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Gavin is on his way back from Birmingham, Alabama where he just closed on a huge deal. It took about 12 weeks, and he had a lot of problems with the property along the way, but he closed the deal and he should be looking at about 48-52k in profits. And what’s better, he did the whole thing without ever seeing the property himself.

How did he do it? Well, he had a great team on the ground, but even more important than that: he bought the property at a discount, so he had plenty of spread to cover anything that might come up when fixing the house up. Once you have control of a property, you are in control of the outcome. As long as you can market the house correctly, you can flip it, wholesale it, lease it, whatever works out the best.

It’s all about consistently chasing your leads. Gavin is a huge proponent of cold calling, but he also recommends texting and direct mail too. So how do you get those leads?

He’s been using BatchLeads.io to pull huge lists of properties. Even better, though, BatchLeads lets you organize those lists according to all sorts of criteria. You can sort by equity, length of residence, current value – whatever it is you want to focus on. BatchLeads even has their own dialer and texting system that you can use, too.

Get your VAs busy cold-calling from those lists, and start building relationships. Help them solve their problems, and they’ll want to sell to you, and you alone. The better your networking, and the better the relationships that you can build, the easier it will be to do deals.

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What’s inside:

  • Buy properties at a discount so you have adequate spread to cover costs.
  • How Gavin made 48k off a 2-year lead with contractor problems.
  • Why you should use batch lists to generate leads.
  • At the end of the day, it's all about networking and relationships.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

Hey, guys, how are you doing? Welcome back with another episode on the REI Network podcast. I'm actually traveling and this is my first podcast in the car. I could call it REI in your car. I think Joe's done that before. And we're heading back. We've just been to Birmingham, Alabama, mean were on our way back after just kind of looking at some flips. That's the second time that I've been to Birmingham. I've done a ton of deals there. We've been flipping and we actually close one today. I was actually at the closing table for the first time, which was pretty crazy on one of my virtual markets. And I met the buyer who bought this flip. We just saw the flip today for three hundred thousand. We netted somewhere in the range of we're waiting for a couple of invoices, but it should be around forty eight to probably fifty two thousand dollars or something like that after the money's been paid already close in fees, closing costs, we should be in that range. So that's really cool.

I think it took us about 12 weeks to do it and we had a ton of problems. I don't want to make out that it was easy. Make it around 50 grand on that flip because we did overpay by sixteen thousand with certain things that went on. We had a contracter, unfortunately, that got into a bad car accident and we'd already paid him and his crews work and then we had to bring a new crew in anyway on it costs about sixteen half thousand on one flip at about four and a half thousand on the other. But anyway, we still make good money, so I'm happy we got about forty, nearly forty thousand over asking just shy of that. That was really good. And I met the buyer at the closing table today and he was amazed that while I didn't live in Alabama, we managed to flip this thing as an investor and I'd never actually seen the house. And he was blown. His mind was blown.

But obviously it comes down to great teams. I had Melissa there who was running it on the ground. But if you build the right teams and you can do it. So on this episode, we'll tell you a little bit about my day. But also, I think what what we really talked about today was, yeah, we talked about the flip's and how cool and and to be able to do these things. But it comes before that about the art of finding discounted properties, OK, because if you can get control of discounted properties, finding them off market. All right. And what is that? That's market in number one in this business is marketing. You are a marketer and you're in the sales business. That's it. Marketing and sales. And then when you get control of a property, guess what? You pick your desired outcome. Do you want to flip it wholesale, buy and hold your take up to do you under a lease option, do you want to do a rap over finance? Doesn't matter because you have control of it. But still, you should all be doing offline marketing because if you're a great marketer, you will always make money in this business. And that's exactly what we did. Right?

Our rule is and I'm not saying we're 100 percent perfect. I talked about it on one of our flip's today. This one we closed. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to take it on. The only reason that we did is because the market has demanded it. The market has gone up so much over the last five months that the numbers started to work. OK, we've been working this lead for two years, two years. And we finally, I want to say, seven months ago, gave the lead over to a realtor and said, hey, will you help this? This gentleman, we lost this house. See if you bring in a buyer and just we don't want anything. Just help him out anyway. They did. They brought a buyer in and last minute he couldn't close. And this guy who owns the house was devastated. And he came back, the realtor brought it back and said, hey, look, like the buyers just pulled out. We can't do it. He got bought a car and done something crazy and and couldn't close on the property.

