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Gavin Timms has had a crazy 7 days, but he’s back in his RV to record a podcast with us. As a real estate investor, he has some big takeaways, especially from the mastermind event.

The mastermind event he went to, despite the unforeseen flight delays, was attended by some of the biggest names in real estate. And in these masterminds, there are key presentations and then there’s networking. Gavin loves the presentations because he can always learn something new to implement as well as be reminded of things that we DON’T want to happen to our businesses.

Then, my most favorite part of the event comes – networking. While Gavin and I believe that the presentations are great, I personally think the essence of these events is the networking opportunity. The breakout sessions, the mini dinners, and the random hallway conversations are really where the magic happens. I stress this all the time but networking is really the meat of this business. The more you build relationships with not only your clients but with other people in the industry as well, the more you have traction for deals. As they say, your network is your net worth.

After the mastermind event, Gavin flew to Phoenix to meet with some other top YouTubers. And while he didn’t get to speak to all of them, most of the ones he did talk to told him the same thing: they’ve been doing this for 5-6 years consistently before they started earning. They show up every day, year after year, and for them, it’s harder to go from 0 to 10k than it is to go from 10k to a million subscribers. It’s the same for real estate; you have to show up consistently to make anything out of it or be anyone in the business.

You have to be in it for the long haul, you have to be doing something every day and you have to be consistent. I’m talking about building a business that serves you; where you have a goal that the business fits and works around. Remember, it’s all about working ON the business, not IN the business.

Watch and Learn:

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What’s inside:

  • Learn the things you need to do and the things NOT to do.
  • Your network is your net worth.
  • Be consistent and put the work in every day.
  • Build a business that serves you.

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Hey, guys, how are you doing? Welcome back to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms. It has been a crazy seven days and I just want to jump on. It's actually late. As I'm recording this, I'm sitting back at my RV in Michigan and it has been quite seven days since I arrived back earlier today from Phoenix.

And I just want to talk to you about what I've done over the last seven days again, as a real estate investor, some of the takeaways I've had. I've been in a mastermind. I've been in a two day event that was in Tampa, Florida, at the family reunion. And then I flew from there Thursday night to Phenix. I moved my wife's grandmother into an assisted living or got the room ready. And then on Saturday, we had a premiere for the new TV show with the Pace, and Jamail called the triple digit flip on A&E. You should check that out and then flew back on Sunday. So it's been quite the seven days and I just thought, “You know what? It's like, I'm tired, but I want to get this out.” I want to do this podcast why it's fresh in my mind, because I have multiple multiple takeaways, and I probably should have had my notes with me, but I don't. But I got a few things that I want to share that I kind of shared on my coaching call today, and it kind of impacted. And so I thought, you know, I'm going to do a podcast and talk about this just for I get go going, especially what I'm going to talk about today as well on this. Give me a like if you can unsubscribe. If you watch on YouTube, please subscribe. If you are watching listening on the podcast, set that for downloads, you can follow me on Instagram as well at Gavin Dot Timms for Instagram. And will I appreciate if he could do that?

So let's jump into the first thing I did a week ago is I flew into Tampa and we got off to a little bit of a shaky start. I arrived, so no problem giving myself plenty of time. Got to the airport on Sunday and I was supposed to arrive in Tampa at 4:15. The mastermind starts at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning. So all good Sunday. No big problem. Beautiful day here in Michigan. So I arrived at Grand Rapids, my wife told me and then everything started to go wrong.

Basically, my flight was delayed for some mechanical reason, not weather. And then all of a sudden I get delayed, which means I'm now going to miss my connection flight in Minneapolis or might have been Detroit anyway. So I said I went up and I said, Hey, a flight delayed and I'm going to miss my connection. I just want to make sure I can get on the next one. After an hour and 30 minutes, we figured that I cannot get to Tampa, so the best thing that I could do was I flew.

