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With all of the marketing tools available today, it can be tough to narrow in on what’s going to work best for your business. It often comes down to time and money, both of which translate into more leads. It’s important to spend time thinking about where you are in your real estate journey and just how much you can commit to a marketing strategy. From there you can choose what fits and start building a foundation.

One key thing to remember is that whatever you focus on is what’s going to get you results, no matter which strategy you choose. I’m a big fan of cold calling and it’s always helped me generate leads. Cold calling is a great way to practice feeling comfortable on the phone and it’s free to do yourself. There will always be people out there saying that certain marketing strategies are outdated or don’t work, but if you’re seeing results from something, keep going.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have any money to spend on a marketing budget, the best thing you can do is start networking. Partnering with other people and working wholesalers can help you build solid relationships that will generate prospects and lead to deals down the road. The best advice is to just get started. I’ve made mistakes as I went along, but I don’t regret them because I was taking massive action. I learned along the way and so can you.

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What’s inside:

  • How to narrow in on your marketing strategy.
  • What types of marketing work best today?
  • The best marketing strategies to use if you have no money.
  • Reactive versus proactive marketing.

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Hey, guys, welcome to the REI Network podcast with me. Gavin Timms. Hey, you guys, how you doing? Welcome back to the REI Network podcast with me. Gavin Timms, I'm actually back. I'm in my RV, still, I'm still in Michigan as I'm recording this, but I am back with my camera. I'm using a Sony A7 C. People ask me all the time what camera you use, and I've been on my laptop the last few, but I've actually hooked up the camera and the quality is much, much better. If you're watching me on YouTube, you'll see that. And if you're on the podcast, then you're probably not interested.

Anyway, what are we to talk about today? OK, is what marketing is actually working in this crazy market? I get this. I get I am doing coaching calls now every day in our program. I don't know many people out there that are doing this. We are offering tons and tons of value, from accountability to analyzing deals through buying deals to collaboration to bring in students together to get deals done and all of the above. We're going to be going. We get we go live pretty much every day doing something, teaching anything from wholesale, virtual, creative finance lease options. And our goal is to make as many successful real estate investors as possible. So really, really excited about that. But I want to jump in and again and talk about the market and what is actually working today. When should you do? What type of market and what are the costs that you're looking at is involved in actually work in this business? And I've talked about this before, but it comes down to time, money or both. I talk about this a lot of time, a lot of the time. So the more money that you have, OK, the more leads you can have coming to you, the less time that you have to spend generating leads and you can literally focus more on a better quality lead that potentially prescreened all that's coming in. Now, if you don't have much of a budget, you need to work harder. So you need more time the money and you need to be generating them. Lead yourself and then going through the the cycle all through that the step by step to actually get the deal under contract and end to close it. OK, so just be thinking about where you are in your journey right now with real estate and in life and how much can you actually invest in this business now just because you may have tons of money? That doesn't mean you want to jump in 10, you know, five ten thousand a on marketing if you don't have certain systems in place. Our job or our goal is that you need to build a foundation and then you go up. Everything together you elevate together means more leads, more sellers, more offers, more contracts, more in closing, more checks, et cetera, et cetera. OK, so that is obviously a goal for everyone. So just because you have money, don't think that you just can we fly money in the market and think that's going to be the answer? I do believe that you need to have full things in this business. Again, you should already be repeating these as I do, as I'm saying them right now, which is mark talking sales, making offers and following up every single business in real estate needs this. I want to make sure that you are having it too. All right. So let's talk about marketing now, different types of marketing, and I might start with reactive and proactive marketing.

