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There’s always money to make in this business, and there’s always deals to be done. When the market shifts and everyone’s freaking out, that’s when you can make the most money. That’s why I love wholesaling so much. Whether the market’s going up or down, you just adjust along with it. And as you get busier in your business, you start asking better questions like, “How can I do none of this?” When you do everything yourself, you do less deals and leave money on the table.

You need to build a team and have people around you. You also need to build simple systems so you can scale your marketing efforts and follow up. The three keys to success in real estate are marketing, automation, and delegation. Make a list of all of the things you have to do to get a deal done and see what you can outsource. Ask yourself, “how can I get someone else to do all this for me,” so you can start thinking bigger and better.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Why you need to build a team to run your real estate business.
  • Why marketing, automation, and delegation are the keys to success.


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What's up, everybody? Joe here, REI in your car. Hope you're doing well. Driving home from the gym and I'm not going to brag or nothing, but it is 6:30 in the morning and I'm driving home. What are you doing at 5 a.m. every day? I'm just kidding. I do this. I'm trying to do it six days a week, but I'm really more like four or five days a week. But anyway, hope you doing well, man. It's an exciting time to be in the market. I keep on saying that every time. There's always deals to be done. Deals to do. Money to make in this business, whether it's going up or down. But the most money is made when the market shifts, when everybody's scared and running to the hills and freaking out. That's when you can make the most money. I'm telling you guys, there's a lot of money. There's been a lot of money sitting on the side waiting. There's a lot of money coming into the market, too, right. But there's a lot of money sitting on the side waiting for prices to start dipping. So that's why I love wholesaling, right? Because when the market's going up or down, it doesn't matter. You just adjust with it, find out what the buyers are buying and go get it for them. That's wholesaling 101. You go find what the buyers are wanting and you go get it for them.


But today I want to talk about something cool. I've been teaching a lot of land, you know, I've been doing a lot of land investing. I'm going to be doing a lot more podcasts and YouTube videos about land investing. So I'm really looking forward to that. Oh, my gosh. There's a big ole fight in this intersection. All right. Anyway, it's not funny, but these guys are yelling at each other and they're like, way far apart. Lord, help them. So I've been doing a lot of land deals and things are going crazy right now. We bought a bunch of properties. We're in the process of buying, and that's the cool thing about land. I don't buy them until we have buyers for them, but we got a bunch of properties under contract and they weren't really selling. I wasn't getting a lot of calls. I was like, What's going on? And I remembered, Oh yeah, we're supposed to get pictures for these properties. Like I had tried just Google Earth images or street views, and they were just weren't that good. So we got professional photography, got some drone photography, and the phone is ringing off the hook. We're getting a lot of interested buyers. There's in land and houses, there's two reasons why your property doesn't sell. Only two reasons. And if your land or your house hasn't sold in a couple, three, four weeks and something's wrong, either it's overpriced or you're not marketing it the right way, which means you're not, you know, putting it in front of the right people and you're not making your listing properties stand out. And good photography goes a mile. It goes a long, long way in making your properties sell faster. So now we're getting a bunch of calls. We did lower our price a little bit, so that's cool. Things are selling really quickly now. But I was I've been doing some teaching and webinars on this land stuff and I've been kind of trying to distill my methods into a real simple course. And I'm creating this course right now and I'm kind of teaching it in six modules each module. I was only about an hour long and they're released on Tuesdays, and I'm doing this case study where I release the module on Tuesday, and then I do a group coaching call on Thursday for six weeks for each new case study that happens and I'm working with people kind of as we go through the system. So I'm not just dumping a bunch of content on you, it's just you go learn a little bit and then go do it. I'm not teaching you five different ways to find sellers and three different ways to make offers and 20 different contracts that you can use. It's all real simple. Use this one simple software freedom. So I have to use this one contract, make this one offer, use this one letter.


