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I like to use scripts when making deals to keep me focused during the conversation. Today, I’m going to show you some of the scripts that I like to use for lease option deals.

I really love lease options because of the cash flow. Plus, lease options give me another option when trying to deal with a seller. If my current cash offer is too low, I can always offer to rent for a couple of years and then buy the property. You can learn more about my lease option programs at SLOclass.com.

Both of the scripts we go over today are particularly useful for motivated sellers. You should be able to tell within the first few minutes of a conversation if they want to sell or not. We’re in the business of making money, so don’t waste your time if a seller isn’t motivated to make a deal! You want to try and talk to 5 sellers a day to make the most money for your time.

I have one script for rental properties, and another for properties that are for sale. They are both a little different, and I go over each one step by step. I’ll show you how to put the seller at ease, and how to use questions to steer the conversation towards the deal you want to make. Remember, if the seller doesn’t want to take your offer, ask them if they want to wait awhile and let you rent.

You can get copies of all of my scripts at Partnerwithjoe.net.

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What’s inside:

  • The benefits of lease option deals.
  • How to tell if a seller is motivated.
  • Script for rental properties.
  • Script for for-sale properties.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

Hey, guys, Joe McCall here again from Partner with Joe and I want to give you for free on this video my main well, one of my main lease options, seller scripts.

So I have some scripts. I did a previous video talking about a script I use for cash deals for regular traditional wholesaling deals. And this is a similar script that I use for lease option deals. And I love, love, love, love, love, lease options.

Why? For the cash flow. I love the automated cash flow. Number two, it gives me more offers more options that I can give to a seller. OK, it's not just a cash deal. At 60, 70 cents on the dollar, I can give them whatever price they want. So instead of whenever I get a no on a cash offer because the price is too low or there's not enough equity or not enough motivation, I can give the seller another option and say, hey, listen, well, what if I could get you that price that you need? Would you be willing to wait for it? Would you be willing to let it let me rent it from you for a couple of years and then buy it?

OK, lease options are amazing. There's three profit centers in lease option deals, cash now, cash flow and cash later. Cash now, cash flow, cash later. And if you would like more information on my lease options program, go to low class dotcom. I have a free webinar on there that shows you how to get more leads. Then you can then you can handle for free from two different various sources, three or four. Actually, I teach you how to close the deals, all the steps of a lease option deal that webinar. And I also show you how to sell your deals lightning fast to a hungry pool of buyers with lots of money. So the cool thing about lease option deals is they sell super fast and you can even do lease options in a hot market like this. OK, so if you want more information on how to do lease option deals, go to SLOclass.com.

Now, if you're ready, I have here a script that I'm going to show you and you can get this script for free. I'm going to take you to another place if you go to Partnerwithjoe.net, you're going to be taken to an opt in page. You put in your email address in there. And it's going to then take you to another page, which explains my partner with your program, and that the difference between the two things I was just talking about is my simple list options class teachers have at lease options. Partnering with Joe teaches you how to do cash deals, wholesaling deals.

All right. So Partnerwithjoe.net, that program's only seven bucks, but you can opt in for free and get my automated offer light software for free. And you can also get these stellar scripts that I'm going to show you here in a minute. I just did another video where get my cash offer, my my cash deals, seller scripts. Now I'm going to show you my lease option, seller scripts and you can get it for free again right here. Partnerwithjoe.net if you're so inclined. Cool. You're ready.

All right. Let me show this thing to you. This is super simple. And I have a couple of different versions. This is one of the main ones right here. Now, remember this. Don't waste your time talking to unmotivated sellers. You should know within two or three minutes whether it's even worth continuing the conversation. Remember, we are in business to make money today. The goal is to talk to five sellers a day. If you can talk to five sellers a day, you're going to kill it. In this business, you're going to make lots and lots of money.

So I have two different things in your scripts. Kind of if it's a rental property, this is what I say. And on the next page, if it's a for sale by owner or fizbo property, this is kind of what I say. All right. So here it is, real short and sweet and simple. Hey, my name is Joe. I was calling about your property. That address that I found on Zillow or Facebook Marketplace or go Section eight. Sounds like you caught you in the middle of something.

Now you're going to be different. You're going to be clumsy and vulnerable on the phone. This works. Don't change a word. OK, so don't say this takes a lot of pressure off. You don't have to be the professional hard core salesman. You have to be Grant Cardone. You're just like simple laid back guy or gal. Is your property still available? Can you tell me a little bit about it? You're just building rapport. Listen for a short while, take notes, but don't let them ramble, OK? Sometimes that happens again when my calls. I like to keep it short and sweet. Three to five minutes max. Well, great. Sounds like a nice house. You know, I'm looking for a long term lease of at least two years. Is that OK? All right. Yeah, maybe yes or no. Well, listen, let me assuming all my rental payments came in on time, would you consider selling the property at the end of the two years notice?

I'm not letting them know or lead on to think that I'm going to I'm an investor. I'm just looking for a deal. Doesn't matter. Get this out of your head. It doesn't matter if you're living in the house or not. It doesn't matter at all. So don't feel like you're secretly trying to hide something from the sellers. All right. So then you just ask them, would you consider selling? If I paid my rent on time and I took care of all the maintenance and repairs, you wouldn't consider maybe selling it at the end of the two years, would you?

