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Is lack of confidence preventing you from making cash or owner financing overs? Stop overthinking it. Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers you make. If you want to make a lot of money, you need to make a lot of offers. Don’t get overwhelmed by the details. Use Joe McCall’s software to generate professional offers that do the selling for you.

This video takes you through the process, step-by-step. Watch to see how Joe identifies properties, the tools he uses to make sending offers by direct mail quick and easy, and how he keeps track of each campaign.

Check out PartnerWithJoe.net where you’ll find a guide to getting your first deal in the fastest way possible. Challenge yourself to make three offers a day and you will do deals. The more offers you make, the more money you’ll make. It really is that simple!

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  • How to make and send a cash/owner financing offers.
  • Tools to help you identify suitable properties.
  • A step-by-step guide to generating professional offers that work.
  • How to turn your emails into direct mail.
  • Be first to hear about the launch of Joe McCall’s private lending portal.

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Hey, what's going on, guys, I'm excited to show you something pretty cool. I'm going at you live right now as I'm recording this. I'm live, so I'm not. But anyway, glad you guys are here. If you are watching this live right now, please type in the comments on YouTube or Facebook or wherever you are. Say hello. Say hi. Tell me that you're here. Tell me where you're from. I got something cool to share with you guys. I'm going to teach you something pretty cool, and I'm actually going to make a real live offer right now to some leads that I bet you've never even thought of making offers to before. And this is one of my favorite strategies. I've been doing this a long time. I actually learned this strategy from some students of mine that we're doing it and actually doing it very, very well. Is one particular in Pennsylvania did a bunch of these deals. And it's also something one of my original coaches that I first hired, this was one of his favorite strategies for finding deals as well.

And it's something that, again, I'm not sure a lot of you all know about, but it's pretty exciting and it's really simple. I want to find a property that's listed on the MLS right now that has been on the market for over sixty days. And the market's white-hot right now. Right. So I thought all you had to do was to sign in the yard and you could sell your property lightning fast, multiple offers above asking price. All you need to do is to sign in the yard. Right. So why how can there be any properties on the MLS or on the market for over sixty days? Well, you know what? I don't know. But there are and there's a lot of them. And one of the best ways to find a motivated seller is find somebody that already wants to sell their house. So you're not just cold calling them out of the blue. And it's already been on the market for six months. I mean, for sixty 60 days, some of them six months. And so these are sellers that are going to be like, well, you know, I thought this was going to sell really fast. Maybe I'm asking too much. So these are sellers who are asking too much for their property. The reason why it hasn't sold yet is because they're asking too much.

Well, what if we could give them an offer for their full asking price, if they would consider maybe a lease purchase or financing or something like that? Right. So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to share my screen. I'm going to walk through some things for you and just show you what I'm doing. And if you're interested in getting this calculator that I'm going to be using, I want you to go right now to partner with Joe Net. This is a new thing that I'm doing. You're going to get my calculator and you're going to get this entire class of me teaching you how to do deals like this for just seven bucks. But you can get the calculator for free. I have two versions of the calculator. One that just does it helps you calculate two different ways to do a cash offer and it gives you a contract in a report that you can send to sellers that's completely free. You can get that for free at PartnerWithJoe.net.

Or if you sign up after the training video that you get there, you can get my whole full version software. It's called the Automated Offer Pro Software. You can get it for just seven bucks if you go to partner with Joe dot net. But I got some other cool things there that I want to show you as well. So let's just dove into this and I'm going to share my screen with you and you should see it right there. This is Redfin. I like Redfin for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons being it gives you a lot of older listings. Now, if I look this way, I might shoot. So I'm looking at my screen over there, which isn't over there. But anyway, you can see here, there's a bunch of properties. There's two hundred and forty-eight homes. See that right there. Now, check this out. If you go to more filters, I'm just looking for houses priced between one hundred to four hundred thousand.

I want the median price homes, the sweet spot, three plus bedrooms. I don't want the two-bedroom little condos. I want the house is only for sale. Look at this. More than 60 days. I want properties that have been on the market over sixty days and I'm excluding short sales and I don't want new construction. You'll find a lot of new construction that's been on here for a while. So I had it been built before. Twenty seventeen. All right, that's it. I click apply filters and there's two hundred and forty-eight homes. Now you're saying, OK, Joe, that's St. Louis. Who wants to live in St. Louis anyway. Well, first of all, that's another discussion. St. Louis is awesome, but I just did this in Seattle the other day and I zoomed out and I found three hundred and fifty homes. Now this is a big area, much bigger than this area. But there were over three hundred homes that would have been on the market over sixty days ahead and sold yet. And these weren't big five-million-dollar mansions either. These are median price homes. It was not new construction. So there is a lot of opportunity out there right now.

And these sellers might be willing to sell if they would consider full price offers of owner financing or lease purchase. I'm going to show that to you right now. So you click apply filters and there's two hundred and forty nine homes now. So I'm a scroll down here and just click download and it'll download, not download. That download button is not in all of your Redfin's but it is isn't mine in St. Louis. I already downloaded it and you can't see it right now because it's in a different screen and it's hard for me to share that right now. But I went to Prop Stream. Now if you want a prop stream account, I really highly recommend you get propstreamjoe.com. And what this will do. I love Prop Stream and I use freedom soft and prop stream like every day, all day long. They're just absolutely amazing. But the cool thing about what Prop Stream does is you can upload a list. So like when you download this list from Redfin. You only get like the address of the property, the beds, baths, square foot, the days on Redfearn and maybe the GPS coordinates for whatever reason, and then the link to the Redfearn.

