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Krista Mashore is a Social Media Marketing Master who leverages her platforms to make $1M+ every month. She’s killing it as a successful real estate and well known online coach and consultant. Krista walks the talk. She’s a master of social media and has built her millions from the ground up and defeated all the odds, which started at the age of 13 when she left home due to an abusive situation. She found herself on the streets or living in friend’s closets, until she broke the law and landed in juvy. She eventually went to a group home and then a foster home until she turned 18. All that time feeling like she would never be good enough and always be an outcast. But years later after finding out her husband had an affair, her accounts drained of cash, and with two little girls she refused to let bounce from home to home like she did growing and mortgage to pay, she knew she had to make it happen.

So she hunkered down, learned the skills, and invested in her real estate business, selling 69 homes that first year and over 100 nearly every year since. She’s generated $25M by leveraging Social Media Marketing and paying attention to the trends. When she noticed houses depreciated 65%, she became a foreclosure specialist and became known as the foreclosure queen. And when the market turned around, so did she by using social media marketing to take her title from foreclosure queen to your favorite real estate agent by adding value and changing how she is seen online.

Krista has harnessed the power of watching for change and being a student of what is working now. And what is ALWAYS working? Content Marketing. Adding value and becoming known as the trustworthy expert in your field. Krista says, no matter what your business is, you must be a marketer first. You need to connect with your people on a deeper level, add value, and show up where they are because on average people will research something around 179 days prior to making a decision and you want to be that familiar face they know and trust when that time comes.

Her key to success online is to commit to consistently producing content correctly online. It is the genius behind her social media and her ad strategies. Ultimately, people want to buy or work with someone who is familiar to them and you do that by consistently showing up in their feeds and adding value.

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What’s inside:

  • Krista’s incredible story about her journey from homelessness, juvy, and the foster system to highly successful business owner and content marketing guru.
  • How to create relationships with strangers on social media so they know, like and trust you and will buy from you.
  • How to establish yourself as the expert in your industry and become the go-to person for the products and services you provide.

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Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Hey, what's going on, Joe McCall, Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Glad you're here! We're in for a special treat today. We're going to be talking to a friend of mine, Krista Mashore, who's gone only from zero to 30 something million dollars in four years using social media. This lady's a beast. I hope that's OK to say that she is amazing. She's killing it in real estate and in the publishing business, and I've learned a lot from her over the years. And so we're going to be interviewing her and talking to her about what she does and how she does it. I think you're going to like her, so you're in for a treat. She's got a lot of energy. She's going to bring it on, so buckle up and get ready to go. I first want to tell you a couple of things. Number one, we are broadcasting this live right now on the YouTubes and Facebook. So if you're watching us, please say hi, comment down below. Give us a thumbs up. Tell us where you're from. Tell us where in the world you are. We have listeners, literally. I looked at my podcast statistics and we have listeners in over 170 different countries. Can you believe that? So tell us where you're from and type in your questions in the chat, whether you're in Facebook or YouTube again, because if you've got a good question, I can bring it up to Krista and she can answer any and all your questions right now. So if you're listening to this on the audio podcast? Hello to you as well. I really appreciate you guys. We have over a thousand episodes and over 10 million downloads are doing this podcast for over 10 years. I wouldn't be where I am today without all of you guys, my faithful podcast listeners. I appreciate you all. I am not going anywhere any time soon. I was talking to a guru friend of mine that is officially retiring at the end of the year from RBI, from real estate, education space. And he's a big guy. All you've heard of him, he's retiring. And he said, Well, what are you going to do? And I said, I'm not going anywhere and I want to be that 90 year old guy at the real estate convention conference. You know, still plugging away, doing deals, teaching people how to do real estate. That's that's my goal. I want to be the the real. I want to be the goat. That's my goal. So I don't know if I'll ever will be, but I just wanted to tell you all that no one more thing to before going Krista on this podcast is brought to you by the Joe McCall signature edition of Freedom Soft. Some of you have heard me talk about freedom soft something you have no idea what I'm talking about. Freedom Soft is my favorite crib that I use every single day for my wholesaling business lease option business vacant land flipping business. It's amazing. It's a tool has been around for a long, long time. And Rob Swanson is a good friend of mine. He bought the company and it's just completely transformed it. He's adding new functionality and features all the time. It's amazingly fast. I've looked at all the crumbs, and this is by far my favorite. Just what it does and how it helps you manage leads. And it's a system. And so if you would like to watch a free webinar on how you can get literally hundreds of leads and minutes, go to this webinar. This page right now hundreds of leads dot com, hundreds of leads dot com that will take you to a little webinar page that Rob Swanson and I put together to show you how we use freedom site to get leads. And then if you are interested and if you feel like this is a good fit for you, you can get the Joe McCall signature edition of Freedom Soft, which has all of my customizations in it. My website's, my marketing pieces, my workflow, automations and templates, contracts. It's all in there. OK, so enough of the intro. Are we done already? Let's bring on Krista. Krista, how are you? 

