and freedom South right here. And they have done some really amazing updates. So you can look for tired landlords, people with high equity, distant landlords who are out of state or vacant properties. You can look up owner occupied or absentee owners. I'm going to go here to advanced search. So it's looking for these five zip codes. I want absentee owners. I don't care if they're out of state. I don't care if it's vacant or not. I don't care if it's tax delinquent or quitclaim deed or high equity. I do care if I'm click. Yes, you go to ownership type. I'm going to do only individuals because I don't want to I can't skip trace corporate own. So I'm going to do I'm going to include only individuals, exclude corporates, exclude trusts, exclude bank owned almost. Michael It's almost doing everything. The production goes upstream does give a little bit more, but this is still really good. Okay, so I'm looking for any absentee owners that have owned it for over 15 years that are individually owned absentee owners. That means what? They don't live in the house, they have much less emotional attachment to that property. Single family. No, I could do all I could do. Triplex. Quite. Flex duplex, condos, townhomes, single family. Okay. Property filters. You can search. I just did that here. You can search for bedrooms and stuff like that. Now, I know some people that will exclude the real expensive property, so they might do. All right. Just show me the ones that sold for less than or the tax value is less than 300 grand. They just do that to exclude the really expensive properties that are owned by an absentee owner. All right. So we're looking in those top zip codes. Absentee owners, they bought it over 15 years ago. They have a lot of equity and that's good. Let's see what we can do with that. Here it is searching 500,000, 1500, 2000, 24, 25, 32. Now, let's remember what we're talking about here. This is Smith County, Texas. This is Harris County. Smith County. I don't remember where it was. We're sort of carrying Tyler, Texas. So it's next to Dallas. It's right here. This county right here. Still 241,000 people. Population is growing. I don't know if there's a school out there that probably is right. There's colleges in every every town in Texas. All right. So right here, we've got 2532 people that own their absentee owners that owned properties in these top zip codes where people are buying. And yes, time, you can export all of them into a spreadsheet. So if I click on one of them, this is County Road 20 621 Bath 784 square feet absentee owners I can put you details shows me that I can look at the map view. Looks like it's out in the country. Now, in these smaller towns, you're not going to get a lot of street views because there's Google Maps just doesn't use it. Look at that. I just said they probably don't do street views. Let me go back here. Sorry. Street view. It does have a street view to beautiful. Got some big homes over there. All right. So that is an absentee owner. Let me go. Where do I go when we go? Return to search. Here we go. Hold it. Hold on. Map. There we go. So there's 2532. What I would do is I would select all of them and I would add them to a new read list. Okay. But I don't want to. Okay. I guess I'll go ahead. I'm going to add all of them. Select all 2532. I'm going to add them to a lead. This will create a new one, I'm going to call it. Smith County, Texas Absentee owners with equity call this demo. So I know I'm demoing this workflow automation I have in the Joe McCall signature addition of freedom soft. I have a workflow automation right here. Seller Lead Workflows. Joe. A workflow automation is an automation where you when you change the status, it does a bunch of automation follow up in the background. So all right. And you can select who gets who used this and who doesn't. I'm going to remove some of these folks because they just don't need to know that I'm messing with it. So only I have viewing permission. This. This. All right. Oh, so I. I have. I have uploaded more. I'm at the 197 level in this account. I have several different accounts of freedom. So you're only allowed to upload to download 6000 leads per month, 6000 leads per month. So they want me to upgrade. So I'm going to actually not select all pages. I'm just going to select one page. Let's go next and select that. So now I'm just selecting 500 took a week or two ago, I downloaded a bunch on another demo, so I was over to 6000. So let's add these to a list, create a new one. Hopefully I'm still under with County ten. I'm going to select the workflow automation of this one and select Rob's Create Lists list. All right, it work. Now I'm going to go to my pipeline and go to my lists, and I have Smith County, Texas.

