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Nothing in life is ever easy, right? The same goes for real estate investing. Luckily, though, there are some tools to make things easier when it comes to your real estate business. Today, we’re going to be taking a close look at one of these tools: Freedomsoft.

The Joe McCall Signature Edition of Freedomsoft, available at freedomsoftjoe.com, is loaded with features and tools to help organize and automate your real estate investing. Using a real deal submitted to me by one of my students, I show you step by step how to use Freedomsoft to find a list of leads.

Then, still using Freedomsoft, I show you how to sort those leads and start reaching out to contact them. You can skip trace, you can send voicemails, manually send texts, and even draft and send out direct mail all within Freedomsoft. And, it keeps track of what you’ve done with each lead so that you can stay organized.

Even better, the Joe McCall Signature Edition includes copies of my contracts, letters, scripts, workflow and follow-up sequences… everything I use is in your hands. Get it now at freedomsoftjoe.com.

Watch and Learn:

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What’s inside:

  • How to use Freedomsoft’s Marketing Lead Finder to source leads.
  • The best way to reach out to potential buyers.
  • How to use Freedomsoft to automate your workflow.
  • A live question-and-answer session about Freedomsoft.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

Hey, what's going on, guys? JoeMcCall here on this live video coming at you live right now. I'm going to be showing you how to sell your deals lightning fast with all the hassle and the runaround.

Listen to this. A selling deals right now in this market is incredibly easy and it's really not that hard. And I just had to students in the last two days, one or two days, bring me some deals that they wanted my help with. One of the deals wasn't there was enough meat on the bone. So I told the student, go back, either negotiate a lower price or negotiate terms. So tell the seller I can get you that price, but you'll need to do something creative like seller financing or at least purchase. I can get you that price or offer this lower price. New student today, Michael just brought me a deal and needed some help with selling it. And he'd already talked to a few buyers about it, but they were kind of wishy washy on it, which automatically raises some red flags. Right. If you've talked to a few buyers, they're not excited about the deal. Maybe it's not a good deal.

But I wanted to do kill two birds with one stone, as it were, on this little video. I want to show you something really cool of how you can sell these deals using freedom soft and how you can sell these deals and find really, really good buyers for your deals. And I'm actually demonstrate how to do all of this right inside of freedomsoft right now. I'll share my screen. The other thing is I want to tell you two things. I want to give you two different websites if you're interested in working with me, if you want to go through a real simple, easy to follow plug and play cut and paste system to do your first deal as quickly as possible, I created a course atPartnerWithJoe.net. It's only seven bucks. I'm going to show you how to do a deal. And the quickest and easiest, fastest way possible normal simple cash deal.

When you go to PartnerWithJoe.net, you're going to be shown a place where you can opt in to get this free calculator, the software that I have. So go and do that. Next page will take you to the actual partner with your programs. Check it out. You can partner with me on deals. I can review your deals just like I've done with these last two students. And I can also lend on your deals. All right. So check it out, PartnerWithJoe.net.

And also, as I start going through this, I'm going to show you the Joe McCalls signature edition of Freedomsoft. And you can get that at FreedomsoftJoe.com. And you're going to see why this is so awesome, why you want it. All right. So I'm sure my security hopefully this works. All right. You see it. This is freedom. Soft Joe, the signature edition. Joe McCall and I have all my contracts in here, my letters, my templates, my texts, my contracts. I already said that my websites, my workflows, my follow up sequences, everything is in your hands. Awesome is killer. All right.

So we've got this deal. It's in a zip code called six three one one zero. And this is a duplex. I'm not going to show you the property just in the interest of keeping the students deal private. And so, Michael, if you're watching this, you know I'm talking to you, but this is a deal in six three one one zero. It's a duplex. So it's a multifamily. And I shared with Michael some of the ways that I like to go out and find buyers for these deals. OK, let me just tell you, one of the first things I told him to do is to go to Zillow dot com six three one one zero and type in that zip code and look for properties for rent. And let me just clear out all of my filters here. It's probably a faster way to clear filters. I can't see my buttons. There we go. All right.