This is a major qualifying question. Is the owner willing to sell their rental? That's all we're looking for. OK, I know the way you could say this is simple. Like you wouldn't be open to leasing the house for a couple of years and then selling it to me. Would you or you could say, I don't know if this will work for me, but what if I could lease your property for a year or two and then buy it? That wouldn't work for you, would it, another way? Well, and I love this. What if what would you want to do then? Type of a question?

OK, in this answer, this works. And like any objection the seller gives you, if they bring any kind of objection, he said, well, what if I could take care of that? What would you want to do then? Or could we do business today? So what if I could lease your property for a few years, take care of all the maintenance, repairs, vacancies, and then buy the House? Would that work for you or what would you want to do then and now? Here you say because I'm an investor.

Well, listen, because I'm an investor and I only focus on nice homes in. I said, can you tell me, is this a nice home or is this a nice area? Again, I'm making them sell me on their house. One last question, Mr. Sellers. Sounds like a very nice home. Why would you even ever consider selling it? I'd like to make you an offer today. I'm just asking, why would you want to sell it? Why not keep on renting it? Would you ever consider selling it? I'd like to make an offer today. I'm in business to make money today. Right.

And so from there you can say, well, listen, let me do some numbers and I'll get back to you and send you an offer proposal. And we can talk about is that OK? That's it. All right. And if you have my lease options program, you know, in there, I have a really simple lease option, credibility kit that I put together three different options that I send it to the seller.

And also, by the way, if you are a member of Partnerwithjoe.net, you get access to the automated offer pro calculator. And one of the options in there that it gives you is a lease that gives you two different lease option offers and two different owner financing offers. But it also gives you the credibility kit you can print and send to the seller after you talk to them. OK, then go to Partnerwithjoe.net. You can get your hands on that for just a few bucks. All right. So here is up for sale by owner script. This is the main thing you want to find out here is if they have them, if they need money out of the property to buy another property and can they possibly wait to get all their equity?

So a lot of times sellers, they're just not motivated yet, right? They can, they don't want to drop their price too much. And most wholesalers throw those deals away because there's not enough equity in them or the seller's not motivated enough. Now, you can take these leads that other sellers are throwing away and you can do something with them if the seller is willing to wait for their equity.

OK, so this is my little script is hey, this is just about your property at address on Zillow or wherever you find it. Right. Sounds like I catch you at a bad time cause the property still available. All right. Can you tell me a little bit about it? Sounds like a nice house. Why would you even consider selling it or I'm sure you getting a ton of interest. Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? And maybe don't answer that if it's only been on the on line for a day or two. Right.

And I like to say this question. Listen, I'm not a realtor, but why don't you just list it with a realtor? I'm trying to get their motivation in. Are they in a hurry? Do they not like realtors or what? And again, this other question, you know, I'm an investor and I focus on nice homes in nice areas. Can you tell me about is your nice is this a nice home in a nice area? What's it like, by the way? I was calling and talking to a realtor on a property in Detroit. I'm in St. Louis and I didn't pretend to know the area of Detroit. I just said, listen, I'm a new investor in the area. I don't know much about this neighborhood. Looks like a nice area. Tell me a little bit about it. And she then opened up. She was willing to share with me a lot of information about that house. So just being honest and transparent, your truth. Give her a truth seeker. You always want to give the truth. You always want to seek the truth. Let me just ask you something. What are you going to do, Mr. Seller, if you can't sell this property, are you going to rent it out?

This is the key question right here. If they're if they have a lot of time on their hands, if they're just like, well, I'm going to try to sell it. If I don't, I'll list it with an agent. They're not in a hurry. They're definitely not going to rent it then. You know, this isn't a good deal. I would still send up an offer anyway, send them an offer using my automated offer, pro software to give them some different options so that you can follow up with them later. Right.

But this is a great question to ask. It's one of my favorite questions. What are you going to do if you can't sell the property, rent it? Because if they say we have, maybe then you can say, listen, well, what if I could rent it from you? Take care of all the maintenance, repairs and vacancies. You don't have to worry about any of that. And then I'll have I'll buy it from you in a couple of three years. What would you want to do then? Would that work for you or. Probably not. And then here's why I just kind of got ahead of myself. I don't know if there's a reason for us to be talking or not. As an investor, I've got several different ways that I can buy your house. One method is for me to lease your property for a year or two and then completely cash out of the home. Is that something we should talk about? Or probably not simple, right? Different ways you can ask that. I'm an investor. I don't know if that will work. This will work for me.

You see, I'm not chasing them. I'm not trying to pressure them into saying anything. Right. But what if I could lease your property for a year or two and then buy it? That wouldn't work for you. What what if I could leave your property for a few years, take care of all the maintenance, repairs and vacancies, and then buy the house without charging any commissions? What would you want to do that? All right.

So real simple script, guys. Just wanted to show you, when you go to Partnerwithjoe.net, you're going to be taken to a page. It looks like this right on this page, you get my free automated offer software and some training. Just put your email in here. When you click this button, you're going to get sent an email at the bottom of that email is a link to get this script. I also have another script that I want to give to you on cash deals. So if you're making just simple cash offers, traditional wholesaling, I also have another script in there for cold calling. If you're doing cold calling, you can see the script that we use, but you can get all of that for free just by opting in right here at Partnerwithjoe.net. And I will get that over to you right now. So go to Partnerwithjoe.net and we'll see you later.

Guys, I appreciate you all. We'll see you later.

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