Krista: Hi, Joe. Thanks for having me, and I'm super excited you are on my podcast. Yesterday, it was felt like I was on mine. I had a great job and I'm just, I admire you so much. I just learned much more over the years, and I just appreciate you. 

Joe: What is your podcast called Tell Everybody and How to Find It? Because I talked about something on your podcast that I've never shared before on any other podcast, Krista. 

Krista: Oh, you usually actually any time you're on a podcast, you should always share the podcast that you're on. I always put like people's podcast on mine. It works well. It's called Fired Up with Krista Mashore. Fired up with Krista Mashore as name of the podcast, and Joe was magnificent. 

Joe: We talked about how to use lease options to buy your own personal residence, and there's a lot of you all listening to this who are self-employed. You have your own business and you can't get a good mortgage right now. Well, if you go to fired up with Krista and her podcast, you're going to learn how to find your own dream house as a lease option, by the way. Krista, do you recognize this? 

Krista: Yes. Category King and his mom, when I are in the category king together? Yes. 

Joe: Oh, Krista, thanks for being on the show. And we've been in the same mastermind for a long, long time with Russell Brunson. And we get to hang out with a lot of cool people. We're both in the real estate space, but you're your business has exploded the last few years. I wanted to bring you on and talk about, I mean, if thinking of all the people that I know that are kind of you walk the talk, right? Or, Yeah, you walk the talk, that's the right way to put it, because you've been doing the social media thing for a long time, but you're using it in real estate for help for agents, for your own business, and you're still doing listings and deals today. And then you're also using it in your publishing business, your consulting business and things like that. And so I wanted to bring you on. You've gone from zero. Two thirty. I put on the title podcast 25 million, but it's really what you say. Thirty four million or something. 

Krista: Yeah, we've done four million just in the past four years in real estate, and we've been just just over 30 million in the past four years in my coaching and consulting business that we teach people how to utilize social media and video to dominate their industry, particularly in the real estate industry. If you're a lender, mortgage broker, real estate agent, investor, that kind of thing. 

Joe: Awesome. And so I want to talk about that because what you're doing is amazing. Would you give people a little bit of your story in your history? I was listening to one of your videos yesterday in one of your free challenges and you got a crazy background. Do you mind sharing some of those details? 

Krista: Yeah, yeah. So you I learned about you from I didn't know all that stuff, so it was kind of cool hearing it. Yeah. So, you know, one of the things I always tell people is people make assumptions about people like, you look at people. I remember being at Clickfunnels right when I signed up to coach with Russell and I made a $25000 investment. And as you know, now that investment is a hundred fifty thousand, which you and I both invested to be in Russell's category king. So I think I need to know that you take your you take your education serious, right? And I just 

Joe: We put our money where our mouth is.

Krista: Yes, absolutely. And so I remember sitting in that room thinking like, Oh my gosh, there's there's all these people here and they make all this money. And you know, I was doing great. I mean, I was doing over a million dollars year in real estate commissions, right? They got my best year was about one point eight million, I think close to that in real estate commissions as a real estate agent. So I was doing well, but I was exhausted and I was tired and I was looking to share my knowledge and teach people how to do it. I had learned over the past six years, now, now 20, but when I sat in that room, I remember feeling like I got intimidated and I made assumptions about other people and I made assumptions about myself as like, why couldn't I couldn't do things? And I had to like, really get my head in check because sometimes we see things that we feel like we aren't good enough or we can't do it. Maybe we were too young or we're too old, or we don't have enough time or money or resources. We make up all these these reasons. And I just wanted to say that I think people do that a lot even about me, right? They look at my success and they think like, Oh, she must just have it easy, or it's because of her personality or whatever they want. And maybe it's my fake teeth or my fake hair. I don't know what they think. Because of that, I'm able to, you know, market well online. I don't know. So I just want to say that no matter who you are, where you're at, like, you can do anything. It's just a matter of like hunkering down and learning new skills and being willing to invest your time, your money, your energy, your resources into learning to do things differently. So I haven't lived at home since I was 13. I am. There was some physical abuse that was happening in my home, and I didn't tell the story for many, many years until just probably about a year and a half ago. And I did it because I know that by talking about I can really, really help people. And I also didn't share the story because I'm very, very close to my mom and she's like one of my favorite people in the entire world, and I love her and very loyal to her, and I didn't want it to reflect badly on her. But needless to say, she's an amazing mom. Now she was then too. She just had some problems. But because of that, I ended up leaving home at 13 and I haven't lived at home since I was 13, so I ended up in on the streets for a while. About a year. I was running away a little over a year and I was living in people's RV and living in my friend's closets where their parents didn't know I was there living in cars, living in abandoned buildings, whatever it might be. And so finally, I broke the law and I got in trouble and they put me in juvenile hall for about three and a half months. And from there, I got sent to a group home, which is a called Group Home Hidden Hills for girls, which is like nothing was written about. I got dropped off this big, huge green vest labeled you're a screw up and like, because of that right, getting being in a group home and being labeled as kind of different people will kind of chastise me to make fun of me and didn't really talk to me. And I just always felt like an outcast, and I always felt like I wasn't good enough and I felt like people. I mean, I was I was living in a group home, right? That's the assumption is that you're a bad, weird kid if you're in a group home. And so and then from there, I went to a foster home. And so I spent the remaining years until I turned 18 and a foster home. So that's kind of my story. 

