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How serious are you about starting a real estate business? Are you going to quit when it gets hard? Are you treating it like a hobby, throwing in the towel after a month of dabbling because you’re not seeing results? If that’s your attitude, then you should just quit now.

I know from my own experience that if you want to make money in real estate, you have to be committed. Whenever I struggled, it was because of a lack of commitment – it had nothing to do with what the market was like or my marketing strategy not working. To be able to stay in the game and stay motivated, you have to build momentum, which only comes when you put things into place and execute on your plan consistently.

Surrounding yourself with the right people makes all the difference. There are a lot of folks out there who will be more than happy to tell you all of the reasons why real estate is hard or it’s a scam. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you stay committed for at least three to six months, stick with your marketing plan, and make those offers, you’re going to do deals.

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Why treating real estate as a hobby sets you up for failure.
  • Why consistency is the key to success.
  • Examples from clients who stuck with it and are seeing results.

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Hey, this is Joe, REI in your car. Hope you're doing well. I want to ask you guys something. How serious are you about this real estate business? Are you going to quit when it gets hard? Are you just kind of dabbling in it like a hobby? Yeah, you know, I'll send, I'll send a thousand text messages, I'll send a thousand letters and see if it works. I'll do. I'll make a couple offers. I'll try it out for a month. See if it works well. I was just thinking about this. I'm thinking, Man, if that's your attitude, just quit now, just give up now. Like, save yourself some money, save yourself a bunch of time and hassle and headache. This business is not for you, right? Don't you don't. You can't just dabble into this thing and expect to have success and make money. You need to be fully committed, all in or all out. It's time to stop kind of half dabbling into this stuff, right?

This isn't a hobby. This is a business, and I can speak from experience because I've been there. Done that when I've made the most money in real estate is when I've been the most committed, when I have struggled the most. It's not because the marketing wasn't working, it's not because the market was hot or the market was cold, or I couldn't find sellers or I couldn't find buyers. When I was struggling in this business, it was because I wasn't fully committed to it. And I talk about this a lot. I talk about momentum, right? Because you've got to have momentum and it takes time to build that momentum. If you want to consistently make money, you need to consistently do deals. If you want to consistently do deals, you need to make offers. And if you want to make offers, you've got to talk to sellers. And if you want to talk to sellers, you've got to do marketing. And so it all starts with that and it all starts and kind of what the fuel that feeds all of this is the momentum behind it. So you need to like I say this all the time, too, and if you've heard the heard this before, then I apologize because I'm repeating myself, but this is so important to understand. If you're not committed to this business for at least six months, then just forget it. Sometimes I'll say three months, but like, yeah, three to six months. And you've got to decide now. All right, so I'm going to not just send a thousand postcards or, you know, make 10 hours of cold calls or get a list of 3000 and skip, trace and cold. Call him or text him or do whatever it is you're doing. And then that's it going to see if it works. You need to create a marketing plan that's at least three to six months out, three to six months of continually doing the marketing. Whether you're seeing results or not, you're committed to making it happen. And if so, if you don't have that kind of runway. And this is not for you.

Like, I get people ask me all the time, like how quick? If I buy your course, how quickly can I make money? Like, I need to do a deal in the next 30 days? Or I'm hosed? Then I say, Don't buy my course, go get a job, go make some extra money, give yourself a little wiggle room, give yourself some time. And that's the other important thing you got to understand. It's either time or money you've got to. You don't necessarily have to have both, but you've got to have one or the other. And for a lot of people, you don't have the money for marketing. OK, well, it's going to be harder for you. And that's fine, though, but you've got the time and you can get on the phone. The people that struggle the most, I think, are the ones that don't have money. They don't have time and they're not committed to it. But like, you've got to have one or the other and you've got to understand if you don't have the money to spend in a lot of marketing and you maybe have to spend the time instead in terms of like, you know, the number of hours that you spend on the phone, calling sellers, calling realtors, calling property managers. I had a student one time that I was helping him, holding them accountable to his goals, and he wanted to make 10 or 20 grand a month. Nothing bad. I mean, nothing. That's not a super big deal, but significant, right? Well, we broke it down from income, from money down to like actionable things that he can do every day. And I told him, You just need two or three things. Well, this guy is so aggressive. He's like, I'm going to do six things. And he had six things that he was supposed to do every day or every week. And some of it was, you know, driving for dollars, sending letters. He even had on his scorecard, going to RIAs real estate clubs and passing out business cards and stuff was so cool. Go for it, man. Well, turns out, like he wasn't meeting his numbers because they were so aggressive. But within a couple of weeks he was doing deals and he had gone from spending. I don't remember 40 50 grand in education in the last in the previous couple of years and not making any money, getting really frustrated and disappointed to killing it and crushing it and starting to. Do a lot of deals because he started taking action and he got momentum really, really quick. But he was committed. He made that decision. I'm going to make this work. I already know what I need to do. I'm going to make it happen. I'm going to make it work.

