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Goal setting in January helps you prioritize your business, getting you in the mindset to keep the momentum going all year long. Gavin shares his tips for how to kick things off on the right foot. Getting the results you want in 2022 all depends on having your game plan ready to go.

The world of real estate is challenging and ever-changing. You’ll have periods where you become frustrated but knowing your “why” for starting your business will always keep you motivated. Becoming super clear on your vision will help you focus when things get hard to handle. From that space, you can start building short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Your long-term goals will be tied to your overall vision for your business, while your short and medium goals will be more of those quick action items that keep moving the ball down the field.

Don’t forget to write your goals down so you can go back and see how much you’ve achieved. Execute your plan so that your dreams have the opportunity to come alive. Check out the links below to get access to Gavin’s free vision and goal-setting worksheet.

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What’s inside:

  • Goal setting tips for 2022.
  • The importance of getting clear on your “why”.
  • Three questions to ask yourself to start the visioning process.
  • A look at Gavin’s goal-setting process.

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Hey, guys, welcome to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms. Hey, guys, how are you doing? Welcome back to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms. Firstly, I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year as I'm recording this and this will be released. Okay? Hopefully, everyone has a good 2022. Just before we get into our subject today, which is all about setting goals and coming up with a plan for 2022, a lot of you should have already done it already by now, but it's still not too late. Make sure we hit this New Year, run in with things in place ready to execute the plan and to start getting results immediately. That is the goal. Just before we get going, I want you to do me a favor because it is Christmas and New Year. Give me a subscribe. If you are watching or listening on the podcast or watch it on YouTube, make sure you subscribe to the channel. Drop me a line. Drop me a comment. I'm going to be answering any of your questions on this episode as well, just like every other episode. So you got my alerts. I would appreciate if you did again hit that subscribe button because of big things. I have big goals and big things for 2022 myself. And that is definitely to deliver more content to you guys for free. OK. So I appreciate that. All right.

So today what I want to talk about is goals for 2022. This is really, really important. You have to have these things set, and I actually have a worksheet that I want to give you. If you want to download it for free, go to all right network dot com slash goals. All right, network dot com slash goals that we all the viewer watching on the screen RTI Network dot com slash goals. Now this is a worksheet that I have in one of my courses. OK. And it's about creating a vision, and it's a one page worksheet that you can kind of get everything out of your head into onto paper to then be able to line up and execute a plan. And that's what this is all about. I'm going to talk through these steps and give you some ideas that you you can be doing as we go through this. OK, so the first thing is is what is your why? Why are you here? Why are you listening to me right now? What is your why to be doing this business, this real estate business? Maybe it's to have a business that you can work on and not in. Maybe it's to serve family, spend more time to travel. And this is about you. This is not my vision or anyone else's vision. Okay? And it starts with the why? Because guess what? This business is going to get hard. It's going to get difficult. It's going to get challenging and you need to resolve and you need to go back to why am I doing this when it gets hard, when you don't want to make them extra to office? Why am I here? And your why is going to be bigger than anything? The why is going to be so uncomfortable is going to make you give you chills. It's going to make the that's the hair on your arms stand up. OK, it's going to probably make you feel sick to your stomach, and it sometimes needs to be that deep right? And you don't need to share this. Only you need to know this, OK, as long as you understand. And you know, and and it is going to be probably family kids growing up spending more time if you're on the road 12 hours a day, six days a week, and that's not the life you want. Then you've got to have that. Why? So when you're building and working through this and it gets difficult, you know why you're doing it and it's just going to spare you all. It's just going to push you that extra step that one to two more steps that could change everything. Remember, one day, OK, can change everything for you, and it will lead you then to obviously building the business. So start with the why then you're going to drop into goals, right? You should have short term, medium and long term goals. The long term goals is kind of the long term vision, what you want the the business to look like. In my training, I actually found the book that I started with and it was quite amazing. In fact, let me, if you watch watching on screen is it's just a little this is just the bottom, OK with notes, but I just want to go through and just look at a few things here. My long term goals. When I started bearing in mind, I'd never read a real estate book and never watched a video, never bought a course which you're into coaching. And it's just like this module right now is to do this exercise. And that's what I did on my long term goals was to spend only four hours a week on the business for hours spent on the business, not in it. Have all systems in place to do the business that can run without me. Earn lots of money in brackets. No limit. That was my long term goal, my short term goals. I was having a big. Having a big a marketing budget, 1000 to 2000 have someone via in Brackett screen leads and calls, sellers delegate more work to people, start to work less in the business and more on the business. Add more marketing strategies. Make 10 to 20 thousand per month. That was my medium goals and then my short term goals get a deal in the first 30 days, get a marketing plan in place, then 500 750 on marketing per month. Add 15 to 20 five percent back into the business. Get a VA in place. Work full time on the business by the end of November. Have an easier and more enjoyable lifestyle work from home or anywhere in the world. Add more marketing strategies when deals come in. Give 100 percent on one area of marketing before moving to the next. This was guys probably back in like 14 when I wrote this.