I came back to the airport later that day. I think I got a five o'clock flight that went to Minneapolis. Minneapolis landed at midnight. I should have been that full 15 in Tampa, landed at midnight in Orlando, and then I had to drive Orlando into a sorry drive. Yeah, from Orlando into Tampa. So obviously set the tone. I wasn't too pleased. Well, I had to get there and make it happen. Probably go to bed about 3:00 a.m. So that was awesome. But again, that's just life, right?

So we got there. And then the mastermind begins. Now, when you're in the mastermind, there's different sides of mastermind, sometimes as small, sometimes bigger. This one is on the info and coaching the kind of mastermind. And it's good some of the top players there. So you know, you got Ronald grants, you've got to watch anyone that's in the in the industry that you'll follow would be there. Not everyone, but a lot of people. And it's a really good event.

So a lot of good for networking, listening to people speak, people doing presentation, sharing their numbers, you know, and you know, the sales cycle, what are you going to learn from me and a mastermind? I probably said this before I actually learn things that I need to do, and I also learn things that I don't want to do. OK? Excuse me. So what I mean by that is, for instance, you know, I have a lifestyle business, OK? So I developed I created a vision. All right, like you all should. And then you build your business around it. And that's exactly what I did when I got into real estate.

You know, I've been in both courses and read books and done all that. I kind of came in straight into coaching and that was big for me because I said, OK, what are the big things? One of the big things that I need to do? I'm from England. I need to travel to back home for the family. I don't want to be tied anywhere. I like to travel. I could do all them things wanting to build a business that can work from a phone and a laptop. And that's kind of what my way in. Now, a lot of these people in the masterminds got big offices, not for a hefty sum of one hundred and seventy people working on staff, and it's just not me. So when I see about what their businesses do, it allows me to pick from it and pick the pieces that I want to then implement. And also it also outlines like, I definitely don't want that. I definitely don't want to do that. I definitely don't want to do that either. And I can eliminate things. And that's the same for me if I speak OK, and that's what you need to be doing if your network. Marketing your readers or online or your zooms is literally picking and taking pieces that you want from people's businesses that you can implement now. It can get hectic because you see a lot of people speak and you're not going to learn something maybe you didn't already know, but it might just be a couple of things. A couple of tweaks like, we're always looking for salespeople, right? So understanding the KPIs, understanding how many calls you want them to make, how are you tracking them on a virtual level versus in the office and kind of taking in and building your own, documenting exactly how I want to do that. So people are talking on sales, people are talking on ads, you know, running ads and building funnels and in all of these things, and it was really good.

Now that's one aspect, but the other aspect is actually in the evenings when it breaks, when you're actually networking. Remember, REI network for a reason. That's when you're building relationships. This business is built off relationships, and that's when I use this time to network with other people in our space to find out what is their models. What do they do? How do they do it?

That's different to a presentation. So the presentations are good, but that's only one aspect. The real for me, the real piece is when you actually get networking, when you're talking to on one, on one or in a small group, you know, having a drink or having dinner and actually diving deeper into what they do and learning more about them and their businesses and families. And that's the real gold for me. So I wanted to share that you should be always elevating. So we have a coaching program now that is built based on a community. I just got a call. One of my guys is just out to another one, do his first deal by doing the negotiation in that partner, and I'm super excited not going to talk to him much about it until it's over the line.

But that kind of stuff is exactly what I'm trying to build. And I got that from the mastermind and the people that I hang out with because I'm not just reinvented, I'm modeling what other people do. I just had a great conversation with pace, talking with him on the things that he did and how can I implement them into my coaching program to make them better? And that's what I said I was taking from this, and that's something that you can't get in the presentation and that leads to that.

You can't get from a training material, right? From courses, courses. Good, there you can. You can follow instruction, people submit all what you do on a coaching call like, I wish you could put that into a course, but it's impossible. And it's the same when you go to a mastermind. The conversations that you have based on scenarios, it's impossible to put it into a course because you have to have conversation. You have to have a situation, create a scenario from what would you do in this situation? Hey, I have a cell of this happening with this. You can't cover these things in the course, and that's where the interaction and the networking is so, so important. Again, the same from why I'm going to be there. So that's how our first two days went and then we did the event. We had the mastermind for two days.

