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In this episode, Alex and I are continuing our conversation with super-smart investor, Corey Taylor, who specializes in the niche area of tax sales REI.

This episode is actually a Part 2 – we got so much good info from Corey in a previous podcast (Part 1, episode #99) that we had to slice it up into a 2-parter – so you’re getting another helping of jam-packed tax sales awesomeness today.

Seriously, Corey has so much more in store for us that I just wanna get right to it. A whole REI world – with little competition – is waiting for us. And Corey is gonna tell us exactly what we need to know to jump in the game

Dive in…

Listen and enjoy:

What's inside:

  • 4:11 – How Corey uses property managers for his deals
  • 6:11 – How you can turn vacant late and late taxes into profit and the surprising online location people are buying and selling land
  • 12:38 – Corey’s thoughts on tax-delinquent vacant properties in bad neighborhoods
  • 16:48 – Corey’s exit strategies
  • 28:12 – Joe puts Corey on the spot – see what happens…

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Joe:      Okay, good.

Corey: Yeah.

Joe:      And then, your number one strategy is to help them.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      You're giving them advice. But then, you're also there to buy their house if they're going to sell it to you, right?

Corey: Yeah. We're buyers, yeah.

Joe:      A lot of… A big advantage is… We're going to these properties too because a lot of them are free and clear. Isn't that right?

Corey: A lot of them are free and clear or the bank would've paid the tax.

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: Some of them have lenders, you'll be surprised. They were just so disorganized. They don't even know about the properties. They don't tax. They're not paying them.

Joe:      Wow!

Corey:  But, a lot of them are free and clear. And, a lot of them are owned by heirs. They just don't care. They just don't… They don't have an interest or they don't care of that price. If they get anything, that's fine. I stay away from some of the ones I have. You know. 16 brothers and sisters that are going to fight about every dollar. I don't like those. I worry about that one when I get the phone call.

Joe:      And then, you're willing to take on the cheaper $20,000, $30,000 homes if you can rent them out and get a good positive ROI on the properties, right?

Corey: I do those… Yeah, I give you a quick example. It will be just real quick. The lien would be like $1,200 on the house. So, it's almost nothing, right? It's almost nothing. I can go get a bunch of them. It's almost kind of like buying bulk. It's like you're just buying a block of them. The worst case is I'm going to make 12% on my money. I really guess it would be 18% by the time I buy the lien anyway. I either make interest on my capital or I end up with a handful of properties. And so, my renovation cost is really all I have to get into rentable condition and I fill it and I'm making cash flow. And, I'm not even doing those, by the way, for an equity play because I think…

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: …As we see a decline in the economy over the next few years, we're going to head in this economic winter. I don't really care about what equity is. If I’m buying and selling like our development… Clearly, I need to sell the house quickly as I can. But for owning, I just want the flow. The dollars going to increase in value. I want as many dollars that I can coming in. And so, I want to generate dollars and I can do that with rents. Even if it rents drop a little bit, I'm not going to owe a lender. And so, I don't have any of those issues. It's just, I got cash flow. It's all that.

Joe:      And, you find property managers in these markets to manage these properties?

Corey: Yeah. Yeah. We do. Now, we happen to be there. Like, my partner is there a lot anyway just because of our development is going on the same area. And so, it's kind of nice for us to be a really good base camp in one particular location. But yeah, we just find property managers. Call them up. They run it. They send us checks. And so, it's not hard to be presentable and to do things outside of your backyard. In today's online world, pictures, phones, drive-bys, social media, it's easy to find professionals that are really trustworthy, that can manage things for you without you having to be in that state to do business. So, I want to make sure we're doing business in the right markets, not our backyard. And then, we're just kind of succumbed to whatever our market happens to be doing, right?

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: I like… I really love “can wait” stuff that has the software about, “Here's the markets that are doing well. Here's the ones that are declining.” That's like… That's a roadmap if you will about where you can be and not be just in some foresight. And so, we use that a lot too so that we can know the right markets.

Joe:      Now, can you wholesale any of these tax liens or tax properties? Do you ever do that?