So what does that mean? So the proactive marketing is where you're actually reaching out and you are creating the lead flow yourself, meaning your cold, call it your tax. Maybe you're doing all the ends, which you shouldn't really be doing now because they're not really legal. So I don't advise that you do them, but people do. And depending on how many messages you send, you can control again, how much comes in. But marketing like that, what I call proactive, I'm obviously huge in the cold, call it so one of my main streams for lead generation personally. But always remember I will throw this in there that what you focus on is what's going to get the results. Always remember that. Write that one down. What I what marketing I focus on is the marketing that works because guess what? It all works. It's just what your effort is going to be, put it. So if you are working on two or different two or three different marketing channels, I need you to focus okay on on then what's working and you're going to double and triple down on them efforts to really excel and get that consistency coming in. So again, you have the proactive again, like the cold call and the text him, and then you have the reactive where leaders are calling you. So that could be bandit signs. That could be Facebook ads that could be PPC. It could be direct mail. All right. Whether people sellers are actually calling you, which is normally a better quality of lead, what comes a much, much higher cost? OK, so let's look at them. Let's look at what these things are actually going to cost you. So, for instance, so let's say that you are going to be texting and cold calling. So what have you got to do? You've got to on pull a list. OK, now obviously, I've said this before. You can go to batch leads dot i o slash Gavin. OK, I'm going to give you five thousand. Free records that you can create a list and less wise, you could pull out absentee eight. Absentee owner, in-state and out-of-state high equity like, let's say, forty one to 100 percent plus or known equity. You could do length of residence, let's say seven plus years. You could do single family multifamily, duplex triplex quad. You could also put a cap on the amount if you wanted for like a current home value, depending on your location. If you wanted to stay at the high end to start with, you're just getting started. Or maybe like me, I like to go after the high end because no one's fresh in there. So it depends on on where you're in your, in your investing career. But you can then create this criteria that you can pull again from batch leads dot i o slash Gavin gives you five thousand records. You can then skip trace it back. That's going to cost you probably 14 cents a skip trace.

OK, and then you will be able to then get some phone numbers and you'll be able to start to call and do Texan now. Now there's also prop stream if you're using prop stream. I love prop stream as well. I also pull from that you can go prop stream Gavin dot com. You got a seven day free trial. Check that out. I think it's ninety nine bucks a month. You can do up to ten thousand dollars a month and then I what I do is I funnel everything back into batch to do the list. Now I pull from lists of batch prop stream, county records, probate inheritance, whatever I can get my hands on. I'm willing to skip, trace and I sell everything into batch leads and I call while I use something called list action now. The beautiful thing is about this that I could pull five thousand leads from a prop stream I could pull five thousand from, but five thousand from less balls. I could stack them together. And guess what? We're all going to get different results, but we all going to get a lot of the same results. So the beauty is, is once we skip trace the first five thousand, the next part. Thousand will actually go against that. So if you've already paid for, you know, let's say four thousand of them leads that cross over, you've only got to pay for the extra thousand. So you actually save on $4000 worth sorry, four thousand leads worth at 14 cents. Let's do a quick sum. So if I had thousand leads that actually wrapped up about naught point one for you looking at five hundred and sixty dollars just alone just by stacking. So that's number one why I pulled it, and I use everything through batch and then I disperse to its channels. So if I want to be taxed in batch, I can push it there. If I'm going to be using the dialer, I can push it there. If I want to send it to obviously direct mail, I wouldn't have traced it, but I can then use my different avenues of third party than anything. Then that is is going to be prescreened or pre-qualified, then will go into my CRM. So if you're using freedom soft, if you're interested in that and you are my account with my contracts in the way that I structure it, you can go to freedomsoft, dot com slash Gavin as well. If you want to check that out. that's  freedom soft dot com slash Gavin. I know I'm throwing things at you here, so I'm not asking you to stop when signing up and going all crazy.

What these things, if you've been following and watching me, you're going to be picking up going, Huh, what's that? What's this? And it might make sense where you need to slot in. So why then do guys this? Once I've traced the data, I've just showed you a free way to pull the records. I've just showed you the cost of how to do it and save, and then it comes down to call it now. Do you want to be able to do it? Do you want someone in America to do it or you going to do it yourself? It comes down to budget now. For me, I use people in the Philippines at five dollars an hour, and I believe that if I were to place one in America at twenty dollars an hour, if I had four vas call in to the one American, I can produce more leads, get into acquisition. Okay, for us then to move the conversation along and hopefully get contracts. So that is the goal now. Other people say well quality over quantity and and this is just an industry of opinions. I'm just telling you what I do is I hire VA, but if I didn't have a body, I would be get in on the phone myself. Now, not only should you get on your phone to save on the budget, but if you're not comfortable with being on the phone, cold calling's a great way to get better at being on the phone. More comfortable getting in uncomfortable situations to become more comfortable is through cold calling. So yes, you don't want to do it. Yes, it's time consuming. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, it is very like cold, cold, cold, cold. And that's the idea. But guess what? Within a couple of hours of cold calling within a few days of you doing it now, you are better on the phone, you're more seasoned, you're more ready and you're ready to start locking up deals. So I do think is good for you to try it and then outsource it as quickly as you can again to American or to a VA. And you know, now the cost, you're going to be looking at twenty dollars an hour, probably for an American, you're going to be looking at about five or six dollars an hour for a VA in the USA, in the Philippines or in another country like that. So you can do the math you should be looking at probably one lead. Maybe two, depending on your market, every four hours, so I would probably start with a very four hours a day if you can afford to. Great. I do too. Time slots of a nine to one and three till seven for them. Vas. OK, now here's the cool thing is that you've already paid for the data that you've already set trace and that your cold call in. So there's two ways that then you can backup with tax, and now you can either tax it immediately at the same time and do two different things at the same time. OK, or you can go through your cold call list. Get that down, and then you tax the ones that you can't reach. Now it depends on how many leads you want per day. All right. And obviously, I will put that out there. You have to be very careful with the techs and make sure you're watching the platforms. They're trying to keep everyone compliant on exactly how to do that. They are not to be registering your business, OK and making sure that your your skill and people against the DNC and all these things to make sure you're staying compliant so you don't get in trouble, OK? And it's just common sense if people say, stop taxing and stop calling, just stop taxing and stop calling. What's your autoresponders? If you're using things like freedom software, you'll see Orrin is sending out auto responders again. Number one, to warn of getting in trouble is where you keep email Olin or sex in Betsy Okaying. She keeps telling you to stop and there's another auto responder going out and you're constantly taxing, OK, you're asking for trouble, so make sure you're not doing that and make sure that you're just using common sense. And when people say Stop, stop. OK, so that is what you should be doing that.

