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Gavin spends time with Dustin Kircher, and they take a look at a couple of recent successful deals where good money was made all around. Before going into wholesaling full time, Dustin completed five thousand real estate transactions across the country while working with a hedge fund. Whenever there’s creative financing involved in a deal, the way you work with wholesalers and how you get them over the line is key. Spending time to make sure the deal is structured properly before trying to close matters.

Many people are shocked when they find out that is that there are ways to get paid for deals that may not seem like they’re going to amount to anything. Innovation and creativity are what make most seller finance deals work for everyone involved. When it comes to sellers, it’s important to stay honest and transparent. If the deal isn’t going to work or it’s getting anywhere close to being unethical, offering to get them in touch with the right agent is the right thing to do. Typically, in those cases, there are commissions associated when you provide an agent with a referral, so everybody wins.

Wherever you might be in your real estate investment career, there’s a ton of opportunity to be had in deals where you’re more of a middleman than a closer. It is also possible to earn money from old leads you may have lying around. For more information and to find out how to get rid of your leads and still get paid, head over to REIDealClosers.com.

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What’s inside:

  • Two examples of deals that made Dustin money without being the closer.
  • How to structure deals within the seller financing space.
  • How to make money by handing leads over to someone else to work.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how you doing? Welcome back to the REI Network podcast with me, Gavin Timms on this episode of a good friend, a business partner of mine. Dustin, I'm going to bring over here in a second. We've got a few things that we want to share. We're going to be looking at actual deals, real deals where virtually made money and got all the people paid. We're going to give you an opportunity to potentially work with those as well, depending on where you're at in your investment career. OK, so here he is, Dustin. Good morning. How are you?

Dustin:  Hey, good morning, Gavin. I'm doing great and yourself.

Gavin: I'm good. I'm good. I appreciate you joining, and this is your second time on. And so thank you for coming on. I know we've been working a lot closer together with the stuff that we do in our business on creative finance. But then you also I've been working my coaching program as well, which people love. I just got off a call today and getting great feedback. We have more deals people are going to be bringing in. So I'm going to be hearing from Larry, a guy called James as well. So that's pretty awesome.

Dustin:  Very good. Yep. Yeah. Larry sent me a message today. So that's that's awesome.

Gavin: OK, perfect. So I so, you know, we do do a lot of podcasts. Sometimes I do teaching on my own. Sometimes I have guests on that are doing, you know, certain things in the industry. Sometimes I have clients on, but there is a better session when we actually get on and actually talk about real deals, right? That one that we're actually doing them and kind of how we come about them. So you've been in the business people now you buy now listening and you've been in the business for years. You've done over five thousand transactions across the United States, a wealth of knowledge. And we kind of put something together where we want to do more deals right with whether the people getting their maybe their first great finance deal over the line or even people that not even work in creative finance where they just throw in the leads aside doing nothing. We want to give them an opportunity as well. So what have we got? What deals are we going to talk about today? We got a couple that we can kind of go over or anything you want to add on that.

Dustin: Yeah. So I mean, as you mentioned, you know, been part of five thousand transactions working for a hedge fund. And so I've seen that kind of ins and outs of different title issues and keeping transactions together. You know, I've gone off on my own and done a lot of deals from from that, you know, flipping to lease options. Seller financing is up to innovation, so kind of seeing the gamut of things. But as you mentioned lately, is just working with other wholesalers to get them either one their first deal, get them across the line on some other deals that they just don't know how to structure. So but yeah, I have a couple examples of deals that be done with other wholesalers and just kind of share how we're structuring them. Whoever's listening realize there is ways to get paid for deals that you necessarily don't think might be a deal right now. And that's kind of the biggest eye opener. And you know, a couple of years ago, I'd say three or four years ago when I really started diving deep into the creative stuff was that was my main goal was how can I get? I spent all this money on leads and marketing and lead generation, and a majority of them don't make sense as a wholesale or a flip, right? Yeah. So that's when I started working more of the seller finance deals and sub to lease options and stuff like that.