Then we have the event and we have Vanilla Ice. You may have seen the picture, we had Vanilla Ice come talk about real estate. It played some songs and it was a good end to the event. It just went to show that a lot of these people come back to real estate, even as you know it was, well, Vanilla Ice was well back in the nineties, eighties, nineties. Now we invest. I think he's got it. Maybe he's got his own TV show, always trying to get his TV show. I think he's actually got one. He's investing in real estate and he's doing kind of similar things to what we do as real estate investors because they know that's how they're going to build their net worth. That's where a lot of people, when they make money, they put it into real estate because I think it's a great investment personally.

So we have the event again, four days of networking, meeting people. I mean, people that I could only imagine on me and right and networking. So you need to be thinking about that when you're going to the event, when you're doing your raise, when they're back on and you're listening to the speaker, you're contractually takes in after like, don't rush off, don't rush and just watch the person on stage and then go, make sure you go early and network in the breaks network in the evenings, going at dinner with someone that is, when you're going to really build a relationship with your cash buyers, your realtors, your rehab as your fellow investors, your fellow wholesalers, whatever it may be and build them connections. I know some of the best of the best in the business from networking, and that then goes my network because guess what? You bring me a deal I probably will have if I'm not doing it.

Somebody, whether it be a student, whether it be a, you know, someone I'm in a mastermind with to get deals done. So you're building your network to build your net worth. If that makes sense. So it was a great event. It was good to get back out there. After so long, the events have been off. It was a nice touch to be hanging out with Vanilla Ice as well. That was a good touch and a good laugh. So that just a few things that I want to take take away from from the network side and that could go into, you know what the. One and who spoke on them things, but I don't get too detailed here. I just want to really emphasize about about them topics I just talked about.

Then I got a late flight, like I said on Thursday night into Phoenix, and then Saturday we had the premiere. Now, what was called about the premiere that we went to is there was a lot of YouTubers there. What I mean by YouTube is the people that are on YouTube that have got a million plus followers from dances, to family shows nothing to do with real estate. And they've sort of got four million on Instagram, 10 million on YouTube. All of this stuff, and it's pretty amazing.

And I got to hang out with them. I didn't speak to them all, but I spoke to four of them. And you know, what was was unique about this is that they all had a very similar story that I can only bring back into real estate. And what I really wanted to teach on today was it actually took the ones that I spoke to five to six years of being consistent before it took off. So when you look at these YouTubers and they go, Oh, they're just doing this, just dancing around or they're just doing whatever, for most of them, they've been doing it for years, consistently daily, weekly for year after year after year, making no dollars until all of a sudden it grows and it grows and it grows. And they were the ones that I spoke to pretty much said it's the hardest to get from zero to 10000 than it is from 10000 to a million, because once you get over 10000, you start to gain traction a lot faster. More people see the numbers. They jump on board a lot faster. Start following you rather than you have 10 people. Are you likely going to get anyone to subscribe?

and it was pretty amazing that you have got the mindset for five to six years to actually see that multiply and get them results in an industry that I have, I don't know anything about it in terms of what they do. But then I thought that's the same as investment, right? So many people want instant results, just like they do on YouTube, just like they do on Instagram or TikTok or all of these things. And they want my instant success when the reality is it's not going to come. And that's the same in real estate. You have to be in it for the long haul, and I'm only asking for you to do it for six months consistently to get results, to gain traction, to do multiple deals, to start building on a business. I've got six to nine month term. OK.

But again, why do people fail? Because they throw in the towel? Well, I thought, You know what? These YouTubers the small, amazing people because and we talked about me, me on this show talking to you right now. That's what I said at the start about getting a like or subscribe. Because that's just like me, right? I only have fifteen thousand sorry, fifteen hundred people subscribe on YouTube. I don't know how many podcast downloads I get, but it just takes time. And I'm going to be here all year on, year on, year on year until hopefully we can look back at this episode and go, Oh, I remember you doing that when you were at fifteen hundred and fifteen thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand or whatever I can go to.