So here there are when I did apartments, look how many came up. Let's remove apartments. You can call apartments, too. But here in this area, there are twenty four properties listed for rent. Some of them are townhomes and duplexes. Let me zoom out one more time now. We've got ninety eight of them. Right. I would go through and start calling all of these landlords and property managers first thing. As soon as I got a deal under contract, I would start calling all of these people. Kristina, even if it's a realtor like this. And I'd say, hey, I've got a deal. Look at the reviews. This person is anyway, I got a deal that I think your client might be interested in, not too far from this property on Lindenwood Avenue. Would you be interested in getting more information? I'm trying to sell this duplex.

OK, but if you just start going through these, you're going to find tons and tons of opportunities like this one. Katelyn Lee, give her a call that might be the individual owner because this has property owner. Give her a call and tell her you've got a deal that she might be interested in if you I wouldn't go proceeded with anything. Well, I would say first thing I would do is I would call at least twenty five to fifty of these landlords who have properties in your neighborhood and then just see if they're interested in getting a deal. All right. So one of the coolest things about freedom after you've made those phone calls is I'm going to show you how to find some recent investor buyers that have bought multifamily in that zip code, how to trace them and how to cold call them and maybe do a text campaign. Although when it comes to buyers, I would prefer to see you just cold call and it's super easy.

So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go to Marketing Lead Finder. Don't go to cash buyers. That's good. But cash buyers is just going to give you cash buyers. I want anybody that's bought, whether they bought with a loan, the private money, hard money, whatever. So I'm going to go to lead finder and I'm going to do start search right here. And hopefully this works again. This is live. So I'm not changing any of these things. I'm going to do an absentee owner. Yes. And then I'm going to do ownership type. I want individual only. And what I'm actually going to say no preference because when. I do the skip trace, it's only going to charge me for skip tracing the individuals, but I'm also going to send some letters to investors that have bought in the last year. And so I'm going to send a letter I can only skip tracing cold, call the individual buyers, but I'm going to send a letter to the corporate buyers.

OK, so I'm going to exclude the bank owned Oreo's. I don't care about them financial filters. I want people that have bought in the last year. So I'm just going to say 20, 20. I'm going to copy that pasted there. Twenty, twenty one. Those are people that have bought in the last year. I'm going to go here to uncheck single family. I only want duplex triplex and quadplex fourplex. So that's in the last year. All right. Property filters. Not to worry about. That is what I've done here. And now I've got absentee owners who have bought in the last year, but I don't want single family. I want duplex triplex and quod only now going to click search. That's just in that zip code. There's three hundred and forty six in the last year. Cool. All right now I'm going to select all pages. Now I'm going to add them to a lead list. I already created one right here, which you can just create a new one but I created one here called six three one one zero recent investor buyer multifamily. Now all of those three hundred, some were added in here.

So if I click view all that's takes a second here. Let me go back here and refresh my screen. It takes just the system to bring all of those leads in, but they'll be in here in a minute. Hopefully we'll see. While that's coming in, I went and bought a phone number because one of the things I'm going to do is I'm going to call and text these buyers and I want this phone number on the letter. So when they call that phone number, I know what it's about. And I bought this phone number just four bucks a month right inside of freedom soft and it's called right here, St. Louis, recent buyers, three one four six seven one zero three nine zero. I'm writing it down for my own use here. And when I click on, I'm going to record all of these calls. All right. I'm going to go back here to the phone numbers. All right. Let me zoom this down. Let me just click edit settings. Now, this phone number, I've called it St. Louis recent buyers. And I recorded a customer message here in a minute. Don't do this yet. I'm going to ask you to go ahead and text or call this number or call the number the better. You can listen to my outbound message and you'll be added to my buyers list for this campaign. But don't do that yet, OK?