So again, you have the two tiered from calling everyone, calling everyone three times around anyone left. You can text or you can do both at the same time, which is what we do now. Well, sometimes we do that to generate more leads, depending on how busy acquisition is. Remember, I'm big on not just fully selling the hopper full of leads because meaning if I have too many leads coming in, we're going to cut corners so you will cut corners. I will my acquisition will because we're trying to obviously keep up with everybody on the with the new leads coming in because remember, everyone teaches you've got to get to your new leads when in fact, 90 percent of ideas come from follow up. So the more leads that I get in means if I'm when I have to put my follow up off than my Leafly potentially will go down. So I need to make sure that I stay on top of the follow up. But I have enough leads coming in on a day to day basis, and that's pretty simple. So how many can you handle is how many you need to do? So people say, well, how many hours of cocoa and how many taxes should I send? And it's like, how many prescreened leads can you handle a day? If it's 10, then you do all of the above until you hit 10 leads. That is the goal. So that might be one hundred taxes. It might be a thousand taxes to generate that. And it might be four hours of cold calling, maybe eight hours of cold calling again to generate that. So once you have this bill, you then keep refreshing and you keep pulling more or less, skip tracing more data, feed in the machine and letting it come through. And remember, what you focus on is what's going to work. So do not listen to anyone say the postcards don't work. Cold calling doesn't work. All right. There's more you need to know. Is it you that don't work or don't work? Is it the value? It's not working? Is it the where you're getting the leads? You skip trace company. You have to analyze and work through to find out what the actual problem is and then make changes as quickly as possible. So that's on that side now with the inbound stuff. Obviously, direct mail, you've got PPC, Facebook now I'm not big on the PPC and Facebook. One thing I will tell you if you're doing PPC and Facebook ads, some of the best in the industry that know very well that are doing this, they are doing nationwide or multiple states, meaning to get that cost per lead down. They're going across the whole country or they're picking 10 15 states in the market and across their wish, the way that the algorithms work through keywords and it's not being so narrowly focused in zip codes, you're going to spend less money. Maybe you're at, you know, seventy five, eighty five, ninety five dollars a lead where if you start narrowing down on folks in on zip code, you could be two three four full five hundred dollars a lead. So you can see all of a sudden that is going to eat the budget. So if you're a national wholesaler, you're going everywhere, then maybe you can then focus on the PPC and the Facebook ads. Great leads that are coming in to you, but you will pay more money. And then there's data now. So you may know I just committed to eighteen thousand mailers over three months. We've just done our second drop of the month, meaning we have like three thousand fifty or sixty pieces every two weeks. OK, so every two weeks we have three thousand something going out over eighteen thousand over a three month period. And that's what we're doing, and I'm hitting the list three times. I actually pulled a list. The original was six thousand one hundred fifty, so half that every two weeks it goes. Goes three times and then will look right now after the first male. I think we've had about 20 calls so far, maybe 21 calls so far. And the second one is hitting as I'm recording this today and over the next few days, and we'll see how that goes.

