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If you think that advertising on TV is too expensive, you’re wrong! And that same idea is why there is so little competition in TV marketing. Tony Javier from Real Estate Masters TV had the same idea in his head ten years ago, until a friend who worked in television commercials told Tony that his real estate investing business would be perfect for the small screen. For Tony, three or four hours of filming can yield months and months of marketing material all across his targeted market.

Tony’s company makes it easy for real estate investors to create a brand for TV that makes them an instant small-time celebrity. There’s nothing like getting approached at the grocery store because an interested seller recognizes your face from your commercials. Real Estate Masters TV helps investors by:

  • Giving you the right scripts and graphics
  • Telling you what stations your demographic is on
  • Advising you on the shows you need to be on

Tony’s commercials are a fraction of the cost of other programs, plus he can get you on the air in a few weeks. You’re going to see results that are 10x faster than other marketing channels. And most of his investors start closing deals within weeks of their television debuts.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone. If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, or you don’t have the capacity to close on large amounts of leads, this isn’t for you. Tony is also careful not to saturate a local market with too many real estate investors, so there are limited slots available. His screening process guarantees that he only works with the best, so reach out to Real Estate Masters TV if you’re ready to crush some goals.

Watch and Learn:

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What’s inside:

  • Tony has 9 years of data into what works for motivated sellers on TV.
  • When you can find something that no one’s doing, and when you’re not competing with five other investors, that’s where the magic happens.
  • If you don’t want to be on TV for whatever reason, Tony can work with that.
  • Tony’s mantra is to do business with less and find ways to do business in ways that no one else is doing.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network. Back with another episode. I've got an awesome guest with me today, something that he does that no one else is really do it in the space. So you definitely want to make sure you listen to this and take note. Tony Javier, how are you doing? Good. Good to have you on.

Tony: What's up, Gavin? Good to talk to you again, man. Been a while.

Gavin: It has. I appreciate you jumping on, I like to refer you to TV Tony. I don't know if anyone else calls you that, but that's definitely what I kind of throw out. So we're going to kind of dive in. Obviously, I've discovered a way that you are the TV guy, pretty unique what you do. And I think this is going to get a lot of interest because me being one, I want to learn from you as well today. I'm not doing anything with TV. So that's super interesting how you do that. And I think for what you offer and what you do is super affordable because as soon as I think TV, I think a lot of money. And so we're going to kind of dive in and go through all that. But before we do it, let's go back to kind of a little bit about you, kind of where you're living and your investing journey. And then we'll get right into the TV scene?

Tony: Yeah, sounds great. Love sharing the journey. It's been 20 years this year that I, 20 years ago, I started my real estate investing career. I bought a info product on TV called No Down Payment by Carlton Sheet's. Old school. A lot of people early in the game or a little bit older my age or a little bit older, no Carlton Sheets. So that was how I got started. I bought the program in college a couple of years before I was supposed to graduate and then ended up leaving college with nine hours left to graduate and started my real estate business, not started but decided to go full time into real estate investing. So quit my job waiting tables, quit school and said, man, this is what I'm doing and loving it and just so much opportunity in this business. So over the last 20 years, I've been through a lot. I've been through a lot of contractors, a lot of employees. I've been through the wringer on a lot of different things. But when it comes down to is it now in my business, I just love things that are more automated, things that are more simple. I like doing things that other people are doing.

Tony: And I've got several different businesses that are doing things very unique, including the TV business we just talked about. So the way the TV came about was nine years ago, I went to a poker game and I saw this guy and I'm like, that guy's on TV and this whole celebrity status thing, I'm like, man, this is super cool. I got to meet this guy that's on TV. He was a contractor and he was super cool guy. We just we sat next to each other playing cards and he's like, that's like, hey man, how you TV commercials doing, you know? And he's like, man, we're crushing it on TV. We're doing like he was like two million dollars’ worth of business or something like that from our TV commercials. When he goes, that's what has built our brand. And he goes, You need my TV guy, you need to call Drew my guy. And I think your business would do well on it. He goes, you're flipping houses. That's kind of a cool business.