But you don't get any information about the seller who owns the house. You don't get any information about how much equity is in the house. Who owns the house? When did they buy it? How long ago did they buy it? If there's any leads or if there's any of these properties that are vacant, et cetera. So this is a great list because the longer a house sits on the market, the more potentially motivated the seller might become. OK, by the way, we see here there's two hundred and forty nine on the market over 60 days. How many would be on the market, do you think? Over 90 days drops down to one hundred and eighty-four. How many been on the market over six months? More than one hundred and eighty days. Eighty two homes for some reason or another have not sold yet. And some of these are nice homes. Some of them aren't. And I won't say which ones. Moskal. Well I don't think the house is in there. But you know what? Somewhere in that barn is a house. Maybe the house is in the barn.

But anyway, there are people that would live out there and this is way out in the sticks. But there are a lot of people that would want to live out in the sticks, believe it or not. OK, so here's the cool thing with Prop Stream, you can take that list that you downloaded from Redfin and you can upload it into prop stream and prop stream will append or add a bunch of information. So I did that for you so you don't have to watch me do it. But all you do is you go to import list and you just import that list you just downloaded from Redfin. That makes sense? You import it in here. Now, this may be a little extra cost, but it's well worth it because I uploaded of the two hundred and two hundred forty or something that I uploaded, two hundred and six had matching addresses. All right. And get this, of those two hundred and six, eight of them are vacant. Eleven, one hundred eleven have high equity. Fifty to have low equity. Those are good subject to lease option candidates. Right. Six of them have negative equity. I mean there's homes that have negative equity today. Three are bank owned. To have Lean's get this. I love this number right here.

Eighty-two of them are free and clear. Did you know one third of all homes in the United States are free and clear? So now when you upload the list, look at it, gives you it gives you all this information on the house, who owns the house, the mailing address of the owner. Now, we're not trying to go around the realtor. I should explain this here. We're not going around the realtor, but sometimes when you call a realtor and say, hey, I want to buy that house, but I want to offer on financing, they'd tell you to go pound sand, go take a hike. So one of the secrets is to send letters to the actual owners. And there's another way that I can show you another video where you can actually send emails to the agents, send an email to the agent and you get a great response with that. So I recommend doing both.

And by the way, the letters that I send to the owners, it says to them, listen, if your house is still listed with an agent or if your house is listed with an agent, please disregard this letter or go ahead and just give them give your realtor this letter. OK, so I'm not I never tell a seller to try to cancel the listing with their realtor. OK, who pays the agent commissions anyways? The seller does so when I'm making an offer to the seller for owner financing or lease purchase or even cash. What how that realtor gets paid is between the seller and the realtor to figure out. I'll make sure I give enough down payment or option money to the seller so the seller can give something to the realtor. Maybe the realtor gets some of their rent the commission now and they get the rest of their commission later if and when the House sells. But in this strategy that I'm going to show you, I'm going to send a blind owner financing offered to this seller of one of these houses that's free and clear. Send them a blind owner financing offer. It's going to blow your socks off. It's going to be crazy. So you can look at some of these houses. And I picked earlier, I picked one. And this is a house not too far from where I live and either in Wildwood.

Simple house. It's a three-bedroom, one bath, not too many pictures in here. And I only say this, too, in Redfin read. I mean, sorry, improper dream props room claims to have good MLS data. Well, it's not true. They have MLS data, but it's not necessarily good. You can go to perhaps room and say, show me all the properties that have been on the market over sixty days. But they some it depends on the county where you're getting the data from. They don't have a relationship with every MLS across the country. So some markets are really good. Other markets, they have to get it different ways. Redfin, for example, gets their data directly from the MLS. So, again, every market is different. It depends on the MLS and how tightly they control it in prop stream, whether they can get that information or not. All right. So but anyway, I'm just saying that because prop stream, you can go in and say, show me all of the MLS listed properties that are expired or been on the market over sixty days. It's just not going to be as good of a list as as you wish or you would hope and talk to me about this. And they say we know we know all about that. There's nothing we can do about it right now. We're working on it. They're just doing the best they can.

So anyway, so here I have two hundred and six properties that are on the market over sixty days, and eighty-two of them are free and clear. One hundred and eleven of them have a lot of equity in them. Fifty-two have low equity. So what if you sent a letter to all two hundred and six and just said, hey listen, I'd like to buy your house, I could maybe even offer you full price if you would consider a seller financing or a lease purchase offer? You're interested, give me a call. So I'm just going to show you something really cool here from this calculator that you get at PartnerWithJoe.net, PartnerWithJoe.net. OK, so let's look at this property right here, two four four eight Etherton. I think I have the property up right here. I do. OK. So here is the property right here. And you can see it's owned by Edward Schmidt, but it's in a trust conservator. I don't know what that means, except it might mean it's in probate or the owner is deceased.

