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You don’t have to have the flashiest website to close deals, as Ron Rowe will reassure you. As an old-school texter, his buyers have learned to respond quickly to his texts because he’s built up a steady reputation as a deal bringer and closer in the mid-Missouri real estate market. Ron, a former attorney, has been wholesaling since 2014, but his recent success he lays at the feet of consistent marketing, networking, and following up. In short, everyone knows Ron, and everyone wants to do business with him.

You might see Ron on the dispo side, or maybe the marketing side. His strength lies in filling in the gaps in whatever partnerships he’s put together. No matter what your team looks like, complementary team members are going to carry the team farther than two team members trying to fill the same role. After all, one of you has to be on the phone.

This kind of success doesn’t happen overnight. When Ron came to us, he was struggling to focus on the parts of his business that would propel him forward. He’s learned that reaching out and partnering with other wholesalers is his secret sauce to the entire deal. If you’ve got a property for him, or you’d like to connect with him, you can email him at webuycomo@gmail.com.

Ron’s growth has been tremendous and I’m honored to be a part of it. If you’re ready for a coach to put you on the right path, let’s connect at CoachJoe.net.

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What’s inside:

  • Blowing hot and cold with your marketing and outreach will only hinder your investing business.
  • A hot lead from last Monday isn’t going to still be hot when you call it the following Saturday.
  • Ron’s approach is all about spreading out the work so that more people get a piece of the pie, and it makes him very, very popular with other investors who love sharing their deals.

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Gavin: Hey, guys, how are you doing, Gavin Timms with REI Network, back with another episode. Before I introduce him, if you're watching or listen on the podcast or watch it on YouTube. Just do me a favor. Go ahead and like and subscribe again straight away if you can. It's going to be comments on that as well. If you want to interact with us, we're going to be kind of active on their answering any questions that you have. So make sure you go ahead and do that. I want to get started and introduce a good friend of mine, Ron. Ron, how are you doing?

Ron: Great. Thanks, Gavin.

Gavin: Appreciate you coming on, Ron. So I want to find out and kind of find that or tell the audience a little bit about you. I know we go back years. We've done several things on a coaching level. You've been in kind of multiple things that we've had going on. You currently in our accountability group as well. And I really wanted to get you on, Ron, because obviously your experience, you've done deals for a long time. So we're going to find out kind of what you're doing and how it looks. But when we talk the other day, what really kind of I was like, hey, let's get on a podcast and talk. You use the word explode and things are exploding. Right? And I was like, that's awesome. That's powerful. And we need to get you on and kind of share that. So we're going to be talking about how things are exploding. We're going to talk about collaboration, partnerships, which is a completely down my alley. Right. Anyone that watches me, I'm all about collaboration and partnership. That's how I do all my deals. That's all I've ever done to get deals done. So I'm excited to find out what you're doing for you to share. And we're going to go from there. So tell us a little bit about you, how you got started, what you've been what you've been doing and kind of the location that you work in right now.

Ron: Yeah, thanks, Gavin. So I've been wholesaling mostly since twenty fourteen. So that's quite a while. And I do it all part time. So I'm a former or I'm still a licensed attorney. But when I started off I was working for the state as an attorney and then I switched for different family reasons to do some nonprofit work that give me a lot of flexibility to continue to do wholesaling. And, you know, working with Joe and you, Gavin, over the over the years, gotten better or worse, sometimes just back and forth about keeping going with my with my marketing and follow up and stuff. And you and I talked a lot about that over the years, but definitely doing deals every year and just got different folks in different networks that helped me do that. Yeah. And so I'm in mid-Missouri and like they do in mostly wholesaling, do a lot of different kinds of marketing and just see what comes in and then process and see what we can do with it.

Gavin: OK, so yeah, you've done deals for several years, obviously with an attorney background. I want to actually just touch on that real quick. I'm big. When I was with anyone, I look at personalities. Right. And this is something I'm going to be honest, I didn't really get from you. But normally what happens is, is that when I analyze people on a coaching level, I got an attorney. Was an attorney going to be more worried about what's going to be paperwork? What's in the contracts? Right. Are we going to be able to send out a contract without. Well, this could be interpreted this way. Or like a teacher, they want to be a full plan of action and they want to just plan everything and not actually do it. So we have all these different personalities. With you as an attorney, did you have that? Was you worried when you got into wholesaling about is this legal? What is the paperwork like? Did you have that feeling?