Corey: You can… Some people… We have before when we flipped the actual lien itself. We've flipped liens themselves before just because you can. But yeah, typically, once you get ownership, whether the lien became the deed to you or you foreclosed and got the property or whatever it is… But typically, when you get ownership, you have all the same exits available to you as if you went to the homeowner and bought it yourself, right? It's typically the same thing. When you have the lien, it's a little more complex about what you're trying to do because some might think it's not going to be redeemed, what are you selling to them for. It's a little more complex to talk about how you would flip or wholesale the lien itself because ultimately, it's just a piece of paper. And so, that's a little more advanced strategy to talk about how somebody can make cash flow actually flipping liens themselves…

Joe:      Okay.

Corey: …And finding a lien buyer. But typically, you want to become the owner first through the tax roll process, and then do whatever you would do as if you own it through any other means.

Joe:      Let's talk about vacant land with late taxes.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      Because there's a lot of land out there with late taxes.

Corey: Right.

Joe:      What are some of the things you can do with vacant land?

Corey: You know. I've sold some land on eBay. I've sold some lots, vacant land right on eBay. There was a ton of people. I've never thought they were but they were on there looking for it. There's a website called Bid4Assets.com. The number four, Bid4Assets. And, they still have a lot of land getting sold on there. And then surprisingly, Craigslist. It's got a lot of leads. There's a lot of guys looking for land on those avenues. Not necessarily MLS, because they want to deal. So, we've sold… I don't know how many. It was lots, a lot.

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: We sold a lot of land pieces before just in letting it known that it's available. And, getting them super cheap, of course, like $0.20 cheap. And, you can wholesale that stuff out right away, especially the spec buyers who just want to try the land back if they can. But, even if it's not that kind of land… Like the other day, a guy was asking first if I had some land just because he wanted to take. He couldn't do this to his house. He wanted to take his kids out on the four wheelers unto some land where they could just drive around and make some little track thing and don't have to worry about anything.

They just wanted junk land somewhere. I'm like, “Really?” “Oh yeah, my brother was trying to find. We've been looking forever.” I'm like, “Really?” And so, I didn't know there was some market for that kind of thing. So sometimes, even the pieces that are a weird triangle that you wouldn't think to even look at, somebody wants that. If you can get it almost free or even given to you for the taxes, right? $1,000 bucks and somebody hands you 5 acres, you're going to make money on that.

Joe:      Well. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. It's so interesting that we're actually talking about it because I'm actually looking at maybe starting to do some marketing for vacant land for my IRA, my self-directed IRA.

Corey: Oh! Interesting. Yeah.

Joe:      And, for cash flow.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      And so, part of what I'm thinking is finding some land that has late taxes.

Corey: Right.

Joe:      Buy the land and then sell it with owner financing.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      You know. Get a little bit down to maybe recoup my costs for getting the taxes caught up. But then…

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      …Put it on a 10, 15, 20-year note, that 10% interest for… You know. And, get that cash flow in my IRA.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      Tell me…

Alex:    Tax-free.

Joe:      Yeah. I love tax-free stuff. So, is that a viable play?

Corey: You could. I would. If I was your advisor, I would say, land will be great if your IRA doesn't have much in it. If it had more in it, I would say, do it with the house because you'll have a much higher chance of actually keeping that cash flow, right? Then, you would go to somebody that wants land because… In the economic dip, somebody with land that can't do much with is the first thing to go or the first time that they're going to not pay when there's problems. All right. So, you'll be the first guy… Your IRA will be the first thing not getting paid if those people struggle and you have to sell it again. Or, if it's a house, they don't want to leave. It's their home.

So, if your IRA can afford it, do that same cash flow model by owning houses in your IRA. But, if you need to get started and get some flow and you can get land for something much cheaper, then you can house this. Well. I'd say, “Absolutely! Begin that cash flow with land. And, when you get the position where your IRA can move from land to houses, then do that.” But, my partner, Tom has lots of houses in his IRA that he loves cash flow right from those IRA.”

Joe:      That's interesting!

Corey: He got rentals in his IRA. Yeah. So, he's looking forward to that. He just turned 59 and a half. And so, he got a lot of flexibility now that he's of age.

Joe:      But, I like the idea of getting payments or getting some income on land…

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      …Because there's no… You know. The “Three Terrible T's” that you have to deal with – termites, tenants, toilets. Trash… Four. Four T's. So, like… What's interesting is… You're saying… Yeah, maybe.

Corey: Well, remember. You don't mess with those things that you properly managed. And, if you got rental… If your rental can't afford a manager, you shouldn't be getting it anyway.

Joe:      Right.