The family's trying to sell it. They don't maybe can't sell it yet or don't want to sell it. You can go see the mortgage history here. There was a mortgage. No. Is a deed transfer beneficiary deed interfamily or some kind of divorce in two thousand five, some kind of beneficiary deed? Maybe there was a death in the family in 2011, but it hasn't sold to the length of ownership is zero. It's blank, which means it was last sold before they really kept records of it. OK, so this is a property  it's been on the market a long time. It's been owned by for a long time by an absentee owner. Now, if you look at the Redfin listing for this property, it says right here this property is an investor's dream. It's on one point sixty-four acres in Wildwood Town Center area. It's currently being used as a rental property with tenants living there. Oh, I love this. This tells me they might be open to doing it. Owner financing or lease purchase to an investor. The house has three bedrooms, one bath, and it might be zoned commercial someday. OK, listed by James Payton.

Now I could again. Yeah, I could call the realtor, email them, but I'm just going to send a letter directly to the owner. I'm not going to say anything more about that because some people don't like that. They think that's unethical or whatever. But I'm not again, I'm not going to tell that seller. If I talk to them to go around the realtor or cancel the listing, I tell them, don't do that. And I also tell them in the letters, listen, send this letter to your realtor if you don't want to if you want to deal with it right now. And also I send literally thousands of letters a month or whatever. And so if the realtor gets mad, I just say I'm sorry, never mind and go ahead and just say it was a mistake or say that. Don't say it was a mistake. It's a lie. But say, listen, I said I sent hundreds I sent thousands of letters. Would you rather just me make the offer through you? I'd be more than happy to do that. OK, that's all I'm saying. All right. Now I have this calculator. This is a drumroll, please. This is my automated offer pro software. And I love this thing. I just released it. You can get it at PartnerWithJoe.net. It is so cool.

It helps you come up with your after repair value the cash offer a lease option to different lease option offers to cash offers to lease option offers and to own or financing offers. And when you see the stuff that it gives you as a result of the what do you put in here, it'll blow your socks off. It's really awesome. So I'm going to put this information here and in fact, I'm going to change my name, my email, my business deals, real estate email, Joe at Chamberlain Holdings dot com. All right. Now, this number, by the way, I got this number from a freedom soft campaign. So I went into freedomsoft, to see if I can save this. You have to put a name there. Hold on one second. The name of the owner is Edward Schmidt. Edward Schmidt. I was just putting this in freedom. OK, now in freedom soft. I went and I got me a phone number.

The cool thing about freedom soft is all your campaigns are centered around a phone number. So when somebody calls that number it that lead that phone call, that text message stays in that campaign. So you know where your marketing is coming from, you know where your leads are coming from. So I bought a phone number for St. Louis old MLS listings. I'm going to open up the settings here. And I recorded a simple outbound message and I set it up when anybody who calls that number, it texts them back, automatically says, hey, sorry, I couldn't answer your phone. If you got my letter and you have a house you'd like to sell, please text me back your address and I'll call you back with an offer. Thanks, Joe. So that's the text that people get back when they call and you can get a notification here.

And then what you can do is you can set it up where let me go back here to all of the inbound and outbound calls are recorded, which is amazing if you're using virtual systems for acquisition managers to make your phone calls. All of this can be managed from inside the freedom soft cap, which is super ninja. And that number now is assigned to a campaign that's assigned to a campaign. You can also set it up with some call automation where you can forward to different people or whatnot. All right. So now I have a campaign called St. Louis, old MLS listings, and I have here that phone number. Oh, yeah, I just put that in there. That's why it's in there. And so any time somebody calls that number, this is the powerful thing about freedom. So that lead now will be in that campaign. So I know how well this campaign is working or not working makes sense. All right. So cool. Let's do this. I'm going to just fill out some information here for this calculator, OK? I'm going to go to next and I already did this before I put the seller's name in here. I put the property address and the mailing address. Where do you get the mailing address? Where you get it from prop stream. This is your mailing address. And I love older listings that are I have an absentee owner that I'm going to send them an offer, OK?

And I click next, and this is where I determine the ARV. Now I keep ARV real simple. I just take the averages of Zillow, Redfin, realtor dot com,propstream, whatever, I'm just going to take the averages and that's how I determine my ARV. This is just our initial offer. This isn't, when we start doing our due diligence. Once we get an offer accepted, then we can dive deeper into the actual ARV's. But like this is something a virtual assistant VA could do for you. So I just did this earlier. I got some Zillow value is three seventy-one seven thirty. Redfin is three fifty-six seven two sixty. Remember with the list price was three seventy-five. So this tells you maybe why it hasn't sold yet there. They might be asking too much for it. CoreLogic, which you can get for free at realtor dot com. Three forty-one nine hundred. And I got some data from Prop Stream. I got a number from Prop Stream. It's worth two eighty-eight one five oh ohoh and then list price. You can just add in the list price if you want of three seventy five. That as a of now I get an average of three forty six, six ninety two. So don't overthink this, just go with the average of that. I'm just going to use three fifty as the three that I'm going to use. I click next. And now here is where I come up with two different cash offers.