Joe: We've come a long ways. You live in California right now and talk about how you got into real estate. 

Krista: Well, I used to be a teacher. I taught third grade for six years. My daughter was got sick and so I decided to leave teaching as a full time teacher to stay at home with my daughter so I could take care of her and I was going to play real estate. It was my goal just to like, sell maybe three or four homes, maybe five homes a year, and I can make what I was making as a teacher and I could be a stay at home mom. Well, very quickly after I'm leaving my full time teaching job, I found out at the time my husband's having an affair. And so within a few weeks we had like a drain bank accounts and we just got in a brand new home and I had two little girls aged two and four and a half. And I was by myself alone with no money and a big, huge mortgage payment. So because of the fact that I, you know, from my upbringing, you know, and the fact that I was shuffled around so much and my goal was, Oh my gosh, I've got to keep these two little precious girls safe in their home. And so I dug in like full force and real estate. I sold sixty nine homes my first year in the business and pretty much I've sold over 100 100 homes a year every year since my my best year. I sold a hundred and sixty nine homes myself. You know, with a very small team of transaction coordinator and assistant, to me, the hundred and sixty nine deals, my best year and my worst year, we did 12. And that was when the market like got better. And so I lost all my assets and I had to completely revamp how I was doing my business. So that's kind of it, in a nutshell, is how I got into real estate. It was by default. 

Joe: So what year? But what year was that? 

Krista: That was around two thousand and one. 

Joe: Twenty one two years ago. Hmm. So you've seen the market change in California pretty drastically. A couple, three times, two or three times, have you? 

Krista: Yep, I've seen it when I entered it was great. And then all of a sudden we had like six hundred houses on the market, you know, in Brentwood, whereas right now we have like fifty four. 

Joe: That's the East Bay Area here. 

Krista: And then between Sacramento and San Francisco, I'm right in the middle of those two is where is where I'm at? And oh yeah, we saw I mean, we I was here for the crash. I mean, you're talking like 90 percent of people lost their houses. Our house, we lost houses went depreciated 75 percent. And at that time. But what happened with me was I started noticing this is going to happen. I started seeing a trend, so I started traveling the country. Then I started going to asset management companies and banks, and I became a foreclosure agent. So I work with 13 different asset management companies and banks like I worked for Freddie Mac. I had the HUD account, I had Wachovia World Savings Capital. I can keep naming them. And I sold their REOs. And so that was great for a long time. Not for most people. It was. It was good for my business. It was horrible for the economy, obviously terrible for most every other agent because there was like two or three, maybe five at the most agents that did all of the market share within a certain like county. And so I just saw all my real friends lose their houses, lose their businesses and pretty much go extinct while I did foreclosures. And then the market got better and unfortunately, the market got better. I lost all my accounts, right because which is great for the economy, great for what? I was happy, but I realized, Oh my gosh, nobody knows me. Nobody knows Chris. As a real estate agent, I'm a foreclosure agent. I went on the listing presentation. I didn't get it. I called to ask why, why they didn't use me if they give me some constructive feedback, which you should always do. And they said, Krista, we loved you with the last guy called you the foreclosure queen. And I was like, Oh, we're going, Oh my God, I have got to absolutely change the way that I'm working. Like, nobody knows that I'm in real estate. I've done no marketing for the past six years. I just like knocked on people's doors to foreclose upon them. So not the most happiest person, right? Yeah. And so I started researching with the Fortune 500 companies were doing and how they were like marketing and I started watching trends. And how was Amazon, Whole Foods, Nike, you know, these different, these different, you know, multimillion billion dollar companies. And I realized that they were doing something called content marketing. They were putting up value. They were putting out helpful tips and tricks. They were really marketing to people, right? And that's why people market on the Super Bowl when there is like it's like a hundred times more expensive to market. They market, you're in the Super Bowl because there the most amount of eyes and everyone's looking forward to the commercials, right? Yeah, yeah. So I kind of had the AHA like, OK, I need to completely revamp myself, revamp my marketing, revamp how I am like being seen in my community. And so I made the commitment to start creating video content. And I call it engagement marketing. So I want to create content and I would engage my community. And I, you know, I would go and interview local restaurants like your local businesses, and I do market updates local and national. I talk all about what was happening, not just in the real estate area, but in the entire community and specific neighborhoods. And before you knew it, I was up back over a hundred homes a year and they weren't short sales and foreclosures. They were normal traditional sales. And so it works. 