Tony: And so long story short, I called the drew up and I said, hey, man, tell me about this TV thing. And so he ran me through the whole thing. He produced the commercial, helped me with the scripts, helped negotiate the rates and all that good stuff. And within I want to say it was like three to four weeks. I was on TV, spend three thousand dollars my first month, made thirty-five thousand dollars and I was hooked. So yeah, nine years in business, been doing about the same numbers. Last year was eleven times return on my money. Spent about three hours on TV last year and that's it. So TV is just something that not a lot of people are doing like you said. And I mean there's so many different benefits to TV we can get into, but that's kind of how I started my business. And then now it's like with things like TV and automation, like that's what it's all about these days is trying to figure out how to do business with less and finding ways to do business and nobody else is doing.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, from the automation standpoint, I'm 100 percent with you. That's what my whole business is as well. How can I kind of do none of it right now, kind of put things in place so I can focus on the high dollar and our activities. So we definitely align there. But this TV, the TV side, as a concept even to me, I just fail a lot of money. I feel it's going to be really expensive, right. It's going to be 20 grand a month or more to do it to get on TV. And you've got to be it like doing like probably one hundred grand a month to even consider getting on TV. But I'm sure you're about to tell me that that's not the case. Sowhat kind of criteria are you looking for? I guess you're not looking for the newbie or are you?

Tony: Yeah, so I'll go through the whole thing with you. So first of all, the reason that there's no competition, really. So when I talk to people in different markets, I asked him, I said, have you ever seen anybody on TV that's doing what I'm doing and what I'm showing you? Every once in a while, I'll get I've seen one guy on TV. Only once or twice have I heard someone saying there's two people on TV doing this most of the time at zero. Most of the time people say, I have never seen anybody on TV asking people to buy their house. Right. And so. So. Right there shows me that there's really no competition. Do you think about it if you go to any market, there's probably hundreds or hundreds to thousands of investors that are doing postcards, cold calling, texting, Facebook ads, all the traditional methods. Right. So it's super competitive. Right. And you can still make money with those.

Tony: I know you got a great system for what you do, but when you can find something that nobody's doing and you're actually getting in front of people that aren't competing or that you're not competing for the same business with five other investors. To me, that that's where the magic happens. Right. So if I can go into a seller appointment or my team I used to Olin seller is having a long time. But when my team goes in and we're the only ones that are competing against that business, it makes it easier even if we are competing against other people, if we're the TV people. We've had people give us the deal even though we offered them less money because we're on TV, because we're the authority. They trust us. They've seen us on TV. Right. So going into what you're talking about with costs. So the reason there's no competition, I feel like, is that people think it's too expensive. Like you said, people don't know where to start. Like, for instance, when I when I was introduced to TV, if I didn't have the media guy that got me into TV, I would have had no idea where to start. I wouldn't I wouldn't know what stations to call. I wouldn't know which reps did it to trust. I wouldn't know what shows to be on.

Tony: So the thing is, is now I've got nine years of data showing what shows you need to be on based on the things that I've tested. We can help you produce the commercial. We've got the scripting. We've tested different commercials. So we have all that data. Right. So as opposed to someone going and trying to do it all themselves, find someone to film the commercial, doing the scripts themselves, figuring out what graphics to put in, which shows do I need to be on there? So many different components to it. If you go and you hire someone to do all that for you, they're probably going to charge you a minimum of twenty thousand dollars to do all the research, to do all the branding and do everything that I just told you about. And they have no data because there's really no one doing TV commercials for motivated sellers. Right. So that is a huge barrier to enter is the amount of time it takes, the cost perception and just the time perception.

Tony: In fact, we just signed up a huge I say huge a big real estate investor on the East Coast, and he said he worked for three months to try and get on TV and he said he couldn't get anywhere, he couldn't get reps to call them back. And if they did, he they would give him high rates. I mean, they were just all this all these things that he just didn't have time to work on. Well, with our program, we can get someone on TV within two to three weeks because we go and buy the media for you, negotiate the rates. We have a production company produce the commercial. All you have to do is shoot the commercial. If you want to give us the phone number, give us the website. And within two to three weeks, you're on on the air. And here's the beautiful thing you asked of new investors can get into this program. So about let's see, what has it been? Two, two and a half months ago, I allowed an investor, a new investor, to get into the program super motivated. He was like begging me to accept him into the program because I said, you know what, we typically don't take new investors. He's never done this before.

Tony: So he was a quarterback in college. I could tell he was just super motivated. And so I said, you know what? I can just see the passion. And I wasn't even on Zoom or anything. We're just on the phone. I was like, I can see, even though I can't see you, I can see the passion in your eyes like you're wanting to do this. So I signed him up. He's in a big market. And we got on he called me yesterday morning or the morning before and he said, guess what? He goes, the first week of airing commercials. I already have three deals under contract. And so what he's doing is he's partnering with someone in that market that knows what they're doing. So he's either going to wholesale the deals to that guy and make money or they're going to do the flips together. Right. So that just opened my eyes to, OK, now I need to, like, open this up to newer investors, because you think about it, when people buy into coaching programs, there's affordable ones at five to ten grand. But you and I know that there are some people out there that will sell thirty-to-seventy-thousand-dollar programs just to teach you how to do it.