So we looked at it and we opened it out. And I again, my role is if I can't wholesale, I don't buy it right. And I stick by I stick by it. Well, I didn't stick by it, did I, really? Because I was not in this type of thing. We can do something. And it developed. We bought it. And the plan was, was to put fifteen thousand into it and sell it for I think the buy price was one seventy. We're going to try and put fifteen and we're going to sell it for like two thirty five. That was the plan anyway. We did, we bought it. We started pulling money in and aside to look at the area. It was going up and up and we thought, well, if we put more money in, we can get more out. So obviously that's what happens when your point about I think fifty grand in fifty sixty K and something like that. And we obviously put more in, took a lot longer, twelve weeks still but managed to sell it for three hundred thousand. Now this is the highest. So actually the appraisal came in, we listed this thing to fifty seven fifty or something. The appraisal came in at three ten. I could not believe it. We sold it, we accepted the offer at three hundred grand at the time and yeah we got the deal done but it's. By far, the highest comp in the area from the closest one to it was 280 or 285. So everyone in the neighborhood absolutely loves us on that one.

That was a great win. So it all came down to finding that. So how do we do it? I know that's probably what you're thinking. And it's not rocket science, right. Is being consistent, pulling. You all know I'm very much into the cold calling. I do a little bit of texting and I'm actually jumping back into direct mail. As you probably are all aware, texting is going to go away or it's going to get harder and harder. We don't do too much of it, but we do. We do so. And I'm going to be looking at direct mail a little bit, especially why we're big, because we're flipping and we have bigger spreads. So I can afford to spend a little more on marketing if it's going to bring in deals. But my number one source still is cold call. And I have, I think, all the three flips we have on the go right now, including the one we just sold to or from cold calling. One was we bought from a cash buyer. It was one of our cash buyers that didn't want it. He likes to work high end and we paid him a seven thousand wholesale fee. He's not a wholesaler. He just had a real talent boy in the deal. And that's the one. That's the second one that's going on the market next week. We should make about sixty K on that. And that's that's profit. That's after pay in money costs and close in royalties and everything like that. So that's pretty cool. The third one that we're in, the last house we did today, I'm excited because that one was kind of a disaster still, which is cool to see because now I really get a feel for the end product once it's done. This one was another one in the seventy thousand seventy two thousand. It needs about sixty thousand in work. This one's going to sell for about two fifty. So we got we should have 100k on that. Obviously anything can happen, but it's so padded out it doesn't matter if it does go an extra twenty five K over. If something does happen then the spreads that allow it. And the cool thing is like I don't mind, I'm buying these, I can show hoods that I actually own it, my company owns it and what we're doing.

And that's not again it's not to chest beat or anything like that. But it's actually I'm very much in this business. I love real estate. I love investing from a virtual level. And that's what's unique. I'm going in these houses, guys, and we did a lot of content. So make sure you follow me on YouTube. If you want to see this, go to REI Network with Gavin Timms and you subscribe to the channel. Follow me on Instagram as well at Gavin Timms and Facebook. Just get on social because I'm going to be dropping them as they're ready. And it's pretty cool that I'm walking in these things. I'm investing. I've never even seen them. And it's because of the team, right? It's because of building the right team, having the right partners. And when you do that and everyone's everyone's kind of making money, we've got crews that we sent from property to property where we can kind of control the crew, doesn't work for us, but they literally work full time on all of our projects. So we're trying to keep them busy. So it keeps our costs down on that rehab. So that helps with the speed.

I mean, that working last night at work until 10 o'clock there were there we had five or six in one house today because they're trying to list this thing in the on the market next next week. So that's pretty awesome as well. So we'll see see how that goes. So, yeah, I don't know in terms of the list, let me talk about that. So. All right, cool. So you shared like what you do in and these are some big wins and hopefully some big motivation for you. But let's talk about the list, OK, how you get in these leads.