Gavin: I just want to add real quick because I feel like, you know, I like to hit this head on because people, I don't want them to accuse me of contradicting myself, right? So obviously, no lead left behind by doing creative ways. But there's a lot of people, especially in the coaching program, that I need to stay focused on one thing, right? And that's where this really came about to start with is the fact is, if you want to focus, if they're focused on wholesaling, I wanted to give them an opportunity where they're not just going to throw leads off off to the side and do nothing because I need them to stay focused on one thing, right? And to master one thing to work. So how can we just be handing them over to somebody else to work? And then obviously bridging that into that, as you just said, working with even experienced wholesalers that are staying in their lane where we can still always make more money, right? You know, to be able to bridge that. So this went to kind of throw that out there. So give us some examples. Let's go through one kind of how this league came about. What was the situation of it and kind of how did we turn it into into a great deal and make it happen?

Dustin: Yeah. So I mean, this one is nothing really special was a seller finance deal. It came from a wholesaler that was trying to go after as a wholesaler doesn't flip or anything tried a couple of times with the seller to get the price down, but that the seller was stuck on on her price. She wanted a seventy five thousand houses worth like eighty eighty two, eighty three thousand, I think as well we had it out. And so just based off of that right, there's there's no deal when you're doing the wholesale. So the wholesaler had heard about me and brought it to my attention and I said, Well, yeah, I'll I'll take a look at it. The one thing that he did do, which was great, is he did set it up and he he asked the seller. Said, what would you consider selling on terms? And usually what happens when the seller is going to say, well, what, what our terms? And so this wholesaler already had kind of known the script that I give out to people. And he responded back with, well, if we were make payments to you over a certain period of time, got you your price. You pay no commissions. Make no repairs. And pay no closing costs, would you? Would you take the payments over time? And so he talked to the seller about done. She seems a little interested. And then he came back say, Well, you know, I'm not the one that she does. I can get you to a colleague, and they're the ones that would purchase that way. And so he set up, he actually set up the meeting, which was that was pretty good. We're not asking people to do that. I mean, you can just go to our website but set up the meeting. So I got on the phone with the seller. Same thing. You know, I still try and shoot for the lowest price possible, right? But she she was stuck on the seventy five. She owned this property free and clear, and she was moving, moving away and she. So she was either going to rent. It was kind of her first choice or she was going to sell it, but she was going to stay with an agent. So we broke down. All of you list with an agent, you're going to take nine percent off the top. You know, you need to make a little bit of repairs and you know, you're probably going to get beat up on the price a little bit. So wasn't having that talked about how, you know, if you're going to rent this thing out, just be aware that, you know, are you ready to be a landlord, right? Are you going to deal with tenants, trash and toilets, right? So she wasn't really looking forward to that. You know, most sellers owners don't realize what comes or what comes about. When you become a landlord, you're you're dealing with problems and you know, you get the random phone calls here and there. But so anyways, start talk to her and she sure is open for the terms conversations so she wants seventy five. Like I said, it was about eighty eighty two and change or whatever, and she wanted seven hundred dollars a month from it. And I said, and keep in mind that the rent in that area is about 850. So to me, 850 and 700, what I have to pay her, did it make sense? The one thing she didn't understand is whatever we are giving her is her net in pocket, right? So she wanted seven hundred. I had to explain to her. I said, seller, you know, seven hundred is just not doable for me. But just remember what we're going to give you is cash in your pocket. You're not worrying about taxes, you're not going to worry about insurance. You don't have to worry about repairs. You don't have to worry about vacancy. That's how you become the the highest person on a totem pole, which is the bank. So you become miss seller bank, right? And she was open for that. So I said, you know, I can't do this, so that just doesn't work. I would not be a buyer for that. But what if we were to give you six hundred? And I kind of went back and forth? I said, like six hundreds. I mean, that's the top, and now I can give you otherwise. Again, I'm doing the pullback, right? I'm not the buyer for you. So eventually agreed to six hundred. And then, of course, the conversation of, well, how much are you going to give me for a down payment? And well, I mean, truthfully, I don't want to give you anything, but what about thirty thousand dollars? And she actually agreed to that. So that was good. So, but for me, even between 600 to 850 as a rental, that doesn't make sense because even though it's eight fifty, you still have to remember. You have to deduct, you have to have put money into your war chest, right? So if you have a property manager, you pay the property manager, you got to take care of maintenance and your vacancy and stuff like that, right? So I usually in my war chest, people call it twenty five to thirty percent. So I said, you know, these numbers are just really tight for me. However, I want to help you out. What if we found somebody that's willing to take over these exact terms? You get your three thousand dollars, you don't have to worry about the maintenance. And I find someone that's qualified that can come in here and purchase this property this way. And she was good with it. So then we just created an ad, posted a couple of things on Facebook Marketplace, and we found a buyer that was we assigned our contract to this end buyer at those same exact terms. However, what we did with the end buyers, we said cash. It closes nine thousand dollars, right? So nine thousand dollars is what the buyer has to come out with, plus closing costs. Three thousand of that is going to the seller. So the six thousand left and then now we got paid, the wholesaler gets paid and we close the deal. So, yeah, so