Corey: I don't like people buying things where it’s like, “Oh! I barely scraped with the management.” Well, there's better deals. Don't do that! Because I can still get plenty of cash flow and have it managed. I don't get those calls. I just get the check. I get a check with the bill of what they have to fix when they got the call, not me, right? So, you won't have those issues…

Joe:      Right.

Corey: …Unless you're trying to be a manager yourself which I would say… Now, you're a manager, not an investor.

Joe:      Okay. All right. So… But, you're also saying that when times get tough, the default rate on land is generally a little higher, right?

Corey: Yeah. That is the first disposable thing to go. In fact, they'll stop paying you in your land before they sell their boat to keep paying the rental in their house. They'll keep a hold of those things and you'll be the guy that gets the call or e-mails saying, “Oh! I'm so sorry, Joe. But I… We're just a little tight this month, and I'll pay you next month,” and the next month, you get the same story. And then, “Oh, I'm so….” It will be three months before you realize that they really want to pay but they're just aren't going to. And then, you're going to be out three months and then trying to get the next guy to buy land. But now, with the economy down, who would want to buy that land? Because… Maybe, there's somebody depending… But, it depends on the size and what you're doing with it, right? Maybe it'll snap right up but you just don't know.

You just have to understand that all the houses will be filled and those will be dealt with before your “I like to have this land” kind of purchase somebody made because they're going to buy your land for what? They want to build there someday. They want to ride their four-wheeler on it. And maybe, if it's big enough, they're hunting on it. Those are all things that go away when people ran out of money. And so, you just want to… It's fine to do those things when you can afford it with your IRA. But, as your IRA makes more money, I just recommend that you get into some good rental deals that you'll be more sure you're going to keep getting paid on and not have as much hassle trying to resell it.

Joe:      Interesting. That's interesting.

Corey: That's food for thought.

Joe:      Well, I guess… One good thing about having the… I mean, let's say you have a $30,000 note on a piece of land.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      And, your investors only paid $5 grand on it.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      Let's say $10 grand. And so, you already made your money back.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      And… But then, if they stopped paying, I could write that off as a lost, couldn't I?

Corey: Yeah. I would love to tell you the answer. I should've known that answer probably but I don't. I don't. That would be the first call to your CPA to ask him, “What do you have to say about that?” But, yes.

Joe:      Interesting. It could be… I mean, I've already made my money back. I've write it off as a loss. And…

Corey: It will not surprise me. I mean, all the tax laws are written for property owners, right? All the laws are written for property owners in the tax code. So, it would not surprise me at all if you could do that.

Joe:      I wonder if you could even write off as a loss that's in my IRA. I don't know the answer with that.

Corey: I'm writing it down.

Joe:      But, I'm just looking for somebody because I have a good friend, Jack Bosch in Arizona who…

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      …Had made a lot of money over the years doing the same thing with vacant land.

Corey: Yeah.

Joe:      And, just selling it either for cash or for the cash flow. But, okay. I've… Here's another question I have though when it comes to vacant land because there's a ton of lots in a lot of inner cities across the country, right?

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      Everybody… Every city has those neighborhoods where it's hard to even give properties away to investors because it will just cost so much money to rehab it. You're going to get not the great tenants that you want to live there.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      And, even look at the satellite view of these areas and you see a ton of vacant lots out there…

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      …Where houses are burnt down or they've torn it down. Do you still…? You know. If there's properties in the inner cities and those areas of the city that are late on taxes… Are you still trying to pick those up? Or, do you…?

Corey: I only do it on the fringe of the recovery. So, first of all, that entire region needs to be doing the things where jobs… Real jobs, not government jobs. But, real private sector jobs… are coming there. And, if they're doing that and engaging business, then I will buy if it's on the fringe of the direction of the recovery. Meaning, there's some neighborhoods in Anderson where it's a block over from some new houses getting built. So, it's in the neighborhood where there's a couple of things got burnt down further in.

But, I'm on the edge of where people are buying and building and renovating because it's… Again, they've brought in $800 million worth of business in there. They're all investing capital there. Jobs are coming there. So, it's on an upswing, right? It's an emerging local market. And so, I like being there on the fringe. I would not mutually go the heart of the vacancy burned out type of neighborhood and say, “Oh! It will eventually get to me.” I don't go that far. But, I will be a block or two from the edge because it's common and that's a great deal and I know issues there and I'll make a specific decision per house. But, I'm okay doing that.

Joe:      Well. Are you okay with going out way out in the sticks? In the middle of the country?