The first method is your typical MAO formula of ARV times seventy percent minus repairs, minus your fee. So I'm going to do your typical MAO formula again. I'm going to do seventy five percent discount. Square footage on this property. It's twelve ninety-six. Why do I do that. Because this is how I estimate repairs. Just make repairs. I just use a dollar per square foot price and there's a tenant in there right now. So it tells me like at least going to need cosmetics, paint and carpet. It's probably gonna need some miscellaneous work. So like I do ten bucks a square foot, that's thirteen grand. Now, maybe let's do fifteen bucks a square foot, about 20 grand. You can go in here, too, and you can change this. But if it's a full gut rehab, do thirty bucks a square foot. Let's just do twenty dollars a square foot. And when your wholesale fee you I always try to shoot for ten-thousand-dollar wholesale fee. If you don't ask for it, you're not going to get it. That gives me a cash offer. Method one of two thirty-three oh sixty. Right.

The other thing you can do is the average of the lowest solds. I'm actually not going to do that here. I'll just pretend like I've found the average of some lowest sold because I don't want to take your time here. Let's just say, by the way, how can you find average of lowest sold right here in propstream. Go to comps and I know this is kind of out in the country, so I might need to do a bigger distance. Let's do one mile and I'm going to sort see this table here. I can do MLS or public records or both, and let's just go and do both. And I'm going to sort this by amount. And you can you might need to take out for some reason there's a rental here. Fifteen fifty. I want to take out the outliers but here we've got one hundred and thirty one fact. I'll just write this down right now. One thirty-one. one forty-one fifty. That's a condo isn't it. Let's do this, let's go to property type. Single families only have sought this any amount.

So now we have one thirty oneone sixty one seventy four nine hundred one seventy five. Right. So then we just put that in here. What did I say? One thirty-onesixty one seventy four. Nine hundred. And you can add one in here. One seventy-five. Now normally I do eighty percent. So I think the average of the lowest solds times. Eighty percent. Now you're going to see something interesting here. And I know this area well enough that this is real close to some areas where there's nice big expensive homes and really cheap low end homes. So here we have method one, two thirty-three and method two one twenty-eight. Normally with these two methods, it's not that far apart, but they're asking three seventy-five right now. I know this area well enough like this isn't right. So I'm going to go with the cash offer. I'd like to use ARV minus seven times seventy percent minus repairs minus fee and let's just do two thirty-three sixty. And four earnest money deposit. I want them to know I'm serious. I be twenty-five hundred bucks.

You know what, maybe you don't feel comfortable doing that. So let's just do a thousand now. I give a deadline. Let's just say tomorrow. OK, click next. Now these are my lease option offers and this is where the power of this calculator goes. And again, if you want this calculator and I know you do, I can see I can hear it saying, Joe, how do I get this amazing software? It must cost one hundred million dollars right now. Must cost one hundred dollars. No, it's only seven dollars. You can get the version that's just cash for free at PartnerWithJoe.net, or you can get the full version, which gives you the lease option and the owner financing, which I'll show you next for just seven dollars anyway. So for sandwich lease option, I like to have at least 15 percent equity in the house. And you can see here the ARV I determine is three fifty repairs in nineteen for forty. So the as-is value is about three thirty. I like to get at least 15 percent equity from the as-is value. And if you feel like oh man that's really, that's a lot then move it down to 12 percent or whatever.

So I'm going to give the seller an option price of two ninety. The market rents. I just did that a little earlier. It's about fifteen hundred. I try to get at least twenty five percent of the rent for cash flow. Now, this is a sandwich lease option where I stay in the middle. So I'm going to offer the seller to eleven, twenty five a month in rent. I'm going to make them an option to buy it for two ninety. And usually I give one to two months option deposit that I pay to the seller. Does that come out of my pocket?No, that money comes out of the. I give the some of that money after I get it from the tenant buyer that moves in the house. So let's just do one month's rent and I want to do it for five years now. Wholesaling lease option offered. This is where I'm going to give the seller whatever price they want and give them the rent, the market rents. And I'm going to sell or assign this contract lease option contract to a tenant buyer. And I'm going to be done and out of the deal.

So the as-is value from before is three thirty. They're asking three seventy-five. I'm just going to be three fifty. Market rent fifteen hundred and I'm only going to put one hundred dollars down and I'll do it for at least it for three years. You'll see how this all works in the documents that it gives you. So it's going to give you a three option to three or four different three option letter of intent and some of it are going to have cash lease option owner financing. Some of them are going to have cash sandwich. This option wholesaling lease option cash or financing principal only payments, cash owner financing interest only payments. Anyway, so now here are the two different owner financing offers principal only payments and interest only payments. So the price the seller wants or the as-is value as is value from before is three thirty. I'm just going to do three fifty here. Discount, discount, anything off of that.

Or you could say here the seller wants three seventy-five and I'm going to do five percent discount. Maybe I'm going to offer to put. So this is a principal only payments. You've got to understand there's so much opportunity here if you can give the seller is a pretty big down payment. Now where does that money come from. It comes from a private investor. Right. You could do well. I'm not going to do any down payment. You could do five percent. But that money you need to have a private investor so we could just make it zero principal only payments. I usually do half of the rent, so if I know I can rent it for fifteen hundred, I'm going to give the seller seven fifty a month. Principal only payments. Let's just do twenty percent down payment. No I'm going to do twenty five percent.