So it's super simple. I pull lists, you can use batch. If you haven't already signed up, go to BatchLeads.io/gavin. You can get five thousand property records there. You can skip trace them back, make sure you remove the no litigator's and the DNC and all that and get calling them. Right. Get on the phone and start talking to potential sellers, tired landlords. The lists that you can pull, we pull all kinds of lists, depend on the market, will pull absentee owners. We will post that like tide landlords where they own a second house will pull vacant, will poll tax delinquent code violation. We even pull owner occupied. Right owner Owner-Occupied still works. Well, our biggest spread's actually come from owner pulling that. And then what else. What else. What are criteria do you need to know.

Well it depends on what type of deal you're doing. If you're a wholesaler or you're a rehabber and you want to find discounted properties, then obviously you want to make sure that there's equity 40 percent, 100 percent equity plus or no, you could do length of residence, maybe ten plus years knowing that they've owned it. So there might be some more pain that you could do eight to ten plus years, whatever. You might want to put a cap on it if you're in a low end area. And that's kind of where you're looking for deals and that's where the activity is and you're not doing high end properties, maybe you want to put a current home value up to two hundred thousand or three hundred or depending on what your area is, you can do single family, multifamily triplex, duplex quad's. So that's kind of the criteria that you can pull with these lists and go from there now if you're on the creative side. Maybe you want to fish where there's less equity, maybe you want to do from now zero equity to like 30 percent equity, right, where less people are marketable again, especially on vacant. I mean, I would do everything vacant so you can get literally find the deals, solve the problem.

Remember, we're in kind of a property solutions company or business. You're there to solve problems for the seller. You don't want to be a one trick pony. But in my mind, my next breath, I want you to also stay focused. So focus on one thing if you're new, whether that's cash offers or lease options, whatever it is. But you want to build multiple strategies as you go so you can literally say there's no lead going to get left behind. All right. So that's really, really important. So that's some criteria that you can kind of pull. And once we get our date, like I said, you can skip, trace it and get it into like a cold call. Batches has actually launched their own, their own dialer now, which I'm looking at moving all of my agents over to. I got actually a seven day free trial for you and I'm trying to give you give this stuff away free because it is free for seven days right now. There is a cost to it after that. But getting get out, test it. So all these resources are going to cost you little to no money to at least test them. Actually, like this is a fantastic this is gave me more leads. If you want to try BatchDialer.com/gavin, you actually get seven days free. Use it, move your leads over to back get call it in the dialer and go from there. But what I do is I actually get VAs doing it from the Philippines. We hire them, train them, they're five dollars an hour. They make all our outbound calls, they prescreen leads trying to get the four pillars on that conversation.

So looking at kind of the condition of the property. Right. No. One is condition number two is the price. Can you get a price out the seller? Number three is the timeline. And then number four is a situation of motivation. If we can get some of them points, it actually allows us to get a pre screen lead into the system and then acquisitional you as the investor can get on that lead and understand kind of where what the situation is. Now, I will say this, especially with cold calling and outbound marketing is it doesn't matter if the if the seller wants too much money because they will, why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't a seller want too much? I don't care if they want too much money. I want to know why they're even here. Why do they even want to offer on their property? Why are they even give us this information? And why didn't they just say, no, I don't want to sell? Because guess what? That's what would normally happen. So everyone says, no, I don't want to sell. That means, yeah, they don't want to sell. Well, the ones that want to sell what they want too much money.

It's your job of of the sale cycle that is getting on the phone, asking the right questions, building the relationships, OK, and actually getting to the core problem to see if you can solve the problem. Because if you can't, if there's no problem there, right. You're not going to be able to they're not motivated. You can't do business with a motivated seller. They will become motivated. All they are motivated. They're just not letting up. And time timing's everything. I've just told you about the three deals that we got. One was referrals or wholesale for the other two. One was two years and one was ten months on the two flip. So I didn't say they closed last week or they just came in sorry. And we just got them within one phone call. The lady, the lady that we got a testimonial from the last flip twenty five times on follow up. Twenty five times in ten months. And she said from her own mouth that we delivered everything that we said. We did not negotiate anything. We delivered on it and we was we followed up and we checked in and we checked in. She wasn't ever any point wondering if we wanted to buy this property. We were helping her. And that's what you want. And when you see if you want to listen to this testimonial, I'll get it to you and you'll be like, yeah, there's no way. It doesn't matter if it's a male. It doesn't matter if one of your text messages or your calls, hey, there was no way she was going to sell that property to anyone else.