Tony: And then you have to go spend the money to market and do all of that. Right. So if I can charge a fraction of the cost, get someone on the air in three weeks without them having to go buy lists and do research and all that kind of stuff and get leads right away, like to get them on the phone or go to the website and fill out the form. It's like I'm charging a fraction of the cost, but I'm getting like ten times the speed because know most people don't do their deal until six months, twelve months. They have to work at a long time to get leads, to get deals. But people in my program are getting deals within the first week to three weeks. And when I launched the program, I thought to myself, OK, is this I know it's going to work, but how long is it going to take to work? But the crazy thing is, is that most of my people that have been in the program have been in less than 60 days. But there's only two people in my program that have not gotten their money back and made multiples in return.

Tony: So let me give you some examples. I got like that that guy that I mentioned in in the big market, I'm not going to mention what the market it is, but he put three deals on a contract. He didn't give me the specific numbers. He kind of gave me general numbers. But I'm guessing he's going to make, I would guess, at least 70 grand on those three deals. And his and his ad spin in one week was twenty-five hundred dollars. I've got a guy in a medium sized market that spent thirty-six hundred dollars in two months and made eighty thousand dollars. I've got another guy in a California market that spent twelve thousand dollars in his first month and made back fifty-five thousand dollars. And I'm not just giving you the best results. Like almost all my students are getting these results anywhere from like three to up to 20 times return on their money within 30 to 60 days. And like I said, I only have two people so far that have called me and said, hey, man, I'm not quite getting the leads that I need to or I'm not quite getting the deals under contract. But I mean, the success rate of this has just blown my mind and is something that I don't think anybody else can say that they have this kind of success rate with anything else.

Gavin: I also know that is really, really good. So are you taking on markets that are open, like if someone's already in that spotlight? How are you going about that?

Tony: Yeah, so there's a lot of room and a lot of markets. Right. So some of the bigger markets, I bet you could have five to six people doing TV commercials and you may or may not saturated, but I guess it depends on the ad spend. Right. So if you have six people hitting it really hard in a big market, let's say like New York or L.A. or San Francisco or something like that, yeah, it could get my saturated. But a lot of markets have so much room to go. So we only allow three people per market in the big markets and then the medium and small sized markets. It's usually two people per market. And then in the really small markets, like the little small markets are little DMAs. We only allow one person per market. So that way we feel like it's a little more exclusive. We're going to make sure we don't saturated. But even with limiting to those spots, there's still so much room if we were to allow the people in. So we've sold out a ton of markets. We just launched really three months ago, technically three months ago. And we've already sold out a sixth of the US. So if you do the math on that, by year or two, we should have fully sold out all of the US.

Tony: And I think that's something that people like the exclusivity because we're not we're not selling a system we can sell one hundred investors, 20 investors, ten investors. We don't sell a lot of investors in the market because we want to make sure that the people that we get into the program get a big part of the big part of the cheese, I guess. And so, yeah, it's kind of like a franchise like model. I mean, if you think about it, it's like we have nine years of data. It's worked for us and now it's working for a lot of other students very quickly. So basically it's taking the formula that we've used. You plug it into your market and literally within 30 days you can start doing deals.

Gavin: I love it. I love it. OK, so you've been doing this obviously three months with multiple people getting a lot of success. OK, what about so are they doing this virtual with you? Do they have to come to your office? Like, how is the set up done?

Tony: Yeah. So this is a pretty much a mostly done for you system, meaning we buy the media, we do the production like ninety percent of the work we do for you. In fact, we can do almost one hundred percent of it. And what I mean by that is we do push that whoever is owns the business to be on the commercials. They're the brand, they're the face. And there's a lot of there's a lot of tangible intangibles to that. For instance, I've got a guy in South Carolina that he went to church a week or two after his commercial aired, and he had a bunch of people come up to me like, I didn't realize you invested in real estate. And then all of a sudden it's like different conversations. And, oh, I've got someone that's looking to sell their house I'm referring to. Right. So those are the kinds of things that you're going to get when you're on TV. Like people respect you, they want to talk to you, and they're going to send more they're more likely to send business your way.