I can't play the message here, but it basically says, hey, thanks for calling. I think you called. You got my voicemail. I'm calling about a property that I'm trying to sell on Oakland Avenue. And if you're interested in getting more information, give me give me your name and number and I'll call you right back. When they call, it's going to go to voicemail and it's going to system's going to send them an automatic text back that says I have a duplex on for for whatever Oakland Avenue that I'm looking to sell ASAP. You wouldn't be interested in it, would you? All right, here we go.

Now, I'm going to now also create a real quick I'm going to create a campaign for this new lead campaign. I'm going to call it six three one one zero recent buyers. Try families. This is going to be a let's just call it a manual campaign. Now, it is actually a buyers campaign, but for the purposes of doing the outbound cold calling and texting, it just is easier if you keep it sellers. We can move it later. And I'll show you with that. It's not a big deal right now. I'm going to select the buyer. I mean, the phone number. I'm going to select that phone number that I did right there. Now, if you have a workflow automation, if you have freedomsoft ,Joe, you can use my main lead workflow automation. OK, but that's for sellers. We don't really need not workflow automation for buyers, but we'll just leave it like that. Now, this is where I can have my team have access to this campaign right now. I only want me to have it. So I just created that. Now I'm going to go back here to my lead's dashboard. I'm gonna go to pipeline here. Let's look at that list right here. Refresh. Oh, what happened? Did it not bring them in? I must have done something wrong. What did I do?

Here we go. There are there's three hundred forty six in there. I don't know what happened. OK, there's three hundred forty six. I click view all these are all of the recent buyers in the last year that multifamily are in here, some of them are LLC, some of them are individual owners. So what I'm going to do real quick is I'm going to highlight all of three hundred forty six of them and I'm going to skip trace them right now. I'm going to go here to more actions. I'm a skip trace leads. I'm a drag over the owner of record mailing address mailing, city mailing, state mailing, zip up. Before I do that, I'm just going to make sure I've got this right. That full name has to be in the owner record and I'm ninety nine percent sure it is. Let's just check one of them. They have it here in the primary contact. I scroll down. It's also right there. OK, good. In the owner of record. All right.

So let me go back here. Look at all of the leads. All right. Select all skip trace more action. Skip Trace, owner of record mailing address mailing city mailings, state mailing, zip, confirm, skip trace. Right now it's only going to be charging me. You can see here it's only charging me for the Non LLC, so there's two hundred and seventeen of them that are not LLC. OK, I'm going to click here. Skip Trace. Two hundred and seventeen leads now it applies the do not call fleg. And the known litigator flag, which is really important because I don't want to skip straight or I want to call people that have been known to sue people for calling them, and I want to make sure I'm filtering out the people that are on the do not call list. Next step now. I pre purchased credits. I'm going to be using two hundred fifty four. I have five hundred seventy three later. Submit order. All right.

So now it's the order has been submitted, it's listed as pending right here. Now while that is pending, I'm going to show you a template that I have. So I'm also going to send the LLC is a real simple letter, OK? And I'm going to go to settings and I'm going go to Timbits. And this is a letter I want to send. I want to send a letter that is this right here. It's called Urgent Cash by Letter. And I'm actually going to make a copy of it because I'm going to personalize it for this particular property. And this is, again, a letter I'm going to send through FreedomSoft. This is you get this in the Joe McCall Signature edition, and this is going to be called Oakland because the Oakland Avenue.

So I'm going to send a letter to the owner, dear owner name urgent notice. I desperately need to sell my property at. I'm not going to give you the real address here. Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, six three one one zero. I've been trying to sell it for some time now and I can't wait any longer. Take a drive by, call me, I'll let you in. Taxes are paid. Title is good and I need this thing sold today. Call me, please make me a cash offer right now. And the phone number is three one four six seven one zero three nine zero. Thank you. My name there, Joe McCall. That is my letter. It's a simple custom letter for this property. The only merge field is going to be right here in is this thing. And I'm sending this to who? People that have bought multifamily in that zip code in the last year. This is powerful. And this letter, the best way it works is when you can hand write the letter on yellow legal pad of paper and crumple it up and address it and address the envelope and all that. But we're going to send these out really, really quickly. So I'm just going to click save changes here. All right.