Gavin: So that's awesome. So basically, you couldn't make the deal work for us to keep right to stay in the middle was what we would call it in the middle because it wasn't cash flow. And for me, I think you'd agree you've got to have one, two or three ways to get paid on any kind of deal. You get paid up front on the back, equity on the back and then you have cash flow, right? There's three ways and you've got to be having at least probably two of the three, at least for it to be a deal. Maybe we would have had one hundred and fifteen cash flow if we would have had a massive chunk on the backend, right? Or there's no money on the backend, but we have a ton of cash flow and we're making principal only payments, so that wasn't working. So then you basically took that and then. Position that and transitioned into them, bringing a buyer in and assigning your rights to that contract, the seller knows what's happening. They understand why that if we want to stay in the middle, we need, but we need more money, right? We need more spread. And then obviously, everyone get paid. So what was the final numbers? What was the obviously, the six thousand came down the nine thousand three thousand to the seller. But what terms did you settle for that buyer and buyer? Did you think at the six or did you go back to seven? And what was the purchase price?

Dustin: Yeah, so we stuck with the six. They had to pay taxes and insurance. So I think that came up too close to like a hundred bucks or something like that after taxes insurance. There was no that was the other thing I negotiated that there was no balloon. The seller actually didn't want a balloon. And if you if you work out the numbers at six hundred dollars a month, that was like a nine percent interest to the seller for the seller, right, as what the payment came to. So now the seller is making tons of additional amount over the period of time until the end buyer decides to refinance or out. So there's a great deal for everybody. So the buyer got in that necessarily wouldn't have qualified for a loan. You know, the one thing about this is even though we're backing out of it, we want the seller and the buyer to be set up to succeed down the road and be able to actually purchase or not have any issues. So we do set them up through an RNLO, which is a residential mortgage lender, and we have them qualify them right. We don't necessarily care about bankruptcies or low credit scores, but what I do care about is that they do have the funds and the means to make that payment right. And I can tell you, like on that property, I think we had one hundred something people that we that applied for it or we said they were interested. We then send them over to a link that is kind of like an application. And then from there, it's kind of picking the what we think is probably the best qualified. And then we choose one and they go through the RNLO and we let them know at that point, Hey, based on what you submitted, it looks like you can afford this property. Is there anything you're not telling me that might come up when we move further with a residential mortgage lender? And then, you know, the truth comes out. Usually it's fine, you know, and most people are telling the truth. So that one, you know, we sent them through and within a week or so we had an approval and then we went through closing. So.

Gavin: Nice. And and how much input from the person that bought the lead to tell us, how much input did they have to do on on any of this?