Ron: That's a great question. I'm kind of the opposite and it's more of my personality. And as an attorney, I'm not the guy you hire for crossing your t's, not your i's and stuff. And that's not the kind of work that I did. I'm not a detailed kind of guy, which I don't want an attorney that says that to you, by the way. So I'm a bigger picture guy. It really did help. And I've had several people talk to me about this. It did help me feel very comfortable with the docs that you have to use and know when I'm putting something out there, know how far I'm really extending myself with any one of the things that I'm committing to with any paperwork that I'm putting out there and also being able to read a contract or whatever agreements that you're looking at and go, yeah, this is going to work. And just feeling comfortable knowing what you're getting into, I think is more than anything with the legal background. So that's how I take it. And it's helped me in that respect for sure.

Gavin: Yeah. So you actually took that as a positive thing and spun into using your knowledge not to look at everything as a negative on that. But I'm actually like, oh yeah, this the way that this reads because I'm not an attorney. Right. And we teach people all over the country. So we have to say, hey, you going to get your contracts looked at? But when I look at the one-page agreement, I mean, we have four or five clauses in there that we need to have in there. And at the end of the day, we have inspection periods. They have to give us access to the house to do inspections, get contractors, realtors, anyone that we need in there. And we can obviously renegotiate. We can get out the contract within the inspection period. We have certain get out clause. Now, obviously, I don't teach it to to do that, to negotiate or to get out of contracts, but it's that to do if it's needed. So that's good to hear. That's good. Good to hear rather than. No, you can't do this and you can't do that.

Ron: You probably know this, but the attorney gets paid. By the hour, typically, and if you give them a document, they're going to find something, two or three things, they would change because that's their job. And you give 10 attorneys the same document, they're probably going to find 10 different things wrong with or whatever. And that's just that is what it is they're paid to, to cover your CIA and make sure that you're covered, given what you tell them your risk tolerance is and what not. And for me, I know my risk tolerance is pretty. I'm pretty, OK. And so and then I just need those three or four clauses, like you mentioned, that I go, OK, I'm good on this. I'm going to operate in there and we're pretty much going to getting all these done. But if we needed an escape, then we can get out with that.

Gavin:  Absolutely. Now, that's great. I think that's going to be that right there for people. Right. When you get real contracts to attorneys, listen, again, that job is they get paid by the hour. So it's like it's just like a new boss coming into a job. They have to make change, even though there's nothing needs change and everyone has to put their stamp on it to show all I'm doing my job. And obviously they're not going to go, yeah, looks great on the way. And they've just charge you for five minutes. And then I go all night. We need to go back and forth ten times so we'll make some money. So that's great. So tell us then, from what you've been doing previous to why you feel this traction, you've been able to kind of, again, explode things is kind of started happening for you?

Ron: Yeah, when we when I reached out to the other day and I do that occasionally with you, as you know, when things are going well or I need a pick me up or whatever, I'll send you a box or something like that. And the other day I just had something come in through my network where they basically said, hey, can you help my wholesaler in this area do this? And it was in Columbus in my area and looked at it. And right away I said, heck, yeah, this is I mean, things are hot here. We're going to be able to do something with it. And as I was getting that message, I was working on the flip that I'm working on that I never do flips. But it makes sense to do this flip. And I just got word a couple of hours before that that another deal, that's a virtual deal for me and a different market pretty close to here. But working with another partner, he said, hey, we got the contract on that. And so it was just like all of that coming together literally within a few hours. I was like and other things are brewing, you know? And so it's like I'm a boxer. Gavin say, you know, things are going to but really the glue there is all of that.