Joe: This is so important to understand because if you guys noticed Krista has figured out that the market's change and we always need to be a student of what is working now because what worked yesterday may not work today. And if you're not careful, guys, you can fall into the same trap as the market shifts again. Going forward, I mean, wealth doesn't disappear. It transfers, and you know, it's so important. When the market was going up, Krista said, All right, I need to figure out what to do. So did the research. And it's not that hard, right, Krista, to see what's working today, is it? It's not like some secret that you have to spend, 

Krista: No, and it's even it's funny. Like you say that because, you know, people will say to me, Oh, you know, it's hard now I'm in this market. I'm like, I've been doing this for 20 years. I've seen seller markets, I've seen buyers markets. I've seen the frickin economy collapse, collapse and come back. It's all about how you do it. And my first got in the industry, I mean, people always ask me, How did you sell sixty nine homes yourself? Your first year? I'm like, I look back. I don't even know, actually, but I do know number one, I had a really strong why I wanted to make sure I kept my daughter safe, but also I made sure that I studied what other people were doing. Yeah, and then I made sure that I just did it better. Like, back in the day when people were doing, you know, one page fires that were black and white, I would do a four page color brochure and I'd take a CD and I put a little c d container on the sign. And I do, you know, with 50 pictures on it and I market my listings on local TV and I market it on the on the radio. I did all that. The market on the. Busses, right, these these things that agents weren't willing to do because they didn't want to spend the money marketing on at the movie theaters, right? I did a video commercial way back when I remember. I think it cost me like two thousand dollars to do this commercial, which now I could do for my phone for free. Right? And then I'd spend three thousand plus dollars a month getting that commercial display at the movie theaters before people would go to the movie theaters. And I haven't had that playing for probably five six years, and people will still say, Oh, I see what the movie theaters. They don't say I used to still say so. As a marketer, I don't care what industry is. And if you're a real estate agent or you're an investor or a lender, whatever your job is to become a marketer, first an investor, second a real estate agent, second a lender. If you can market yourself and talk about what it is that you do, how you help people who you can serve offer like advice and value and and take that content and put it in front of your market by showing up in places where they are at. Right? Where are people at? People are in online, like, where do you go? If you want to buy a pizza, you go online. Where do you go? If you want to research a car, you go online and you're researching. Typically for major research shows that the average person before making a large investment or a like a big decision, like, for example, I'm going to buy a car, I'm going to buy a house or I'm going to sell a house, I'm going to get a loan or I'm going to, you know, I'm going to get divorced, right? They start researching about one hundred and seventy nine days prior. So your job as a marketer to be that top performer, you want to show up way before they're ready to make a decision. You want to be showing up beforehand, offering value, offering service, helping them so that you're developing what's called a one sided hair, a social relationship, which means that when somebody sees you on the other side of a TV or, you know, a video or a phone and they watch you, they're literally developing a relationship with you and they're starting to get to know you and to see you as the authority and you're breaking down their barriers. You're developing trust, you're getting them to know you like you and trust you, right? And so the conversions are so much stronger and they're ready to take action, they are going to think about you. Mm-Hmm. 

Joe: Yeah, that's right. On what you said was so important at the beginning of that was if you want to be successful, find somebody who's already doing what you do and just model them and then do it better. Yes. And you've done that in so many different businesses, which I think is a great idea. And by the way, anybody listening to this, if you want to make twenty five, $30 million in four years, find somebody who's doing it and model it right. OK, so let's get practical. Then, Krista, you teach a lot of realtors, but I think what you a lot of ninety nine percent of what you say applies to people in real estate investing and in pretty much any business right now. So get practical here. What are some things that you teach people to do in terms of being more out there, getting more exposure, more content? Is it as simple as taking your phone and just shooting a video? 

Krista: That's a that's a really good question. I think that's why people get frustrated. So first of all, things take time, OK? And you know, that's right. Like, there's something to be said about momentum. And when you're doing something over a long period of time, how often do I hear people say, Oh my gosh, all of a sudden I just exploded and I'm like, You've not just exploded. All of a sudden you've been doing all this work for the past six months to explode right now. So keep being consistent about the work and you're going to continue to explode. But most people, no one, they don't give it the time it takes. I call it the seven Cs. You need it and you need to commit to consistently producing content correctly. What I mean by correctly is if you don't, if you just put it on your business page on your personal page, no one is seeing you except for people that are already seeing you, your friends, your family, your mom, your dog, right? Yeah, you need to correctly distribute the content by creating ads and investing in yourself, investing and targeting your local markets or markets that you want to target. So you can take that content and put it in front of people. So you tell like I use, Facebook is my number one platform. I use the ads manager to Facebook. We run ads through Facebook. We target our local community, we really target them and we so we make it to where I'm constantly being seen in their feeds and I'm putting information in front of them that they're are most likely to interact with, right? So, for example, you know, I'm going through menopause. So if I see something that's like menopause and night sweats and how to stop having them, I'm like, Yes, I want to listen to that. But if it's about, you know, hair club for men, I'm like swiping left. So the more you can identify who your audience is, know exactly what they need, what they want, what keeps them up at night, you know, and help them. Your content is going to resonate with them more so they're more likely to actually connect and say, Hey, I want to keep watching. I don't get that content in front of them correctly in the first place by running ads. I said it's so, so very slow. Like less than zero to two to two percent of organic traffic gets like any more than 10 percent of visibility. It's very hard to get visibility on on these on these sites. So if you pay to get people to pay attention, you pay to play. Now you're saying, OK, I just took all this time to create this video or not. Maybe just an easy one for my phone. Not a problem. Just do it. And now I need to get it out there in front of people and then continually be seen. That's how you become. You dominate. And this worked for us in real estate. I've taught people to do it that sells T-shirts. I've had the mortgage off. Do I find people that have like cleaning businesses where they have disinfectant things when COVID hit? They work for any industry, but it works really, really well in the real estate industry investors, right? I mean, think about it. Yeah, I mean, you told me that there's about five percent of people that don't want to put their home in the market because for whatever reason, they're there, they're distressed. They don't want to deal with it. Somebody died. 