Now again man you may say I don't have eighty-nine thousand dollars. Listen, if you get a principal only payment owner financing deal like this to find a private investor that was willing to lend you that money is super easy. Why? Because it's such a good, sweet, awesome deal. Why is that? You're saying, well, this is what you do. You get a private investor to give you the eighty-nine thousand dollars, maybe another 15 grand, to clean up the house and get it ready. You can offer the seller. If you can negotiate it, you can maybe put them in first position, but you can tell the seller, listen, I'll pay you eight percent of the money. And how does what he might say, how does a private investor get protected? Well, they're protected because my note, my promissory note, my agreement with that private investor is going to be if I default and don't pay you back, you can take over this deal.

And this is a sweet, sweet deal. This is principle only payments. And you're not paying any interest on these things. And this is a sweetheart deal. All right. So anyway, now, if they want interest only payments, I might offer I might instead of a five percent discount, I'm going to get a little bigger discount with interest only I'll put down instead of twenty five percent, all but 10 percent down and interest, I will offer three percent interest and I'll do a balloon in ten years. Right now you click submit. And the cool thing now is you can see here you get different, it offers you different things and you can go back and edit this offer. If I click click this link, I can go back and edit all this stuff that I put in to change it if I wanted to make it different or whatnot next time. OK, but here, check this out. Now I'm going to have to share I must show you all the different things that has. Let me just download these things here real quick and I'm going to have to share another screen. And that blind owner financing offer is what I like to send. So let me open this up. In word fact, I'm going to open all these things up here. And, you know, Microsoft Word products really behave very well in in Mac Apple products. All right.

So I'm going to share my a different screen here. Let me just share my whole desktop here. Right. So this is one of the three option letter of intent. It's a cover letter. It's a lease option proposal. And here it is a it gives them an all cash two thirty-three. Sandwich lease option of two ninety or a lease option assignment of three fifty. And then the next page is this is what a lease option does. This is a summary of the benefits and then it's three pages of frequently asked questions. All right. The next letter of intent. Can you see that? I know it's kind of hard to see here, but I'm assuming this is, again, a cover letter. Hey, it was good talking to you about your house. Now, this is not what I'm selling because I've not talked to them, obviously. Right. And here it has all cash offer of two thirty-three and then seller financing one, which is interest only payments of three thirty-seven. So they're financing two, which is principal only payments of three fifty six. Now this is a word document. So the cool thing now is you can change this up, you can say man I don't like the decimal points there. Well then you can remove them. You may say, you know what, I don't want to offer interest only payments so you can delete it and just change the text here.

So seller financing now you give them two options. Now, the cool thing I have here. This is the next page explains what owner financing is, and it gives a summary of the benefits. And then this is really cool. That gives them a one-page report. It's like a newspaper article. And I got permission for my good friend Richard Rupp to reuse this. How to sell your house as is as a at a fair price on the date of your choice. If you want to sell your house in the fastest, easiest way, most convenient manner. Read this important message. You may discover the perfect solution because we buy houses throughout the wild Wildwood region and it tells them like this is what we do. And so you just got to read this and see if you like it or not. You may not like one of these paragraphs. You can go in there and edit, remove it, put your contact information in there, etc.. Right now, there's one more thing I'm going to show you. And this is what I want to send to the seller today.

This is the blind owner financing offer. Let me show you one other thing it gives you too. If you just wanted to send, like, a one-page letter. Well, this is the cash offer. Oh, I love this. This is what you get for free if you go to partner with Joe Dot Net through the software. This is the free version for the cash offer. Here's a cover letter. Hey, this sheet of paper is worth two thirty-three sixty for the next 30 days. Gives you my one-page contract. You get my contract and it gives you two pages of the benefits of why you should sell to us. So this is a four page letter that you can send to the seller. It's awesome. All right. So this is the formal offer to purchase your property. This is the this is the applied owner financing offer that I'm going to send to this seller. And you can notice there's my Freedomsoft number right there regarding this property.

Dear Edward Schmitt, my name is Joe and I'm writing to you because I like to purchase your property located at address. Hopefully I've done my research and I've sent this to the correct person. My company is here in O'Fallon. You may change that and you just might say St. Louis. And we're an investment firm that specializes in buying properties like yours in the Wildwood area. With that in mind, if you would consider seller financing, I would like to make you a full price offer on your property. We can buy it as-is and on any date you choose. I realize this may seem a little out of the blue, so please forgive me if this letter seems too forward. I assure you this is a real offer and my company is prepared to pay full price for your property in 30 days or less.

Now, you notice I'm saying full price, so you might want to change that language. Here's full price was three seventy-five. I think I'm offering. We'll see here in a minute. It's less than that. The reason why we can offer you that market value for your property is because of our long term buy and hold approach. So if you're interested in selling now to us, you can avoid the typical Casati the way with your equity like agent commissions improvements, please a picky buyer or lowering your price to meet an appraisal or rank requirements. So you might want to remove their agent commission language. Right.