Dustin: After after we had that initial conversation, they were they were out of it and then was just, you know, our team keeping them up to date on what's going on and closing. I mean, the one thing people got to realize is when you start getting to their creative stuff, it's a little bit more of a process than just the wholesale operation, right? There's a lot of moving pieces, a lot of things that could go wrong. And then don't get me wrong, I wholesale stuff, too. There's things that go wrong in those moving pieces and trust. I do the wholesale stuff too, and I flipped, so I understand that. But with the creative stuff, there's a lot of different things that it's educating a lot more and it's a lot of follow up and and communication than there is with the wholesale side. So I know you made a point earlier like kind of sticking to your lane, right? And that's tough because there is a lot of shiny object syndrome. And I don't think like you should not end up learning the creative side, but you can't you can't cut off the hand that scooting you in the hand is what wholesaling right now or flipping. So if that's what you're really good at, focus on that and then find someone that either can close the deals for you. Come work with us, you know, it's and then still get paid for that because otherwise those leads are going to waste. That's already money you're spending on marketing and systems and tools. And that's, you know, that all adds up. So why not get paid back on something that you're not able to close and refill your marketing budget?

Gavin: Absolutely. Makes complete sense. And you're exactly right. We're not in the program that we have. I mean, we have on we have everything free lately from people doing softwares and creative finance deals. People make in 60 to 100 grand a month, people trying to do their first deal, and everyone's trying to level a lot, right? Everyone's journey trying to do their own thing. And then when I twisted your arm and said, come in and do a session a week, which has been huge for me because, you know, people say to me, Well, what are you doing? It means as a business owner, and my vision was, how do I get out right? How do I make money in real estate without doing the negotiation anymore, right? And that's what I write it on the wholesale side. And the problem was on the creative side is the deals that I did. I had to be the one doing it all the time. I like doing it and I want to do it anymore. And that's why I focus more on wholesaling because I could then be hands off. I could outsource it a lot easier. And then that's when obviously we work together on deals before. He came into the program on to do some virtual stuff, and I was like, you know, when we kind of I wouldn't say I came up with it and thought, you were like, Hey, maybe we should do something. We look kind of like, Yeah, this is perfect. So you work in this stuff within the leads that I'm generating. We do that and stuff on our own that we generate. And then we've opened it up to clients and it's working well. And now we're going out to kind of people listen in here to say, Look, why are we doing this? It's not. I don't mind saying it. We want to do more deals, right? And we want you to do more deals. And why do I? I've never done a deal with some people that this is crazy. Maybe they don't. Maybe I'm smart. Maybe I'm not. I have never done a deal from start to finish on my own with whether I've been on this road when I've been on acquisition, whether I've been putting people together to do deals. I've always had all the people in the deal because I believe that if you can build a team, you can do more together than not on your own right. And that's what this is about. We are looking for people that are not small minded, right, that have an abundance mindset that want to do more deals together. Our goal is to pay people for these deals, so they bring us more deals, right and make it a win win. So, yeah, I'm excited. Our clients love it. So if you want interested guys in joining our group, you can. If you want the education and the knowledge and you're listening to go to, I want to get involved. We'll sell you on deals and sometimes we even do more JVs and you got bigger splits do in that, you know? REI Network dot com slash joy. We feel like actually, I'm doing my thing. I'm rocking and rolling. I'm brand new. I might have the money. I want to do some work and send some leads. You're going to go to REI Deal Closers dot com. I'm going to put it up on the screen. If you're watching us or if you listen to it's REI Deal Closers dot com go. It's pretty self-explanatory on that, right? Follow this stuff. Follow the the thing to get the lead put in to all. Get on it. We'll be communicating and keeping you up to speed. Yeah, it's going to be going to be a game changer. Dustin plays out to all of my ramble.

Dustin: I know when you go to the website, if you go to the FAQ section, you know, the number one question I always get is, What am I going? Get paid right? So it's going to vary based on the situation. So just go to their thank you section will break it down, depending on the situation. And it works. I mean, very competitive, obviously. But again, it's like, what else are you going to do with these leads? And of the people that send us stuff, they understand it, right? Like, yeah, like and don't let things go to waste.

Gavin: Yeah. And if you do have a contract, guys, even on a wholesale or a creative deal, you have a contract, you're going to be able to get bigger spreads, right? Obviously. But if this is just a dead lead to you, OK, and you just ask one simple question, which is, would you do anything on terms? And they say, Yeah, possibly tell me more, maybe anything but know, get that lead over to us and then we will go and and work it, OK? And you know, even again, people that are in our group sometimes will get on the phone and work the deal with them to get it over the line.