Ron: And there's just tons of network partners that I mean, that's happening. I'm doing the marketing side heavy and most of the first contact me or the VAs that I work with and have worked with off and on for a few years now. But we do the front side of it and get it going and do some follow up and stuff. But those network partners, whether it's in a remote location or like kind of the main deal I'm working on right now that I'm flipping here in my backyard, I'm not going to swing a hammer. I'm not doing any of the of the heavy lifting because I'm really a front side guy. But even here, my own backyard, I'm doing it kind of like you would do virtually with a partner. So it's partnerships is the big thing that that I've developed over the past few years that really is coming together all at once makes this possible so that I'm having quite a bit of success just right in the last few weeks.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. So networking. Right, huge. You've got to be networking to build the relationships. And now you have obviously networking from new partners, but you've actually created kind of partners that you've known for years and years. Right. So I want to talk about the difference in then. But what's cool is, is that multiple partners through networking, right? Again, I called my company, REI Network, because everything's about networking, who, you know, from networking is going to create opportunities, open doors for you to do deals. So let's talk about this flip. Why did you take the flip on what's going on? Who's involved in it?

Ron: Yeah, so this is a deal and make sure I get it right. This came in on my website, so I have a website. Don't go there. It's terrible. It's not terrible, but I just don't keep up with it. Another thing Gavin knows about me. I kind of put stuff out there. I'm not one to make my website or everything look pretty and perfect or whatever. I just something a receptacle that gets me some of the stuff that I need and then I'll take it from there. I used to put my deals up on my website so buyers could see it. And I just I could have a value that I think. But at the end of the day, I text and call my buyers when I get something and they know. So I'm just I just do simple things. But this came in through the website. It's in my my home market, my market. That's really hot right now. There's just low inventory and everybody wants a home, but nobody's really selling. And so I looked at it and I got to look at it with because it's here with my one of my best friends who's a realtor here. I've known him for years.

Ron: And, you know, we go look at it. Yes, this is smoke. And let's figure out a way to do this. And, you know, he's never he's so, so such a kind. So he's not trying to push down my bill ever. And it's one of the reasons why I want to work with him even more. But in talking with him, we figured out a good price point to get it. I was surprised that the seller took it, actually, but it made sense for him to talk with him. He was ready to get a certain amount and what he wanted and he knew that there was still work to be done, and so we're going to close that one here in a few days. Actually, I think but we've got the bids in for the stuff that we need to do. We're managing that. And the other part that didn't say about this. So I don't, I'm not putting my own money in this. I bring in private funds because I don't usually do this. I'll just wholesale these deals normally. And so I'm really partnering with two other people that are friends of mine. And so it's really fun to do it that way when you can do it. But there's private money out there.

Ron: I mean, there's tons of money sitting on the sideline is my impression and you that's a whole different podcast, probably. But, you know, this is one that I was going in it thinking I was going to wholesale and what I talk to my realtor partner, he said, let's figure out a way to do this. And he could do it. And so we have set it up and we're midstream in it. We've got some rehab we're going to have to do. But this is such a hard market. We're looking at the things that are coming on right now and feeling really good about where we're going to where we're going to list it. And yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't normally do this, so this is even more fun for me. And I'm actually my wife doesn't do too much stuff, but we're going to pick out kitchen cabinets and things like that, so I won't even bring her in. So everybody get involved.

Gavin: Yeah, that could spark something, maybe more so as it happened to me. So my wife loves it now. So she actually wants to start flipping in Savannah because she loves it. So we're going to be looking at that. We have a couple of flips in Bama. Again, I like to wholesale everything as well, but you're exactly right. We looked at our numbers and just thought, you know what? If we start taking some of these down, for instance, this one that we're working right now, we should we could all sell it for probably 15 and we're set after borrowing pay in the money. People have to close in everything. We should make sixty on it. So you just can't turn it down, you know, and it's probably going to sell within three days because there's just all if you'll price. Right. In good condition. I mean, as you know, I think across the United States right now, because the interest rates are so low, these things are just going straight off because there's not enough out there, especially in great condition, like new remodels and stuff, or they've been flipped in great condition, moving ready. It's a market and it's in it's kind of gone. So that's awesome. So you do that, but mainly you do wholesaling. You like to do that. So how are people been reaching out? Is this through network in and then this is the deal that you're going to be wholesaling. How's that looking?