Yeah. So it's amazing. I'm excited about it. It's working real well and getting students that are doing deals and I like it. The lease options, I'm know I've been doing lease options for years and years and still love these options for houses. It's my favorite strategy, but land investing is working really well right now, and the reason why I got into it is because my teenagers, my teenage sons were getting more and more involved with it. And that's one of the reasons things I wanted to talk about as I'm teaching this stuff with land investing, I always look at things. I learned this early on in my real estate investing career. You make a list of everything that you have to do to do a deal, and you start asking better questions like, How can I do none of this? Okay, that's a real good question to ask, isn't it? All right, now you could do it all yourself and keep hundred percent of the profits, but you're going to do fewer deals and you're deals are going to be smaller deals. It's going to take you longer to sell your deals because you're doing it all yourself. And inevitably, what happens when you're trying to do it all yourself is the marketing slows down. You start losing momentum. You know, you get real busy, you get a deal under contract, you get real busy selling it. You're not doing any marketing for seller leads and your lead starts, lead start drying up and you have to start all over again when you sell the deal. So you need to build a team, you need to have people around you. So there's three keys to success in this business marketing automation. And delegation. You've got to get all your marketing done for you in spite of you. And you need to build simple systems so you can scale your marketing and your offers and your follow up and all of that. So that stuff gets done for you in spite of you. And then whatever you can't automate with software, you delegate out to virtual assistants. So it starts with asking bigger and better questions like, How can I do none of this?


So I was teaching last night on this webinar. All of the steps to doing vacant land. You remember when you pick a market. You pick like ten or 12 counties, right? Then you pull the list. Vacant landowners. We like to I like to target 1 to 10 acres have owned it for over ten years. And in rural counties where there's a lot of activity, you want to make sure that there's a lot of buyers buying vacant lots out there already. Pull a list and then we send them generic letters. Neutral letters, they're called. So we're not sending blind offers. I want as many people to call as possible. And so one of the systems we use, by the way, I'm not stuffing envelopes myself either. I use a direct mail company, costs about $0.50 a letter. And so we send the letters. And on the letter it says there's a reference number on the letter and it says, please text or call our 24 hour recorded voice mail and give us this letter reference ID number and we will send you an offer right away. So the system will, as soon as the lead comes in, it goes in to voice, goes in to freedom, soft, creates a new lead. It associates that lead with that direct mail campaign. Right. Super simple. And then we generate an offer. The system we use gives us a number. We just look it up real quickly. And Zillow, it lands of America or something just to verify that that number makes sense. And then we send them an offer and we send it two or three different ways of the system. Also sends them a text back. As soon as they call, it says, Hey, thanks, what's that letter reference ID and what's your email? We'll send you an offer right away. So then we get their email. Now we send them the offers three different ways. We send it in the snail mail, and we do that with just clicking a few buttons and freedom. So we send it to them and then an email and we send it to them by text. So we want to send sellers these offers all three ways. And then this is really important. You got to understand, you have to send them an offer every 30 days. You're going to follow up with them until you die or they die or they sell their vacant lot. That's the important to follow. We're starting to get as I started doing this with some with follow up and it's automated, you got to do it where every 30 days you send them another offer, same offer, just new dates on it, maybe a month for you. Send them a letter, but then send them another offer again. So we're getting a lot of offers accepted after the second and third letter. So anyway, why people aren't doing more follow up. I just don't know. You must hate money. You might as well just take your hundred dollar bills and burn them for four in your fireplace from fire. And worse, because you hate money, you don't do follow up. I just don't get it. You don't make offers to every single seller that calls you. I don't know. I just don't get it. I don't know why land investors send blind offers. It doesn't make any sense to me. You need as many people to call you as possible so you can have as many phone numbers as possible. So you can make as many offers as possible. So you can follow up with as many people as possible. That's how business works. Okay. It's I think that's my humble opinion. You know, there's a lot of guys who do more land deals than I've done who like the blind offers. So more power to you. I'm just telling you, you can do more deals if you have more. If you make more offers and you can make more offers if you have more leads and you can have more leads. If you have a letter that says call or text are a 24 hour recorded voicemail and you put that in your letters, you're going to get more phone calls.