Dustin: Yeah, I mean, like huge. I mean, so we don't just do creative. I mean, we always will go for the cash offer, right? So let's resign Fred in the group. There's, you know, they've had me work a bunch of their leads and I was the initial contact. I reached out to the two leads. I mean, there is mailer, so those are great leads to start working right? But I reached out to them and one of them we have set up as a wholesale deal, right? So, you know, roughly they're going to get once we close, you know, about eighteen thousand bucks for me.

Gavin:  Which is crazy.

Dustin: That's just that portion. That's their portion, eighteen thousand bucks. So and they don't have to do anything with it, right? So if you got marketing going out and you know, I mean, I love it. I mean, there is going out, you got pay per click and you're not following up with those leads that you are throwing so much money away. So send me those leads. And what are those, whatever? It just leads records where you want to call them and we'll and we'll contact them and get deals locked up. We've also had people that are already in negotiations with the seller, and they just can't get to that closing part, right? So I step in, they send it to me and we do a JV and we I get introduced as the underwriter or the transaction coordinator. And so it's a non sales approach and I get the deal locked up out of cash price. So and then those are quick, right? We this for and another thing and another thing you mentioned, too, is on the display side. So you already got the deal locked up, but now you need help with this bow between Gavin and I. We know a lot of people in the industry and all over the nation that can get these deals closed.

Gavin: Yeah, and absolutely. I'm glad that you said all that because basically we're not a one trick pony, right? We can, like, literally look at every situation and and obviously we have to have a guideline like, hey, go to the website. And this is like if the lead is dead, then you've done nothing with it. This is. Well, you know, we're going to give you what if you've got all this stuff going on, as Dustin just said, especially if you're in PPC and direct mail, right? I mean, we need to be offering probably a side conversation by saying a lot like we might be able to do like a strategy session or something. And I thought, just now I'm just thinking out loud here because you've got problems, right? You got problems because you got money to spend and you're not working. That deals. We got to change that. And that's where again, I'll group. You know, the culture that we're building within our own network is brilliant. Our testimonials, great people are doing deals. Like I said, Latrice and Fred ain't over the line yet. But if it is and they got an eighteen thousand dollar check and they didn't have to do anything. I mean, that's huge for them. So which is which is going to be amazing. So really, really good stuff. I'll definitely want to roll through another deal Dustin. And again, guys, if you are listening or you're watching and go to REI Deal closers dot com. And this isn't this is not a website that is going to sell you into coaching. OK, let me just be very, very clear I am a coach. We have a coaching program. I've already spoke about it. I've already given you the link. OK, if you want to come on board, we are meeting every single day. No one else is doing this and it is a game changer. But this look we're talking about right now is nothing to do with go to this website and we are going to sign up for coaching. That is not what this is. This is by actually doing deals and getting results, and we want to do more deals with you. So I just want to be super clear on that because I think people push, you know, I'm not here to ram coaching down and we don't take on everything anyway, you know, regarding the coaching side. So we just want to kind of off this. So anyway, let's talk about this and give you another example. That one was great. What else we got? It was one more that we can kind of roll through and so people can digest what we're doing.