But if you watch it, you'll understand exactly kind of what I mean. So building them relationships, the reason I called our network our network. Right. Because it's all about network. That's how passionate I am about it, because that is how I have created opportunity after opportunity from doing deals in Maui, doing deals in Florida, doing deals Alabama, in Georgia. I've done deals in Louisiana, Dallas, all over OK. And it's only because of relationships. And if you understand that the more relationships you can build and the better your networking is, the easier it is to do deals. And this is not just I'm not talking about wholesaler's or cash buyers. I'm talking about everybody, mortgage brokers, OK, attorneys, tile companies, all of these people that will step in and help you out if you have them relationships. We've got really big into private money, we've been trying to raise private money for about four weeks and we've just got we should have locked up about two million from one person if we want. We're not if we need to use it. We've just got another one on board today who can fund within two hours. He's like he knows what we do is local to Alabama. And he gave us the go ahead.

Look, we know the business. You guys do our fund into ours. Just let me know. And that's relationships. Right. And that's why I want to do I want to try and get about five million raised. So as I need it and I only invest personally with if it was like my own money, I bought the third flip. And people like investors, you know, they're probably listening to this sort of done flip's go. Now, you should never use your own money. And I agree you shouldn't use your own money, but you're going to tell me that I'm going to now a hundred grand. I mean, I think that's a pretty safe bet. I'm not I'm not putting it on the stock market. Right. And I'm hoping for the best. I'm not winning crypto and hoping it goes up. I'm putting it into real estate with a hundred grand spread then. And I'm thinking, all right, well, we could bulldoze this thing and rebuild it and still make money. So I think my money's pretty safe. So we close that one pretty quick. So I'm very calculated with that and I am with the investors as well.

So if anyone is listening here that wants to invest in what we're doing as well and reach out, if you want to put your money somewhere and you want to invest in anything, then get in touch. And also, more importantly, we've just changed our our mentorship program. And I'm pretty passionate, excited about this. The whole layout is new. My team's more involved with diving deep into case studies and the things that we're doing. We're going to be doing cold most days. Last week we did five coaching calls last week. This week, we've done four. We've been every day this week and it's been pretty amazing. We're helping our clients. We're actually going to be a co-op co wholesaling with them. If they want. We'll actually work leads with them and it's pretty awesome. So we're trying to change the game.

If you're interested in getting into kind of the culture that we're building and it's kind of know we talk about no lead left behind. I'm talking about no client left behind. Right. Everyone's going to do deals. It's a six month program and it's going to be what you need to get to that next level. And I'm pretty, pretty excited about it by one to one. People are in it and they like this format is game changer. So I don't think anyone is offering it. Anyone is doing anything like it. And again, I don't I don't I feel like I'm pitching because I kind of am. But I'm going to be putting this out there because I'm passionate and the feedback I'm getting from clients and come and test it, come and see. And here's the other thing. Like I'm going to be doing. If you sign up and within the first week, if you think that it's nonsense, I'll give you a seven day and you're right. Join us for a week. And if it's no good, I'll write you a check back out. No problem. But I think your investment that you put in to what you're going to get out is crazy.

So check it out. Go to REInetwork.com/join. Let's get on the phone. At least have a conversation. Yeah, I'm, I'm pretty excited about that. So make sure, make sure you do that and we're going to teach you everything about how to say I'm very active in the group answering all your questions and yeah, it's pretty awesome.

So anyway, we're driving back, it's getting a little dark if you watch me on YouTube and Gabe's holding the camera here and his hands are shaking, so we've had to get done. I appreciate you all. Make sure you give us a like and subscribe. Hopefully you got some good information from me. If anything, I said that you have questions. I'll put it in the comments. I will personally be in there answering them.

And yeah, I just want to say thank you. I'm going to be trying to get out more and make sure you follow me on social media. Everyone have a great rest of your day when you listen to this, and listen, have a great year. All right. Thanks, guys.

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