Joe: Now, this is my, let me add the absentee owners with equity. So let's do something else here. This is a list, right? So I'm going to call this list. I'm actually going to go back to my pipeline. I'm going to create a new campaign called This is a manual campaign targeting sellers. I'm going to select that phone number right here, Smith County, Texas. It's actually not buyers, and I'll fix that in a minute. I'm going to select the seller leads, Joe, and I'm not worried about who's got. Okay. So now I have a campaign title, absentee owners with equity. And it's a sign that phone number I just bought for buyers, I'm going to change the number name of that now required. Normally you would buy two phone numbers, buy one for buyers, one for sellers. We're back to the phones here. And one thing I'm going to do is you can also record all your phone calls and that's really helpful. All right. So let's go back to my pipeline now. I have two things here. I have a list for Smith County absentee owners. Oh, I didn't mean to delete this. Right. You can see here I have two lists, one for buyers and one for sellers with equity. That's a list. But now I also have a campaign called Smith County, Texas, Absentee Owners Campaign. So what happens is I'm going to go into these 500. In this list. I'm gonna do a couple of things. I'm going to skip tourism. I'm a cold calling, and I'm going to send them a letter. But I'm going to choose where the responses to the cold calls and the letters responses are going to go into the campaign. That makes sense, right? So if I open this list, I've got 500 records in here. I'm going to select all 500. I'm going to go to more actions and I'm going to go to new click to well, let's do direct mail first. I'm gonna show you how this works. I click New Direct Mail Campaign. You can do your own where will actually give you the stuff to. You can you can print your letters and you've got people that could stuff envelopes or you can create a premium campaign. They'll do the work for you, choose the letters or postcards, and they'll do the rest to create a premium campaign. Now, here you could do different letters. Let's just look at these are landlords, right? Let's do landlord letter number two and let's send them today's July 20th. Let's send them now. They will send you a proof. And we're choosing those leaves, the 500 of them right there. Next step, we can match the fields. All right, so the owner's first name. Hang on one second here, contact. There it is. First name. Last name. Mailing address, mailing, city mailing, state mailing, zip. And I think I have to double check this. I'm pretty sure the dot, dot, dot, dot. I want to make sure I have the right addresses. I'm not going to actually send this mail, so doesn't matter. One of these I think it's contract address. All right. Anyway, I'll verify that later. But that's the property address. And I click next. And this is where the mail is coming from. I'm going to choose the phone number, that phone number right there. I'm not going to put a website in there. This is my mailing address. Let's call this campaign. Smith County, Texas. Absentee Owners. July 2022. Any special instructions? Send me a proof. I put my email in here. I reviewed the information above. All right, cool. Click next step. It's going to preview it. Now, the preview is not going to look what it really looks like. This is just the text. They will say, I might not have put the right address in there. All right. So this is what the letter will look like. And then you go to billing and submit and you send it. Now, the company that does this direct mail for us is actually just like 5 minutes from my house in Chesterfield Valley. Pretty cool.

Joe: So you would you would do billing and submit and go from there. Let me show you the prices that they charge here if you're interested in that price chart. If you get the list from them, this is what the list calls that we don't need to do that. Letters one page if you're doing 500, is about a dollar to the letter. You're doing over 1000 is 96. And you could get a cheaper somewhere else. But for the convenience of just doing it right here in freedom soft. Click, click, click, click, click. And it goes out. You're doing really? You're doing this. It's worth it for that quick, easy way to get it sent out. Right. Well, let's go back to my pipeline. Let's go back to that list right here, 500 I'm going to view all. So I just sent them a letter. It's going to go out first class. Let's select all 500 here. Let's skip trace them all. I'm going to go to more actions. Skip trace leads or drag over full name mailing address mailing city mailing state mailing zip confirm skip trace. They've been added to skip trace. I'm going to go right here. Now I need to purchase additional credits. So let me do that real quick. All right. I just purchased some credits. Now I might click Skip Trace 499 leads. Next step. Submit order now pending. Going to refresh my screen here. Dennis is asking how much does the Joe McCall version of Freedom soft cost? It's 197 a month. 