So you could just go in there and delete that.  I'm so confident we can offer you more than anyone else for your property? I've included a letter of intent for your review. Please have a look at it and feel free to call us if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, keep this letter for future reference. If you know of anyone else who might be looking to sell, please give this letter to them. Thank you. This is not a solicitation to list your house. We are wanting to buy it. If your house is already listed with the realtor, please give this letter to them. Now, here's the letter of intent. It's to them it's just company. I want to buy your house. I'll purchase it for three fifty-six two fifty. Now he's asking three seventy five isn't he?

Again, I don't care about the price. As long as I get the terms I can give the seller the price they want. If they give me the terms that I want in principle only payments I'll take that all day long. All right. All right. Down payment eighty-nine thousand. That's kind of an odd number. Why is that? I don't know. It's twenty five percent or something. Monthly payments of 750 per month until paid. Chamberlain Holdings will pay all property taxes and insurance will buy it as is. We can close no later than thirty days or whenever is convenient for the seller. We'll pay all the closing costs. No commissions. You will not be responsible unless your property is listed with agent. This is the letter of intent. This isn't the actual form of contract. All right. And even if they accept this guys doesn't mean you have to go through with it because you have due diligence. You can go in here and inspect the property. You may find, man needs a ton of work. This is not what I thought it would be. It's right behind a toxic dump.

So you don't have to buy this. This is just a letter of intent. So I'm going to print this and save it as a PDF. I'm going to put it right there. All right. Just say this as a PDF and I'm going to go back to freedom soft here. Let me go to application window. All right, cool. You see freedom. So now I have that lead in here already. This is that property. Edward Schmidt, you can see the street view here of the property. It's a great area and. Yeah. All right, cool. If I wanted to I could click find owner if the address is right and it's not in there. It's all right. OK, now what I'm going to do is I'm going to attach that PDF that I just created. I don't know if you can see this. No, you can't. So I'm going to attach the PDF. There it is. It's a blind owner financing offer. If I click view, you can see it right there. All right. So now here's check this out. This is so cool. There is this thing called click to mail. Just Google this. Click the emailed to mail. Are you guys all with me here? I'm just going to make sure I'm going to look at your comments here to make sure you guys can. You guys are still with me. Are you picking up what I'm laying down? Odessa, Texas is in the house. Interesting, says Facebook user. Does freedom not allow you to import your lists? It sure does this. It does. I do it all the time. Matt from Chandler, Arizona, a client and associate with Pace Morby. The man I love, Pace, I mean, he's a good dude in a manly way. Not like that.

Detroit is in the house. Daniels, let's go. I love it. All right. So if you have like, who's this? Kevin Hicks. Yes. All right. I don't know what you were saying before, but that's cool. So, hey, guys, we got something here. This is from Mariah. I believe it's hard for me to see. Hello, Mariah. How are you? I'm gonna do one more thing. Subscribe to my YouTube for, like, this Facebook post. You guys see that I'm typing these things, so I don't like my Facebook post on YouTube, but you guys picking up what I'm laying down. So where's my. All right. Kevin is picking up what I'm laying down. There's my YouTube comment. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and there's my Facebook comment. This is like this Facebook post. And if some of you are watching this on stream right now, I'm not streaming out of periscope. All right. Good enough of that. I got one more comment here. Paul is picking it up. Nice. All right. Let me go back to sharing my screen here. So check out this email to mail click to mail.

If you just Google that, you're going to be taking to this page right here. Turn your emails into direct mail. Turn your email to all this does is I'm going to zoom in here and you can see in this little fuzzy thing here, if you send an email to click to me, and this only costs like 80 cents for a one-page letter, this two page might be 90 cents, maybe a dollar. If you put in the subject line the seller's name address and you attach a PDF or a word document, click to mail, will get that letter, print it and send it into the mail first class to that seller, same day or next day. And it'll look like this. It'll be in a window envelope. And I like to use yellow paper because it just gets opened more. All right. So anyway, I've attached it here to freedom soft. I'm going to click email and I have a email template in here called Email 2 Mail. You know what? I need to fix something here real quick. Let me go in here to lead details. I need to put the owner's address in here. And normally you go here to the details for this lead property info, Wildwoods six three four zero. Let me let me copy this, because I'm going to I got to get the address correct. We show you where I am, why I'm doing that. You can see Google Maps. That property comes up as Grover.

What? I don't know. But it comes up as Grover. So now if I go into here and I change it from Wildwood to Grover, I should I don't know if it's going to work or not. If I could find owner. There you go. Now it comes up and it brings in the owners information. Boom out of being brings it right into the owners field here. So they're at one zero one one seven one seven old hollow court. Anyway, save lead. I'm going to go back to the attachments here. I'm going to email you. See this? OK, good. I'm going to go to I have this email template called emailed to me. By the way, if you have freedom stuff, Joe Dotcom, you get these email templates in here and you'll notice that has the attachment here. And it has in the subject line the owner's name and their mailing address separated by semicolon. And I have a mail bot in here. So here it is.