Joe: They don't want to list with an agent. 

Krista: They don't list with an agent that they've got right. They've got for whatever reason. So if there is somebody talking about, you know, offering you instead of listing your house the different options that were out there, who do you trust? What should you look for? Why? Maybe it's not a good idea to do that, but then they're developing trust as to like he is being honest, right? Why you should pros and cons of listing or not listing with an agent like the things you talked about yesterday. And then on top of that, they're being seen in the local community talking about what's happening in the area, talking about things to watch out for even, you know, going to local dog parks or local restaurants and just kind of talking about what's happening in the area and really, really truly developing a relationship with people. It's the trust factor and you're breaking down that like that, that nervousness, right? And you're educating people and you're helping them. So the conversions are a lot stronger. I know you send out postcards and you do that yellow letter thing or you crinkly. Now imagine if somebody sees a postcard, they're seeing you on their news feed. There you have this omnipresence about you. That's how you're able to really start to dominate, you know, online and like that. We did the same strategy in coaching four years ago. No one knew me and coaching they they knew me in real estate locally, right? And my my own zip code, my own city. But outside of my city, maybe, you know, within a 45 minute radius, no one had a clue who I was. So I took this exact same strategy and I started paying for ads just to put my video content in front of people so they could get to know me before I even asked them to download something or to give me their email or anything else. I spent money just putting myself in front of them, and we were able to scale, took us about 11 months to make our first million. And then we did. I think it was like, Gosh, I think it was. I think we did. We ended up doing like almost like 3.4 million, something like that in the first 17 months. So it took us 11 months and then we got one million. Then we did three million. The next six kind of video Yeah. So because of that momentum, 

Joe: yeah, momentum is so important and you're really hitting your stride now doing an average of million dollar months. 

Krista: I mean, more than a million plus a month right now. Yeah. 

Joe: All right. So somebody is listening to this say, Listen, I don't want to be the big national famous person, right? I just want to dominate my local market. Would you say I know the answer to this, but I'm asking you, would you say, you know what? It's easier to dominate your local market, right? Like if you are somebody listening to this who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, you know, maybe they're looking at their market right now and it's the most competitive that it's ever been. And they think, Oh my gosh, I live in a competitive market. It's really hard. What would you tell somebody who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska? What to do? And then like, is it really that easy to dominate their little local market? 

Krista: Oh my gosh, it's so it's it's so much easier because if I spend a hundred dollars and it's going to like, let's just say it's even going to one county right? Or, I mean, people are saying that if I spend a hundred dollars and I'm just doing it in my local zip code or within a 15 mile radius or even a certain neighborhood or wherever I'm trying to target, that means my money is going so much further and I'm getting more impressions and I'm being seen more and I'm more top of mind, right? And also, you can make your content so much more local, hyper targeted so you can make what you're talking about, like, hey, are you thinking about like, I'll give an example. So I have this book what you expect when selling your home now. This is written by me, and it's all about digital marketing and everything else, right? And it was written by a New York Times best selling editor with with. It's my words in her writing, literally the same book. And I put what to expect when selling your East County home and then what to expect when selling your is. I hear about your iPhone that says what to expect when selling your Deer Ridge and shadow lakes home. That's a specific neighborhood. 

Joe: And by the way, your students can your students use the same book? 

Krista: Yes, my students get to be coauthor with me. Oh, come on. Yeah, I was like 15 grand for me to do this. I teach them how to be co author and like two hours of took me 15 and now we're doing a fire book two. Like, I mean, I'd be smart to do an investor book. So anyways, and if I do Joe your whole call to be coauthor with me on that, tell me right that so yeah, so we take these. Now that's really local. So is the Oh my god. She wrote a book about how to sell your house in my neighborhood. Oh my gosh, right? It just goes so much further. Now I really look like the expert. I really position myself as the authority. I really seem like I'm the go to person and it makes it to where you're unforgettable. 