40 leads, complete progress, 64 leads complete 91. Now, while that's going, let me show you something. Since Smith County is such a small county, I would select all the zip codes. So if I was looking if I wanted to target this whole area, I would go right here to tools, lead finder, seller leads. I would go to Texas and I would choose I would just choose the whole county. I would not do zip code. Now, if I was doing this in Smith County, if I was doing this in 40, call it Harris County, I would definitely go after the top zip code. I wouldn't be targeting the whole county. Tired landlord, as do high equity search searching. Right now it's doing the whole county instead of just those top five or six zip codes. This is a pretty big list. All the absentee owners, 7300 that have owned their properties over ten or 15 years. Okay. I would add them all. Now you're limited to 6000 a month or something like that and maybe less. I don't know. You could add them to a list. You could upgrade to get more. But this just may be due to 3000 this month. Next month, do another two or 3000 or you can pay for extra records or whatnot. All right, then you can skip trace them right in here. So let's go back here and. Skip trace. I refresh the screen. It's complete 399 of the 400 or 500 or so. Ah, good. Cool. All right, now let's look at this. We go back to my pipeline. Go back to my lists. Here's the absentee owners with their 500 prospects. In their view, all of the 500. I'm a select them all. I'm going to go to more actions. Click to call dialer. I'm going to call Smith County, Texas, demo. Absentee owners. I'm going to send it from a campaign. That campaign I just created right there. Now you can do the follow up message. I seller name reboot just left you an important voicemail about your property at property address in Property City. Call me back ASAP that you can put your phone number in there, which remember the phone number, whatever. You write it down. Okay. Thanks, Joe. All right. Now, you can spin the text like I showed you before. You can have it dial primary or mobile. You can remove DNC, remove no litigator. You can include opt out text if you want.

Joe: All right, now look at this. I have 1364 phone number. How long would it take you to go through that? Well, probably a week. You do two or 300 dials a day. That's ten days. And so what do you do when you call? There's got to be might be right. There's going to be some motivated sellers in there. And I only downloaded 500 of the what was three or 4000 records. Right. So right from here, I can start dialing in Smart. You want to get a headset plugged into your laptop? Just start calling them. You're going to get a lot of the hang ups, a lot of voicemails, but that's fine. And when they when you get a voicemail, say, Hey, Jonathan, Joe here, not sure I have the right number. I'm calling about your property at 17381 County Road in Lindale. Give me a call back if you want to sell it. That's it. Okay. Then you send a message. Message, and you move on to the next one. If you and Michael. Yes, you have a VA, do this cold calling for you right inside of freedom, soft from the Philippines. Doesn't matter. Now, let's say you're actually talking to Jonathan Wells. You can click this button right here and it opens up the communication within that page. You can go right here to comments. You can type in your notes. All right. Now, John, this guy says, now this is Jonathan. You got the wrong number. Then you want to add them to your do not call this this guy. Jonathan says, yeah, this is the right one. I'm not interested in selling that how I am, Jonathan. And I don't want to sell that house. Don't call me ever again. You can add that number to call. You can click on the status and you can change the status to DNC or Dead or whatever. Change that status to dead. All right. And then just keep on going down through this list. You can skip one if you want. You can update the status here as you go through it. When you get to like the so called Judy and you find out it's her and she says, Yeah, I might want to sell, tell me more about it. Click on her name. It opens up a new tab with her stuff. Here. You can go right here and you can see the street view of the property. Maybe it's one of these year. I don't know. You can view the map satellite. Find out for her which house it is. Maybe it's one of these or something and just start talking about. And then if she says, yeah, I want to sell it, let's look at it better. So get a better lead. That might be. Look at this one here. This is a rural county. Right. So I don't know if there's a house here or not. The other is something. You can go here and look at comparable sales. Now, see, this is not going to there's not an address to that problem. Let's look at another one. How about this, Arnold? No, it's not. So address here. It's going on. Well, trying to find a good example from here. If they had this address correct, I might not have brought in the right information over. I should have an address there. If it did, you can go right here and view comparables. In fact, let me show you an example of one of the other new things they've done here. Let's go to Zillow.