I'm sending it from a pre-approved email address. I have this all set up and click to mail. I'm sending it to my special click to mail email. I'm attaching this to page letter and it's going to be clear to me I was going to get it. Print that letter on yellow paper and mail it to whoever is in the subject line right here. And it's going to cost like eighty-five, ninety five cents or something like that. Send email boom. Just like that. All right. Tomorrow, since it's already kind of later in the evening, the seller collecting is going to get it and send it to the seller first class mail. The other cool thing now with freedom soft in here, if you wanted to, if you would, you could click right here and you could skip trace the owner. You can get some phone numbers, you can email them. And let's say you wanted to like you talk to the seller you just sent them that you want to text. You just emailed that to them or you printed it in the mail. You can actually also text that letter to them. In fact, let's do this just for entertainment sake here. I want you all that are watching this right now on YouTube or Facebook. If you're watching this right now on YouTube or Facebook, go ahead and dial that number. This is the number that's associated with that campaign. It's three one four three two eight seven three eight seven. Go and call that number right now, would you? Three, one, four, three, two, eight, seven, three, eight, seven. And I'm going to put it here in the banner so you can see it. I'm just going to show you our freedom stuff works.

Somebody call that number right now three one, four, three, two, eight, seven, three, eight, seven. Let's see if my should get a notification here on the app. I got a log in and if you see it, leave a voicemail to OK, what do we have there? All right. So let's see if we've got anything here. I don't have a ton of people watching me right now. Oh, good. We got some got some voicemails. So these just came in. Now let me know if you got a text. If I go into this campaign, looks like I have five leads right now. Oh, great. Nice, awesome. By the way, this guy here, I'm going to change his status because I just sent the contract. Right, so I could just market his follow up or something like that. But I go back to this campaign. I have four new leads in here. If any of you get that text message, go ahead and respond to that text message. So this guy right now just. Because it takes a little time for that audio to process, I'll be able to listen to this voicemail. This is a text message I sent back to them. I can see my notifications right here so I can filter by the campaign also. So I only see these here. Somebody got a text. OK, cool.

What's your name? So somebody from Burbank or at least their phone numbers from Burbank. This is a new lead that came in. I'm going to go ahead and attach that offer I just sent to the other seller to this record. OK, there's a little delay here, but I need to know this person's name because I'm going to send them just a simple text back real quick. I'm going to click on View and I can see this attachment right here. I'm going to take this URL. I'm going to copy it. I just copied that url. Kevin Hicks. Hey, Kevin, what's going on? So I'm gonna go right here and just type that in Kevin Hicks. All right, cool. And so I'm going to text him back. Hey, Kevin, great talking with you. Here's the contract. Right here is a letter of intent that I just mailed to you. Let me know if you get this link and can open it up. OK, I'm going to paste that you URL in there. Here's the cool thing. Now you can he's going to get that link and you can view the letter I just mailed to him. Well, listen, you can listen to the voice mail right here. Did you hear that?  Calling in on what he said?

Hey, Joe, I don't know if you can hear it or not. And I could even call him right now. In fact, let's call him right now. I'm going to do this. Can you hear the dialing now? There may be some feedback if he answers if he's watching me live. Again, you can do this all from the freedom, not that hey, Kevin, Kevin, can you hear me OK? How are you? Can you hear me all right? Brian, how are you doing, man? I'm doing great work. Come on now. Are you watching on YouTube or Facebook or watching on YouTube? Nice. All right. I just want to say hi. Hey. How did you get did you get that text with the offer? I got to open up on it. Open up. Find nice. All right. All right, man. Thanksgiving. We'll see. All right. So in just a minute, you're going to see I don't know if you can hear him or not on the recording, but just a minute, you're going to you can see the recording of that little phone conversation we had. The other thing that you can do with freedomsoft by the way, is you can do digital signature with this. So I could actually send this to him as a digital signature.

And if I'm already forty-five minutes into this thing, but I could ask Kevin for his email address and I could send this to him to sign it electronically. So you don't need Helo's sign or Docky sign anymore. It all keeps this inside of freedom soft, which is why I'm such a huge fan of this. But if I go back to communications here, you can see it's processing. The audio right now is 40 seconds long. But in a minute, you're going to be able to hear the recording, which I'm telling you guys, no other CRM does this where it has the recordings. Everything is kept inside of one place for the text to inbound outbound text messages, the inbound outbound phone calls, getting the contracts, the attachments, sending them to the seller, the follow up. If I were to show you all of the automated follow up that this can do, it'll blow your socks off. So I'm just going to send him one more message here. Thanks, Kevin. Now go sign up for freedom. Soft Joe, dot com, smiley face. All right, cool. Yeah.

So you guys, again, I just wanted to show you this calculator. You can go back. If I were to open up my email, it emails me all of these attachments down here. There's one page report, a blind owner financing offer. There's also a one-page document that gives all three options just on one page. It's a one-page letter, a cash offer only, and adding some more things in here to as we go through this, you can get all of this, if you believe me, for just a few bucks and partner with Joe Dot Net. So I wanted to show you this calculator because I think this can radically change your business. Your speed to income guys is only is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. OK, write that down. Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. So if you want to make a lot of money in this business, you need to make a lot of offers.