Now, let me let me close that here. Let me go back to my skip trace order and see how we're doing on it. All right. It's complete. There are nine leads missing required info. Forty eight leads. Didn't have any matches in one hundred and sixty leads are complete, which is amazing. I have one hundred and sixty people that I can call right now that have owned their own recently bought rental property in that area. Awesome. Amazing. I'm excited. So I'm going to go to my pipeline. I'm going to go right here. I'm going to view all my leads right now. Some of them you see here have emails and phone numbers and some of them don't like the LLC. Don't come open. This guy, Justin Houser, got three phone numbers here, and this is the address of the property. And by the way, this is a property he bought. I can click on Street View. I can see what the property is. It looks like a good deal or good nice property. It's a good area. I can see that he bought it March twenty twenty one. And this is his mailing address.

OK, it looks like he might live on one of the one side of the duplex. I'm still going to call him anyway. Let's go back here to all leads. Let's look at this guy, Robert. OK, this is interesting, Robert. These are his phone numbers. He the address of the property that he bought is right here. He lives. That's two zero zero five McLynn McLynn. I mean, he lives on two zero zero one. So he lives just next door probably. All right. But I've got an email and a phone number. So let's do this. I'm going to go back here to Leeds. I'm not going to do any calls. I'm going to show you how easy it is to do the calls because I'm using my computer right now to do this video. I can't make phone calls, but it's super easy. I must select all of them. I'm going to go here to confirm leads and I'm a go here to new SMS actually is going to be click to call dialer. They used to be the same freedom stuff. Just updated this. I'm going to do click to call now. You can also do new email broadcasts and I'll show you that in a second here, but it doesn't work as effective. I wouldn't actually recommend doing email broadcast here in Freedom. I want to show you another tool to do that later, but click to call Dialer.

OK, now we're going to send these from a campaign, that campaign I just created right here, the recipients there. I can send a follow up message after calling. If I wanted to, I could say hi, tell her first name. I just left you a voicemail about a property. I am looking I am desperate to sell at a one, two, three Oakland Avenue. I think you're an investor who owns a similar property in the area. Please call me back if you're interested before I sell it to someone else. Thanks, Joe. Right now, there's a way you can do spin text in here, too. I'm going to highlight that and do. Hello. Hey, this left you a spin text voicemail message about a spin text about a duplex property rental. I'm desperate to sell at. I believe I think I believe you're an investor landlord who owned a similar ban text rental. Why am I doing that? Because when you send out the tons of text you want freedom softball's makes the words up to make. Keep your deliverability really high. We're really we're not doing that many text messages here, and this is, again, only to people that we have left a voicemail to say, I want to call all of them, because that's the fastest way to a deal. I don't recommend sending a blast text to all these people. You certainly can. But it's that kind of marketing is better for sellers, not for buyers. What I recommend is calling these buyers. It's real quick and easy to call them and then just send them this message after you call them. Please call me back if you're interested before I sell to someone else. Thanks. And I might just spin this text here, too, them doing their. All right, good.

Now we're going to you can call primary numbers or call mobile numbers only. We're going to call all of the numbers that we get. And I'm going to remove numbers with the do not call flag and I'm going to remove numbers with a known litigator flag. Now, you can append an opt out text if you want. What that basically means is it just says, reply, stop to unsubscribe. So if they reply stop to your text, it'll add them to you. Do not call this now. OK, there's a couple of things here. Let me just say this. You should remove numbers with the do not call flag. OK, that's all I'm going to say about that. Some people don't. So whatever. You definitely should remove numbers with a known litigated flag. Some people include the append opt out text. You should. That's all I'm going to say about that. And you should acknowledge. Yes. That you clearly identify your identify yourself as the sender. OK, I'm Joe. I'm an investor. All right.