Corey: No. No. No. I don't know.

Joe:      Okay.

Corey: I don't… And again, if I was looking for my first deal and I'm really trying to pull a strings and I think somebody over here will buy… Maybe, there's some factors that make that worthwhile. But, if I'm in the middle of out there, I don't have to say about that. But, I don't…

Joe:      Well. I'm just thinking…

Corey: I just… I don't know what the market would be. I don't know who the buyer would be.

Alex:    There is nothing worse than a no deal, right? So…

Corey: Yeah.

Joe:      Oh, yeah.

Corey: Yeah.

Alex:    No deal is better than a no deal.

Corey: A no deal. That's right! Yeah. That's well said. Yeah, it will be tough. It will tough to go. In fact, let me say this to you, Joe and Alex, you might come in to this too. I know Jack. Great guy. And, he also said too that he's been able to benefit from getting land like larger parcels and what they call “The Path of Progress.” But, it can't be very far out or the path might not get there. And then, you're a hold guy and you didn't want to be, or you're holding longer than you thought, or you're not cash flowing it. All these things we've got capital tied up now. So, unless you stole it, there's not a deal there. You can't monetize it.

Joe:      I was looking on eBay the other day to see. I was shocked to see how much land you could find for sale on eBay.

Corey: Yeah. It's amazing.

Joe:      But, holy cow! In the middle of nowhere. It's like… Literally, if you we were to look up nowhere on a map, you would find it right there in Arizona or New Mexico…

Corey: Yeah.

Joe:      …Or Montana.

Corey: Right.

Joe:      These guys are selling this land out there. And I'm just thinking, “You can't even get cell phone coverage in these areas. Are they really selling properties and land out there?”

Corey: I… You know what? I would have to track. For those like that, I think we don't have to sit down and say, “Okay. Let's be a watcher,” right? And, get an email to see if it was actually sold or just kept getting listed again because I don't know who would buy it. If I was just given a piece of property from Grandpa and I didn't pay anything for it except… Maybe, I owe some taxes and that's how much I would throw on eBay. I think half of that is what it is and not somebody trying to buy it and actually make a profit on it. I can't imagine that.

Joe:      Ha!

Corey: I can't imagine. Yeah, I don't know.

Joe:      It's fascinating.

Corey: It is.

Joe:      It's something to think about.

Corey: It is.

Joe:      So… And Corey, you mentioned… I know I've been asking you a ton of questions and I hope we're talking about everything you want to talk about.

Corey: Sure.

Joe:      Your exit strategy on these deals, it just depends on a lot of thing, doesn't it? Can you talk about maybe some of your exit strategies on land, on houses when you get these tax liens?

Corey: Yeah, yeah. We haven't done land in a while except this particular development. And, of course, our exit was… Let's build on it and sell them out. My partner has been a builder for years. So, we have the resources and skills necessary to be developers. Given that most of developments were already done, we wouldn't have to move a bunch of dirt around.

So, in this case, it actually was pretty simple. We're going to build new and sell. And, if at some point, somebody's going to make us an offer we can't refuse just to sell out, great! Otherwise, we'll build. Otherwise, I really, really like to fix it and rent for cash flow. I regret all those hundreds that I had done, hundreds of deals I had done before. If I just kept a handful and paid them. And, it's not the same with lease options and “subject to” deals.

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: But I mean, they're a legitimate deal. I kept those. It's just a stable flow of cash that it just cures all ills, right? And so, that's where we're at right now where we really want to have flow. So, our exit's all… If it didn't fit into that box, we really don't even buy it. There's been an occasional one that we'll still say, “You know what? This is good enough that we probably should go ahead and just fix it and sell it because it has certain features of it that just means it should be sold, and we do that. I will rarely, rarely wholesale. Not that new people shouldn't do that, new investors, it's just… We wish all that cash is helpful and energizing and all those things. But, in our business, we want to make the money, right? In wholesaling, you don't make all the money. It's kind of just convenience to kind of get a little check and not do the deal. But, we really came maximizing every deal we get and taking it to fruition, so we do that. And so, again, over the last… I guess, in 10 years full-time now, one of the points where it's just, “I'm going to either fix it and flip it.” Even if I did like what they call a prehab, right? Even a prehab to sell a bunch just doing a… I didn't touch it to wholesale. I'm doing a… I've done something to make it not scary. And, maybe even a homeowner with a two or three claim when I come buy that thing rather than just an investor only kind of deal. Otherwise…

Joe:      That's a hotel.