And one of the things that's so frustrating and one of the reasons why I created this is because people get, like, completely overwhelmed with the details of the minutia of, like, how do I don't want to do this optional. I don't want to over financing or these waste too much time with estimating the RV or the repairs. And I wanted to create this software where I just kind of takes it takes away the excuses. A lot of people ask me, Joe, will you help me create an offer when you look at this offer I made? So I created the software. So it's like me looking over your shoulder and helping you just create a real simple offer and then creating the document that you can send to the seller that makes you look professional, makes it makes you look like you know what you're doing. So it's like basically, especially if you're doing lease options, it does the selling for you so you don't have to pretend or fake it till you make it pretend to know what you're talking about. I mean, it's obviously important to know eventually. But if it's your first deal, if you're just getting started, then I don't have any credibility. Well, you're right. You don't have to pretend that you have any credibility, but just send them something that they can review and look at and be like, yeah, OK, maybe this guy knows what he's doing. And also, if you're part of a partner with Joe, I will partner with you on your deals.

Here's the crazy thing. And we're working this out right now. And just like a few days, maybe next Monday as I'm doing this now, we're going to have a private lending portal in partner with Joe Dot Net, where we will lend you money on your deals. And I'm also going to give you some tools where you can get unlimited proof of fund letters and free transactional funding. Now, the transactional funding part of that, that's free. No fees. It does. We do charge you like either forty-seven or ninety-seven bucks for no fee transactional funding. So if you need the money to lend to borrow on a deal, we're going to give you a portal where you can submit your deals and get lending on your deals. And it's asset based only. So they don't even they might pull your credit. But it's doesn't matter what your credit score is, if it's a good deal, my partners will lend you money on the deal. And if you need a proof of funds or free, basically free transactional funding, we can give that to you as well. And I'll partner with you on your deals.

So it's all that information is right here. Partner with Joe dot net. If you go there, let me just show you what it looks like. Can I show it to you guys? Will you let me? Here you go. This is where you're going to get it free. Offer software this software. If you get it for free, it's just going to be the cash offer portion, which is amazing and awesome in and of itself. But you just go here and. You can get the calculator, the software for free and I have a little training video here that will you can walk through that shows you kind of how to do this. And if you want the full premium version of the software, it's just seven dollars. And I have a bunch of bonuses in there. And then this class that I have will teach you and walk you through how to get your first deal and the fastest way possible. OK, I'm excited about this. Go to partner with Joe Dot Net, check it out. And I hope you learn something from this even if you decide that you don't want that. I hope you learned something just real simple. How easy it is to make offers. This doesn't need to be complicated. You just need to be persistent with it.

Again, you speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. So what? Make offers? Make offers. I'm getting some good. Rodney says here I got a text. Dwight got a text. Nice. What was this question? Does everything come set up with freedom soft? I recently cancel my account because I honestly did not understand it. Yeah, it comes with there's still some customizations you need to do for yourself, like you need to put in your business name, your business phone number, your business mailing address and things like that. You do need to set up your own websites, but that's as simple as picking one. But if you have a domain, you've got to there's a lot of detailed instructions that show you how to do this stuff. So but you'll need to map your domain to your new Freedom Soft website. Dwight, on average, how many offers do you make a month? Depends on the month. We're dealing with my business partner Gavin in Alabama. We're doing five to seven deals a month. On average, it's about twenty-five to thirty offers per deal. But we are relentless with our follow up.

So we make our one hundred, one hundred and fifty offers a month. But most ninety percent of our deals come from follow up. And that's why having tools, the right tools and automation so you can send quick offers and then get the follow up done for you in spite of you. That's what's going to catapult you into doing more and more deals. Rodney, what's your question? I'm not sure I missed your question here. OK, since you can import since you can import listing the Freedom Soft, why is it necessary to subscribe to both prop stream and freedom soft? OK, good question. I get this a lot. Prop stream is a data provider. Freedom soft is a CRM. That's freedom soft will also give you lists, but it will only give you maybe ten percent of the list that prop stream gives you. So prop stream you can put in a property and you get real detailed property history on that house. You get the owners. And when is the last sale on the mortgage and the comps and all of that information? A detailed property history.

And you can download up to ten thousand records a month and you can pull all kinds of amazing lists from prop stream freedom soft is a CRM. It's a database. That's where you get your websites, your phone numbers. You can use my templates, my contracts. You can send and receive text messages, make phone calls, manage the lead follow up. That is all done in a CRM, in a database. I hope that makes sense. Makes some sense. If you could only subscribe to one, I recommend one hundred percent Freedom Song because you can still get lists from Fitzloff. You can skip tracing freedom songs, you can send marketing, you can receive calls. That's where you're going to manage all of your deal flow. All prop stream is a data tool. You can download lists and get really good detailed property histories on all your properties. You can do some skip tracing and perhaps stream as well. You can do a little bit of direct mail as well, but eventually you're going to need to get both. That's my strongest recommendation.

OK, I hope that answered your question, Rodney. All right, guys, we got to get out of here. I got to go. I got to make like a banana and split. I appreciate you guys very much. Go to check it out. PartnerWithJoe.net. We will see you later. You'll make some offers. I challenge you guys if you could just for one month, make three offers a day, OK, you will do deals. Now, you should talk to the sellers as much as you can't talk to realtors but make offers and follow up. And that's the that's the secret to success. That's it. That's the secret right there. I just showed it to you. Go do it. Go make it happen and check out PartnerWithJoe.net I'm really proud of it. I'm super excited. I know you're going to love it. And this is going to be my main primary focus in all my promotions this year. All right, guys, we'll see you take everybody. Bye bye.

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