OK, then the same with the podcast. If I get a hundred downloads a month, how do I get twenty thousand downloads a month? And it's just about being consistent, shall. I have been doing a podcast every single week. I don't think I've missed a week. I tried to at least released two videos a week on YouTube every single week to be consistent. I'm not making money.

  1. YouTube isn't paying me, but I'm trying to get out there. I'm trying to be consistent and what I'm doing on my day to day, just like I was in real estate. I try and put back in to the audience, to my clients to say, Look, I'm showing up every day. We do call every single day in our coaching program. I was even at an event stepping out, doing my hour coaching call to get it done because if I'm willing to show up, I expect everybody else to show up and do their part to get results.

And it was pretty amazing to again talk to these YouTubers and actually how I could take so much from what they were saying and what I did myself. But I didn't take five or six years, right? I did over six months, seven months, eight months and so on, and then kept consistent terms of my deals. And now I'm starting again in terms of the YouTube, and I've probably had a channel for nearly a year now and organically, I have 15 fifteen hundred subscribers.

OK, so you have to be that, you've got to be in it for the long haul. You've got to be doing something every day. You have to stay consistent if you're going to make it. And I'm not talking about Dale, right? You shouldn't even be watching if you just want one Dale. I'm talking about building a business that serves you where you have a goal and the business fits around and then you work at that. You have to work hard with the goal in mind to exit the business, to work on the business or in the business. I'm sure that's what most of you want to do. I'm back in my RV.

It's been hectic. I just did a video a couple of weeks ago where the five. Coaching calls in five different states. OK. Life can get hectic if I'm traveling when I show up and I make sure I do everything that I need to to get results. OK. And that's so we meet the YouTubers. We do the event.

It's fantastic. I get to hang out with more people in the evening on Saturday, and then you pick more, talking to the coaches, talking to pace about what he does. OK. I just got a 26 hour alive. That's right. 26 hours. And we talk about his what he does with his student and how do we get success for everybody? And how do we level up this industry? OK, so it isn't just like the gurus that don't do anything that just want to take money. How do we change that? And that was huge. Like having the conversation. How do we level up the industry to bring better content, better results, being real? All of them things, and it was just awesome, is great to listen to here to see what people are doing. And then, you know, allow me and him and everybody else to soar implementing to do better. So really, like I said, really good. And hopefully you have some takeaways from this that you could implement say, yeah, you're right, like all you do in an off, analyze yourself if you want it that bad. Make sure you allow time. Make sure you're planning your day if you all work hard and put in the effort and be consistent.

Consistency will always win. Do not expect results today in month one and two and three in month four and so on until it happens, of course. Can you do a deal within 30 90 days?

Absolutely. I'm talking about building a business, and when these YouTubers all individually are different, Conversation said. Yeah, it was really five years for me. It was really six years for me. It was really eight years for me. Wow, you were doing videos. Yeah, before it really took off. Yeah, it was like five years. I did, you know, four or five videos every single week posted on Instagram doing this every day, five years. And then all of a sudden I got the traction and really started to get it going. And you know, you think, Yeah, you deserve it. And one of the guys said, you know, it's like the one percent, right, the one percent that goes viral immediately. But most of them are really working hard to get where they're at. And I was like, Yeah, that's like real estate is the same, and we can make it happen faster than five to six years as an influencer on YouTube. We can do it in six months.

So if you're watching this in this house, like I said, give me like, subscribe, let me know. Put some comments in. I appreciate you all. I got some podcasts coming out. Lou Brown coming on. I got Leo coming on 19 year olds that did manage to get nearly, I think, nine hundred nine hundred thousand nearly a million people that he got following on Tik Tok in a short amount of time with about five or six months, which is pretty incredible. And I'm going to be asking him, did he get one video? How did that happen? Was it one video that went viral to let him come in his 19 year old kid? We've got a lot of the good stuff comments. I might make sure you subscribe and I will see you on the next one. Appreciate you guys have a great week.

Happy investing.

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