Joe: Yeah. And it's so easy to come up with good content. You know, let me speak to the investor community, right? Like you can if you want to dominate Lincoln, Nebraska and find the top three title companies that most investors use, right? Contact the title company, say, Hey, listen, I'm doing some promotions here. You mind, can I just come in and interview you or talk about what you're doing here to promote your business? I mean, who would want, who would not want to talk to you? So there's a couple three podcasts and YouTube videos and that you can do right there interviewing title companies. How about contractors and property managers? Why don't you go on the Mlss? Find some good fixer upper property property that needs work and do a video walkthrough of you going through the house? Why not go to interview some other landlords other in? Gestures that are purchasing houses or have purchased houses. There is so much content out there, and when you can present yourself as the local expert, it is so much more incredibly easy to become big and become well-known and become a local celebrity. And especially when you start talking about Facebook ads and you're just targeting a city or, you know, 10 15 zip codes. It's so much more easier today than it's ever been, right? 

Krista: Oh yeah, it's just like your reach is just massive, right? And then you start getting, I caught. You win before you arrive and you get views while you snooze. So like now, instead of marketing one to one, you're marketing one too many and they can binge watch your material. You can create like these certain videos that people watch, you can reach target to them, and once they watch the couple, then you can send them to your funnel. That has like 15 videos, all about everything so they can super get educated. And that's what we do. Like we, we like, we drive traffic to our funnels like our sellers, them and our buyers and our credit repair, you know, a certain city or neighborhood funnel, whatever it might be, then it just works so, so well. And also like go to Google. Google is the number one search engine. Go to Google and type in a question. Look at what the most recent questions that are being asked, then go down and click on that, then click on recently. Click on it like, you know, the ones that says related content. You can also go to answer the public dot com. I mean, you can go look at what read their local articles, go to social media and see like what? What posts are getting a lot of like comments or what's like prolific are getting, you know, a lot of attention and you know, and then do more content on that. Like, there's so much content out there. Just be a reporter. Russell always tells us, be a reporter. Go read a book or read an article or watch a movie or do whatever and just go report back to like what you did and how it helped you, or how it didn't help you. You know, there's so many things people get in their heads and they're worried about what they look like, and they're worried about what they sound like. And if they have an accent or how old they are, if they make mistakes, that's it is really hard for people when it comes to video content. I know you don't believe it, but I just thought of something. 

Joe: Here's here's a great little tip if you want to write a book. All right, and let's say you want to be known as the local real estate investor expert in Lincoln, Nebraska, and you could actually write a book in a few minutes of doing some research on YouTube. Let me explain this. So let's say you went to YouTube and you did a search for like you pick your topics, how to manage a property, a rental properties, how to look up videos on how to find good contractors, how to find discounts, how to find good properties, right? So I find 10 videos of you to get them transcribed and edited by these. Got to be good videos, right? You can combine them into a book you don't have to take credit for. I'm not saying steal it, but like each chapter is just a summary of those 10 videos, and you can give a link and give credit to the person who created the videos, right? I don't know if they're copywriting. I don't think they are.

Krista: Even if you just do what you're saying. But here's what I will say, though, because I know that makes it sound so easy. But I have to tell you, I would never like there's all these ghostwritten cheesy books out there. I would never write a book unless it was well-written, easy to read, easy to digest. It made sense. It was like, had your personality and funniness. Enjoy it because it can do sometimes more harm than good if it's not written right, you know. So make sure that that when you do that. But I would definitely hire somebody who's an editor who can help you place it together in a way because you want to really sound like the expert, not just like someone who threw something together, you know? 

Joe: Obviously, you write the introduction chapter. 

Krista: Yes. Yes. 

Joe: My point is this it's so easy to find content that you can either copy and give them credit too, or use it as a model or an outline for your own stuff. Yeah. And then you get a book.

Krista: Yeah. And even like, I love it all the top things you said. I mean, then you just put your own spin on it. It's the same stuff. Oh, that's a good idea. I just add this in research all these different places and put all together in one as your own. You know?

Joe: All in the book could be how to find great cash flow rental real estate in Lincoln, Nebraska. Yeah, is the name of your book, right? Yes. And you're on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram. TikTok talking about it. 

Krista: I love it. 

Joe: Yeah. Okay, cool. So is social media. It's not going anywhere, is it? 

Krista: Oh no, it's it's hard. It's almost getting more. So don't don't let all the different platforms overwhelm you. Pick a platform, master the platform, stick to it, like, really learn to dominate. We we were Facebook for gosh, in real estate like seven or eight years. We never even did anything else. And then now we've been doing them for coaching for years, just Facebook. And now we're venturing off to YouTube and TikTok and those things, and we've done wildly successful. If you if there's too many platforms you get to confuse, you don't do anything right. So just pick one and really, really learn it and do it right.  

Joe: And what do you suggest people to focus on? Would it be YouTube? 