So for the sake of this demonstration, I'm doing those things. OK, all right. Click Next broadcast is created. All right. Here we go. Now we've got one hundred and eighty four people in the queue and all you have to do this is so amazing and awesome from right here. It's only calling people mobile or cell phones that are not on the do not call list are not known litigators. So I'm going to call this guy just and all you need to do is click the call button and it pops up this thing.

Now, what I recommend doing is using a headset, and I can't do this because I'm using the mic on the same computer. But you just plug in a headset like your Apple earbuds. So I have one. I recommend no one to be hard wired to the Internet. So you get a good, strong Internet connection and you have a headset on. So the audio is really clear and I just call and it'll start ringing. Now, this isn't a triple dialer, which means it calls three numbers every time. But I think this is better because you're going to get it's quality versus quantity with a triple dollar like dialer like module cells, you're going to be dialing three people at a time. The problem with the big triple dialers is when they answer the phone, you get a lag of a one or two seconds and it's happened to you before. It's frustrating. You get a call from a telemarketer and there's this long pause and then like, oh, hi, I'm calling for so-and-so. You just know immediately that's no good. And the quality is not as good with triple dollars as I found this. The quality is really good using freedom soft. And it's just better because when you actually leave a voicemail for Justin here, it's a personalized voicemail. I just I have this property in Oakland Avenue. I think you own a rental property in the area. If you're interested in looking at it, give me a call back right away. My number is three one four six seven one zero three nine zero. All right.

Then you can leave them a personalized voicemail and then you can change the status. And this is where it's really powerful. You could change your status to contact the one or something. Then, you know, this is somebody that I've already contacted, attempted once. And then you can go through all of your contact attempt ones tomorrow and contact them again. You number two, do number three. OK, so if you leave a voicemail, then all you do right here is you click, send SMS and it says, Hey, Justin, I just left your voicemail about a message or voicemail about the property I'm desperate to sell at Oakland Avenue. I believe you're an investor who owns a similar rental in the area. Please call me back if you're interested before I sell it to someone else. Thanks, Joe.

OK, and you can see these messages are different because I'm spinning the text. All right. And this is going to show you the total numbers called the total number that we're connected call duration, the total number delivered in the delivery rates. Now, these are just voicemail messages to understand. So this is the best way to do cold calling, especially for buyers. You find the ones that have bought recently in the last year duplex triplex, something similar to yours in that zip code. OK, you skip trace them and then you call them this calling one hundred eighty four might take me a couple hours. It's not someone's got to do it if you don't want to do it.

Here's the cool thing. Your virtual assistant can do it. You can get a visa in the Philippines that has good English and we use a lot of these for a cold calling. We show you how to do that in partner with Joe that nets go check that out. But this is the fastest way to a buyer on the phone. Guys, the money is made on the phone. And if you're not on the phone, you're not making money. Simple as that. So I got to sell this property. I just got it under contract. I'm going to find all the other investors that I can find right now. I want to call them now.

A lot of people are going to say if they're going to be mad that I called and that's fine. All you got to do is if they're angry, we're my cereal. If they're angry, you just change the status to. I don't have it here, actually. OK, there's a workflow that I have set up and I forgot to assign it to this. But you. There you go. Do not call when you change the status to do not call, it automatically adds that number and that lead as dead as. You do not call us, so you don't spam them or call them any more. Ever, ever, ever again. You can also just click this number, this thing right here, and it adds and you do not call list.