Okay, so I did that back with some long, medium and short will listen to the long again spend four hours a week on the business floor I spent on the business and not in the business, a cable systems in place where the business can run without me and lots of money. No limit, right? Less powerful to write that and actually create that vision. Because what do I do now in the real estate business, in multiple markets? Virtual, OK, I can operate from anywhere in the world where I work on the business and not in the business where I'm no longer doing the Coles, locking up the deal, seeing the properties do it, any of them things because I have the systems and people in place, allow me to do it. Okay, and that is powerful to have this vision. I call, I'm not making this up. I mean, you can't see it, but this is the book that I started with. I mean, I have literally like my logins for Podio, and I'm setting these things up. I don't know what I'm doing, OK? And it's been then obviously being able to create that. I then can I could go on. I have my marks plan here. Store in your back yard where investors buy buying low crime rate good schools. Okay, lower house prices for wholesaling. Competition is good. It means people are making money. And this is again my marketing plan here that you can kind of see that is that I'm right, that I'm reading from here. Where am I going to look at Midwest Florida Vegas, Nashville? Hi, I'm just guy's things down. These are places that I wouldn't actually do. Okay? And but, yeah, pretty crazy. So where the whole the whole site is doing, you don't over think where to invest. OK? Just make a decision and start taking action. These are all the things. And then I say, What am I going to do next? I'm going to download a less from less, well, less source. I'm going to build my case buyer's list. OK, start to learn the best areas and zip codes. All of these things that I'm reading, guys, this is a plan for me to execute, to understand where I'm going. OK?

And that's again my goals. And you need to do so if you want this worksheet to go through this exact exercise. REI Network dot com slash goals to be able to do that, right? So once you've hit and you've built them goals, I guess what happens? They come to actual fruition, right? They come alive, they happen. And that's what this is about to execute that plan. So what I want you to do now is also on this worksheet to go, well, I don't know, kind of how do I actually find this out? You're going to do three things you're going to put where are you now? You're going to write down as we speak, as we all listened to this episode, where are you right now? What is happening in your life? Right exactly where you are. I work nine to five. Oh, nine to 10. I do this. Do I do that? I have two kids. Whatever's going on right now, you need to write that down. Then you're going to do the next exercise, which is where do you want to be? Okay. Where do you want to be? Do you envision this lock in? Like if you could have anything in the world, what would it be? And it could be travel and live in a different state every month. It could be going to Kenya for six months. I don't know whatever it is put, where you want to be and how you desire your life to look. And this might sound silly, but I've just showed you and explain exactly my path when I got into this business by doing this exercise and I've literally from the vision that I have created. I got that and was able to put it into into action. So where do you want to be? How do you want it to look? Maybe it's to work from home, be retire your parents, get your wife or husband to work from home with you or retire them or. Build a portfolio of of 10 properties per child that you have or I don't know whatever it may be, I'm just giving you some ideas, but you've got to put that and then guess what we have. So we have where you are now, where you want to be. And then there's this huge gap. There's this huge gap in the middle, and that is where the plan comes in. How are you going to get there? So I'm here now. I want to be there. How are you going to get there? And that is the bit that we focus on with our clients is coming up with that game plan to make sure it gets to where you're going and your goals, right?

Remember, this is about your vision, your destiny, your goals. Don't live somebody else's dream and live your own really important. And again, it's something I struggle with guys just being all these mastermind, some of the best in the industry. And when I hear some guy that's just bought 1500 units in the last year and a lot of 15 and the genius that's impressive. You know, I have like four rentals and this and I'm like, No, I else. And then when I sit back and look and go, I couldn't think of anything worse than with fifteen hundred units. It's not even part of my vision, it's not even what I want. So don't get stuck in someone else's dream. OK, you've got to live your own. And that is how then you're going to get where you're headed. And it's and it's and it's so important to do that. And then you like I said, you're going to start writing down and breaking it down to manageable, actionable steps, okay? From short, medium into them long term goals and then break it down to daily activities. So then you start taking massive action and everyone's going to be if I'm like, Well, I'm brand new, okay, well, you need to pick a market. Number one, if you're going to wholesale, you're going to build a buyer's list, a network with realtors and wholesalers. Then you're going to start doing marketing. You're going to focus on one marketing piece to generate leads. You're going to have quality conversations. Okay, that way, you're going to ask for the four pillars that problem motivation, the timeline. When do they want to sell the condition of the property? And he made your remodels. How old is the roof? How old's the AC, all these kind of things? And then number four is the price. Once we have the answers to, then they're going to be able to then make an offer. You can make an offer on that property. Okay? And then after all of that is done is then follow up, follow up, follow up until they take that deal and get that contract sold. And that is the business. It sounds very simple, but it's not easy because the easy the business, not easy is actually the doing part is actually making sure that you take massive action, making sure that you're being held accountable to this plan that you're putting in place. Because what we call do guys, is you cannot be back in twenty twenty two in December. Go ahead. What is the plan now? What do I do next? We can't do that right? We have to act now. It is a new year. It's a new you. OK, so let's go right now. Put this in place.

Remember, go to REI Network dot com slash goals. If you want this worksheet printed out, you can fill it out. Okay, have it inside of your desk throughout the twenty twenty two. Let's take massive action. Let's make it happen. I will see you in twenty twenty two. The next video is going to be in that you listen to me is in twenty twenty two, so I wish you nothing but happy new year. I wish you all the best with twenty twenty two. Remember you control your vision, you control your destiny. Don't anyone do not live your lives? Someone else's dream? Live your own and I will see you in twenty twenty to have a great new year and I'll talk to you soon. Thanks, bye bye.

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