Now let's talk about real quick, narrow in on your marketing. So the reason I do like the cold calling the text in the mail is because you can say real, narrow and focused to the zip code of the counties that you want. Now, if you have got a hold on Gary, I can't afford these things. I can't afford to. Can't afford this. Can't afford a VA. It's just me. Unless you want to do more of a creative finance deal, you want it to do more, you know, lease option, things like that. You do have other ways of doing that. You can use Zillow. Okay. Scrape Zillow now again, if you're doing for sale, buying your own Zillow, you're not going to able to stick in zip codes and counties. You're going to have to do multiple counties or statewide or multiple states to get enough data. All right. And then also, you can look on Facebook Marketplace. I would say Craigslist. I think Craigslist can be a bit crazy at times. Probably my least favorite, but you could definitely do. Zillow, Redfin Redfin is good for over 60 days on Redfin, so you could target them. You could also go on Facebook Marketplace and pull leads like that. Well, you can do niche smaller, less like vacant using, but. You don't need to use again them five thousand records I talked about. You don't need to use all five thousand. Maybe you can pull a vacant list or a free and clear list. If you want to focus on an owner financed self-financed lead, you could do that. So what you're what I'm talking about here is is a few different things of the types of locked in that you can do. OK, but also, what type of strategy are you focusing on that you need to do marketing now for me, if if I was actually going to, if I'm going to go and do wholesaling, I'm not going to go on Zillow, guys, right? You're wasting your time. Again, are you here? Listen to this trying to a deal? Are you trying to build a business? You're not going to build a business of Zillow doing wholesaling right a lease options and create finance. Maybe so, but definitely not. Wholesaling is too many eyes, and it's too many buys seeing it and you're better off going off market.

All right. And if you don't have any money, I would go into the number one strategy that I started with, which was networking right and get in and partnering with other people. So actually go in and work in all the wholesalers. Dead leads, right, are spending thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of marketing and looking at what their system looks like, who is following up? How good are they at their follow up and say, Hey, can I do some calls? I'm good on the phone. Whatever it is, use your attributes okay and negotiate and get your foot in the door. Work hard and start, David. Remember when I started, I started with time, no money or very little time money. You've probably heard this. Seven hundred and fifty dollars guys on direct mail have no idea what I was doing. I was living in California, works as a golf pro, getting off the calls at six o'clock. My diamond has been coming in, calling all day. It's nine o'clock on the East Coast because I'm going in Jacksonville, Florida. I mean, I couldn't have done it any more wrong. Well, guess what? I don't I don't regret that because I'm taking massive action. I went straight into coaching. I never bought books, I never bought courses. I went straight in learn the right way, followed the steps. And unfortunately, because I went virtual, the one mistake I made was the time zone, right? That's the only thing that I got wrong because I couldn't get my phone. Well, my wife was taking calls. She was taking notes. We got through. I didn't even do a deal. We moved to Phoenix and then I started to network and then I started work. Other people's old leads and started to wholesale real estate, then got into the creative side and then obviously making money. I could turn and shift, which was part of my whole vision and goal, which then start creating systems around me, stop partnering with the people and actually set people in the seat that I was once in of pounding the phone, locking up deals. And that's how I kind of transformed a made in this business. So I didn't come in with a massive budget. So you can absolutely do this if you stay disciplined and dedicated to it, you can get results too. OK. So make sure that you're doing that and don't let anyone tell you that you're locked in or you shouldn't be doing this and you shouldn't be doing that. Because guess what? What are they doing? Every type of marketing works. Now, obviously, we all have our preferences. Number one for me is cold. Call it why? Because I focus the most on cold calling. If I saw it with our email, maybe that will be number one. I do some text in. Not much. OK, so if I know people in the business, that text is their number one, what do they do? They focus on text is that number one marketing strategy. So is going to be the one that works. So remember, the one that you focus on is the one that works. All right. So anyway, I could keep going and going and going, but I wanted to give you some action steps here.

All right. Let me know what you think of this video if you're interested in working with me. Reach out, you can email it, support it, our networks. You can go to our our network dot com slash join or contact me, let me know, putting the chat box What did you think of this video may show you like and subscribe? That would be awesome. And I've got more content comment. I'm trying to give you a no bias and I'm trying to give you instruction so you can take action and let's get results. This is going to be. I had a great conversation with a good friend of mine Pace, and we talked about this industry and everyone that needs to level a. And I was like, You know, yeah, we need to. I mean, I try and deliver as much value, but I'm rarely going to try and step it up as best I can give as much content, as much value, no B.S. Be honest with the deals I'm doing, the problems I'm having, whatever it may be, the wins, the shares, the losses, all of it to try and give you a reality of what this business is so you can go ahead and do the same. All right, guys, I appreciate you. Thank you for watching and I will see you on the next one. All right, thanks. Bye bye.

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