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 Try This Cool Trick When Sending Offers

I always get excited for my vacant land coaching calls. My students are doing fantastic, closing deals, and making good profits. One of my students has a great marketing strategy that is a no-brainer and I wanted to share it all with my podcast listeners because it’s so simple and effective. What she does is she sends her offers in a 9×12 envelope and also includes a self-addressed envelope as well so the receiver can simply send the contract back to her should they accept.

This technique is perfect because it speaks to elderly sellers who might be more averse to phone calls and emailing. It’s a manual process and it takes some time to implement, but it’s a solid strategy. Right now, my students are averaging about a 2% response rate, so if you send out 1,000 letters, you’ll get 20 calls back, which is really good. Whether you’re doing land or houses, I think you should test this out and see what happens. 

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What’s inside:

  • Recent successes with my vacant land students.
  • Why sending manual letters is still a great marketing strategy, especially for older sellers.

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Joe: Hey. What's going on? Joe McCall. REI in Your Car podcast. And I'm driving home from the gym. I'm not going to tell you how early it is because, you know, I'm not trying to brag or nothing, but it's like 630 in the morning and I'm driving home from the gym. I'm sorry. Anyway, I. I wanted to talk about something cool that we talked about on my coaching call yesterday. So I do that every week. I do a group coaching call on vacant land, and I actually really look forward to this coaching call in particular. But I do a lot of coaching calls and honestly, I don't I, I don't mean this in a bad way, but I don't look forward to all of them. Some of them I, you know, it's like once I'm like, I kind of, oh, man, I got another coaching call. But once I get into it, it's fun, right? But like for the land, for the land coaching call, I'm like, really excited. I can't wait for that. So I'm looking forward to it because I'm hearing so many success stories from our students. I get on and like, man, they're getting deals under contract and they're flipping them. So yesterday, Nicholas, I don't know if it's his first deal or not, but he flipped a vacant land deal. He bought it for a little over $4100. He was all in after whatever his costs were, he was all in for $4,000. And then he sold it for $11,100. So he made about a $7,000 profit on that deal, right? Come on. Yes. I just get so excited about that. Like, it's so cool. Well, anyway, we were talking and one of our other students in the group, Lil, a real nice lady. She is. I think I get her and Lillia mixed up. So Lillia. And Lil, if you're listening to this, I'm sorry I get you two mixed up all the time, but I'm pretty sure Lil works for a defense contractor or somebody involved in the military. I don't think she's in the military. Or maybe her husband is, but she's on a base. Sorry. Anyway, I forget. I'm embarrassed now because she's probably listening. Hi, Lil. Hi Lillia.

Joe: So what she does, though, this is what I want to talk about. She actually sends when she sends her offers in the mail, she puts it in like a nine by 12 envelope. So it's a big envelope. It's a flat envelope. Right. And she includes a self-addressed envelope. She does not put a stamp on it. But I was thinking about that like I may I really should do that. And I'm going to actually going forward, I'm gonna start doing that now because she said she gets a lot of elderly people that will just sign the contract and send it back to her and put it in the mail because there's a in and I think about a lot of our deals, we get a lot of calls back from landlines. And, you know, I mean, I don't mean to sound what's the word what's the politically correct woke term like a just a just a just whatever one. But like normally when somebody calls you from a landline, you get, you know, they're probably elderly, they're older, and they don't either have or like to use their cell phone. All right. So the way I kind of I've always done it with vacant land inside of freedom soft is we will text them back immediately as soon as they call because the letter says, hey, we want to sell your vacant land. Please call or text our 24 hour recorded voicemail. As we're averaging, my students are averaging, let's just say, 2% response rates, right? So if you send a thousand letters, you get 20 calls back, which is really, really good. Some counties, it's much more than that. So we don't even talk to the sellers until after we send them the offer. So because we do 24 hour recorded voice mail, but we're sending it we're sending a neutral letter, we get a lot more calls. So we get a lot more people that we can follow up with, which is really important and key to this. Right. So she's getting a much better response to her offers because she's including a envelope. It's not stamped, it's self-addressed envelope.