Dustin: Yeah, so here's another one whole seller brought me and this is actually a sub two transaction. So and it depends. I try and keep as many as possible, but also I don't have unlimited funds, so I have to, like I said, cut up. Don't cut off the hand that feeds you so on a wholesale or assign some of these and we sell like I says, they'll do some wholesale stuff. But this was a sub two deal to me by another wholesaler and the seller. She had spoken to an agent. The house needed quite a bit of work and it's probably about twenty twenty five thousand and I'm in escrow on this one right now. The tenants should be out today actuallu. So we got I got a follow up after this call, but so seller again moved out of state, has a rent, rented this house that tenant's been off and on with making the mortgage payment or making the rent payment right, the house needs quite a bit of work. She had spoken to one or two different agents and and pretty much what the value the agents are coming up with. The seller was going to have to come out of pocket to close this deal, right? So her mortgage was, well, now it's like fifty three thousand or fifty five thousand round. The numbers say thirty five thousand right. And so where they were going to have to list it and path to paying commissions and whatnot, she would have to come out of pocket. So she was ready to let this deal just go back to the bank. Right. The the other wholesaler that brought to me obviously can't do anything with it because it can't get out of cheap enough price to wholesale it because she has a mortgage on it and she's not willing to go below the mortgage. So I got she got I got on the phone with her and kind of explained, you know, look, mortgage was fifty five thousand, the payment was seven hundred and twenty dollars or something like that. She was renting it out for like eight, fifty eight hundred or eight fifty or something like that. And and then, like I said, the tenant was like off and on the payments, right? So she was frustrated with that. She had moved out. So at 720 and rents were really eight fifty to nine hundred, still not enough for spread. Plus I would have to put twenty thousand dollars into this to really get to the point where it needed to be. And I didn't want to do that. So again, I spoke with her. I said, Hey, look, we can take over making the payments. However, I'm not going to be the one that's going to do this. These numbers are just too tight for me. It doesn't make sense. I'm going to lose money. I can't put food on my table and pay my employees right. So I told her exactly what we're going to do. I said, Hey, look, we're going to go and find someone that's well-qualified that deserves to be in a home and see if they want to take over at these terms. So Seller didn't want anything. She don't want anything down. She just wanted to have the mortgage taken care of and not have to worry about tenant not making the payments. So I ensure I said, Look, the people that are going to come into this are working in place and here they're not tenants. They are actually owners of the property, right? And they're going to take care of the property and they're going to treat it differently than a tenant, right? So we went out and do the same thing as did some marketing. We found a buyer, originally a $10000 as an assignment fee. Buyer ended up getting cold feet and backing out, so then we settled with another buyer that is in the construction business and so perfect set can do though own work to do the work themselves and then have a little bit equity after they put it in the work and take over the payments of the 700 bucks. There's only 15 years left. It was a 15 year mortgage, so she had just refinanced, right? So in 15 years, this owner, this buyer is going to have it free and clear. And right, right. And so we collected seven thousand bucks. The wholesaler gets paid and I get paid right. It's deals like that all day long. I mean, again, a seller has to have motivation. Not everybody's going to say yes to seller finances. It's not the secret sauce to everything, and not every seller is going to say yes. There still has to be some kind of motivation where it makes sense for them right now. But it's just it's another tool that we use to close deals that don't make sense as a wholesale.

Gavin: Absolutely. There's a couple of things, though, to talk about because, you know, I was on a podcast, I was on a live the other day talking about, you know, sub 2s and taking things over. And then, you know, I'm not one for personally staying in the middle of the day. We assign it somebody else. And I built the rapport. But the difference is, and I need people to understand this and pick up on it is that you're identifying upfront. This isn't going to work for me because people say from a legal standpoint. Hold on. You're putting this deal together now. You're not staying in the middle. You're assigning people that don't know what they're doing right, potentially. But you are your position in it from the get go say this isn't going to work because here's why. If you want me to help you out, I can find this person for you. And then you're bringing them together. So again, that position in this case, I think there's a lot of people out there that say, Maybeme, I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that for you. You're my point contact and then selling the deal and signing it when they're not the point of contact. And you need to position that from an ethical standpoint upfront to say, Look this person and for what you need is going to be able to solve that problem because I can't. I'm just going to help you solve your problem, but I'm not going to be the one staying in the middle. I just think it's important for people to understand that and that position and of the way you've just spoke on that makes it.

Dustin: Yeah, exactly. I mean, I think honestly, honestly, being very upfront with the seller get you very far right. It's and then if things do happen, then you know, things happen and they do right, but they're already aware. It's not like a big surprise to them, right? So we let them know the risks. We let them know what could possibly happen so the buyer can start making the payments. And now you have to we have to go through eviction or foreclosure process, right? So there are risks and the same thing with a buyer, a buyer, you know, the bank could call this do. There's issues with this stuff, right? But so it's just making everybody aware. You can't hide the facts. You can't hide the you know what could possibly happen because it's going to come back and bite you. So and the other thing is like, I tell the seller and by, I'm not an agent, I am just here to try and help you. I'm not acting as an agent. If worse comes to worse. Yes, we'll take this down ourselves. So I still stay at that point. But if you guys want the opportunity to have this, then I'm more than glad of signing over my contract because we do get the contract with the seller and then we just assign it over to the buyer.