OK, so this is very compliant to the anti spam laws and rules about all this. OK, by the way, I'm doing this live right now on YouTube's and the Facebook. If you can hear me and see me, please type in a comment. Say hello. Tell me that you're there and say, hey, I get it. It's awesome. I love it. Let me know you're here. Let me know you're watching this. And this will also be done on my YouTube channel and podcast later on there. Steve, how are you doing, Steve? Steve Hall, my man. There he is. All right. And I'm also putting some links here in the comments for partner with Joe partnered with Joe Dot Net and Freedom Soft Joe dot com if you want to sign up for this. And here's David. Come on now. Hey, Joe, this is great stuff. Thank you, David. Appreciate it.

So let me guys know just let me know, guys, that you're here, you're watching this. Give me a thumbs up. If you're not subscribe to our YouTube channel, why aren't you here? Let me hold on. So let me let me look at you closely. Why don't you subscribe to our YouTube channel? Subscribe, get the click the notification things. You get notified. When I do these new videos, I got a lot more that I want to share with you guys. And I love just I just love doing this. All right.

So here we've got a list of one hundred and eighty four people. You can actually start calling right now and sell this. Here's the cool thing, guys. When you're calling these other investors, some of them may be an investor, some of them may not be may be wrong number, but they're going to tell you if this is a good deal or not, you will know within an hour after talking to 10, 15 people that this may not be a good deal. You're trying to sell it for. And Michael is trying to sell this deal for, I think, to ninety five or something. And you'll find out like the people, a few people that he did talk to. I can't I'm not interested, not too excited about it. Or one guy was kind of but then never called it back. Just kind of forgot about it. If this was a good deal. If you're selling this thing for two fifty, let's say you will know pretty quickly if it's a good deal or not. They'll be like, when can I see it? Can you tell me more about it? And, you know, real quickly, if they're not interested, that's when you go back to them and you say, listen, I need to know if you want that. Are you looking for more marked multifamily in this area?

OK, good. What number would you be interested in this deal for? OK, tell me. Let me because I'll go back and I'll renegotiate my contract, but always ask them what number would you be interested in this deal for and then go back and get it for them. So you renegotiate or do owner financing or something like that. Right. OK, now let's do a real quick direct mail campaign, direct mail campaign. And I want you to let me go here to my pipeline. Let me go to my campaigns here. Multifamily. OK, good. Nobody's called this number yet. Let me just make sure. All right. We're good there.

Workflow, automation. Let's make sure I have the good the workflow automation is there. One other thing I wanted to show you real quick. I remember that workflow automation that is not I had Robbs in there. I don't want Robbs. I want mine right now. What I want you guys to do something is just do something pretty cool here. And even if you're watching this later on down the road, I want you to call this number. I want you to wait. No, no. OK, I'm doing that. Hold on one second. All right. I want to make sure that the phone number is correct here. So when I go to my pipeline, my campaign's all right. So what I like you two guys do is write this number down. I want you to dial this number. I want to put it in the banner here. I want you to call this number and see what happens. Three one four six seven one zero three nine zero. Right. When you call that number, that's my freedom cell phone number. Hopefully this works. I just bought it. I signed it this campaign.

So let's say you got one of my letters. I must show you how to do it in a minute. You're you're going to get this letter and you're going to get my voice mail. Go ahead and leave a voice mail and then respond to my text that comes back to you with an email. Tell me your name and your email address. I must show you what happens as these leads come in. All right. So let's go back while you're doing that. I'm just going to continue here with this here. I've done all my cold calls. Now I want to start sending letters for this guy right here. First homes. I didn't do any skip tracing because I can't skip trace classes that easily, but I've have the name of the company and the mailing address of this investor. Right. So I'm going to do a letter. I want to send this guy a letter. All I want to do here is click the three dots, generate document. Remember that letter we just created urgent cash by the Oakland Avenue.