So in it, with direct mail and houses, you're lucky if you get half of 1% response rate. We're averaging two and a half, three and a half percent. So let's say 3% response rates on our letters, even in competitive markets. All right. So anyway, direct mail works. It still works. Maybe, you know, five years ago you were getting 10% response on your letters. Now you're only getting quote unquote, only getting 3%. So cry me a river. It still works and it's working a lot better than houses. All right. So anyway. And you know why we do more deals? Me and my students do more deals because we make offers to every seller that calls and we follow up with them every 30 days until they sell their deal. Or they die or we die. We follow up like banshees. Bandits. Does that makes any sense? Never mind. Sorry, that's probably racist. I shouldn't say that. Banshees are banshees like Indians. All right. Sorry. All of my first American natives. I shouldn't say that. So you but you got to you got to make offers, man. So that's the thing. You look at this and you see that. All right, I got to do all this. I got to make offers. You don't have to hire a call center. You can. That's great. But that's going to cost a lot of money. Just let it go to voicemail and then text him. And you don't talk to sellers until they get your offer. That's the amazing, beautiful thing. Here's the point. I don't like talking to sellers. I don't I just I'm not a sales guy. I'm good at it. I can talk to sellers and I can negotiate. I don't like talking to and I don't like talking to buyers either. So I look at all of this stuff I got to do and say, All right, how can I do none of this? How can I get somebody else to do this all for me? Then you start thinking bigger and better, asking bigger and better questions, right? That's the thing that Rich Dad taught way, way back in the day. You know, don't say I can't afford that. Instead, ask bigger, better questions. How can I afford that? What asset can I buy that produces cash flow that can get me that thing that I want? So start thinking bigger. So, you know, I'm going to I'm going to have somebody else pull this list for me or I'm going to just pull it for me because myself, it only takes a few minutes. I'm going to have this direct mail company send these letters for me. I'm going to have the software handle all the incoming leads. I'm going to have my teenage sons send the offers. I'm going to have my $3 an hour virtual assistant update the CRM I'm going to have. Then when the leads start coming in, you know, maybe you have to make some phone calls to sellers who have questions. Right. Not a big deal, but you're not, like negotiating. You're not trying to build rapport and negotiate and beat them down in price to pennies on the dollar. And, you know, you don't have to pretend like you have all this money in cash and you can close in seven days when you really don't. All of that stuff, it's horrible. I don't I don't like it. It works. I'm just saying I don't like doing it. Well, then guess what? I don't have to deal with the property. Doing the due diligence and the research. There's virtual assistants that can do that for you. Right. And then the pictures. I never go see these properties. I'm not putting any. That's a great thing about land. You also putting lockbox on any doors. You have to worry about showing the home and making sure that the door gets locked. Just go look at the property. Whatever. So then I get a realtor. I hire a realtor to handle all of that. And then I they either hire somebody, a photographer to take pictures or I do. And then what about the closing? Right. These are just little three, four or $5,000 deals. We use title companies. We have nationwide title companies that do all the closing.


So you can literally do land deals from anywhere in the world without really doing any of the work. You just outsource it all. Now you say, Well, that's like a lot of outsourcing. A lot of things don't get to you. So you still have to work. You still have to manage the team that's doing this for you, right? But guess what? And even though you're splitting the pay with different people, you're paying the realtor, you're paying the virtual assistant, you're paying the direct mail company. Right. But guess what? The pie is bigger. It's a bigger pie than it would be if you were doing it on your own and you have more of them. You have more pies to split and you're getting that. You're getting more pies faster. So it's just the velocity of money and that's how big real business is, right? So the three keys to success in a business is marketing automation and delegation, marketing automation and delegation. All right. So listen, I'm going to be coming out soon with a PDF blueprint of how we run our business and how we do vacant land deals and make five, ten, 20 grand a month. Just flipping vacant land super easy. You don't have to do it like replace your house business. You can do it as just on the side part time. You don't lose your nights and weekends. It's real simple with software and automation. It's like if you're a techie guy or a nerd like me, you like spreadsheets. You don't like talking to sellers. You just want to, you know, take a few keys on your keyboard. You want the best business that can be automated and be virtual and run from anywhere. Then look at land. My goodness. All right. So if you want more information, I don't know where to tell you to go because I'm working on this lead me. So I got I'm working on this PDF thing. It's called I don't know what it's called yet, but it's going to be like a blueprint real short, maybe ten pages long. And I'm gonna give you a place where you can opt in somewhere to go get it and then invite you to watch a class that I'm putting together right now that teaches you how to do all of this stuff. It's pretty cool. I'm thinking about not making it free either. Like this webinar I'm going to do. I'm thinking I'm just charging seven bucks for it because like, I don't know, I just get sometimes I do free webinars. Hardly anybody shows up really. Like if I'm doing really well, 40% of the people show up, 35, 40% of the people who show up and I've been testing this lately where I do some $7 webinars and I say, listen, seven bucks now I'm a teach you a lot of good stuff. If you don't like it, not happy is fine. Let me know and I'll refund you the seven bucks. In fact, I'll refund you 14 bucks, but I get way more people that show up when I do that. For some strange reason, I charge seven bucks and I'll get 75 80% of the people show up. But anyway, sometimes if you don't pay, you don't pay attention. Well, let's see. I don't know yet, but have to still stay tuned. I'm going to be doing a lot more podcasts and videos talking about vacant land. Why I like it. I'm going gonna be teaching you how to do it all and freedom soft and a bunch of cool stuff like that. I appreciate you all. So stay tuned. Take care. Comb your hair. That's it. We'll see you guys.



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