Corey: A hotel. Hotel. There you go.

Joe:      Oh! Wait, wait, wait. I got a joke.

Corey: Yeah.

Alex:    Uh-oh.

Joe:      Oh common, Joe! I got to get my kids. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Here it is. Where did the dog go after he lost his tail? To the retail store.

Alex:    Oh, my goodness! Why? Did your kids tell you that recently?

Joe:      Yeah! I got all my best jokes from my kids.

Corey: Yes. Yes. My own tenant. I hate to… I get to hear those too. Yeah.

Joe:      Oh! I love it.

Corey: Oh!

Joe:      Okay. I'm sorry.

Corey: I know it. That's great!

Alex:    Well. Wholesaling is definitely not a long-term play. I mean, think about it. Even if you make $30,000 on a wholesale, if you were able to make $1,500 a month in rent, that $30,000 gets eaten up very quickly in the first two years and then it's gone.

Corey: Yes. Yes. And, when I talk wholesale now like… I think my last wholesale that I thought was worth it was like a $55,000 wholesale. This was about three or four years ago and I'm like, “You know what?” That to me was like, “I got paid anyway.” Like, “I don't know what's in to do but I got paid. And so, that's fine.” But I mean, the 5,000 one, the 7,000… If you just really, really need a shot of cash… Okay. Get the shot of cash. Keep marketing. Get the next deal. But, I just tell people that unless you really, really need it, find a partner to make it a rental or find a partner to fix it and get the $40,000. I mean, try to get the bigger money.

Joe:      Do you think a $30,000 or $40,000 wholesale you would go for it and not…?

Corey: Well. You know what I’ll be thinking? Here's what I'm going to do. I don't really think about that because I don't think wholesale. But, if somebody came along and if I didn't even market it, the neighbor said, “I'll give you $30.” Let's just use that scenario. I just got a lien that became a deed and somebody said, “I'll give you $30,000 for it.” Well, what's going to be in mind is, “What was I going to get in rent for this thing?” “What was my rehab going to be?”

“Where will I put that $30,000 into when I go buy 19 more liens with the $30,000? And now, I'm going to get seven more rentals out of that $30,000 just because it was a shot at cash that I'm just going to use right now and take right back into the funnel if you will.” Those will be going to my mind. But, I've just got such a long view now. It'll be hard for us to take it. I'm selling houses for chunks of cash. So, they give up long-term income that I make a lot of money on. Now, he'll be offering me twelve times seven, eight. So, it's like three and a half years of income is what he'll be offering me when I want to own it for $20, right?

Alex:    Right. That's exactly what I am saying.

Corey: And so… “Yeah. What's your point?” Right? So I'm like, “Ah. I just… I just don't even need to take the discount.” I don't need to take the discount. And, I love guys like that will say, “Oh! Sell the thing. Get your chunk. Go into multi-family.” Yeah, when you don't have the chunks. You need some chunks. Or, you need to wholesale. Or, you need the retail. I just… I think long and hard. And, I guess I'm just saying I want a reason to need the discount. I want a reason to the discount. We all have casual issues sometimes, right? When you got like… Right?

Last month, I have like six for sale and I'm like, “Good grief. I got a half million dollars that needs to come out of the six houses.” And, it was just a holiday. And, I'm just… It wasn't going like… I probably would have taken a wholesale if I come across one at a time just because it's nice to have more in the bank, right? To feel good about everything. And so, that's better… Other than those situation with the occasional just pay themselves some stuff tied up, I just really want to look for the long-term cash flow. I'll say it like this, “I love working one time for a deal and getting paid forever.” I just don't like real estate feeling like a job anymore.

Alex:    Good lines.

Corey:             Because if it feels like a job, it will feel like a job for a long time. You're not flipping houses like… You can flip cars. You can flip houses. You can flip businesses. You can flip anything that's above high value. But, that's still getting up in the morning and going out and killing something, right? You got to go kill it and clean it and cook it. And, that's great when you got lots of energy. But, as I'm getting older, I'm like… I got to start looking to when I'm going to be 50. I don't want to be a flipper when I'm 50. And, I got cash. Sure. Great!