Tony: But I do have people that have a thick accent that feel like they don't look good on TV. I have some people that have a real estate license that don't want to be on camera because of conflict potentially with their other business. So I've shot many commercials for other costs for other clients to where they say, you know what, you pick the scripts or they pick the scripts and give them to me and say, go ahead and shoot the commercial. I can set up my camera guy. I can shoot the commercial in fifteen minutes since it's my production guy. He can edit it within a few days and all of a sudden, bam, they've got a full TV production, commercial produced and it's ready to go on the air. So I've only had one person come to my studio, but it's because they lived an hour away and I was shooting anyway. And I said, you know what? Why don't you just come down and I'll shoot it for you and talk you through it? But that's part of my program is teaching you how to do the commercials and shoot the commercials. But we also are able to get your free studio time in your area. So you don't have to you don't have to do the setup for that either. We'll take care of that for you. So it's. Is it as done for you as you want it to be nice?

Gavin: I love that. I love that. So what more can you invest in? Are you doing this in are you doing this in virtual markets as well for your for your own business?

Tony: Yeah. So I started in Wichita, Kansas, nine years ago. Like I said, we've had great success with it. And now that I've launched the program and students are having success within the first 30 days, like, I mean, multiples on their money within the first 30 days, I'm actually starting to partner up with people in other markets where I invest in the TV commercials and we split profits. And I've actually someone encouraged me to check in to San Diego and look at the rates. And we got some really good TV rights here in San Diego where I live. So I'm partnering up with another investor. Like I said, I like automated. So we're splitting the commercial cost. My team or team is going to answer the calls and then his team is going to tie the properties up virtually because he's not in this market or his team's not in this market. So they're going to tie the properties virtually wholesale.

Tony: So I have I have a lot of students that have either bought into multiple markets right away or have had success in one market. And all of a sudden they're like, hey, I need to buy this other market before someone else takes it. So, yeah, I'm doing multiple markets now. I've got students doing multiple markets. And this is an unbelievable way to just plug in something into another market without having to do a lot of work. And you gotta do is change out the phone number and the website and then that's it. And then start doing deals in another market.

Gavin: Nice. I love that. I love that. So are you, is this your only marketing channel now? Is this solely you just do your TV for your deals or are you doing anything else?

Tony: Interesting you say that because I met with my team a couple of days ago and we looked at our deals again and we look at them. I don't really look at them that often, but I'm like, I think it's like three out of four deals we get is TV. And it's kind of like the 80 20 rule, right. 20 percent of your marketing produces 80 percent of results. Well, for us, it's yeah. I guess it's about that is is 80 percent of our results, give or take, come from TV. And so I'm thinking we're putting a lot of efforts into direct mail and texting and all that kind of stuff. I'm like maybe we need to shut the other channels off. And that way we can concentrate our efforts on the other businesses we have or whatever. But yeah, most of our leads come from TV and that's been by far the most consistent over nine years. There's nothing else that I've done for nine years straight. Facebook's been on and off. Direct mail has been an on and off cold calling in my market just for some reason, just didn't work. Well, texting is doing OK. You know, that's still in a small market like Wichita. You can only take so many people. So yeah, that's our main marketing channel. And that's what drives most of our business today.

Gavin: That's awesome. That's awesome. So if people want to get a hold of you, kind of what what's the best way for people to kind of reach out?

Tony: Yeah. If you want to go apply and see if you're a good fit for the program. So we do let newer investors in now, but we also screen you very well. We want to make sure you can handle the deals and all that. And it is market exclusive. So if you want to apply and see if your marks available, go to realestatemasterstv.com. Again, realestatemasterstv.com, quick application book. Call with me. I'm taking the calls right now so you can talk directly to me and see if you're a good fit. See if your markets open.

Gavin: Awesome. That's good and I know what is in that guys. I'm just curious. I don't get any affiliate from this but drop my name and just I'd love to see how many of our listeners actually reach out and do this. I'd love to hear about your success if you do decide to do it. So I appreciate trying anything else. I always like to ask investors this because obviously you're successful. You've been in the business twenty years and I always have a lot of new people as well as people listening. If you were getting started again, would you do anything differently?

Tony: I get that question all the time. I'll give you two different answers. I think one is obvious. I would have done TV commercials starting out that would have blown up my business right away. So that's something hindsight. Looking back, I'd been like, man, if I would've thought of TV commercials, if someone would have gotten me the TV commercials right away. That's eleven years’ worth of branding and deals I could have done in the beginning. Number two is, let's see, how do I put this? I would say surround yourself with the right people. So there's multiple facets to this. I tell people if they're getting in the business that if they don't have a job that they like and is providing for them very well right now, go work for someone that's doing what you want to do. So if you want to be a super successful investor, go work for one. You're going to see their mentality, you're going to see their systems. You're going to be able to see exactly what they do so that you can you can learn on their dime. Right. So that's one. Two, is if you're like me and don't like working for somebody else, surround yourself with people that are doing high levels of business. So I want to real estate mastermind myself, and I've got a ton of high level people in there.