Ron: So my main marketing channels over the past couple of years have been texting and cold calling, people texting, cold calling. We've gotten pretty good that I use REI Simple, Freedom Soft, REI Simple as my platform for texting that's worked really well. And then we do we use mojo for colds, for calls. And I've got a little bit of a bird's nest situation with keeping my CRM connected, but my virtual assistants do pretty good job of that. And having those talk to each other or keep up with it, let me know where the information is. But so that's how I get the deals. This one wholesaling with a network partner south of St. Louis actually is one we probably cold called in Texas last year and talk to him for months. And we could tell right then we weren't at his price point, but he was he just needed to cook a little bit, as Joe would say sometimes, I think. And so I get a call from him, said, hey, we need some properties over in this town. I mean, it's just hot. And he was one of a couple of people I called up and got back in touch and he was ready to go. And so I got that partner to go see it and get it locked up on a contract. And that's where we're at. And we're going to wholesale that are listed. Ah, I'm not quite sure what we're doing here. But again, that's the part. Partners taking care of that. I mean, I did my part of our work together to get him something he could get on a contract that he knows that we'll sell in that market. And that's my part of this. Absolutely. Because this position now.

Gavin: Yeah, great. And that's the whole point of collaboration. Right, is that I see I'll pick a husband and wife, for instance. Right. Or a partnership that people worked together. And the first thing is in the partnership is that you can't work on the same things. Right. There's a certain amount of communication that needs to happen, life making you a partner. And I have my things that I'm doing. You'll select things that you're doing and we'll communicate that that's happening. But we're not working on the same thing. What I see in partnerships is that we're both going to do marketing and it's like, why are you both doing marketing? Oh, well, what should I do? Well, if one's marketing, one needs to be on the phone or if you're on the phone, get a VA to send out the offers for you. Right. You've got to look at making sure there's multiple things, multiple hats being more in this business. And we need to make sure that you're spreading that workload out. And that's kind of what you'll do it and you'll kind of fill in both sides. Oh, you're on a dispo side sometimes you're on a marketing side sometimes, and you'll fit in in the gaps where people need to get deals done.

Ron: Absolutely. And it really depends on the market. Like and I think I mentioned to you over the years, so Columbia being what it is, Columbia is about one hundred-thousand-person town or so, not very big, but not too small. I get leads off in the what I call the boonies just in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. And sometimes I have some buyers that can do stuff with them. But other than here in mid-Missouri, Columbia and some in Jefferson City, I don't have buyers lists in some of the other places where I work, like in the Kansas City area. I work in Springfield for a while with a couple of partners and then all over St. Louis with different partners. And in Des Moines, I've worked in Des Moines, Iowa area and a little bit in Cedar Rapids over the past couple of years. But in those other areas, I don't have the buyers. So they're doing all the whatever partners. I have their boots on the ground and typically they're finding now I can because I've done this for a while and actually I don't want to get off on a tangent, but I found my partner in Des Moines two years ago texting. I found a deal. I knew it was a deal, even though I just started working there and I was like, oh, I want to get this thing under contract.

Ron: What am I going to do? It's like, well, I'm not panicking. I'm just going to go find a partner to help me do it. And I was looking for buyers, but I was also looking for wholesalers like lots of people teach. And lo and behold, the second person I talked to, he's my partner to this day. And if anybody's working in Des Moines, I'd love to help you connect with this guy because he is one of the best partners I've ever had in this business. He's just so good and he's so thorough and he really treats me well and has a lot of buyers, has a lot of connections. And we can disposition is not a problem there once we get started.

Gavin: That's awesome. And again, it's my main muddle. That's why I love it. Right. You can do it anywhere from the markets you're in and the markets I'm in. I have clients all over doing the same thing because they obviously work. Right. And if you understand that, I think a lot of people sometimes like when they see a ten thousand or twenty thousand plus wholesale fee, they want it all. It'd be nice, right? It'd be nice just to say I'm going to put twenty thousand in my pocket. Right. But what work have you got to go through to get that deal where from day one I can do four or five, six of them with somebody else to my one. So overall I've got half the effort level going in. We're doing more deals, so I'm making more money. But we did a deal with a guy friend of mine in Phenix. A client bought me the deal and I said I can move this deal for ten thousand right now. I know you had eighty thousand. I can move it at nine thousand. No problem. But let me make it, let me let me see if I can do a connection and see if we can get more money.