Krista: I think I personally love Facebook, right? Because I just love Facebook in the age range. YouTube is great, too, but you can always do video repurposing. You create a Facebook video and you do. You put it out there, but then you just take it and put it on your YouTube page and you get more organic search because YouTube is owned by Google, so obviously you get more SEO. But also, when you put on your website, your website is combined with Google, so you get more. So it's amazing what one video will do for you, right, you've got so much content to put on your web site, YouTube, Facebook, everywhere and it just it just like just it, just it works 

Joe: In your in one of your challenges you have people do something pretty cool where they you make them do it on like day one or something where they really are talking about that a little. It's a cool exercise. 

Krista: Yeah. So people do tend video text messages a day where they just go through their contacts or they go through people like, maybe like that. Were you? And then you go to Zillow and you find for sale banners or whatever else, and they just you tend it video text messages a day and just say, Hey, it's Krista. Hey, I just noticed, you know, you had an anniversary yesterday. Want to let you know what you say? Their name? Hey, Joe, it's Krista. Just thinking about you. I saw that you just see this cool podcast with Krista Mashore my god, I love her and just wanted to say hi. And I was thinking about, You hope you have an amazing day. So you don't ask for raises. You don't ask for referrals. You just reach out to people and then you're top of mind. And this way, if you just do it to your contacts and your friends and family and they know that you're an investor, it's going to remind them of someone that they know that might need your help or that might need an investor or need to get bailed out. 

Joe: So is this are you using a special tool or are you just right from your phone sending them a video?

Krista: Right from my phone. And then it's personalized. It makes it so you're top of mind. It's making more of a connection. Nobody else is doing it, and you can do the same thing to for people that if you have their phone, you guys have any software like that, but you actually know their phone number where you can do a video text message to people that are you might need your help as an investor and just say their name, introduce yourself and just say, Hey, if you need them, you know, I'm here to think about your mother and make sure that you always if you're doing it on messenger or even on your phone, just put like a little text message like, Hey Joe, this message is safe to click on. I'm not hacking. You just wanted to say hi through video and just keep copying and pasting that and just changing the name right so that they know they're not being like hacked or whatever. 

Joe: I use one of the tools I use is called Bonjoro. Have you heard of it? 

Krista: Yeah, I've heard of Bonjoro. Kind of similar to Bombbomb.

Joe: Yes. And it's not as robust, maybe. But one of the cool things about this is when somebody joins my buyers list or buys a product or whatever. I get notified in Bonjoro and I can record a quick, simple video. It gets emailed back to them, but it's a personalized video, which is pretty cool. But I love the idea. You know, a lot of investors watching this, you've got a bunch of old leads, right? And I tell people all the time that you're sitting on a mine, right? What if you just took every day 20 old leads and recorded you have their phone numbers record a simple little video and text to them, Hey, Jim, you don't remember me? This is Joe. We talked a while ago about your house just falling up and have you sold it yet? I'm curious to know how it's going. And that's it, right? You're calling them personal. You can even put their address in the video as well. But there's something that's so simple and personal people kind of overlook because it's all it's not. It sounds too simple, but it's really powerful, isn't it? 

Krista: So we've been able to we've tracked this for four years now, and the average person my my students get an average of two new buyers or sellers a month average of twenty four new transactions a year from doing this. I mean, it's one of my students sales like I have two new listings just from video text. I haven't, you know, he's like, it's working already. Every time I have a coaching call, it works. It's just that it's it sounds so simple and it is so simple. But it's not easy because you have to be willing to do it on a regular basis. You had to commit to giving it the time. It literally takes ten minutes, right? Like, well, ten minutes a day, 50 minutes a week, which is, you know, three hours a month. Be worth you doing twenty four more transactions, I would say yes. 

Joe: That's awesome. All right. Cool. So, Krista, what are some of the other things that people can do on social media to kind of grow their presence and become more well-known? 

Krista: Just bear self, be authentic. Be, you know, don't be afraid to just be you. Don't worry about always being perfect. You know, I'll go on one doing my makeup, or I just got finished the gym. I look nothing like I look right now without makeup. All you know, I'll talk about things that haven't always been good. Just be real. You know, be perfectly imperfect, but just take action and do it as consistently as possible. Yeah, it's a I know everyone gets in their head about things, but it's just a matter of it's just like you got to build that muscle up, right? That muscle memory. And it is uncomfortable. It is hard at first and it's hard after a year. It's a matter of just just making yourself do it. And I always say do it early on, like, get up in the morning, get dressed, get ready, you're comfortable and record your first video and get it out to the world. So it's over with and you'll have more energy that way and also be more likely to want to do more because you've got it done so early and you felt good because you, you know you did that. You did it right. 

Joe: Can you batch this kind of content or are you are you constantly in front of your phone? I mean this. You see those people where they're constantly have the phone in front of them or they're videoing something, and it just seems like they're ignoring everybody else or, yeah, they're ignoring their kids. 