Joe: One of the other things I like to do is call the landlords of the rentals on Zillow. So we go back here to Smith County and the question is how much is skip tracing and freedom? So skip tracing, if you buy a thousand records prepaid, it's $0.24 a record. Let's go here to for rent on type houses, townhomes. There's not a lot of them, is there? Oh, I know why I have minimum one acre. Okay, so here we go. There are 45 properties listed for rent, so you could start from payments low to high. Look how high the rents are here. These are really, really strong. Solid rents. Excuse me. Now, some of these are going to be hedge funds, but on them doesn't matter. I'm going to start looking at them. And when you click on it, this is 634. We almost treat Tyler, Texas. You have the property owner right here. You can click ask a question and you can send him a question. Hey, Mike, I'm looking at your property on Willow Street. You wouldn't be interested in maybe selling it, would you? Sometimes you get a phone number here, sometimes you don't. But we can put this address right inside of freedom. So. So let's go back to that campaign. Let's go here reads my pipeline. Let's do that. Let's just actually pipeline. Let's create a new list now. Let's do a new campaign there. Right. I'm going to add this lead into this campaign right here. You might want to create a new campaign for Zillow Rentals, but let's just add this lead into here. All right. So the address is right. Oh, you know what? Doing a different. Let me do it a different way. Aha. Sorry. Look at this. You can enter in. This is something new they just added in freedom. Like you can enter in your ad just right here at the top that work. What's going on here? Enter in an address and you select it. There you go. So I just brought up the property and this is something new that Freedom Stock has. Now, you can go in here, look at the street, view the satellite view the map view. You can see that it's an absentee owner, corporate owned cash buyer who bought it. You can see the last sale date 29. The owner is maximize interest out of they live in Tyler so that's interesting no doubt because this is a non-disclosure state you can't see the last sale price or the mortgage details. You can see similar properties in that area. You can look at comps right here. Similar sized properties have sold recently. You can see the portfolio. Whoever owns this property also owns these other looks like ten or so properties. You see what else they own. Click on assessor tax information. You can see the information from the county records about the subdivision, the 1.18 acres, whatever or whatever. And you can see sales history sometimes if it's not in other states like Texas, for some reason, back in 2005, you can see a mortgage history in most states. You can see that sales history in the mortgages and all of that on this property. Right. So if this is somebody that you want to call because, you know, he's got a vacant rental property here. So I would send him a message. If there's a phone number, you just call him. But you could also send him a message right here in Zillow. And I want to send him a letter. I want to send this guy, whoever owns this property, a letter. So what I would do here is I'm going to add this property to a lead list. Now I'm going to click Do Lead brings me into this right guy who owns it is Maxima interests. This is their property address in the mailing address right there. All right. I want to send this guy a letter. Well, right here, go to more actions, generate document and I have a letter in here. The professional cash buyer letter. Urgent cash buyer. Here it is. Vacant house rental letter. You get these letters if you're in the Joe McCall signature edition, click on next. It's got my information right there. Click on next. Here's a letter, simple letter. Hi Maxima interests. I think you own a property at an address in Tyler where you wouldn't consider selling it, would you? I'm looking to buy another property in the. They give me a call. We can talk now in the template. I would go in here and I would update that phone number that I want in there. So click complete. It's generating that letter.

Joe: Now I could also, if this was not if this was an individual, I could also skip trace them right here. I could skip trace them and call them and email them. But it's not an LLC. So now this letter is done. This is what the letter looks like. Zoom out. All right. Real simple letter. And let me go back to here. I can click email mailbox, boom. I have an email template called Email to Mail. And if I click. A send email. What it does is it emails this attachment, this letter to click to mail, click to mail, gets it, send it first class next day, next business day to whoever is in the subject line. Pretty cool. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's look at another property. So now what have I done with this rental property here? I have contacted them on Zillow or called them. I put their information into freedom, stopped, added it to a list. And then I said, skip, trace them, call them again, whatever numbers came up there and then send them a letter saying, Hey, do you want to sell your property? Let's look at another one. This one, this looks like a good driving $4 deal, doesn't it? Hasn't been mowed in a long time. And when it was mowed trashed, I mean, the grass looks really bad. It's overgrown bushes. You know, this is what's going on here. And this rental listing doesn't have any other pictures in it, but it's listed by an agent, Brent. Brent Gallo. So can you call them? Yeah, you can call Brent and say, hey, Brent, I think you have a