Gavin: So we were going to make five each. Right. So I then spoke to a good friend of mine. He's got about sixteen thousand people on his buyers list, they do all the VIP stuff. And I said, hey, I've got a client bought this deal. Do you think you can move it? We can make ten on it, but what do you think you can do? So we looked at this. I think I can get more. So we actually sold it for one hundred and three thousand. So I get a connection right to my effortless. Got this person, got someone else involved. We all made literally about seven thousand to think after all said and done. So kind of got an extra twenty five hundred. I made my bit, he made his bit and everyone, it was a win winwin. Right. And sometimes just through them connections because he had better buyers, he had better relationships than me and sometimes I don't stay in the middle. If a client brings me a deal. If I had you in Columbia, Missouri, and someone said, hey, I got a deal, I'm not going to spend my time to say, oh, I'm going to look for a buyer and I'll help you move it, I'm going to call you and say, hey, I got a client that's got a deal. Will you look at it and then I'll go, boom, I'll put it together and I'll stand out. If the deal is going to work with me, with great if it works with me. But I'll stand out to get it done right. Because it all comes back round.

Ron: It all comes back around.

Gavin: That's right. It will come back around. I don't need a piece of the pie every time. It's always going to feed back in some way.

Ron: And especially someone like myself, that stuff that I typically focus on, if I'm on the front end and I'm not doing a lot of boots on the ground, I'm certainly not swinging hammers and stuff like that because I can't do that. I can do boots on the ground, some of it, because I do it here. But I've come to the position regardless of the market I'm in, I kind of come into it as a, you know, what do you want to get out of this? You being whoever I'm coming to is the network partner. And I you know, within reason, I just let them set the terms. What makes you feel good about this as far as the spreads go and things like that? And I just find that if they feel good and they're doing the boots on the ground and stuff, then overall we're going to have a good relationship going forward and be able to do more deals. Now, if I try to nickel and dime you and get like I want this and I want that, it's like, well, maybe we're not working together for the next one. I'm not cultivating a relationship. I mean, and since I'm not doing the heavy lifting, I mean, yeah, I've got my marketing costs and I've got my overhead and stuff I've got to worry about in some sense. But if I want to do deals, then I want to find people that do good work. And you only do that by doing deals with them and see what they do. I mean, if they do, you're right. Then just keep working with them.

Gavin: Absolutely. no, this is awesome. Well, I'm glad to see, obviously doing well. I remember again when we do speak, you already said it's normally a pick me up or you're flying high, which is great, right? Sometimes that's what you need in terms of the network and you need to pick me up because the business is hard. I think one of the main things that we worked on years ago for you was stop doing it all, get it outsourced, the marketing, because you used to be kind of the roller coaster investor when you were on one year off, nothing was happening. And it's like you've got to outsource all of that. That needs to be running without you. Whether you're in working on a nonprofit, working full time job, the market has got to keep going. The train has to keep moving. And it's great to see, obviously, over the time that you're putting that into place and obviously now taking it to the next level. So fantastic. What would you say, Ron, if you was starting off? What would your advice be for you after all the things that you've done learn? What would you say to someone that was like trying to get in? Like what? What would you say?

Ron: One of the biggest struggles and still for me, I mean, is consistency in finding and so finding what you can do consistently with whatever goals you have. And I mean, if you know that you've only got a couple hours a day to give to this business because you've got a full-time job or if you're going all in and you're just you're chucking the job and you're going to this, what can you do consistently and just and don't fret too much about what that is, but pick it and do it and then keep up with that. And maybe that's talk to two sellers a day and try to make an offer or whatever, but do that every day. You know, it's the consistency. It's the compound effect. I'm the slight edge is that is something that I don't but I don't live it. I do as I say, not as I do. I try my best. But, you know, these little things that you put together and it's all little things, as you know, in this business, do them consistently over time. It is really it's a tough part, but it gets it done. That's where it's at. And so continue to do those little things I like really depends on what you what you're trying to do in the business, like what exact kind of advice I give to somebody. But that applies to everything is just whatever it is you're going to do is do at least something a little every day and do it consistently.