So I guess that's my encouragement to you all. I was thinking, you know, it's a beautiful day right now. Actually, it's 66 degrees in the middle of December. I'll be going golfing in a little bit here. And I was thinking about the time when I was in high school and we lived a couple of miles away from school and my dad was very awesome dad. But he wouldn't. I didn't get anything given to me, like in a certain sense, like he told me, I'll buy you clothes. But like once a year, I'll buy a couple a pair of jeans and underwear and socks and T-shirts like you can buy anything you want after that. But I would ride my bike to school, you know, summer or winter. And you know, in the summer, I was one of, you know, 100 bikes on the bike rack. But in the wintertime I was the only bike out there on that bike rack, right? And I remember one time I wouldn't, you know, I liked school kind of for the most part, and I was going to let anything stop me from not going because I needed I wanted to get an education. I wanted to get good grades so I can get scholarships or I can go to college, you know, so I didn't have to. Well, whatever. Anyway, I remember one day riding to school on my bike and it was so cold it was freezing and it snowed the day before or something like that. But I rode my bike anyway. And when the when the snow was too deep or whatever, I would just walk my bike through it. I get to school and, you know, a couple of miles, it would take me, I don't remember, 15, 20 minutes. Maybe it was more than that. Then there was nobody there. And I find out that they canceled school because of cold. And here I am, riding my bike to school and they canceled it. And I had to turn around and come back. I mean, this. This was what did early, early nineties, right? So it was before internet that was back in the day, back in the last century, in the 1800s where you had to listen to the radio or watch TV to get the school closings. You remember those days. But anyway, I you know, I was really mad at the time, but like I was also, I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment that. You know what, I toughed it through when everybody was else was quitting and giving up and saying, Oh, we don't need to do school this, hey, I'm riding my bike. I was there and I had some sense of pride in that. And I don't say that to brag necessarily, although I am. But like, I think maybe that is a reason why I've been so successful in business. I don't quit. I don't give up. You can't tell me. I can't do it. I'm going to do it one time. If I don't, if you don't mind me telling you another story. My wife and I, when we were living in San Francisco, we wanted to rent a kayak to go either kayaking in the bay or going up to Lake Tahoe and kayaking up there. But to kayak, you need to have a you need to take a class, you need to at the time, you needed to have some kind of certificate. Then you took a lesson because I guess it could be dangerous, especially in cold water. Well, we took our lesson. I was out there, and one of the things you have to do to pass is turn the boat over while you're in it in the water and then turn the boat over and then swim in and turn the kayak back and get back in it so you can start paddling again, right? Well, I was having the hardest time doing. There's a class of us, maybe 15, 20 people. My wife was there with me in our own boat. Her our own kayak, you know, flipped the kayak over and I was the last one and I could not get it to flip over. And I could not. I could flip it over, but I couldn't get in and I kept on struggling and struggling and try. I just the teacher was like, Hey, you need to give up because we got to get in. The tide is coming out and we're going to be stuck out here. But I would I just absolutely refuse to give up, and my wife was even telling me, but I know I'm going to do it and I finally did it right. And like the last minute before the teacher was going to just leave me out there or whatever. Well, come to find out. After I got in, I had a bunch of water in my boat and the teacher was like, couldn't believe that I did it, but I had because you have so much water in there, it gets harder to like, get get, get back in the kayak or whatever because there is a compartment, you know where you can keep stuff dry. All right.