Joe: So I was asking her more about this and I'm thinking, man, this is so brilliant because I've done this before where I used to send letters to sellers and I would it would have a tear off on the bottom of the letter and it would say it was addressed to the owner. And we were targeting specifically senior citizens who had a property that was free and clear and they'd owned it for over 30 years. Right. And we just said, hey, if you want to sell your house, we'd like to buy it. We would give them three choices. We could tell them for it. We'd say, Call this number or email us or visit our website and or tear off the. Bottom and mail it to us. Right. And believe it or not, we would get some elderly sellers that would tear off the bottom half of the letter and then mail it to us with their name and address and phone number and the amount that they would want to sell the property for. And we weren't even including a self-addressed stamped envelope. So I imagine our response rates would have been better. But hey, think about it. Some of these senior citizens, right. Like they don't. They probably have email, but they don't want to. They don't know how to take this letter that they got in the physical mail and then email it back to us. Right. They don't have a fax machine. They might have a phone that can take pictures, but they don't know how to take a picture of the contract and then email it or text it to us. So why not give them a self-addressed envelope? And maybe I want to test this maybe self-addressed stamped envelope and send it to them with the offer. So she was little was saying that she gets a lot of sellers that actually just signs it and sends it back without even ever calling her. And I've had that happen to me before. A seller just signed the contract to send it back, but they'll fax it to us. We don't give them a simple, easy way to mail it to us. And I was just thinking, man, that's brilliant. I love that idea. So I'm going to be testing it now.

Joe: Why am I telling you all about that? Well, number one, I think you should test it to whether you're doing this for land or for houses. Test this in your direct mail and in your marketing. Give the sellers an easy way to respond to you. Now, I'm I don't like giving sellers on my direct mail a link to my website. Maybe I should do that, but I sometimes don't like giving them multiple different ways to reach me. I'd rather them call me because then I have their phone number and I can follow up with them. Right. And I know that it's a 24 hour. They know it's a 24 hour recorded voicemail. So they're more likely to call because they know they're not going to be talking to anybody. Right. Plus, it also saves you a bunch of money. Don't have to pay an answering service or you don't have to answer the phones live or pay pat live to answer your calls live. Right. Or whatever. But this is such a great idea. Have them just fill out the contract and mail it back to you. Now, should you include a self-addressed stamped envelope? I don't know if they should include the stamp or not. You figure, what are the stamp costs now? Like $0.45, $0.50 or something like that. So if you were to send 100 offers, it's going to cost you about $50. Would you get an extra deal that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise if you include the stamp? Maybe. But I guarantee you, if you send 100 offers, you're going to do a deal from it. Right. So it kind of pays for itself. Something to think about. Right. I'm going to be letting you know how it all goes. The one drawback, it's a manual process, right? So you're going to have to find a way to either print a label or write the, you know, the seller's address. But I bet you two you're going to get a higher response rate. You're going to get a higher response rate when you do these kinds of letters because it's just a different type of mail. Something to think about, right? Go do it.

Joe: If you're interested in learning more about how we flip vacant land. Check it out. I have a class where I teach all of us at simple land class dot com, simple land class dot com. This stuff works. We've done lots of deals with my two teenage sons. We're working on a deal right now that we bought for 20. What is that right now? It's a 20 acre property. Yeah, it's a 20 acre property. We bought it for 20 grand and has no access, so it's hard to get there. Like there's no road that goes up to the property. So it's kind of landlocked, but we've already found a buyer for 60 that wants to buy it for 60. Not bad, right? It's better than a poke in the eye with a stick. This stuff actually really works. It's. It's exciting. We've bought this lot from somebody who's owned it for a long time. They're just they're old and they don't want to mess with it anymore. They don't care. We offered 15. They said, I'll sell it for 20. So we thought, okay, well, let's try to find a buyer. And we got another contract for 20. Then we sent letters to the neighbors and one of the neighbors is interested in buying it. So we're advertising it on our website for 70 and we told the neighbor, we will sell it to you for 60. So we're talking to them and negotiating with them right now about it. But like we had, I think we got a pretty good deal here. So anyway, I hope you guys are doing well. Go check it out. Simple land class dot com. Simple land class dot com. I'm tired. I want to go get some coffee, maybe go back to bed. Appreciate you all, bye bye.

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