Krista: It's like, I'll do like my when I'm eating or things like that, just that happen throughout the day occasionally. But like, for example, how I do it is. Tuesdays. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have a team here from 10 to one, and we try to get it done in two hours. Yesterday we did it for like two hours. We're going to do two hours and we just do it for the whole week and we'll just do a bunch of videos, right? Some people do it like in a whole day, but you get better after a while, right after a while, you start getting better and you want to have some. That's not like it's more authentic and it's not really hard. It doesn't seem so polished. And you know, all the graphics and edits are just kind of you out and about in your community talking. Those ones perform really, really well. It's kind of a mix of everything, you know? 

Joe: I mean, everybody's talking about. What do you what is your opinion of Tik Tok? Is it here to stay? 

Krista: I'm doing ai things. I'm doing Tik Toc because I have the time, I have the bandwidth, but I didn't have the bandwidth or the team to help me. I probably wouldn't be doing it because for me, it's kind of hard. It's just one more platform, but it's a lot of organic growth and we we are getting, you know, we we just had a video forty five thousand views, another one to forty forty thousand years and it's free, right? So we're doing it. But again, I would I would pick the platform that you're going to do consistently and where your audience is at. OK. I don't think Facebook is going anywhere. I think by far it's still the number one lead generating platform. It has the most bandwidth and I would obviously I would start there a thousand percent, followed by YouTube and then whatever else you can handle. 

Joe: Yeah, because it can get overwhelming a lot. Everybody was jumping on the clubhouse bandwagon and that made me real nervous because I was thinking, Oh no, another one I know. But it didn't last very long. So that was good. 

Krista: Yeah, I don't know. I think it's still pretty big people, right? Just not as crazy as it was. OK. What's interesting on that thing? Like twenty four hours, it was just crazy. 

Joe: Snapchat, did you ever get involved with that? 

Krista: I've never I don't do Snapchat. 

Joe: So, you know, some people are going to say, All right. So yeah, I like what you said. Pick Facebook, that's the first and then go to YouTube for some of the saying. Some people are saying, Listen, I'm a real term. Most people that want to sell a house in my market, they're going to be in their 40s and 50s, right? So do I really need to even worry about TikTok? Because that's mostly for young people. 

Krista: So, so so here's what I'll say if you're not even doing Facebook or YouTube, don't even worry about checking okay, right? You can't do them on too many. But right now, YouTube has the highest YouTube. Forty six years old and above is their highest new use of people watching videos on YouTube. People are watching video right by 2022. Over 80 percent of all internet traffic is going to be video. You've got to be watching video that all the statistics about video and conversions are insane. Like, for example, if you have two landing pages and one has video on, one doesn't. According to Aurion reports, the landing page is video that eight hundred percent more conversions and I can talk to you for an hour and a half of all statistics like that. Video is important, but if you if nobody's seeing it, it doesn't make a difference. You have to be willing to put in ads, been behind it to get in front of people on a consistent basis. Yeah. 

Joe: All right. All right, Stephanie says amazing marketing information, Krista. 

Krista: Thank you, Stephanie. 

Joe: So Sharon says slam dunk info. 

Krista: You guys are sweet. Thank you. All right. A little little things coming up. 

Joe: So we need to get going here, Krista. How can people reach you? Get a hold of you. What? You have another challenge coming up soon. 

Krista: Yeah, I actually have a two day event, a three day event coming up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is three days. It's virtual, it's eight hours. I haven't ever either every month, right? So if you go to Krista Mashore dot com forward slash three days live, I think that might be a Krista Mashore dot com for slash three days live. Number three days live. It should take you there if not, and you make sure I get that one up. We have some issues to do with with our URLs. It's not just like Google me on social media. We'll talk to you about our we have a free challenge once a month. We have a free. We have a ninety seven dollar three day event where I just literally talk all about social media, video, digital marketing and how to dominate your profession. And then we have one starting this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Joe: That's amazing. I thought you just finished one. Krista, you're amazing. 

Krista: You know, it was like, it's once a month. It seems like that. 

Joe: But Krista Mashore dot com is the main place to go. To see Kristen's main site, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and just see what she's doing. Because you're going to get a lot of ideas and you're going to be like, Oh man, that's a great idea. I can do that too. Yes, she does free challenges. She does cheap little $97 virtual event. Is that how much tickets are? 

Krista: Yeah, right. I think because of the holidays, we're doing it for forty seven. We cut it in half. Bring it up here and it's insane. People will say I got more money out of this and I got paying $10000 in coaching. 

Joe: Nice. All right. So Krista, make sure if you listen to audio, Krista, Krista, make sure is M.A.S.H o r e dot com. Cool. Yes. 

Krista: Everyone, Joe is like one of the nicest guys that I know. And I'll tell you something. He cares about what he does. He care, cares about you. He cares about what he teaches. You take. So serious that he invests so much money to give you guys what you need, and he's very genuine, which is not normal in the online industry world. So I will tell you, I personally have been here for four years and he has a heart of gold in his intentions are well, so I just appreciate being on here. Appreciated. Be a line with you and thank you. 

Joe: Thank you, Krista. All right. You have a good day. We'll see you, buddy. See you guys. Everybody take care. Bye bye. 

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