Tony: So I'm now letting newer people in the group so they can learn from those people and the value they're getting from someone that's doing fifty, one hundred, even up to three hundred deals a year to be able to pick their brains, see what they're doing and just be around. That success is invaluable. The last thing I'll say is the people you hire in your business, so the first 10 years of my business, I hired a lot of the wrong people, I hired a lot of wrong subcontractors, it was for the lack of better terms, if you'd mind me saying a shit show. I mean, it was good from a perspective of on paper, I was a millionaire making money, that kind of thing. But when it came down to it, I was working 80 hours a week. My stress levels were to the max. And so I made a huge change and just started hiring higher quality people. So I hired my sister. She's been on with me for ten years now. When I hire someone out to do any kind of work, I make sure they're in the top 10 percentile of what they do. You can't really measure and say the other 10 percent or nine percent. It's just in your mind, you have to ask yourself, are they in the top 10 percentile of what they do?

Tony: If they are, then they're potentially worth hiring. And even if they're subcontractors still, I want to find the best of the best. And it shows because now I have seven businesses now that really run mostly on their own. And even this new TV thing that I'm doing, I'm working, I'm working at it. But I already have people that are working a lot of the systems. And within about 90 days, I'll be able to step mostly out of it to where I'm just doing some coaching and doing some monthly calls and things like that. So you surround yourself with good people. Magic's going to happen. You're going to go to another level. And then those people that you hire in your business and even outside your business and you subcontract you hire those right people, your business is going to go to the moon.

Gavin: Yep, I love that. And well, how do you find these people? Is it networking? What are some of the ways that you're going to find these people that you found over the over the time?

Tony: Yeah, interesting enough. A lot of the people that I've hired are either known or have been referrals. So my sister I mentioned that I hired ten years ago. I've hired a few people that I've known before that have done really well for me. People have referred other people to me. In fact, this new hire that I just hired about thirty days ago, someone referred to me and said, hey, you need to talk to this girl. She's looking for a job. She's a rock star. I interviewed her and I typically go further into the process. But after the first interview, I almost gave her the offer right there. But I went and did a second interview and right there it reconfirmed that I needed to hire her, hired her on and within three weeks, literally, I'm just throwing stuff at her and it's like I only have to check on it. She figures it out and she gets it done. Yeah. And then if you don't have resources like that, where are you getting referrals? You know, you can go on wisehire and even some of those websites and put out put out applications and just put them through a good application process and make sure they're the right fit

Gavin: Well, Tony, I appreciate you jumping on super valuable. I've learned a lot. I think we might be doing another call after this. We might be having it on the TV myself. I don't know. I'm thinking already I don't know how I'd go down right. An English guy.

Tony: Your accent would crush it. Dude, are you kidding me? People remember that.

Gavin: Yeah. So we need to talk for sure. But yeah, that's great stuff. I appreciate you sharing. Guys, if you are listening to this, make sure you give us a like and subscribe to on YouTube. You're on the podcast. Make sure again that you subscribe and check out Tony, make sure you get hold of them if you're interested. And today, anything else?

Tony: I think so. I was going to go into more benefits of TV. I'll just I actually, if you don't mind, I'll just do five points real quick, just to reiterate. So TV credibility, all the big brands have huge credibility. You're on TV, you build credibility to is little to no competition. Already talked about that. Number three high return on investment in. Here's the other thing. Number four is high return on time. So not only is a high return on investment, but you think of the things that are the highest return on investment in real estate investing. It's typically texting and cold calling, but those take a lot of time. Right. And of course, you outsource and automate it like you have. But people that I've talked to that have tried to get into the business, they do all of that themselves and they still they still don't do it right. So hiring someone like you who does it knows it is obviously going to streamline the process.

Tony: But a lot of people try and do it themselves and they take a lot of time and they don't get that return. And then I kind of mentioned the fifth thing I like to push is high quality. So you think about it, any other form of marketing, you're reaching out to them. Right. But with TV, they're calling you, you're the authority. They're calling you. They want they want to do business with you. So it's going to keep out the tire kickers. The quality of it's going to be higher. And because they're calling you and calling you off a commercial as opposed to ten postcards that they just got from direct mail, you're hopefully going to be the only one that goes on that appointment. So I just wanted to touch on those real quick, but I think you guys probably understand it at this point.

Gavin: Yeah, no, I keep drilling it home. That's what people need. They need a clear plan. So I appreciate it. Well, awesome. Tony, it's been a pleasure. I know we're in a couple of groups together, so I'm going to see you shortly on one of them on again. Thank you for joining us.

Tony: All right. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you and what you do, man.

Gavin: All right. Bye bye.

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