Let's see what this looks like. Here I click next step and it's going to generate this letter urgent. Notice Deerhurst Homes, LLC. I desperately need to sell my property and address. I've been trying to sell some time now. I can't wait any longer. Take a drive by, call me. I'll let you in. Taxes are paid. Time is good. I need this thing sold day. There's that phone number. I want you guys to call that number. Let me hide that banner. OK, now I'm going to click complete. I'm going to send this guy a letter and I'm sending the letter through. I don't want to share that with you because it's going to take too much time. But when you have the Freedom Stuff, Joe Bacall's signature edition, I'm going to show you how you can send this letter to an email. So I'm just going to here's the letter right here telling you guys this letter works. It works like crazy. I'm going to click email and I have an email template in here called Email to me, and I have a contact in here. All right.

So I'm going to send it right now to that email address and what happens. I'm using click to mail here and. I'm going to send because I have I want to get into the details, into the weeds of this, but inside a partner with Joy teach you how to do this. This is super powerful. It's like eighty five cents or something like that. I just created that letter and I'm going to send it on yellow paper. It's going to look like this. All right. See this letter here? It's going to come to the to the owner or whoever in this, and then it's going to be on yellow paper. It's going to open up and it's going to be a big letter like this with big hand type typewritten font. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to email that letter to click to mail and click to mail is going to print it and send it to whoever is in the subject line. And they'll send it the same day or next day depending on when in the afternoon you send it. Is that amazing or what?

Right now, all I need to do is click, send email. I'm not going to do this here because I don't have the real address of the property in the letter, but I just send the email and it gets sent to do something else real. Those of you that call that number, I'm going to text you to actual letter that I just did. I'm a create a shortened URL and I'm going to copy it. All right. So let's see how many of you guys have actually called if I click on notifications here. All right. Got some people that called right here. Let's look at this. I also have some direct mail that we're doing here with post cards for vacant land, and it's crushing right now. I can't wait to show that to you, and I will soon. You're all right. So let's filter by campaign this campaign right there. All right. Where we go. Oh, you're not seeing my screen. Hold on. Hold on. Right. There you go. So we've got four people that have called right now. And let's look at this one here. Hello. All right. This is somebody calling from Texas. Didn't send a hold on one second here. Let's look at this one. OK, so here's somebody that called and you should have gotten a text back that says, I have a duplex on four or five, four four one Oakland Avenue. I'm looking at the likes of you. Wouldn't be interested in buying it, would you? And I'm going to respond back. What is your name and email for whoever this is? You're going to get a message and a text from me right now. And let's listen to their voicemail, OK? I can hear myself in the voicemail as I'm talking. That's funny. You can see on my Freedomsoft app, I see some notifications that I just got a text. Somebody responded here. Hello, I'm a take back. Hello. So I'm having this.

I know you can't see it here, but I'm having this text conversation through the iPhone on my on the on the Freedom app. OK, Dave responded. Here, let me refresh. He responded back. Dave, Dave, what is your email, if you don't mind? Also going to text him here is that letter I just mailed out. I have that little bit that little shortened URL is when you click on that email, that little URL, it takes you to this PDF of this letter. So if you wanted to, you could send it in the physical mail and in a text message to the seller. Oh, good. He just responded here with his email address.

So I'm going to copy that email and I'm going to add it to his. I know this is Dave XHTML, is that right? So if I wanted you now, I could send him an email about with information about this property. So I'm just going to click on his email address, going to find a template, an email template that I have here, cash via email. All right. And right now, are you looking for more deals in St. Louis Shore neighborhood where this one that you can put his name in here I seller name think you recently bought a property in St. Louis County. They call me at three one four, six, seven, one, two, three, so I can create an email template where it just automatically fills in all of that stuff. And I can just like that now send him an email. So Dave just got an email from me. It'll show up in a minute here. Oh, there he goes. He got it. Pretty cool. OK, I just want to show you now, if you go in here to this campaign, I got a bunch of you guys watching, but only three of you have called. Maybe you've seen me do this before and you know, so. All right. So I can see the three people that have called here. I've got a bunch of you. So as this shows up later on YouTube, you're going to get a lot more people in here calling that number. But there it is. So I just showed you real quickly and easily there how to send these cold calls and letters.