listing for rental property there on Mahone Mahone Avenue. You tell me a little bit about it. Are you managing it? Are either leasing agent or the property manager? This is this is a way out of the blue. But do you think your client would be interested in maybe selling this rental property? Would they like to get rid of it, dump it, see what they say? And you can tell this agent as well. Listen, if you can help me buy this thing, I'll still pay you a commission on it. So now I have this address, right? I'm going to go in here. I'm going to enter it into this thing. Bring it up. Oh, I can see that the owner is Emory Bain Properties Inc. They are corporate owned. Let's go down here. So this is a loan amount. There's a mortgage detail on this. They bought it in 2019. So this loan amount is 1.1 million. That means they probably bought a bunch of properties all at once. Now you can go in here and you can see comps if you want. It's hard to get comps in this part of Texas. You can see the other properties they own. They bought a bunch of properties in August 2019. Interesting. Where they based out of this owner is based out of Canton, Texas. You can see the other properties that they own again and then you can go and get all the information about the property as well. So I can add this to the lead list. I could view lead and from here again I can generate a letter, send them the letter. If it was not an LLC, I could skip, trace them and email them and call them and do all that good stuff. Any questions about this? I Why do I like calling rentals on Zillow? For a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is a lot of these homes are not showing up yet as absentee owners. This is a property that's been on Zillow just for four days, listed by the property owner. All right, let's check this. A property out here. Copy. Let's go here. Paste. This is a good example here. Okay. This is a property that is not listed as an and it's not a investor owned I'm sorry, is not an LLC. This individual owner, Debbie Byerly, she bought it over 12 years ago. It's a newer home built in 2004. It's in a good area outside the outskirts of town. Let me go back here. Let's zoom. That's not going to let me zoom out anyway. Scroll down here. It's no comps.

Joe: All right. So this is somebody who doesn't they're not like they do have an address that's an absentee owned address. But this is a different property than normal, isn't it? So not your normal rental property. Maybe it's even a duplex. It is a duplex, isn't it? All right, cool. So I'm going to add this to lead lists. I'm going to give you the lead. Here you go. This is Debbie. Debbie Byerly. I'm going to go right here. Two more actions. I'm going to skip tracer ring owner record mailing address mailing, city mailing, state mailing, zip, skip, trace, skip trace one need next step submit order pending when the refresh in progress, refresh complete. We're back to Debbie. All right. Here. Look, I got three emails. I have three phone numbers. So couple of things I could do. Number one, to start calling, press this number. Choose the number you want to call from. I choose count either color, then call this number, then that number. I could send her an email. Could nine click on this right here. Debbie and I have a template. An email template right here. Hey, first name attached. Well, it's not. We don't have an offer attached. Here we go. So this is going to Debbie the house you want to sell my from my email. Now, you could set this template up where it inserts their names. I sell your properties online. I'm interested in purchasing. It is still available. I can pay cash flows quickly. Boom. So I can send her this email and I can do the same here to this email address. There's another one here. This, but this one don't sell this house to anyone. I want it. How about cash offer email or you can send that if you want. I have one here called. Here you go. Emailed a vacant rental high owner of record. I think you own a property at address and city. You wouldn't consider maybe selling it, would you give me a call at and your phone number would be in here thanks to your name. So you could send email real quick to those three emails right there. All right, then call them cool. Then go right here to more actions, generate documents. Find that letter right here. Next step. Next step. Preview document complete. Soon as it's ready, do email to mail click to mail send it in the letter in the mail to.

Joe: Oh, shoot. I got to go. Realize what time it is. I appreciate you guys. Do I prefer freedom soft as opposed to prop stream? Now that Freedom Soft has done these new things that I've just been showing you, the answer is yes. I prefer freedom soft by far over prop stream. Okay, cool. I got to go. You're sending me a good deal. I'd like to look at it, but I'm out of time. And that's a vacant land deal. So let's save. That will be if you're still interested for the land coaching call. I think maybe tomorrow we have one. Right. Okay. So where is a video of this going to be number one? This is on my YouTube channel, so I'm going to just Joe McCall YouTube. You'll see it on there. It's also on my Facebook page. It's in my Joe's Inner Circle Facebook group. You can see it in there. And it's going to be somewhere in our membership sites as well. All right. I appreciate you all. Take care if you're interested in freedom. So I'm going to put the link here. Freedom soft joe dot com. Freedom soft Joe dot com copy and paste that into your browser and you can sign up for freedom soft. I love it. It's amazing. And we'll see you guys later. Bye bye.

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