But, what am I doing if I don't get out of bed? I want to knock it out of bed or go to whatever I want with my family for a day, a week, a year and I get the same income coming in. That's what I want to be and I didn't do that five or so years ago, like I wish I would've been. And so, I think people need to get started in real estate, get some wholesale, or whatever you need to do to keep that marketing machine going to keep the deal flow coming in because you can't live without deal flow.

Joe:      Yeah.

Corey: But then, be thinking of that income and say what we've talked about, “What can I do to make…?” It's playing the game really. I laughed, but it's because I never think about the game. But, I ended up talking to people about it. I came back to the game saying, “It really is true to get out of the rat race,” right? You need the rentals paying you the money and those rentals need to be more than your bills. So, the genius of that as a simple fact is great and real estate is a fantastic avenue for it. And so, it did really take something to get me off that focus. It can be a really, really amazing wholesale or offer or some opportunity. Otherwise, I just want to keep the load in the hopper and know that I can lie in bed or go to Hawaii for a year if I want. And, I'm going to stop on cash flow. I don't want to be in that position. Well. I'm not there yet. But, there's I want to be. And, I think more people should have that as their long-term goal.

Joe:      It's really good. I was going to ask you advice you'd give to beginners. But, it seems like that is it.

Corey: Lead flow. Yeah, it is. You need cash for lead flow. So, sell some leads if you have to. Sell some houses if you have to. Get that marketing machine. But, at some point, you've got to find the private lender or the partner for the skill you don't have or the resource you don't have, right? To bring your deal fruition, and then do more of those. And, some people's entire strategy is to find guys that want to park money long-term. And so, they get the deal, find the deal, and they own half of 20 rentals because there was another guy that wanted to fund the 20 rentals and get half the money and that's fine with him. That's because he couldn't find a deal, right?

So, there's all these relationships out there that people conform to still get cash flow started. You shouldn't say, “I don't have the money so I can't build the rental portfolio,” or “I can't buy multi-family or whatever.” There's always guys with money that can't find deals. So, it's great to be a deal finder. Just don't give up everyone on a wholesale. Then, you're never really making much progress except the little shot of cash every now and then. And, you're kind of in a hamster wheel if you don't get out of the wholesale thing sooner than later.

Joe:      Good. Good. Good. Well, Corey, what's a good place for people to go to get a hold of you? To find you and ask you some questions and get some information about this software you're talking about.

Corey: Yeah. We have a website. Well. There's two, I should say. TaxSaleTraining.com. It's kind of our hub.

Joe:      Okay.

Corey: It's where we do some training and that's where… We hold our list there. Our membership site is there. And, we provide all the information about tax sales at TaxSaleTraining.com. CashFlowCommanders.com. CashFlowCommanders.com with an S at the end, dot com. It's an offer, right? It's saying, “Hey! Here's some training, some entry-level training. You might like this. This is how I got into it. You might want to do it too. I think it's great. Here's why I think it's great. Maybe, you'll agree and want to work with us. It's a great thing.” So, somewhere in that process, we talked about, “Hey! There's this great tool now that helps get this thing done.” If like Jack will be presenting this tool to his people next week, it should be great. You mentioned Jack Bosch and it's good to work him now. And so, next week, we'll be working with him to do that to get a lot of excellent people in their hands.

Joe:      Excellent!

Corey: Because, not all people will be under their hands. And, this was the one thing that was just a real grind. It's to figure out “What is the county really selling?” This is great. There's 500 properties on this list. What are they? I don't even know what they are. And, we'll spend two days or hire a virtual for X hours. It was just expensive. And so, now that we've kind of put this power in the hands of the people to turn those lists into gold much more quicker than ever, we're excited about that. It should help our business. It should help theirs too.

Again, all our ideas are plenty for everybody. So, we don't care how many people have it. And, it's going to be great. So, yeah. So, those are couple of good websites. They can find out more about adding tax sales to their existing efforts of lead flow. I think it will be great if they eventually replace all the lead flow with tax sales if they're doing so well at it. But, it's like anything else you should be doing that's working for you, and keep doing those things because without lead flow, you're not a real estate investor.

Joe:      Well. The cool thing about this too is people from anywhere in the world could benefit from this system, can't they?

Corey: Yeah. Anywhere. Yeah.

Joe:      This data is available for anybody. And, what's amazing too is… In the United States… I was talking recently to somebody in England. It's very hard to get these kind of public records, this kind of public data available. But, here in the United States, we have access to this stuff which is pretty amazing.

Corey: It is amazing.