Gavin: So and the cool thing is, if people are freaked out because I'm not one for subtleties now, right? I mean, I normally bring you in when it's something. But the cool thing is, is that when we're working people's deals, then on these contracts, so they're not going to have any kickback from anything, period. So, you know, people are not worried about that. But again, I just want to show and identify in that that you have to, you know, we're doing it the right way. We're not giving the seller loan fluff to get a deal, right? We're telling them the risk. But when you have a lady on that second deal, that's going to throw it to the bank anyway, she has nothing to lose because the worst case is if it all goes wrong, she throws it to a bank anyway, right? So the worst is only going to be back to where she started and she was going to do that, going to do the worst thing and give it away. Give it back. Right. So she's only going to be in that position, worst case anyway and default on the line to be foreclosed on herself. So she did not go well. Yeah, I'd rather give it a go. And if it turns out great, she just saved the credit and saved everything that goes with that, or she has to give back anyway. So really, she's got nothing to lose in that scenario. Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. And so I mean, there's there's so many different other possibilities, and that's the great thing about creative is as long as I tell a seller was this all time, as long as it's legal, it's ethical and we can agree upon it, we can do it right. So if you're willing to work with me, you know, I can come up with a hundred different options or solutions that might work for you. So let's figure it out and set of an open conversation. You know, that's how I approach it. Yes, there's things I say and things not to do to move the seller along in the process, but just having an open conversation and trying to find out the best solution be of someone that's going to help them, right?

Gavin: So absolutely solving problems is kind of what what it is about. And I think as well, people get it wrong as they go into every deal and say, How much money can I make? How do I win from this deal? And it's just the wrong guy. Do you have to go in and go, How do I solve this problem? And in order to solve that problem, you'll get paid anyway. So you're getting paid is just going to be the giver. If you can't solve that problem, you ain't going to get any money and people going. And I want to make ten grand and that is what. So you have to look at the problem at hand. You have to find out what the solution is. And then you have to solve it. And if you can solve it, you get paid and were here to solve that problem for you. Again, by offering you this opportunity, if you've got deals, you've got leads, you want us to work. REI Deal Closers dot com, and we will be able to get ahold of Dustin, anything else before we finish?

Dustin: No, I mean, I mean, if you do have questions, you can reach out. You'll see the email too. It's info at REI Deal Closers dot com. If you go to the webpage, you can contact us and we'll get back to you. We have a deal that is ready to go or some leads that you want to submit again. Just get our deal closers, go through the form and put the information about the property in the seller and then or just read that section first before that. So but yeah, I mean, we're here to help. This is really just to take care of the gaps and you're in someone's business that they might necessarily feel comfortable with or know how to do. And we just want to get the deals over the line in and get you guys paid. So you made a point earlier to like, we're problem solvers, we're problem solvers, we're a seller and we're problem solvers for wholesalers and investors flippers, right? We have lots of connections across the nation and we are going to figure out where that's going to work for the both of us. I can't tell you how many times we're in. The best route was not to do something for with me, for the seller, right? And so we refer them to an agent, but I'm a licensed broker, so we get a referral fee and then the wholesaler still gets paid from that right

Gavin:  And wins everywhere.

Dustin:  Exactly.

Gavin: Well, awesome. Dustin, I appreciate you. I think this is really good. I think we should do some more cases on some more deals as well, because I think if nothing else is great content for people to see how these deals actually come about and how they they turn him from again, someone given their home away to then a deal that we can assign and make work, I think is huge. So, yeah, appreciate you guys. If you all watch and remember REI Deal Closers dot com, check that out and give us a like and subscribe to the channel. If you listen on the podcast, make sure you like and subscribe. Same on YouTube. Drop any comments as well. If you have comments and you have questions, you can put it on the episode. We'll be happy togo on there and answer them as well. Dustin, appreciate you and I will talk to you soon.

Dustin:  Thanks, Gavin, have a good one.

Gavin:  You too. Thanks. Bye bye.

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