Let's do let's do one more letter. I'm just going to show you real quick how fast and easy to do. This is Wyoming South Realty. They own this property on Shenandoah. All right. They own that property. I'm gonna send them that letter. Click on the dots, generate document. Oakland Avenue. Next step. Next step. OK, complete. This letter is generating right now. As soon as it's done. There it is. I'm going to click email just like that. If I click send email, I'm not going to do it. But it would send an email to click to mail clicked mail, would print this attachment and mail it to whoever is in the subject line. So in just a matter of minutes, guys, I can send dozens and dozens of letters. Probably in one hour I can call, I don't know, fifty to one hundred people. I can send fifty to one hundred texts. I could send fifty to one hundred letters to these buyers who are already own property in that area. Super awesome and amazing. I know. I know. I'm looking at your comments here, Sandra. Thanks, Joe. You're welcome, Eddie. Called Awesome. Thank you and David, I guess I am sharing my screen, so you must have looked at that. Hello. Well, I am nice. All right. So, guys, what do you think of that? Is this amazing? I think this is one of the coolest thing since since sliced bread because there is so much opportunity here.

Now, somebody is asking, David, can this email be done all at once to the L.L.C. buyers? Yes. You can't do it that easily inside of freedom thought. Although I take that back. You can. So let's go here to my pipeline. What you would do is you view all of them. You select all. You go here to more actions and you go to new direct mail campaign so you can do your standard stuff and stick mailing when you do it yourself or you can do a premium mailing campaign. Let me just say this freedom source is not cheap when it comes to these premium mailing campaigns. They charge for a letter a dollar eight. That's not super expensive either, but a dollar rate. So you just create the premium campaign and you can upload or create your own direct mail template right here. So what you would do is you would create it right here in the direct mail templates and super easy to do. And then what happens is this actually goes to a company that is here in St. Louis. They would get the letter and they would email you to confirm this is what you want it to look like. OK, so you certainly can, because you can get it done a little cheaper. You could say about 10 cents if you send it through, click to mail directly.

So, yeah, kind of is up to you now. You can do a cash buyer letter, something like this, then you can send it out. OK, but yes, you certainly can send a bunch of letters all at once. And to do that direct mail template, it's really simple. I already have this template right here. By your letter, you would just create it right here and direct mail templates and then you can send fifty one hundred at a time. All right. So all you're not seeing my screen shoot. I'm sorry, guys. All right, let me show you let me show you what I just did. I'm sorry. Apologize campaigns. All right. Here are all three hundred forty six select all all three hundred forty six are selected. Go right here. New direct mail campaign. OK, then you click create premium campaign. Now you can see the price chart here for a letter, one page letter. It's going to be dollars eight if you're sending two hundred and fifty. So then you click right here, create premium campaign and then you select your letter that you want to send. Now if it's not here you can create one right here. This will take you to your direct mail templates and you can create one of your own really simple and easily here and then click freedom soft will send this order to a company real close to where I live, actually, about ten minutes from where I live in the St. Louis area. Who will then print it? Mail it for you, though. They'll contact you for your credit card information and stuff like that. OK, cool. All right.

Sorry I have that shown for you. Let me just wrap this up, Will. Great Yeoville. Thanks. You're awesome. Thank you.

Let me just share one more thing with you guys. If you want more information on how to work with me, if you want to be your own CEO and do your deals in the quickest, fastest, easiest way possible, I have a program called Partnered with Joe. It's just seven bucks. Go check it out right now. PartnerWithJoe.net.

If you want to sign up for freedom soft. The Joe MCcall signature edition. Go to FreedomSoftJoe.com.

All right, guys, I appreciate you all. We'll see you later. Later.

Take care, everybody.

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