Joe:      It allows people from anywhere in the world… If they wanted to, listen to this. You could actually start investing in these properties, buying these properties and getting lots of significant discount. So, good. The first website again is…

Corey: It is.

Joe:      …TaxSaleTraining.com

Corey: TaxSaleTraining.com. Yeah.

Joe:      The second one is CashFlowCommanders…

Corey: Commanders.com. Right! Just to hop on that real quick, Joe. We have investors in our student base all over the world. And, because they can… Like you just said, I just want to reiterate it. They can access the data here. They get help from us to do it here. We have some of the “done for you” things that they just can't do here on-site that we can do for them. So, we really try to accommodate anybody in the world that wants to invest in U.S. real estate through this cheap, low capital avenue in the tax sale world. And so, they should absolutely reach out and see what they want to do.

Joe:      Very nice, Corey. Sure appreciate it. And…

Alex:    Very good information.

Joe:      Yeah, it is. I tell you what, Corey. Can we? I am going to put you in the spot and ask you something. If you say no, then I'll just edit it out, okay?

Corey: I'm all yours.

Joe:      I was just thinking about… I always like giving people something after they listen to a podcast. Or, if they go to our show notes, they can get a little extra bonus. Would you mind just demonstrating for us on a video how this tax software works? And, if somebody goes to our website, they can see the short little video of how this tax software works. Is that okay?

Corey: I would do that and one more. I would say I'm happy to demonstrate it and do that all well. And, I'm happy to give them access to it for 14 days to actually watch it work. So, they can see the list. They can plug in list. And go, “Oh, my goodness! I'm staring at deals. I'm staring at deals. Oh, my goodness!”

Joe:      Awesome.

Corey:  And so, I'm happy to do that because the tool is great with a list to go in it. So, I hate to provide somebody a pan of gold and no dirt, no gold dust to put in there. And so, I'm happy doing both. I'm happy to do both so they can really see it because we're staying behind it, right? We'll say, “Look! It's working for our business. And, can you too?” So, I'm happy to do that.

Joe:      Okay, good. So, we'll talk offline…

Corey: Great.

Joe:      …About how to get this up. I'll set up a time to record that video. But I'd like people to… If you want to get this video of Corey walking through this software… And, I'm excited about seeing it.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Joe:      And, how to get a free trial version of it… If you go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, go to the show notes. We'll have a button on there where you can watch the video and get special access to this thing. Good! I'm excited, Corey. I sure appreciate it!

Corey: I am too.

Joe:      All right. Alex, do you have anything else?

Alex:    No, man. This time is awesome. I'm looking forward to looking at that software myself.

Corey: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe:      RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, guys. Again, Corey's websites are TaxSaleTraining.com and CashFlowCommanders.com. I've enjoyed this interview. It's been really fun.

Corey: A lot of fun. Great talking with you, guys.

Alex:    Awesome. Yeah!

Joe:      Thanks Corey!

Corey: Thank you.

Alex:    Hey! Thanks Corey.

Joe:      Hey, everybody. Joe McCall of Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. I've decided that I'm going to split this podcast interview with Corey Taylor into two parts, okay? So, this is the end of first part. And then, part two will be coming next. So, I wanted to just give a shout-out to Corey. He gave some really, really good content on this podcast. And, it's just was getting too long. It was so good that it went too long. And, I'm going to actually give you some of the websites in advance that we've talked about at the end of part two.

All right. So, to get more information about Corey, you should go to TaxSaleTraining.com. TaxSaleTraining.com. There was another website called CashFlowCommanders.com. CashFlowCommanders.com. And, I wanted to tell you too. One of the things we asked him at the end of part two was for him to demonstrate the software that he talks about in this podcast. So, he has this special software they created where they… You can find properties that have late taxes and you can also create marketing to go out to those folks. It tells you information about the properties. And, he has agreed to do a special video demonstrating that software to us, to our listeners.

And, he has also agreed to give us or anybody who's interested a special fee 14-day trial to the software. So, I haven't seen it myself yet. We have a call scheduled in a few days. He's actually going to demonstrate the software for me. I'm going to record it. And, if you go to the show notes at RealEstateInvestingMastery.com… RealEstateInvestingMastery.com. Go to the show notes for this episode and you will find the link where you can watch that video. Pretty cool! So again, guys, thank you very much! We sure appreciate you and leave us a review on iTunes. Let us know you like the show, would you? I appreciate it. So, I'm going to hang up now.

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