Gavin: So basically what we're saying is play to your strengths, our social weaknesses, and be consistent every day. And whatever that consistency is, if it's 30 minutes a day, be consistent 30 minutes every day. If it's two hours a day, be consistently two hours. Right? Don't be. I work all week. I'm just going to work Saturday morning only because, again, the way marketing comes, whether you're doing cold calling, whether you're doing Texan, direct mail, PPC, Facebook, it doesn't matter. Leeds are coming in all hours all over the place and sometimes it can't wait. Wait all week. Right. And the people that are doing that, you might say, well, it's better than nothing. I agree it is. But you need to start looking to say, how many deals have I lost? Because I've got the lead on Monday and I called them on Saturday. How many deals do you lose by doing that? By not doing the follow up? So that's really, really good advice. So I really, really appreciate obviously coming on. Sharon, I think a lot of people are going to get a lot from this if people are in your market. So if they're in Columbia, Missouri or the outskirts, there was a good way. If someone's got a deal, they want to partner with you in your areas that you've talked about. Is there some way that they can reach out to you? What would be the best way to do that?

Ron: And the best way is probably just to send me an email to my Gmail for this market. We buy COMO at Gmail, WebuyCOMO@gmail.com. That comes in for these kinds of deals. I do have a website. I buy Bidmo houses, dot com. It's a little that's a that's a mouthful. But we buy commo at Gmail. It's a good way to get in touch and we can certainly I'm happy to, you know, I'm an abundance guy. If I can help you, I will. If we can work together, great. If we can just help you move deals, that's great for me.

Gavin: Yeah. So guys watching this and here's the thing. When we do something like this, I really encourage you to go. And if you're in these markets, it's to try and get a deal, get a contract right. And then get it over to someone like Ron and get it moved and make money. You know, try not to obviously just be hitting up questions. Just get on and start taking action because people are going to take you more seriously. Right. When you have something like that, just take the education, the courses, the videos you're watching on YouTube or podcast, whatever you're doing, wherever you're at, if you're in them markets, get out there, may take action, get making offers, lock up a deal, get it over and get JVing to get it done. So awesome. Well, Ron. Anything else before we get done?

Ron: No, I appreciate you having me on, Gavin. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I'm glad I had some deals too, some explosions, so to speak, to be able to get on your radar and have something to talk about with you. So it's exciting. I appreciate the opportunity.

Gavin: Likewise, and I think just lastly as well. I want to I want to just ask you just your opinion of no, I just want to just curious. We obviously just did the accountability group as well. I mean, did that kind of help kick things in to gear?

Ron: I think the synergy of, again, taking action? You know, I just had a renewed, I you know, I told my VAs and you don't have to have VAs to do this stuff. I mean, as many of the people in the accountability group are just getting started. That's kind of what I meant of, hey, just talk to two people a day. Whatever that you can do. No, I told them I was like, hey, we're going to make three to five offers a day now. And as I told you on that, on the Voxers, like, I didn't quite make my offers, but part of it was because I'm personally with my time processing these deals that we're actually getting going. So we kind of missed out on there. But the activity of doing the group, certainly for me, it helped to get these things moving. And again, whether it was follow up or new deals, most of these are follow up deals. So it's all a part of what we're doing in the accountability group.

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. Because and that was the point of the group right. Take massive action. It's not about coaching and courses and buying new things, it's just get on with it and do it. And you're right, some people that are doing deals are not hitting the numbers. Who's complaining? Like I don't care. Oh you didn't hit your numbers, but you did four deals. Fantastic. Great. And that's the whole point of it. Right? It's just taking that action because when you take action, things happen magically. And it's a numbers game. And I wish obviously I never share people's score cards, but it's the people that are doing deals are the ones that are doing making action. The ones that aren't doing are not getting any deals. Obviously common sense, but it's just amazing when, oh I'm scared of the phone. Well, once you keep doing it, it gets easier. Everything gets easier. Making offers, the marketing. Just repetition of doing something is going to get better by taking action. So that's really good. Well, I appreciate your time. I know you're busy. Thank you for recording this. Yeah. Remember, guys, run dropped his email, so if you're in his markets, hit him up and be happy to JV, get some get some deals done and we'll go from there. Alright Ron, appreciate you.

Ron: Absolutely. My pleasure. Thanks, Gavin.

Gavin: Thanks. Bye bye.

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