Anyway. I want to ask you guys, are you? Is it easy for you to give up? Do you give up easily when it's hard? Do you, you know, get discouraged and do you say, Oh, this must not work? It's just a scam. You can't really make money in real estate. It can't be that easy because you've tried it before. Or you listen to the naysayers. You listen to people around you who have tried it before and didn't have any success. Or, you know, you talk to 10 people and. All 10 of them say I tried it. Can't do it or you go to a local real estate club and everybody says like you can't. Yeah, that's really hard to do deals here. It's so competitive. I've tried. I've been doing this for a long time. This is like the hardest ever. This is the hardest market. And or somebody says, like, man, you on average in St. Louis or wherever you are, like our average wholesale fees are like three grand. You might be doing lucky if you get five, but nobody makes more than five. Don't listen to those gurus that tell you you can make more than that. Like, man, it's so much easier. And I said this in an earlier podcast is so much easier to pull people down to your level than lift them up. And if you surround yourself with quitters, with people who give up when it gets hard, you're going to be you're not going to get anywhere and you're going to get discouraged and you're going to quit. So be careful who you listen to. This is why I love podcasts. I love listening to other people's stories too and encourages me to get lifts me up and I believe them. I'm, you know, some people are more pessimistic or whatever. Maybe I'm more optimistic, but I've seen the power of of of not giving up and sticking with it until you accomplish your goals. Dave Ramsey is coming out with a new book. I think it comes out in mid-January and a couple for weeks, and it's called Baby Step Millionaires. And you know, whatever you think of Dave Ramsey, I know I've already lost half of you. You're rolling your eyes. And oh, Dave Ramsey is stupid. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He only helps broke people. If you want to be rich, you need to be like Grant Cardone. You know, you need to be like whoever. Robert Kiyosaki and use leverage because leverage is good. All right. Well, listen, he wrote a book called Baby Step Millionaires, and I'm really looking forward to reading this book because he tells the story. The whole book is stories of people that followed the baby steps and became millionaires. Seems like all you hear about is, you know, people use a baby steps to maybe get out of debt, but nobody can really use the baby steps, quote unquote to make a million bucks. Because that's too simple, too elementary. You have to have debt to become wealthy. Well, you know what? Maybe you don't. Right? I'm looking forward to reading that book just so I can hear the stories of people that were having success. And I would read a book people that had success and made millions with a bunch of debt also.

But here's the thing. Surround yourself with people who don't quit. Don't give up. Who can tell you you can do it right. Stick with it. You're only you've only been doing this one month. You've only made a hundred offers and you're quitting. What? All right. You. You need to be committed to three to six months. I don't know. 100, 200 500 offers. Like if you if you've made 500 offers and you've been at it for six months and it hasn't worked for you, then what? I don't know. Like, if you bought my course, I'll give you a refund. If you if you sign up for coaching, he'll give you a refund because I know that's not going to happen, right? If you make that many offers, if you talk to that many sellers, if you do that much marketing consistently, you're going to do deals. So don't quit. All right. Hope that makes sense. Hope you get something out of that. You know, at the time that I'm recording this, we are doing a challenge that starts this week. What is it tonight? Yeah, it's called the one offer challenge, so I'm not sure when this will be released. But if you go there, you might get some information about when the next one is. But it's called the offer challenge dot com the offer challenge dot com. Go check it out and you'll be hearing more information from me talking about it because it's going to be cool or just challenging people to make one offer one offer. That's all. And then hopefully that builds a momentum to you. Start making one offer a week to one offer a day to three offers a day, right? All right, guys, we'll see you. Check it out. The offer challenge dot com. Also, you know what, actually, if you're listening to this audio because this is only an audio podcast right now, I really encourage you to go to my YouTube channel because you'll see if you missed this challenge, you'll see the videos on my YouTube channel that we did for the challenge, I think, but not guaranteeing we might take them down afterwards. But if you go to YouTube, you search for Joe McCall. Go to my channel, subscribe to it and you'll see the audios and videos of us talking about how to make offers. And in this challenge, we're going to be it's all free. We're going to be teaching how to make different kinds of offers. Cash offers, lease option offers, owner financing offers when to make them, and we're going to be giving away a bunch of prizes. I think like we're going to we have a little Facebook group are going to be telling people if you post a picture of your of a written offer that you've. Made that you've sent and you posted in the Facebook group, will you'll enter in a prize to win a cool drawing, a drawing to win a cool prize or whatever? And that is going to be a lot of fun, but there's going to be huge breakthroughs from this. I just know we're going to see people overcome their fears and objections and obstacles, and they're going to make their first offer and it's going to be the first of many offers they're going to make, it's going to, which is going to lead to many, many deals. I just talked to a coaching client. He texted me yesterday and he's been doing houses for a long time. He just started doing land a couple years ago and he started selling his land a year ago in January. He started selling land on terms with owner financing so he can get monthly payments and fast forward 11 or 12 months. And he just passed on this last deal. He just did $10000 a month in monthly passive income from his vacant land, which is so awesome. He lives in Springfield, Illinois. His name is Phil. I've interviewed him before in the podcast. I'm going to try to get him on again here to talk about it. But momentum. You know, Phil gets it. He's kept it super simple. You know, whenever he's gotten too complicated, focused on trying it, when he's doing too many things and he's not focused. He's struggled. But when he is focused like a laser beam and he's consistent with it, that's what's going to happen. I mean, what kind of what kind of difference and impact did that make in your life if you're getting $10000 a month in passive income with you doing nothing? Come on, baby. I love it.

All right, guys, we'll see you take care. Go to my YouTube channel. Subscribe. I'll probably have a playlist in there called the one offer challenge. And so look at my playlists. I'm also doing some more podcasts. Brilliant at the basics where I'm kind of talking about this stuff. All right, we'll see you guys. Bye bye.

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